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Arsenal wait in Transfer Logjam

The transfer market has been held in a logjam for a few weeks now as a number of high profile potential transfers are interdependent. Despite the 'money no object` impression that some clubs give such are the fees and salaries commanded and demanded by players now that budgets can only be balanced if incomings are balanced by outgoings. Football might seem to live in a different financial zone from the rest of business but a 'credit crunch` in an industry that borrows as heavily as football has to be felt there too. Funds are not so readily available and not quite so cheap especially if you are carrying debts not secured against genuine assets.

Peter Hill-Wood made reference to this in a Q&A session published on the clubs website saying …maybe people need to be waking up to the realities of the world and that the days of easy money have come to a pretty sudden end. There is an awful lot of talk about big transfers and major demands of players but you will find throughout the UK and Europe that money is not quite as easy to obtain as it used to be. So I think a lot of these stories emanating from agents may not actually come to fruition. There is a lot of talk and not a lot of action.

Despite it`s posturing AC Milan has little money and is relying on little that requires significant up front payments. Much of this transfer logjam sits at Barcelona`s doorstep. They are the team with the biggest upheaval with a number of big money players set to depart including Ronaldinho and Eto,o. Committing themselves to big salaried acquisitions while these two remain on their books maybe beyond them especially as they have spent big already and recouped little on Deco. So hefty are the sums involved that few transactions can be completed without squaring the financial circle first. Once one goes down the others can and probably will fall into place.

Real will wait to see how far they can go with Ronaldo before perhaps entering the fray for other targets. If the Ronaldo deal proves possible virtually all of Reals financial resources are spoken for. If not then they may well enter the market. That may revise the potential destination of one or two players. The same decision probably also impacts on Fergie`s decision on whether to go for Berbatov or not. Without that sale, or the sale of Keane, Spurs may struggle to justify the £17m needed to go for Bentley. Whether Liverpool will go for Keane or Barry depends on outgoing sales. Now that the Alonso sale to Juventus has broken down the money and the space for Barry may not be quite there. The financial background for any potential Villa deal for Bentley becomes a lot clearer once they are clear on the deal they have for Barry. If Arsenal are interested in him it maybe only if Liverpool has had to withdraw and at a price that reflects that reality.

Hill-Wood seems keen for the club to hold its nerve. …. a lot of people don`t seem to realise that in the long run you must run a football club on a sensible commercial basis. A lot of the figures bandied around at the moment don`t make commercial sense to us.

A number of players are being openly hawked around the transfer market. Arshavin having fallen in and out of love with a number of successive clubs all whom has been his 'dream` move. So far without takers - at least at the price that his club aspire to. As the season begins to get underway squads will need to become settled. In the coming weeks prices will become more realistic and deals may be concluded. Who will blink first? Maybe we are reaching the point when realism begins to dawn in an industry that thrives on financial fantasy far too much for it`s own good.

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 15 2008

Time: 1:45PM

Your Comments

Too many people think you can just go out and spend as much as you like, the reality is, as stated by PHW and this article, that you've gotta pay what you can afford, and much of the time that is relient on other clubs sales so you can sell so you can buy. I don't care about transfers anymore, I just wanna watch football.
EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!! Someone send this to the idiot that runs that cr-ap blog, Le Grove.
I'd love to see how most of the blog population who reel off big shopping lists could respond to these sorts of realities. Unfortunately, there will always be fascist tosspots like le grove to feed the fertive indignation of the moronic, championship manager fuelled pre pubescents that pass for football supporters nowadays.
Little Dutch
maybe the transfer period should be a week and a half long right at the end of the season so we know exactly whats up, everyone shuts up and we wait anxiously for the season
Realistic prices in the transfer market is still a pipe dream atleast this window - 18m for Barry, and 17M for Bentley are not at all reflective of realistic prices. Madrid will still try to sign Ronaldo for £50-60M and thats still an obscene amount of money to spend on just one player. But the article makes a good point about the domino effect, and much of it seems hinged on Barca's moves now. They sell Ronaldinho to Milan, means Ade doesnt go there. Then Wenger will not sign Santa goes on. I just hope things are resolved soon so that we start with the actual football, coz I have a good feeling about the coming season for Arsenal.
Great article Amos. Its times like these that clubs like ours come to the fore. We've been balancing our books for years. Its nothing new to us and I for one am glad we do business this way. Its clubs like Barca, AC, Real,Liverpool and Man U that are suddenly in uncharted waters. We've years of experience on them. THe recession was made for us!!!!!
Bradys Chips
Vital Arsenal has been slated a few times over the years (most notably by Arseblog) simply because we don't conform to the usual blog style of quoting and linking all the pieces of Arsenal news in one article, but I like to think we offer a reason, well thought out articles that try to be as true and realistic as possible .... and it's articles like this that puts us one step ahead of other Arsenal fan sites and blogs, and it also make me extremely proud to be editor of Vital Arsenal!
Great article. This is why i love VA. We do not just sit back and allow the world to brainwash us. I HATE LE GROVE!!!!!!!
Let's face it, Vital Arsenal is definately the classiest Arsenal site around.
The whole article speaks truth. Sums up the current chaotic situation of the silly season.
On a seperate subject. No real suprise to see Ian wright at number 4 on the poll ofr greates players, leaving Adams, Bergkamp and Henry to take 3rd, 2nd and 1st respectively. Does anyone remember from what game this goal was. was it the charity shield? And for those of you who want to reminisce
Yes Paul .... That was the Charity Shield. I seem to remember Mark Hughes scoring an equally spectacular goal and then David Seman missing a penalty ...if memory serves.
Totally agree with you Arsenal Rob. The guys here write excellent articles and are always a good read. Seems to attract lots of quick witted comments that always make me smile too. Gotta admit, even a fair share of the badies who visit here are a good bunch too. Keep up the good work lads 8-)
VA is aptly named -- vital for every gooner. Good, informed common sense writing.
This site has always had good writing. It's what drew me here in the first place. The diverse format is great. News, opinion, features and humour and the chance to join in debate of your choosing without someone else setting the agenda for you. What more could you want.
The site where you can give an opinion, not get one :-)
Little Dutch
Apparently 28 year old Ronaldinho has signed on at Milan for 3 years for a fee of £14.5m and wages a tad under £100k a week. New realism or still overpriced?
Isnt it refreshing though - a player has chosen the less financially lucrative avenue, for a footballing challenge. Atleast you cant accuse Ronaldinho of being greedy.
If the milaan thing is true, it means that dinho defo picked footballing challegne over cash... I think the eather may have played a part
Ronaldinho stands a chance of making more money from his celebrity status at Milan than he would as fading star at Man City. The money thing may be a more carefully calculated exercise than just who pays the biggest wages.
Yes prtis it is refreshing, but if you are taking a dig at Adebayor remember that he has his retirment to think about.
Had a disagreement with a 'fan' who said how badly run we are and how poor we are and compared to ManPooh we are this and that, yadda, blah! very topical to this discussion--------James, Norwich - it's because Terry knows nothing about fotball and is a johnny come lately 'fan' in all probability, how else could you explain such an illinformed, crass comment directed at the Arsenal board of directors?! Hill-Wood may not be the most forward thinking Chairman in the world, but he hires the right people who do right by the club. We have a managed debt which DOESN'T effect our spending power (common misconception) as we have nearly doubled our revenue streams for only an extra 30% outlay, when you look at a club like Man Utd, who can't even afford the interest repayments on their near £billion and rising debt, which clubs interms of business are the better run. Fair point they are more successful on the pitch, but atleast we can garauntee Arsenal will still be in business in 10 years time. Man Utd will be asset stripped to recoup any money an investor spends on aquiring them AND their huge debt, we won't simple!-------------
Maybe we will splash the cash now as it seems that Hleb is in Barca having his medical.
VA is the only arsenal site i visit apart from its official site.. defo the classiest of any football fansites.. back to the topic of transfers, money spent on nasri will be recouped by hleb's sale.. i guess arshavin is a no-go.. with dinho to milan, ade takes a 60K/week pay and stays on.. we're bound to get some 5M from gilberto and maybe 2-3M from Bentley and Muamba, add on 10M which sould hv been made availabl by the board n put in a bid for barry who'll pretty much will jump at it given alonso's no go to juventus.. man, thats confusing
Your article has proved to be bang on. With Barca selling Ronaldinio yesterday, Hleb is due to have a medical later today. Let the Domino effect begin!!!
Bradys Chips
How about this????,19528,11670_3825590,00.html
Gilberto will be sold for 2mil at the most. Apparantly its 20% of the fee for bentley and Muamba which would mean 4-4.5mil from those sales and 40% of Harper which would be about 2-2.5mil if rumours are to be believed. I saw the Alonso link, im thinking we need someone a bit tougher who can tackle and happy to do the donkey work rather than him. Veloso, Yaya, or some unknown african who will be the next Viera/Makelele.
Alonso is a deep lying playmaker, he doesn't tackle, doesn't run. Completely the opposite of what we need currently. A David Batty type of player would be ideal, aggressive, fit, strong, can tackle and has a bit of a nasty streak, we are too nice as a team, he'd get everyone going!
I think we are making a profit on the Hleb-Nasri swap of about 3M (Hleb for 15, Nasri for 12), add to that the potential money from the sales of Bentley & Muamba, this will account for Ramsey's signing of 5M. Which leaves the entire transfer kitty (rumoured to be around 25M) available to sign 2 mid fielders. And this is without considering Ade's potential sale (which I hope doesnt happen). Arsenal are still in a comfortable position in the transfer market, and can actually afford to sign Barry + 1 more mid fielder. It only depends on whether Wenger is willing to pay 17M for a player, something that he has never done before.
I very much doubt that Wenger will ever pay 17m for Barry.
Prits, that's all Champ Man talk. Who are we to speculate exactly how much he's got and then who to spend it on.
Shewore - We're fans and that's exactly why we CAN speculate on such things!
shewore - I'm not suggesting who Wenger should sign, merely pointing out that should our interest in Barry be genuine, we do have the money to back up that interest. Btw the available transfer kitty of 25M is not ALL speculation, just a realistic estimation based on some articles I've read and a review of the financial statements.
He probably wont pay 17m in cash for Barry, but maybe 12/13m and hoyte???
I know Arsenal have principles but wouldnt most people like to see Flamini still here on the wages he asked for rather than buy Barry for 17 Mil. We would have had a player who works his ars* off, younger than Barry and who proved his worth very effectivly next to Fabregas last year. Also im sure Barry would be commanding at least 60k a week here, which is what Flamini would of stayed for...?
Barry does have the grit and physicality we need at DM position.
i think hoyte would be a good weight in that deal for barry.. we hv eboue who is a proven right back for cover anyway, just hope wenger stops playing him at rm
The other good thing about Barry is his versatility which is something that Wenger always values highly in a player.
Hleb's photos at Barca are on their website. Can't for the life of me see how he's going to fit in there - they already have Iniesta, Bojan, Messi and Xavi as these players who are excellent on the ball and at keeping possession. He let Arsene down. I so wish we draw Barca in the Champs League and beat them.
LondonGooner, why would Flamini stay for a 60K a week salary when he can get 150K a week (with fewer taxes) in the league he loves the most?
You mean me not London Gooner. I doubt AC milan have paid him 150k when they have given Ronaldinho just under 100k. Infact reading back, Flamini has signed a 5 year 20 million euro deal. Which is 76k euros. Thats about £60K sterling.
If Flamini is getting £150K a week how do Milan getaway with paying Ronaldo reportedly less that £100K? I reckon that Flamini probably only got £5K to £10 or so a week more than Arsenal offered. Enough to make some swerve their Bentleys off road though.
I meant 150K as an exaggeration (that's more than Cronaldo gets at MU, isn't it?) but I honestly thought that Milan offered him a salary that was something we simply could not pay because it would make him equal to Cesc's and Gallas' salary levels--I was thinking more like 80K or thereabouts.
Amos, rumor had it that Flamini was offered £5K more than we offered. It was the sign on fee that we could not match though.
I doubt that Milan have the money to pay a sign on fee of any substance upfront. I heard that they were budgeting a loss of up to €50m this coming season. I reckon any sign on fee is incorporated into his wages - buying him on hire purchase in effect.
Bottom line for me, is if we spend 15m+ & wages to match on a Defensive midfielder then we might as well of offered Flamini what he wanted and saved on the transfer. That and the knowledge we had someone perfect already in that role, we could of then gone on to use that money to strengthen a position that needed it.
LondonGooner - We can afford to spend more than you but we are in bigger debt. We are the most valuable team in the world according to Forbes, yet we are still in bigger debt. Hmm......looks like the people at Arsenal should just give up! You aren't getting any bigger me thinks
Chelsea are RIGHT behind you....
I think you'll find that Uniteds nett spending this season won't be very much at all. You spend more at the moment because you generate more income but even that doesn't guarantee that you can hold on to your best players.
I think you'll find that capability to spend more despite having so much debt will bite ManU in the arse in a couple of years. You dont even have the money to service the interest repayments, so I would think its fiscally irresponsible on the part of ManU, and something thats bound to catch up with you sooner, rather than later. I would think long and hard before talk of giving up surfaces.
I appreciate the point re: Flamini's wages versus a transfer fee. But firstly, it looks like his replacement will be Bischoff who will cost about the same amount as a night in a Yorkshire village boozer, with change left over for chips and gravy. But there is also a knock on effect, if Flamini's wages had been raised to match our top earners, then people like Clichy and Cesc, seasoned performers, would rightly be asking for more too. We already have a situation whereby Adebayor has played himself into a mind blowingly stupid corner and van Persie is upset about our wage structure. Which is really rich from somebody who costs our medical team roughly the same amount smokers cost the NHS. With the market the way it is, we are in a stronger position than ever to enforce our wage structure, as Adebayor is founding to his utter embarrassment.
Little Dutch
You are right, and its good that Arsenal stick to principles. I just would like to have Flamini still and maybe pay him on the sly without the others knowing....
Amos - it's quite easy to hold on to your players when you keep winning. And where are your facts that we can't make the interest payments?? WE MAKE CRAZY MONEY EVERY YEAR! Again we are Manchester United, making money is no object. So believe me when I say, in the long term, we have NO WORRIES!
Ronaldo is just listening to his family members and trying to get him to Madrid. But generally winning makes it easier to keep players.
Ar5ena1 have no money. Your manager has said" Its critical you get CL football every season to repay the mortgage payments on your stadium". So dont slip up muppets
Luckily for spurs they dont have that critical problem of getting in to the champions league
Theres only one muppet here. I will give you a clue, welsh and spud!!!!!! How unfortunate.
im spurs fan , and they do get champo league every season and dont look like slipping up , i think some1 like silva is needed to replace hleb.

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