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Songs for the Gooners

Art, particularly music, is often used as a barometer for people's personalities. Music and literature are a great way for us to understand a little bit more about the world around us. So in my boredom I've decided to assign a song to every player in the Arsenal squad that I feel either best reflect their personalities/ abilities/ current circumstance. I have constructed it in squad number order so that you can easily skip straight down to Adebayor before proceeding with the rest of the article. Feel free to leave your own suggestions on the forum.

1.Manuel Almunia- I MIGHT BE WRONG by Radiohead.
I'll be honest, I couldn't really think of anything for Manuel, so I settled on this track from Amnesiac to reflect my own doubts. Almunia is the ideal back up goalie, but I've inherent doubts as to his suitability as Arsenal's number one custodian. Let's hope I am wrong.

2.Abou DIABY- LAZY by Xpress 2 ft. David Byrne.
Talking Heads frontman David Byrne teamed up with dance collective XPress 2 to create this perenially nagging hit 'Lazy.' The hook of the summer of 2002, 'I'm wicked and I'm lazy/ oh don't you wanna save me?' It remains to be seen whether Abou can save himself from his idleness.

3.Bacary SAGNA- TARANTULA by Pendulum.
Like Pendulum's dancefloor fodder drum 'n' bass smash hit, Sagna is kinetic and never fails to disappoint. Plus, Sagna's hairstyle, well, it does kind of have an arachnid quality to it don't you think?

The song title says it all, the would be Prince that became our little Spanish king is a player most Gooners wouldn't swap for anyone on earth. 'Running wild and always running free/ Doing things that I have never seen....Now I know you're the best thing in town/ the best thing around' croons Billy Joe Armstrong. Hard to disagree.

5.Kolo TOURE- HYPERSPEED by Prodigy.
Prodigy's 1991 amphetamine fuelled classic is as relentless and unyielding as our Ivorian centre half. Hyperspeed best describes Toure's enthused approach and electric pace. Whilst most dancing to this on a Saturday night would in all likelihood fail a drugs test, one can't help but wonder what they've been putting in Kolo's water.

6.Philippe SENDEROS- DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE by Public Enemy.
Chuck D's enduring ode to unfair demonisation and harsh criticism was tailor made for our oft lambasted Swiss centre half. 'The minute they see me, fear me/ I'm the epitome - a public enemy/ Used, abused without clues/ I refused to blow a fuse.' Despite his impressive record whenever he's had a run in the side, most Gooners would still have you believe Public Enemy's 'Countdown to Armageddon' is a more apt sobriquet.

7.Tomas ROSICKY- BROKEN FACE by Pixies.
Possibly the only injury yet to befall the Czech midfielder in his Arsenal career.

8.Samir NASRI- HOW SOON IS NOW? by the Smiths.
'You say it's gonna happen now/ but when exactly do you mean?/ See I've already waited too long/and all my hope is gone.' The closing lines of Morrisey and Marr's masterpiece about loneliness and alienation could just as easily been about the most drawn out transfer deal in history.

With the news that Eddie could be back in training by August, you have to wonder if the 'Bionic Man' modiker afforded to John Terry should really be handed over. Jamie T's chorus of, 'He was back in the game/ thought he was done man, thought he was finished/ but now he's back up again,' is a fitting tribute to Eduardo's quiet determination.

Former Blur axeman's ode to the nagging, whingeing qualities of the woman he loves. Like the romantic focus of this ditty, Gallas is never satisfied, rarely smiling and hard to like. But really, you have to love him for it. Afterall, as any woman will tell you, they only do it because they care!

11.Robin van PERSIE- BREAK MY BODY by Pixies.
It seems the Boston rock quartet have the monopoly on songs about physical mutilation. Interestingly, the song contains lyrics about base jumping and belly dancing respectively. Rumours that Robin contracted a hernia belly dancing with his Moroccan wife are as yet unfounded. One shudders to think what would happen if he went base jumping.

12.Carlos VELA- WAITING IN VAIN by Bob Marley.
The young Mexican has finally arrived following a couple of legislative dodging loan spells in Spain. Let's hope the waiting hasn't been in vain.

13.Aliaksandr HLEB- MOVE TO THE COUNTRY by Massive Attack.
The urban weary Belarussian has grown tired of London's fug, noise and decay and longs for a quiet life. The fishing village of Barcelona and sleepy suburb of Milan have been touted as likely destinations. (I could have gone with Just One Cornetto here, but that's already been done surely?)

The song begins slowly, almost tentatively unsure of itself, before building into a crescendo of twirling kinesis. The song sheds its inhibitions with a switch in tempo in the middle 8, 'come on and let it out.' Walcott's eighty yard saunter through the entire Liverpool time is a fitting graphic depiction of that sentiment. The final refrain, 'it's all falling into place/ so now there's nothing to explain,' describes Theo's recent blossoming. The mood of the song pretty much maps out Theo's career to date.

15.DENILSON- DOG GOT A BONE by the Beta Band.
With Diarra and Flamini out of the frame and Diaby's malaise growing, Denilson has a real chance to stake a claim and realise his exraordinary potential this season.

16.Aaron RAMSEY- SEVENTEEN by the Sex Pistols.
Errrr, I don't know much about Rambo other than his age, hence the song title. Let's hope he's not, as Rotten tactfully spits in the chorus, 'a laaaazy sod.'

Michael Stipe's tribute to Hollywood actor Montgomery Clift who was constantly harangued in his acting career and beset with bad fortune. Song too got a raw deal when his Premiership debut was marred by idiot Arsenal 'fans' who decided to boo him relentlessly just because Arseblogger said he was crap. His form at centre half at the end of last season suggests the morons at Craven Cottage that night might be swallowing large slabs of humble pie very shortly.

19.GILBERTO- DIGNITY by Bob Dylan.
Dylan mournfully sang, 'sometimes I wonder what it's gonna take to find dignity.' He needed only travel to the mining town in Brazil called Mineiro, birthplace of Gilberto Silva. Having been ousted from the team last season, Bert kept his counsel in an age when players are all too quick to run their gums at the first sign of a club not massaging their egos. Certain Dutch and Togolese strikers would do well to look to their Brazilian team mate the next time they feel like having a whinge about the wage structure.

Came into the side as a teenager and looked to be the real deal. One loan spell at Birmingham later, he looked error prone, before drifting into obscurity. I fear that Thom Yorke's introspective musing of, 'in a little while I'll be gone/ the moment's already past, yeah it's gone,' may just ring true for young Johan.

21.Lukasz FABIANSKI- YOUR STAR WILL SHINE by the Stone Roses.
With the crazy German now out of the picture, Fabianski has the time and the opportunity to step out of the shadows compete with Almunia for the number one spot.

22.Gael CLICHY- HURRICANE by Neil Young.
The durable Canadian troubadour's song for an ill tempered lover could just as easily be a forlorn tribute to the whirlwind pace of the ubiquitous left back, 'you are like a Hurricane/ and I'm getting blown away.' Blew away just about everybody with his performances last season....except Domenech.

Urrrrrm, does this really need explaining?

26.Nicklas BENDNTNER- THE LONER by Neil Young.
'He's the perfect stranger/ the unforeseen danger' Young chants ominously on his 70s track about an isolated and unpopular local figure. His team mates antipathy towards him was pretty obvious even before Adebayor decided to nut him. Heaven knows he's miserable now.

27.Emmanuel EBOUE- DIVE by Nirvana.
Cobain's angst ridden plea 'DIVE, DIVE, DIVE, DIVE WITH MEEEEEEE,' fits the bill perfectly for our grass dwelling, brittle boned right winger.

30.Armand TRAORE- STREET FIGHTIN' MAN by Rolling Stones.
Cautioned by Police last September for taking a knuckle duster to White Hart Lane. Once a promising kick boxer. I wouldn't try and pinch his nokia!

The Who's 1965 pop swoon for teenage innocence replicates Wenger's unwavering faith in his young charges whilst all around him doubt. Oasis' the Masterplan seems to be the natural successor on the Wenger soundtrack. Hopefully, several more renditions of We Are the Champions are to appear as hidden tracks.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday July 5 2008

Time: 10:31PM

Your Comments

nice taste in music.
Brilliant and funny - pretty much spot on for everyone. Love the ones for Cesc, Senderos, Nasri, Gilberto, Eboue and of course Ade!
Lou the Gunneress
And this is for Jens: "Mad man he operated, he opened up went in and seperated..." I miss him already! :)
Lou the Gunneress
Barrett Strong's MONEY would have been apt for Ade's current frame of mind but then it probably applies to a number of players - one now departed player springs instantly to mind.
Excellent choices, but I think for ADE-HAVE A CIGAR by Pink Floyd Imagine his agent saying Come in here, Dear boy, have a cigar/ You're gonna go far/ And did we tell you the name of the game, boy?/ We call it Riding the Gravy Train.
Awesome Tim!!!!!!! Eboue's is fantastic!!!
'dog got a bone' is a great tune..perhaps 'broke' might reflect ade's state of mind...
Anon 1
I thought Adebayor would get " Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy. Eboue " I believe I can fly"by R.Kelly (he's R-sted I think).Tottenham is like a Johnny Cash album.
Tottenham Hotspur's song is taken from kids tv favorite, The Littlest Hobo - "Maybe Tomorrow!"
theres also another song of the same title by stereophonics - maybe tommorow, but again, good article, and great music taste.
Cashleys song has got to be "go west"
Amd Ruud Van Nistlerooy has to have the theme tune from Mr Ed!
I had about hundred choices for Adebayor, You never give me your money by the beatles. fools gold by the stone roses, money by pink floyd, why hip hop sucks in 96 by DJ Shadow (it's a 30 second skit that simply says 'it'sthe money.') Chelsea's theme tune would absolutely, 100% be 'Money Can't Buy Me Love' by the Beatles. And Spurs' could be 'I Can Only Disappoint You' by Mansun.
Little Dutch
I sang the following song at the back of the clock end once and 2 skinheads came up and took a pop at me. After putting them in their place I was ejected from the ground for the only time since attending my first game in November 1972 - "Bergkamp & Reyes play for Arsenal.... Both fall over and never score a goal!" Well it was a true song but unfortunately 85% of supporters have rose tinted glasses! Reyes was shocking and Bergkamp was irrelevant from 1999/2000 season onwards.
Bergkamp was a Myth
Wow, a supporter whose entire focus seems to be to be as negative towards the team and fellow supporters as possible. The armchair brigade have much to learn from you.
Little Dutch
Spurs could also have been 'Don't stop thinking about tomorrow' by Fleetwood Mac (I think).
Or 'Tomorrow' from the Annie soundtrack? 'Tomorrow's Dream' by Black Sabbath? 'Tomorrow is a Long Time' by Bob Dylan? The Foo Fighters' 'Next Year.' The list is endless.
Little Dutch
Yep - the list is endless as are the excuses for never quite getting there.
LD....Not negative, just got on my nerves all the over the top worship for Bergkamp when he played like a big girls blouse most of the time. But the armchair fans don't see all that on the box do they? They didn't see him standing on the centre spot when Overmars got to the byline and crossed the ball and one of his forwards couldn't be arsed to break sweat getting anywhere near the area. A man who went on record and said "I don't like heading a ball" A man who would jump out of a tackle eeven if was 60/40 in his favour. A man who wouldn't travel to away European games. A man who averaged about 7 goals a season in his last 6/7 years. A man who never scored a direct free kick EVER in his whole professional career for Arsenal, Ajax or Holland. A man who even though he hardly scored, hardly ever set up any goals either. In Henry's first 100 goals video and how many assists did Begkamp have? 6 or the video. A man who everytime got a heavy challenge swung his arms out in petulance. A man who had no upper body strengh and always got robbed of the ball giving possession back to opposition. A man who cost Arsenal the double and gave Man Utd the treble in 1999. A man who supported Tottenham as a boy. Bergkamp legend is a Myth...take your pick from above
Bergkamp was a Myth
Bergkamp wasn't a Tottenham fan, he liked Hoddle. He scored direct from free kicks against Sheff Wed (95) ad Palace (98) though I don't remeber him taking too many free kicks. Bergkamp was never a striker,that wasn't his position. Ian Wright and Thierry Henry have also gone on record and said they don't like heading, but it didn't stop DB scoring bullet headers v Southampton, Dynamo Kyiv, Coventry City (once in 96 once in 2001). Not travelling to European away games was down to a genuine psychological condition, would someone with vertigo become a base jumper? He forewent potential win/appearance/scoring bonuses for it. No upper body strength? The goal against Soton in 97? The curler versus Boro in 99? The goal v United at Highbury in 95? the chip v Leverkusen in 02? All of those goals took upper body strength to hold off opponents, and they're just the examples that leap straight to mind. No assists? Really? So he missed a penalty, happens doesn't it? You think he did it on purpose? Remind me who scored the equaliser in that semi final prior to the penalty miss? Chap named Bergkamp got the scores back to 1-1 if memory serves. Someone who chooses a username based on negativity, derides other people's opinionstelling them they're either an armchair fan or that they know nothing, singing songs deriding your team's players at games? What's positive about any of that?
Little Dutch
Arsenal's song is , without a doubt " Forever Young". By
I've always thought Stay Young by Oasis was more fitting. "Hey, stay young and invincible, cos we know just what we are andcome what may we're unstoppable, cos we know just who we are."
Little Dutch
Oh and John Terry has a few signature tunes, Boys Don't Cry by the Cure, Drown in My Own Tears by Jeff Buckley, Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi, Tears of a Clown by the Kinks etc, etc, etc.
Little Dutch
forever young is more fitting. ' Let's dance in style let's dance for a while" that's your 07-08 season. Speaking of The Cure ; Jumping Someone Else's train , perfect for Arsenal in summer times.For Arsene, The Kids Aren't Alright by The Offspring.
Sell Out by Reel Big Fish pretty apt for the Abramovich era. Ot the Hives Die, All Right? "Sold my body to the company soul, I've got the money now away I go, I'm sorry Mr. CEO." And the Smiths' Frankly Mr. Shankly is ideal for Moronho, "I would rather be famous than rightoeus or holy any day, any day, any day." In my case, a Stone Roses lyric is foreboding for Chelsea's future or lack thereof, "bad money dies I love the scene."
Little Dutch
the Super furries 'the man don't give a *****' sould be adopted as our anthem and played before the players come out... some might have you believe that 'design for life's' bridge of ' we are not allowed to spend as we are told that this is the end' is applicable this morning but nevermind the *********...
Anon 1
Dennis Bergkamp- Fly Away- Lenny Kravitz. Hleb, Flamini, Adebayor, Van Persie - Take me by Papa Roach. I could also put Under Pressure, but it suits Liverpool more.
"He [Dylan] needed only travel to the mining town in Brazil called Mineiro, birthplace of Gilberto Silva" Gilberto Silva was born in Lagoa da Prata. He hasn't ever lived in a town called Mineiro; nor does one exist. Mineiro is Portuguese for 'Miner,' the term given to people who live in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. However, Lagoa da Prata is in Minas Gerais, as is Atletico Mineiro, the club that he made his name at; so Gilberto himself is a Mineiro.
Bergkamp was overated Little Dutch, most of the examples you used were in the 1990's. Proved my point on saying after the 1999 season. The Palace goal was deflected...I said direct from a freekick...know your history little boy!
Bergkamp was a Myth
Alright then, but Sheffield Wednesday in a 4-2 win versus Sheff Wednesday. Bergkamp was 32 in 2000, can you name a player in the current top four over 32 who can match Bergkamp's contribution in their mid 30s? If Giggs carries on doing what he is now for another 3 or 4 years, he can stake that claim. Have any of your posts on this site sought to do anything other than to be as insulting as possible towards people who support the same club? I think the Bergkamp post above proves I know my history just dandy thank you. You may have many years on me, but intellectually, you're not in my league pal.
Little Dutch
*31 in 2000.
Little Dutch
Bergkamp made key contributions in each of our title say he didn't provide any assists is laughable..some key assists that immediately spring to mind after 1999 include the pass to Freddy against the spuds in 2002, the two assists against Bolton in 2002 that virtually secured the title, the pass to Paddy against chelsea in 2004 for the equaliser at the bridge and the cross to Paddy when we won the title at *****e lane...ofcourse there are several others but these were key assists at crucial times which proved that he was far from a fading force after 1999..the fact that he was still playing under Wenger when he was well past 30 is testament to this..
Anon 1
Zola wa in a different league to Bergkamp...Did you know Bergkamp was only voted man of the match once in his last 100 games....shall I go on 24 year old little kid into hip hop ? LOL
Bergkamp was a Myth
!can you name a player in the current top four over 32 who can match Bergkamp's contribution! We are not talking about now we are talking about 2000...DOH! Anyway you rate Senderos so you dont know your arse from your elbow Little Dutch..suppose you rate Eboue too you playstation boy?
Bergkamp was a Myth
Voted man of the match by who? Sky television? If you are really relying on those sort of stats to validate your opinion then you are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Sure Bergkamps very best years were behind him after 31/32 but given the criticism the current squad gets for its lack of experienced back up he was still worth his place in the squad. For someone who feigns maturity BWAM your insults are particularly infantile.
Not 31/32 ...29/30...I remember people who got on Pires back when he had an average game and he was an excellent player who always delivered. Bergkamp had this untouchable status and got away with going through the motions year after year. Henry was the real deal likewise Pires. Merson was another who was overated at Arsenal and got away with it by the rose tinted glasses brigade.
Bergkamp was a Myth
Fine, so name me a 32 year old who was making a pivotal contribution to United in 2000? Keane left United at 34, even the very best can't outrun time. And yes, your insults are pretty infantile. Liking hiphop invalidates my opinion? Where did you get that the Daily Mail? Playstation boy? Pretty poor stereotype, I don't own a console anymore but so what if I did? I had one a few years ago and it didn't prevent me getting a first class degree in Literature. First you say nobody's opinion counts unless they go to games, yet you say mine doesn't count because I rate Senderos. So what you're basically saying is that nobody's opinion counts but your own? A line from one of my favourite rappers comes to mind, "much too loud to be allowed to speak out because some people just freak out." I'll lend you the CD if you like?
Little Dutch
and the arsenal song would be ozzy osbourne - changes , we hear that quite a bit , ' were going thought changes'
Bergkamp was born in 1969. So in 2000, he was 31. I might like hip hop, but I can still command basic arithmetic. Word to yo bad self.
Little Dutch
He lost it when he bottled it against Man Utd aged 29 he was born May 10, 1969 ....I said he was irrelevant from 1999/200 onwards..keep up anorak!
Bergkamp was a Myth
But then if you don't go you won't know!
Bergkamp was a Myth
Another poor attempt at a wind up. Are you really in your forties? Jeez........
Little Dutch
"Fine, so name me a 32 year old who was making a pivotal contribution to United in 2000?" Irwin & Sheringham both had good that okay for you? Who cares about Man Utd? I'm talking about Bergkamp.
Bergkamp was a Myth
Listen Little Dutch, your statement about Senderos has finished you for credibility, end of! And no I don't read the dirty Tory Nazi rag the Daily Mail!
Bergkamp was a Myth
What's your crusade against Bergkamp for any way? What do you get out of rewriting history - he hasn't played for us for two years. So you don't rate him - so what! Who cares? Those that do won't be persuaded by your bias and those that might have been inclined to share your opnion would or should consider it irrelevant now anyway.
Irwin played 29 times for United in 99/00,f ourteen times as a sub. Sheringham played 40 times (17 times as a sub) and scored 6, Bergkamp played 39 times (6 as sub) and scored 10. Bearing in mind United played more games than us that year due to World Club championships etc. Bergkamo wasn't as irrelevant as you claim. Though it is worth pointing out Sheringham is two and a half years older, but United sold him when he was 35, Bergkamp survived at Arsenal until he was just turned 37. So because I disagree with youabout Senderos that's it? The littany of Bergkamp examples I provide didn't really happen. You are proving F,Scott Fitzgerald's assertion that when youare under 25, your convictions are hills that you look from. When you are over forty, they become caves that you hide in.
Little Dutch
Wow! that was great! LD! thanks mate
Another appropriate Adebayor tune would have to be 'Dead Prez - Hip Hop'
BWAM, if you want to insult the greatest ever player to wear the red & white kit, then i'm sorry there is no place for you on this forum. please ***** off..
Not that i want to get involved but... You say "shall I go on 24 year old little kid into hip hop ?" and then finish it off with LOL....
From the posting by BWAM, doesn't seems to be an arsenal fan.....DB10 is one of the greatest players doubt bot that..
DB10 is the greatest ever player to play for Arsenal and there will never ever be anyone like him. and guys please don't respond to the moronic comments of that idiot. he is a spudscum in disguise, cuz i cannot believe there is a single gooner in this world who doesen't think Bergkamp is our greatest. so just ignore that ****..
Bergkamp was good for 3 years only. There were a few of us in the Clock End who didn't like Bergkamp. Ah....The Great Clock End .....proper supporters from South of the River who got behind the team, not like the North Bank boys, girls and anoraks from Bedford/Hertforshire, with their silly scarves and flasks! The North Bank was the most quiet home end in the top division! It was an embarassment..bit like the support at our new ground!
Bergkamp was a Myth
You're not gonna like it when I tell you that my season ticket was in Block 19, Row 4, Seat 59.
Little Dutch
F**K YOU. DR DRE. dspurs64. You know this song is sha*ging girls. Is that how you feel when you watch Arsenal?
you know this song is about sha*ging girls*
yes paul. your spot on sha*ging girls n watching arsenal is the same for me. last about 30seconds then roll over n fall asleep!!!!!
If you go on deidre might be able to help with that
to openly admit that you last only 30secs when sha*ging girls..oh my oh my..
ihchye. how old are you. when you finished making mad passionate love to your girlfriend for 3hours!!!!!! send her round. i will give her the best 30seconds she's ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you moron.
30 seconds thats hilarious. Like team like fans I s'pose, no staying power to mount a long term tactical assault, Many's the time last season we witnessed the hapless spuds who instead of easing themselves into games with some gentle probing and searching moves would go steaming in like the keystone cops, hurtling around like headless turkeys at xmas then predictably running out of steam after shooting their load waaaaay too early. Presumably the best 30 seconds of Ihchyes' missus' life would be the comedy effect that the worlds' wee-ist winkle has on all the ladies dspurs?
44 years old and boasting about lasting 30 seconds, I doubt Shakespeare himself could conceive of such tragic events.
nikolaijns. ru saying your a big cock. makes sense you being a gooner and another ******** moron.
Lot of pent up aggression there d, must be a side effect of your little premature ejaculation problem, you probably came twice just typing that.
pls see a doctor for your 30sec problem..i hope it can be cured... condolence..
AAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. !!!!!! Dspurs, do you unzip at all?
Why bother? thats a waste of 3 seconds.

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