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Arsene Plays Hardball With AC Over Ade

Arsene Wenger seems to be sticking to his guns over the price of Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor.

Much has been made of quotes supposedly made by Ade and his agent, but there's other places to discuss that, but what is pleasing is to see Arsene says that if anyone wants the player, then they gotta pay through the nose.

AC Milan have long been after the Togan, but now their club president says it's impossible to sign Ade after Wenger slapped a monstrous £35 Million price tag on him.

Adriano Galliani told the AC official website, 'The request for 45million euros by Arsenal is an impossible request,'.

Good on you Arsene!!!!

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 2 2008

Time: 11:59AM

Your Comments

Lets hope Barca are stupid enough to pay it then!!!
Barca have just bought Alves for something like 30 million, so they first have to get rid of Ronadinho to have enough cash available. I wonder if swopping Ronadinho for Ade is a clever move.
I don't know whether Ronaldinho would be the right player for us, maybe maybe not. But Barca have put themselves in a position whereby Goofy will go for a deflated price after they admitted they didn't want him anymore, so £10-15 Million and Ronnie for Ade COULD be a good deal. I could gurantee that Ronaldinho would be a massive coup in a marketing context.
Would have been a year ago but according to a Spanish reporter on Sky, he is not in the best of shape and prefers the nightlife a bit too much so bringing him to London not the best idea!
Yeah you're right actually MrArsenal - His blingyness is probably worse than Ade's.
Like you say though, if we could get him cheap enough!!! Only thing is he would command horrendous wages as he still carries the 'brand Ronaldinho'!
I don't want goofy, and more importantly Wenger won't. He's on his way down instead of on his way up (not Wngers style). I don't think they'd pay that much for Ade anyway, especially after they caught a cold with Henry because they didn't do a proper medical.
Well navydave, Arsene has done this before to players... Gallas, Bergkamp, Pires seemed on their way down before Arsene took charge (i know Bergkamp wasn't Arsene's signing but still...) But I do agree with you that it's almost certainly not going to happen to Ronnie, and I'm very glad about that too.
I wouldn't say Gallas and Pires were on their way down (especially Pires). It's not an age thing, it's level of performance. Besides I'm not sure we would have gone for Gallas if it wasn't get more of a compensation for the p***k who went the other way.
He wants 200k a week as well as all the doughnuts he can eat!!!
Maybe Ade will have to stay put.................
This is where Ade's agents have backed him into a bad corner. Agensts behave with such arrogance, but they fail to realise that the club hold the contract and thereofre hold all the aces. If Ade wants a big payrise, then he has to cope with the fact that he will have a massive transfer fee on his head, in line with what Ade's agents are telling us all he's worth. If the likes of Milan and Barca don't want to pay it, we will turn round and say, "well hey, if Barca don't want to pay £35m for you, why should we give you £100k a week?" He could end up with bugger all frankly, no clubs wanting him and us unwilling to triple his pay.
Little Dutch
Barca are desperate for a big name signing beofre the elections and I think they may come back soon enough with a probable £30 million offer. can you imagine that much money for a good but not amazing striker??? "How you doing?"
you want him gone?
This whole thing has left such a bitter taste that i'm now disappointed when i hear that we have turned down bids of 24m. Sell him, move on, there will only be one winner and it won't be him!
Wenger has handled both the Hleb & Ade cases well. I dont mind seeing these 2 play for Arsenal next season, despite what they've said (personally and through their agents). Wenger is really playing hardball in the transfer market. Perhaps it will dissuade other players from thinking along the lines of Ade / Hleb in future !
I tried to find those quote from the AC Milan website but couldn't. I find it surprising that a club would state a price that has been quoted during negotiations on their website.
The rubbish his agent was coming out with this morning was as distatsful as the alleged comments from Ade earlier this week. They were patronising like no other and to think we as fans are stupid enough to fall for them is quite frankly insulting and makes the whole situation even worse. Has no one told Ade and his scab of an agent that "silence is golden"?
I like Wengers hardball approach - it sends out a message that we will not roll over and be shafted, but if you want an average player for a hugely inlfated price, your welcome to him! Whether they pay 30 mil or not, Wenger comes out of this the winner, so he's played it absolutely right imo. I personally hope BArca come back with 28-30 mil and that its accepted. I just hope that whoever Arsene goes for to replace him will have some moral decency if there is any such thing left in the world of footballing primadonna's.
Hehe it's high time some of these clubs who tap up players everywhere get taught a lesson. Especially when Ade's still in the protected period of his contract, why the hell not! 35m sounds crazy, but they don't Messi or other top players in SPain have outrageous release clauses in their contracts? If someone really wants players who're important to Arsenal, the club have every right to put a prohibitive price tag on them. If someone wants Cesc, 100m and we'd start to consider. That's how it works.
Lou the Gunneress
Am disappointed if all those quotes associated with Ade are true. They just seem so contrary to earlier impressions of him!
TeamSpirit if you have a look through Ade's career it has been littered with incidents of anarchy where he has got too big for his boots. That big grin we see is a smoke screen for a very difficult individual who has fallen out with everyone who has ever managed him.
Besides Fabregas, and players who are only in their late 20s and early 30s, I don't see a player who wouldn't want to leave Arsenal for more money in a matter of time! This is the sad direction football is swaying into! Also contracts don't even play a part anymore!
There is no football reason for Adebayor to leave Arsenal for Barcelona. This is a team who have just replaced their manager, have sold Deco and are accepting offers for Eto'o and Ronaldinho. I don't think they'll win a league with Messi, Henry an Bojan up front and have a rickety defence to say the least. Moving there would be a step backwards as it was when Henry went there and Flamini will find the same after a few months with Milan. The decision can only be financial, which is fine by me if that is Adebayor's motivation. I feel Barcelona will cough up enough cash to buy him and I have to admit that the Championship Manager player in me would love to see Ronaldinho or Eto'o come as part of a swap deal (even though they would be an utter disaster for us).
VP11, I agree Barca's defence is questionable. But they've shipped Zambrotta back home, replacing him with Alves. Keita and Yaya as the DM to support Xavi, Iniesta and Deco's replacement (Hleb or Arshavin now?), then Messi, Thierry and Bojan, provided they play Thierry up front, it doesn't sound too bad. The "clearance sales" of Eto'o and Ronaldinho make sense. But Deco I think is still a top player, I'm not even convinved Hleb would replace him entirely, but Arshavin probably can. The main question now is whether Guardiola has what it takes at the top level.
Lou the Gunneress
But yes, the fact remains that Ade, or other players, nowadays don't entirely consider sporting reasons. It's the money plus the "big club" tag that draws these players away. That's why I really really want Arsenal to win the CHampions League and shut up those people who think we're still not at the very top despite everything we've achieved. That's the one last thing that puts us up there.
Lou the Gunneress
"He could end up with bugger all frankly, no clubs wanting him and us unwilling to triple his pay." That could well be the outcome LD as Ade and his agent are playing a very high risk game here. Arsenal do not seem to want to let him go, hence the high price tag they have placed on him. It would be interesting to see what they would do if someone chooses to match it though.
I seriously doubt Arsenal have put an actual price tag on Ade- sounds to me like Galliani is just trying to save face by making up an outrageous number since he failed in his attempt to get him.
I think we are very weak up front anyway. Adebayor had one good season, Eduardo I rate but when will he be back to full match fitness?..Van Persie can't play 10 games without getting injured, likewise Walcott who has one good game in 4 and looks too weak (perhaps they should spend a summer bulking him up in the gym like they did with Merson as a youngster), Vela is unproven in the Premiership and Bendtner doesn't really impress me either with his layed back attitude.
Bergkamp was a Myth
Wenger never puts younger players in the gym,that's career suicide fabricating someone's build in their development. Liverpool did that to Gerrard and basically lost him until he turned 24, Anderton did that as a kid as did Rosicky. Artificially bulking up young men under the age of 24 is a huge mistake. Bendtner laid back? Almost all of his goals last season were winners or equalisers, that's a great nack for a very young player to have. Walcott's form at the end of last season was much better than 1 in 4, I really think that run at Anfield will be the catalyst for him.
Little Dutch
I have to disagree, Arsenal do a lot of gym work with the players. Remember when Hleb told everyone how he bulked up and everyone was calling him "Arnie"? Bendtners goals were as a result of fresh legs against tired legs by coming on as a late sub and throwing the kitchen sink at the opposition. When played from the start he looked nothing special. Walcott talks a big game in the papers but rarely delivers when he starts too, although I do see the potential and he is still relative young.
Bergkamp was a Myth
Hleb is over 24. Wenger NEVER puts players below 22 on weights, it's incredibly bad for somebody who has yet to fully develop physically. Bendtner scored three times from April having started games (opening the scoring at Derby, equalising against Liverpool and the winner against Everton). That suggests that he's improved on the player we had last August. I don't recall Walcott ever talking a big game in the papers. In fact, I can seldom remember a more humble young English player.
Little Dutch
Hleb is over 24 i believe
Beat me to it
Not when he alledgedly bulked up he wasn't! Pay attention you two
Bergkamp was a Myth
Hleb signed for Arsenal when he was 24, he's now 27. Different to Walcott who has just turned 19.
Little Dutch
"I don't recall Walcott ever talking a big game in the papers. In fact, I can seldom remember a more humble young English player. " ---- I remember him coming out saying he can't work out why he doesn't start and knocked on Wenger's door to talk to him about it. He has in many interviews said that he thinks he should be a starter....Walcott looks lost in many games although we all want him to succeed....does anyone attend any games on here are or are you all armchair supporters? ;-)
Bergkamp was a Myth
What's with all this bulk up age limit? I know for a fact Arsenal use weights in training at all ages under Wenger and some more than others under 24
Bergkamp was a Myth
He didn't look lost towards the end of last season as he was getting a run of games. He is young, its all about confidence and you could see that growing the more games he got. And talking of attending games, yes i've got a season ticket thanks!!!
MrArsenal...Good man! Walcott looked good at the start of the season before last before his form dropped of and then getting injured. He can't seem to put a decent run of form together in the last couple of years. Everytime you think, right now is his time he either get's injured or loses form. I would play him on the left like Overmars and Pires did and like he does for the U-21s, he looks far more comfortable on the left where he can cut inside and shoot.
Bergkamp was a Myth
Its hard for him to get any sort on consistency when he is only used for ten mins from the bench as an impact sub. If Hleb goes and Rosicky isn't fit at the start of the season, the i would start with Theo on one wing and Nasri on the other. Theo scored more goals and had more assists than Hleb last season anyway.
Very good point regarding Theo and Hlebs stats last season MrArsenal. Theo will be much improved again next season, no doubt. Don't forget that last seasons Championship player of the year Jay Simpson is back from his loan spell. He could figure nexts season too, and as as I said in another tread, maybe Ade was the cause for the Bendtner spat and not Nick!
Bradys Chips
Simpson was League 1 player of the season. I dont see him challenging for a place in the 1st team next season, maybe another spell in the reserves, or a loan.
Sorry. Thanks Prits.. my mistake!
Bradys Chips
Bergkamp was a myth, season ticket holder, away scheme member. Last game I missed was January 20th, 2002. You could say I take a casual interest. I don't really think its fair because somebody doesn't agree with you that you try and play that card. As it happens, if you try and play that card with me you'll probably get a humbling response. Wenger ha said in the past and it's also well known that if you try and artificially bulk a young player up they will suffer muscle injuries. Wenger has said this many times but most recenbtly in connection with Cesc and Theo. I didn't take that as arrogance from Theo, he wanted to know what he should be improving on to be a better player, I'd call that desire and initiative. I really don't ever recall him saying he should be a starter, I remember him saying his aim was to be a starter.
Little Dutch
Doesnt really relate to this subject but thought id share the link to the new arsenal away kit ... its the picture that they will use to promote the shirt ... very nice kit :-)
Lovely kit to remind us of 26th May 1989...what a stuck on the M6, got in the ground 20 minutes after the game started and the rest was history. Had a zoomed in TV clip of my ugly mug for the whole of the next season when ITV advertised a trailer for The Match....funny there was only about 3,300 Arsenal fans in the ground, 3,200 of us behind the goal, 100 in the Kop and 100 on both sides....and the people you meet who claimed they were there...Amazing!!! I remember I was working at Lingfield Park the next evening taking bets off the punters wearing my Yellow away shirt...should have kept it, its worth £100 on e-bay now.....Sorry!!! Am I waffling on too much? LOL :-)
Bergkamp was a Myth
Def not an Archair fan. Season ticket holder & go to a third of away games. Would go to more but i play football on sunday mornings.
Well done Wenger. You've grown some nuts. :clap:
Does being an arm chair fan devalue my opinion on Arsenal FC in some way ?
I'm with you prits!!! Is the opinion of overseas supporters who supported Arseanl since 1975 and has only been to Highbury half a dozen times, less important than a season ticket holder who doesn't remember any manager pre-Wenger. Every fan is entitled to their opinion... even non-gooners are entitled to their opinions. Its not a "who can pi*s the highest?" competition.
Bradys Chips
Precisely, going to games doesn't autmoatically insulate you from being wrong. I once thought Igors Stepanovs was a useful defender……….
Little Dutch
No your wrong. Whoever goes to games and has the most merchandise obviously has a far superior knowledge and therefore opinion counts for more. I have 7 Arsenal scarves, every home and away strip since 1995, arsenal duvet and curtains and much much more. So take it as fact when i say Eboue will cruise us to the championship next year almost single handed.
If you go to the game you can see what's happening on the pitch- if you watch on TV you can only see what the camera shows you. You can then see the whole game...i.e. Bergkamp strolling around the pitch doing didd;y squat when Henry/Pires/Overmars/Vieira/Parlour were working their socks off. People who pay the money to the club and support the club in person are the ones whose opinion matter. so no, armchair supporters are NOT people's opinion I give great interest to.
Bergkamp was a Myth
So why visit the site? I can and do talk about this sort of thing with the people I travel with, but other people dohave interesting views to offer. It's very true that you see more at a game, but that doesn't mean others have nothing to offer.
Little Dutch
I'm not saying that, but it wasn't me who got all high and mighty was it?
Bergkamp was a Myth

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