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Hleb signs for Barcelona

The transfer of Alex Hleb to Barcelona has been officially confirmed on the Arsenal web site. Having completed a medical this afternoon he has signed, according to information on the Barcelona site, a 3 year contract.

Wenger said: "We must firstly thank Alex for his contribution towards Arsenal Football Club during his time with us. Alex played a significant role in the three seasons he was with the Club. We are comfortable with our decision to let him go and we are all looking forward to continuing our preparations for the new season ahead."

The 27 year old Belarusian played 129 times for the club scoring 11 goals in the 3 seasons since he joined in June 2005. Though the fee is 'undisclosed` it is reported to be in the order of €15m (£12m) which has a certain symmetry with the €15m supposedly paid for him in 2005 though exchange rates at the time would have then been the equivalent of £10.3m.

Hleb was a player who frustrated some at the same time as he entertained others but it is impossible not to acknowledge his great skill with the ball and his creativity. The annals will perhaps record him as a very talented player who didn`t stay long enough to earn a greater place in the clubs history.

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 16 2008

Time: 9:32PM

Your Comments

Very skilled to say the least but just wouldnt shoot when he had the chance to. Wish him the best as long as it is not against Arsenal. Gilberto leaving is the real Arsenal story, sad about that! God Bless Him!!!
cant say im gonna miss him much. played well for us last season. good luck to him.. on to bigger and better things for us now!
hleb was a ninja - the team wont miss him too much, but he will do excellent in Spain
Can't say i'm actually that bothered about this. His skill was unquestionable, but his failure to deliver sadly overtook that. 11 goals and 10 assists in 3 years is just not good enough.
Thanks. Bye. Good luck. OK the polite bit's over and done with: I can't wait to see Samir.
Lou the Gunneress
Dont think Nasri is as good as Hleb yet. But will be in a few years time!
If he scores more than 2 league goals and 3 assists he will be better.
the curse of Arsenal shall be upon him. :P
I will miss Hleb. On Pro Evo, this boy is simply unstoppable. He's way better in the game than in real life, a bit like Dyer was actually. I hope now we've sold a few players, we will see some experience coming. So far nasri and ramsey, both very talented but still young and we have too many youngsters and not enough old heads. Last year's team lacked experience and etwe've sold hleb, nasri, gilberto, 3 experienced players...
I think Hleb's game is better suited to la liga anyway.. he'll get kicked less often. But i can't wait to see the barca fans' mugs when they see that this man refuses to shoot because he has not got a decent shot.
i meant flamini but i guess you all got that by now
I already don't care anymore. Funy that.
Hleb who?
If a top team are willing to squander their millions of euros on a non-scoring/providing waste of space like hleb, then there must be a chance to off-load eboue somewhere.
or perhaps trade him for magic beans!
ABSOLUTELY ELATED to see the backside of him. Only Arsenal player that really scared me when we played you guys. And no disrespect to Ade or Cesc, they are also fantastic but Hleb was the one that put me firmly in my seat for 90 mins!
if a player clearly does not want to be here, then let them go ASAP. so im happy to see the back of hleb. wish him all the best at his new "dream" of a club. and the same goes for ade, clearly he has made the wrong sorts of noises. so lets get rid of him and build with a team who WANT to be here. having said that, i am bitterly sad to see bert leave us, although inevitable, its still hard to swallow. all the best bert, hope you have a great time in greece.
Yeah, get out of here you oaf, 11 goals in 3 seasons is pretty low for an attacking MF, Gilberto scored 14 in the same period. And he was on the bench for 80% of this season.
What is going on Boy's?? your team is really falling apart!, Yeah your write im a SPURS fan BUT i'll be the 1st to say and I even went on sky sport's live chat and said that team you had where you went unbeaten all season WAS THE BEST football i've ever seen and it makes me sick to say it!!!!! BUT I think your in more debt than your club is telling you and you have no where near the amount of players needed for a season! look at the last ?? 3 injury's and you were F@CKED!! West Ham have more support than you!! Your slipping fast and players still going! unless you buy quick n get it sorted your going down in the ranks??? what do you think??
For are start 99%, I believe the clubs finances are made public so there's no way they could lie about it. And if finishing 4 points behind the champions is our team being "f@cked" then I'd hate to think of what Spurs is.
lol Rocky, they go on your nerves, but somehow it's very entertaining, these lame spuddies with their lame arguments, and the intelligent, witty repostes by the gunners. A little more depth won't hurt, especially when Gilberto goes, but i don't think we're in a crisis.
u know when wenger predicted we would go a whole season unbeaten in the 02/03 season, many laughed and mocked. sure enough we did it the following year. i see a same pattern with what happened last season. we JUST missed out, thats right, JUST. but make no mistake we will come thru this season with the league plus a cup (FA or champ lge). and without anymore signings either. thats when the likes of big spenders chelski, spuddies, man city will look like complete muppets, becos we would have done it with a team of INEXPERIENCED, YOUNG, SOFT AND UNPOPULAR KIDS.
Lets see how many spuds come on here once Keane and Berbatov have gone to teams who can give them CHAMPIONS LEAGUE football!!!
This is terrible news. We need to sign another attacking midfielder with a complete inability to score goals right away.
LMAO @ Moorish!!
used to be my favourate player, but is a coward as a person. only hope we meet barca in the CL this season and show Titi and Alex just what they've given up..
Right for him to go, get rid of anyone who does not want to play for the Club.
Tiny T
I dont have any bitterness towards Hleb, although he should have handled his exit better than letting his agent blab to the media. Fantastic player, skill and I hope Nasri can fill that gap quickly.
Just saw a picture of him kissing the barcelona badge....thats not really necessary i think. Hleb was always a good player who like ForeverUnited said could dosomething unexpected, I personally feel the wingers should be the pacy ones in your side and shuld be able to beat a man with a combination of skill and pace, ala Ronaldo, Nani. That's why I think you will be ebetter having Walcott and Nasri as your wingers...but, what do i know!
Ta ta Alex, hope Barcelona's quiet enough for you mate. I know how terribly hectic Hampstead can be, poor, poor Alex - finally now he can rest.
Exactly Luckys - I've been having a feeling that we'll see Barca in the CL. Hehehhe can't wait for Cesc to do a, well, Cesc and show what the ex-Gunners what they missed like he did with Paddy's Juve... And btw does anyone else think Ade might be staying? Milan have closed up shop by saying they're done with transfers. If Barca could afford Ade, it would have been in the same deal as Hleb right? It means Arsenal don't want to hear Barca's cr@p about cash + Eto'o or the cash was just not enough to be considered. If he stayed, I'd laugh right there when I see him in the Emirates Cup..
Lou the Gunneress
Lou - I still think it's 50/50 with Ade and with the very real prospect of him leaving. I am very concerned all of a sudden. I know a lot of fans are saying well, Flamini is replaceable, and Hleb can't score etc, but to lose 3 key players (incl. Gilberto) could be a major blow to us. I don't think we should underestimate what Flamini allowed the likes of Cesc, Hleb and Rosicky to do - have the freedom to go forward. We definitely need an outstanding defensive midfielder. If Ade goes, we need another striker. And we could do with a centre back that's more experienced than Nordveit.
Will Ade get stick? I certainly won't forget this in a hurry
Arsene needs to buy - our problem last season was that we didn't have enough strength in depth, and now all we're doing is replacing players that are leaving.

Ade will get MAJOR stick, in my opinion. He's acted like a nob.

guess he was kinda hypocritical in kissing d badge cos he probably kissed ours 2. any way best of luck. p.s he may score as much as 10 in la liga for the rest of his career
Did he kiss our badge? tbf i don't remember his goalscoring celebrations. Ade deserves it, i'm not one for booing players in the shirt. But talk about biting the hand the feeds him. Monaco were ready to dump him and Arsene took a massive punt on bringing him over, turning him into the player he is now (and still improving) To be fair though i think he's just an effin thicko, he doesn't even know the offside rule ffs!
Gilberto Sale confirmed on the Arsenal website. A true proffesional he was and i hope he has success at Pana. Its funny to see his goal scoring stats are better than Hlebs. Then again Gallas also has a better goal per game ratio than Hleb. Infact Senderos might be close too
Hlebs goalscoring ratio was poor, but as a provider he was just as bad. TEN assists in 3yrs as well!!!
Also a notable difference between the goodbye given to Gilberto and Hleb on the website. I know Bert was with us longer and won things for and with us, but their two different exits show what their characters are like. It's a shame we didn't get a chance to give Bert a proper farewell, he deserved it.
Like you say, Gilberto helped us win things, and was an unsung hero in the '04 invincibles team.
I'm not angry with Hleb leaving but that badge-kissing and "I love this club" crap really grates. Why do players do this? Geezus. I will miss Hleb very much--VERY MUCH. He's one of the most mesmerizing players I've ever seen--anywhere. I was just as frustrated as everyone else about his shyness in front of goal but he tore up defenses, kept that ball like it was tied to his feet while being so closely marked, I can't ever forget what it was like to watch him do all that wearing an Arsenal shirt. I didn't feel as gutted when Flamini left (tho his departure did upset me) as I do now. That said, it may turn out to be what Arsenal need. I heard that Gilberto was welcomed in Athens by a huge cheering crowd like he's a hero of some kind. He's now the highest paid player in Greece--wish he could've gotten a send-off at the Emirates.
Out of these guys, I think I'll miss our Invincible DM most. Top man. Wish you all the best Gilberto!
Lou the Gunneress
And am I the only counting Kolo as the only Invincible left..? And Clichy was an Invincible Sub LB.. The rest are all gone..
Lou the Gunneress
Last night I watched a repeat of a Marseille-Nancy match from January of this year. Setanta had aired it here in the US a few days ago and I recorded it. Nasri played the whole game. Great game to watch because it was one of those many games in Ligue 1 that are tense, physical contests with controversial moments. In England everyone says Ligue 1 is boring but I watch it a lot and there are so many games where players get into each other's faces, commit rash challenges, do insane things with the ball, and really push the officials in keeping the game under control. Anyway, to the game and Nasri's role: at the time Nancy were just behind Lyon in table rankings, and in front of Marseille. The game was played on Nancy's home ground. Over the course of the match, Nancy were the better team, tho Marseille really pushed them hard. Nasri did not have his best game -- in the first half he made a few excellent runs and superbly precise passes, but he struggled to impose any creative authority over the game. The best Marseille player was Valbuena (a player I really enjoy watching). At times Nasri was easily dispossessed of the ball, at others he used his strength and pace to throw off a defender (he can sometimes surprise you with a strength you don't expect from such a small player). In the second half Nasri struggled even more, Nancy scored from a free kick after a crazy mistake the Marseille keeper made from a backpass. So into the 87th minute and Marseille are losing by 1-0 -- they're pressuring Nancy repeatedly, all over Nancy's goal area, when a Marseille player (forget who) makes a brilliant cross over to Nasri, who's timed his run perfectly into the box. Nasri watches the ball as it descends, controls it with his chest beautifully and kicks it into the net brilliantly with his right foot. It was a beautiful, beautiful goal. He saved the game for his team and from that point on, Nancy went down the table and Marseille went up.
with all these players leaving, it looks like its gooner be a good season for you muppets
Bad move by Hleb this....
welshspurs, please look to your own club: Berbatov and Keane dying to leave and your manager needing to clear out an entire squad (16 players)! You're the club that's losing players.
I couldnt care less about players leaving especially when by their own admissions they are soft! Hleb and Flamini are wonderful players but when i realzie that the likes of Ramsey, Velan and Nasri are here and not to mention more contribution from an amazingly talented Walcott, WHATEVER!! I will however miss Gilberto greatly because of who he is as a person, honorable. I Believe things are looking great for Arsenal and I'm sure some more players will be bought!
Welshspur can you name one single arsenal player that has left that will leave a huge problem with our squad???
welsh and a spud. Double whammy or what!
Good luck in Barca
welsh and a spud. Double whammy or what! MrArsenal - LOL Cracking me up! Oh look the spuddies are crawling out from under thier rocks to make snide remarks., again, for the umpteenth year in a row. I suppose the "we're gonna finish ahead of you" bolloks is going to start again aswell When will the poor deluded, soap dodgeing, knuckle draggers ever learn!
You can go over to their site and take the ***** once we prise their only good player to OT, berbatov!
only gd player berbatov ? keane , woodgate king , lennon , steed , gds , bale ( who if i remember rightly rejected you , same with GDS ) , modric ?? ok berbs our only good player u dirty nothern ******** ( oh u probs aint even nothern)
better take keane out of that list jess433 you cockney ****!
***** keane 20 mill is more than enough , ure yanks might jst want to start writting the big cheque 4 berbs now . 30 + million and a small court thing

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