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Teddy Boy

The next in the occasional series of Arsenal villains is more pantomime villain than Mephistopholes incarnate. He hasn't really ever committed any major attrocity against us other than simply daring to play for two of our sworn enemies. But the intriguing thing about this particular character is his willingness to indulge in the febrile banter with Arsenal supporters. Whisper it quietly, but I really quite admired him for it.

Edward Sheringham began his career at Bermondsey based Millwall, where he earned the modiker of legend (his image is prominently emblazoned onto the side if the West Stand next to Harry Cripps and Kasey Keller) and destroyed it just as quickly. Teddy has a neat little quirk of proclaiming to support every club he joins. According to his own legend, he has enjoyed various incarnations as a Spurs fan, a United fan, a Millwall fan and a West Ham supporter. The latter claim has tainted his name with a tubercular tinge in Bermondsey and he is now considered something of a pariah. Following impressive form at Millwall, he earned a move to Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest, where he scored the first ever televised goal on Sky Sports. So far, so innocuous. But then came the first chapter of his leper status in N5.

He joined Tottenham Hotspur. He was really quite good (afterall, who ever really bothered hating a crap player?), it annoyed us. A winning goal in a North London derby in November 1995 followed by a pumping fist aimed at the Arsenal fans cemented his unpopularity. In 1997, Sheringham moved to Manchester United in pursuit of major honours just as United and Arsenal's rivalry was simmering. When he took the pitch for United at Highbury he was, naturally, roundly booed. But Sheringham scored twice in the match, which Arsenal eventually won 3-2, each time scampering to the North Bank with his lips pressed tightly against the United crest. Apparently, some Arsenal fans complained to police. Seriously, who are these people? Why dish it out if you can't take it? Arsenal would of course saunter to the Double, leaving United empty handed in the process. That August, as Arsenal faced United in the Charity Shield, a new chant acclaimed Teddy's presence, 'ooooh Teddy, Teddy. You went to Man United and you won fuck all!' Arsenal trounced United 3-0 and as Sheringham the sub warmed up next to the Arsenal fans, he was mercilessly taunted about his inability to earn a place in the starting eleven, not to mention the paucity of his medal collection. He came on to ironic cheers and his misery was sealed when he missed an absolute sitter in front of the Arsenal end. Only Fabien Barthez three years later could relate to such indignity.

However, Sheringham got some payback. He won the treble the following season, scoring a last gasp equaliser in the Champions League Final. When he returned to Wembley for the Charity Shield that August, he did so in mocking triumph. As he circled the perimeter of the pitch to warm up in front of the Arsenal fans again, a satisfied smirk permeated his features as he held three fingers erect in front of us. As the chants of, 'you're just a fucking reserve!' and the less witty, 'oh Teddy, Teddy, you went to Man United and you're still a c**t!' Sheringham's riposte was to mime holding three trophies aloft. Fair play I say, who wouldn't have done the same in that scenario? The Gunners won the game 2-1, famously, Teddy swapped shirts with an Arsenal player and as he climbed the steps to receive his medal, he held the shirt away from his skin with his nose upturned in mock disgust.

After three years at United, Teddy rejoined Spurs. Just to annoy us. He would later confirm in an interview in 2001, 'let's be honest, I don't like Arsenal.' The feeling was mutual. Sheringham had already been ostrasised by Andrew Cole in his time at United and Sheringham would ignite a feud with a very North London flavour. Rumours abound that Sol Campbell had a fling with Sheringham's ex wife immediately following their divorce, much to his chargrin. The feud spilled onto the pitch in April 2002 during a tense North London derby. (Made famous by Lauren's late pee roller penalty). Sheringham and Campbell jostled for an aerial challenge and fell to the floor, as Sol clambered to his feet, Sheringham aimed a kick at Campbell's face. Sol, usually the epitome of restraint, grabbed the prone Sheringham by his collar and screamed in his face. I have literally never seen a person look as terrified as Sheringham did in that couple of seconds. Campbell stopped just short of headbutting him. One season later, with Arsenal beating Tottenham 3-0, Vieira was substituted as a precaution and the armband was handed to Sol. He rubbed it warmly as Sheringham stood yards away from him.

Sheringham drifted to Portsmouth, scoring in front of the North Bank in a 1-1 draw. But possibly his most futile display came at Fratton Park. With Arsenal leading 5-0, Sheringham smashed a consolation home in front of the gathered Gooners in the Milton End. He approached us with a clenched fist. Laughter greeted him, so consumed by venom, Teddy obviously hadn't taken stock of the score. He would cross Arsenal indirectly on one final occasion. Playing for West Ham against Spurs in the infamous Lasagnegate match, West Ham won a penalty with the scores at 1-1. Sheringham, arch Arsenal hater and with a glowing affection for Spurs, with whom we were jockeying for fourth place, had the opportunity to guarantee Champions League football for Arsenal. His suspiciously weak penalty was saved by Robinson, possibly the worst penalty stopper in history. Teddy moved to Colchester United and retired in May, aged 42. In reality, Sheringham and Arsenal's rivalry was a genuine piece of amusing footballing banter in an age of media coached characters that refuse to engage with fans. It was a decent sporting rivalry, driven by mutual distrust but ultimately engendered by an implicit respect.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 14 2008

Time: 8:57PM

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I saw Sheringham 2 or 3 years back as i was sitting in a traffic jam queuing for the Blackwall Tunnel. He was driving a Bentley with the window down and one T-shirted arm hanging out of the window. I am not sure what team the car load of blokes in front of me and alongside him supported but the haste with which he wound up his window and the laughter and gesticulation coming from the car in front leads me to believe they were unlikely to be Millwall, Spurs, United or Hammers. Probably Charlton I reckon.
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14/07/2008 21:06:00

Sheringham is a tosser!!! And a massive one at that!
Report Abuse
14/07/2008 21:15:00

Traffic jam? Blackwall Tunnel? Never! I'd chance that they could be Millwall, he's really not liked around there. But Blackwall tunnel territory could well be Cgarlton. Fantastic player, but I was disappointed that he never came out and professed a childhood love for Colchester United.
Little Dutch
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14/07/2008 21:16:00

I did think Millwall but I reckoned that they would have been trying to turn his Bentley on its side. On the other hand if they had been Arsenal supporters I am sure they would have nodded in passive sporting recognition as they politely allowed him to filter in in front of them!!!!
Report Abuse
14/07/2008 22:48:00

At which point he would have swerved his bentley off the....oh no, hang on, that would be another would be Arsenal villain.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
14/07/2008 22:51:00

Great read, I've really enjoyed this series, although your apparent respect for Sheringham is pretty offensive
The Arsenist
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 00:36:00

When's Wayne Rooney? He's a real fiend!
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 04:58:00

I fully aggree with you The Arsenist when you say LD's respect is offensive. LD how can you possibly say in your opening paragraph that a) He hasn't really ever committed any major attrocity against us and b) I really quite admired him!!! I always really enjoy your articles , but I'm sorry, this one is rubbish. Before he even signed for Spurs I remember him doing one of his usual two page photo interviews with one of the sunday tabloids wherein he states (paraphrase) " My son Charlie loves Subbuteo and has all the Premiership teams... except Arsenal. I won't allow anything Arsenal in the house". Well if you can have admiration for someone like that, you are some man. Keep up the good work though, hopefully your next will be up to you usual incitefull and accurate standards!
Bradys Chips
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 08:39:00

I agree with those sentiments echoed earlier, the guy is a complete poes and is in extreme need of a slap ------ Sol, usually the epitome of restraint, grabbed the prone Sheringham by his collar and screamed in his face. I have literally never seen a person look as terrified as Sheringham did in that couple of seconds.-------Oh how I wish Campbell had torn his arms from his sockets, he'd of gone down as an Arsenal legend for that one act! Never mind Sherringhams still a fat tosser with a crap haircut!
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 10:50:00

Different strokes for different folks. I know Teddy hates Arsenal, but at least he's honest about it and he doesn't give bland, formulated answers a la Michael Owen. It is a crazy fact of life I'm afraid that not everybody is gonna love Arsenal. I see it as a rivalry, but not one based on hatred. It's what footballing rivalry should be about.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 10:52:00

This one's definitely based on hatred, 1st class w***ker. He hates us, we hate him.
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 10:56:00

How you can say this is not based on hatred is baffling. Somebody take away LD's shovel.. he's digging an awfully big hole for himself!!!
Bradys Chips
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 11:13:00

I have fond memories of that Chairty Shield 3-0; an absolutely hilarious day. Funny as well to see the vast majority of Man Ure fans leaving with 20 minutes on the clock. Still, they didn't have far to travel back to Buckinghamshire.

Sheringham is clearly a wnaker - he still hangs around Faces in Ilford trying to pull Essex tarts - at his age! Shameful old git.

Report Abuse
15/07/2008 11:26:00

I think you're in the minority of 1 there LD. I have never met an Arsenal fan who has anything other than utter contempt and hatred for that streak of *****, and I'm sure the same goes for Eddy for Arsenal fans. Fact is, I can't think of a Spurs player I have disliked more than the slowest thing I have ever seen on a football pitch, the fat git!
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 11:32:00

He was willing to indulge in the banter without being OTT. Fair game I say, I can't stand the blandness of the modern footballer, Teddy at least had the cahouns to say how he felt. I don't agree with it, but you know, what the hell. Football would be a very dull place if everybody liked one another. He never offended me per se, I was happy to send some his way, he sent some mine. All good.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 12:38:00

Good article and appreciate your humility, but this bloke geniunely is a tosser, players gone past that we've 'hated' on the pitch i wouldn't begrudge saying hello to if i saw in the street..but not this berkely hunt
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 13:27:00

lol, i agree with LD. afterall, since the feeling is mutual, who cares. he can admire his personality, his talents, but not his point of view. afterall, if he was on our side, he'd be a legend! wish ashley cole was more like him..going to chelsea...blahhh.. still, man utd and spurs. it doesn't get any worst than that!
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 13:30:00

Wish Ashley Cole was more like him? I can't imagine anything worse mate.
Report Abuse
15/07/2008 14:52:00

I agree with your point LD, he gives it AND takes it and yes, can you imagine if everyone in football was like Michael Owen, bloody hell that would be mind numbing. But it doesn't change the fact he's a fat tosser! LOL
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 10:55:00

As a Pompey fan, we have very fond memories of his one season with us. You can't knock talent & he had it. He in effect took over from Paul Merson.
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 15:41:00

''Sheringham is clearly a wnaker - he still hangs around Faces in Ilford trying to pull Essex tarts - at his age! Shameful old git.'' Hahahahah. Danielle lloyd anyone!
Report Abuse
16/07/2008 23:53:00

The disgraceful penalty miss against the sperms at the boleyn in 2006, during the lasagne-gate game, showed him up for the despicable, cheating low-life that he really is. The look of utter amazement on his face when Benayoun scored the winner was a pleasure to behold. I rate him along with van nostrildiver in the hate stakes, and we all know which hateful manager they both played under together.
Report Abuse
17/07/2008 04:21:00

LD - it's good to read some intelligent writing from a gooner for once. Hat's off to you! I agree with your comments regarding modern footballers and their relationships with fans. Shewhore - I think the only thing that unites us is our hatred of Cashley Cole. Sheringham's talent was there for all to see. Unlike past Ar5ena1 w@nkers like Viera, Adams, Keown, Winterburn, Lehman to name but a few.
Report Abuse
17/07/2008 14:04:00

At least those 'Arsenal *******' as you put it, were CHAMPIONS you spudmuppet!!!
Report Abuse
17/07/2008 15:50:00

sheringham was quality u cant deny that ! lehman was a *****a , and keown thought it was exceptible to shout in ruud v.nistelrooys face ****in monkey face *****
Report Abuse
19/07/2008 10:55:00


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