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To Boo Or Not To Boo?

I've long suspected, since the outset of this sorry little saga I've never thought Adebayor would leave. I still don't. I don't think his will has ever been to move, simply to squeeze a larger wage packet out of the club. He has undoubtedly been very stupid, had he had a quiet word with Le Boss and asked for improved terms, he probably would have got them. Now he has destroyed all good will he had earned with supporters and taken himself out of the reckoning for a pay rise. The advice he received was stultifyingly poor. Wenger has merely been able to place an astronomical transfer fee on his head, if someone pays it, we win. If, as looks likely, they don't, Wenger can turn to Adebayor and say, 'no other club agrees with your estimation of your worth, why should we?'

I hope Adebayor does stay, we have haemorraghed too much of our playing staff already, and Adebayor is instrumental to the way we play. The extra dimension he gives us is not easily replaceable, there aren't many strikers of his ilk exist on the current market. The big question we are met with should he stay at Arsenal, is how should we, the supporters react to him? The better part of me thinks we should not boo himunder any circumstances, it's not worth it and would be detrimental to the team. Adebayor does not appear to have fallen out with any players, I cannot imagine his presence compromising team spirit. But as supporters we can create disharmony by radiating negative vibes. After all, if Adebayor bags himself another thirty goals and shoots us to the title next year, will his current indiscretion not be forgiven?The difficulty Adebayor has made for himself is that if he misses a chance (and it doesn't happen as often as most pruport), he has made an chuffing great rod for his back. Players that demand six figure weekly salaries find their mistakes tend to be magnified and not forgiven quite so easily. Rightly so too.

But then dear reader, there's this other part of me. The mephistopholes on my shoulder appealing to my vagabond tendencies. He makes my blood rise and nurtures the hooligan element of rogue neurons in my brain, like little kittens that become fat, domesticated cats with a catflap, free to wander in and out of my conscience as soon as it's feeding time. Villa fans booed Gareth Barry this week in a friendly with Walsall. A United supporting friend tells me United fans have been singing anti-Ronaldo songs in their pre season tour of South Africa. At Barnet last week, anti Adebayor songs permeated the soft Hertfordshire air and turned it blue. This summer has been peculiar in that fans who usually delight in one another's misery have found a kind of kinship. I've not heard any Arsenal fans celebrate the potential departure of United's star turn, nor have I heard United fans will our top scorer to flee to pastures new. There is a groundswell of collusive disillusion. Maybe it is time that we supporters stood up, even if to the detriment of our own teams, stood up and let these self obsessed fuckwits know that we won't bend over and plead, 'please sir, can I have some more?' Maybe it's time we showed this shower of self important tossers that it is the shirt we worship and not the corporate graffiti that adorns it either. It's the badge and not these bling encrusted wank stains. Maybe it's time we let them feel the full force of our vitriol?

There would be some who would contend that we should simply stop attending matches, buying merchandise and lining these peoples pockets. But I respectfully retort 'bollocks!' I was an Arsenal fan before Adebayor arrived and I'll be an Arsenal fan long after he's begun to enjoy that retirement fund he's so hellbent on swelling. This is my house, I was in it long before every single member of our squad was and I'll be chowing down on satan's portion with Grandma's false teeth before I let them oust me from it. As long as we continue to let van Persie question our wage structure from the comfort of his treatment table, Fabregas take a flight to Madrid every time he wants better wages and Adebayor mouth off like a pissed up tramp without retort we just vindicate them don't we? Maybe revolt is what is needed. I'm not one of these supporters that habitually rips into my own players, far from it, I consider it a neglible practise. I'd rather vent my week's pent up frustrations at a bewildered little man in black or any opposition player with the temerity to venture into the Arsenal half. But good only ever comes from social disquiet. Has football reached the stage where we should simply rise up against the egos?

I'm conflicted. In reality, silence is the most perfect expression of scorn. I probably cannot bring myself to jeer Adebayor, but I don't think I'll be affording him the privilege of singing his name. He obviously cannot handle that sort of acclaim, using it to lubricate his inflated ego. So like a sullen headmaster, I'll confiscate it until he knows how to use it properly. Besides which, I can hardly envisage a big clamour to stretch our vocal chords in his honour. Like I said at the outset, if he bangs in 30+ and we win the league, his malaise will quickly be forgotten. But he certainly won't ever enjoy the sort of popularity he earned himself last season. Ever.LD

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 24 2008

Time: 10:16PM

Your Comments

Nice passionate and thoughtful piece. How should we react knowing that Ade was/is prepared to take a short term view of the club? Simply by taking a short term view of him I guess. No matter how important a player becomes to the club there comes a point when he becomes less important if not even unimportant. It happened to Henry, Wright, Bergkamp and many others over many years. If Adebayor is still with us and is doing the business on the pitch then he deserves respect for that if not love and admiration. Vieira happily flirted with Real and ManU over 2 or 3 seasons while still warranting his place in the team. He supposedly urged Cashley Cole in a text message to demand £80K a week from the club. We can still look back and appreciate the good things he did on the pitch. In the end that is all that really matters. Save the passion for the club - the individuals will often let you down.
"He makes my blood rise and nurtures the hooligan element of rogue neurons in my brain, like little kittens that become fat, domesticated cats with a catflap, free to wander in and out of my conscience as soon as it's feeding time." -- LD, what the hell are you doing on this blog, you should be writing professionally, ffs! If VA were otherwise a crap blog, I'd keep returning just for your writing! :-D Anyway, while I understand the downside to booing or jeering our players (something I usually don't believe in doing, even against Eboue's antics), I think there comes a time when players (and sometimes managers) need to know that being a football player is not like being a movie or TV star. Being a football player means that every week when you go out and perform, you are surrounded by thousands of your fans---live and in person. Fans who pay close attention to the team you play for, to your performances week in and week out, to your conduct on and off the pitch. It means that (unlike movie or TV stars) every week you are confronted with people whose reactions to your conduct and performance you can't ever get away from. It's all right there in your face. It's a kind of democracy that other celebrities don't experience. It therefore means that you will experience directly the consequences of your performance, your conduct, your loyalty and dedication, and professionalism. You can't get away from it. Regardless of what I or anyone else believe, Ade won't escape it, it's inevitable: he will be booed. Whether that's "good" or "bad" is really irrelevant because no one can stop it. If he changes his attitude and amazes everyone with tons of goals, it will eventually stop. But he'll have to buckle down and deal with it, and get past it. He'll have to grow the hell up. Players who behave like Barry, Cronaldo and Ade have to know that there are consequences to their petulant, spoiled brat behavior -- and that they can't take the fans for granted. Let them show how strong and professional they are to deal with it. I personally would love it if fans just kept silent when Ade scores, no applause, nothing. I plan on visiting the Emirates twice next season (and maybe 1 away game). If Ade's there and he scores, I won't boo him, I just won't react at all to him.
Word, Dutch. Word.
What Dave said.
"It's the badge and not these bling encrusted ***** stains." CLASSIC! Hah!! Well-said LD!
I never get the point of booing your own player. Its not like they are going to perform better for us if we boo them. And ultimatly we want to see our team succeed.
we should not boo our own players, EVER. As for ade's demands of matching henry's paycheque, well thats a two way street, the club and fans can expect him to match henry's performance on the pitch. if and when he delivers that then he can claim his rightfull remuneration.
the best thing to do is just not singing his name for some time till he starts banging in lots of goals again. the main problem we have is that we do not have a consistent goal scorer othan than Ade. RvP missed too many games, Eduardo was out for months, Bendtner needs more experience and doesn't seem to have good relationship with other players (based on the celebration after he scored). until then, we are stucked with relying on Ade for goals. honestly, in many games last season, he performed like Andy Cole, too many missed chances. with the whole team feeding him chance after chance, i was not entirely surprised that he scored that many goals. but at least he scored in important games.
and no booing please. it sounds and looks so ugly and stupid when you boo your own players. we will be the laughing stock for other teams. save the energy to cheer for the team. we need your support more than ever now.
Well said LD. To boo him would be like making him not welcome and to support would be a big blow to your conscience. So keeping silent could be the best option here.
I like the bit about telling the greedy ********s where to stick it. At my local side recently, we had the rare opportunity of having a player known to be leaving the club, simply for monetary reasons, about 7 games before our campaign was actually over. Once a fan favorite the songs very quickly turned from ones of approval to songs of disgust and the disgusted element of the crowd grew with each game he continued to be named in the starting line up. This also raises an interesting issue though, that can be related to Ade, is it really beneficial for him to be in the starting line up week after week if that will only be the case for this season? Isn't it in both cases mentioned the managers job to make sure of the long term security of the side by playing the player who he believes is commited for the long term? In that respect I'm not sure if Ade should be played at all.
Ozi Gooner
villa fan here - I'll do you a deal, you boo Barry for us and I'll boo Adebayor for you. That we don't hurt our own team but the player still gets a mouthful.
i guess the villa fan offer may be the best for those who must boo... maybe there should be a collective booing song that includes the neams of all players that appear to be greedy... Ade, Lampard, Barry, Ronaldo in turn so they actually know that it is the general behaviour fans are against. In the bottom line, it can only be counter productive booing your own player! So, since his name was so often sang last season, Silence should effectively pass the message accross... more somgs about the club are needed, maybe less about individuals!
Agreed LD. silence is the best option for sure. At the start of the West Brom game when they announce the first names there should just be a collective silence in place of adebayor. I think there will be anyway to be honest, it won't take that much organisation. NUMBER 13 DAVID "VIIIIIIIIIIIIILLAAAAAA" (sorry just fantasising), NUMBER 25 EMMANUEL "____________shhhhh_____________"..... he might even cry right there and then like the spoilt little *****wit he is. To be honest though, i blame the agents.
That's the interesting thing though, we wouldn't be a laughing stock if we booed him, I'd imagine we'd garner some sympathy. Much like I feel for United fans with Ronaldo and Villa fans with Barry. On a purely club level, we shouldn't boo Adebayor. But as football fans and the brotherhood of football fans (and we are a brotherhood, we might shout foul names at one another, or not call each other as often as we should, but we are all essentially circumnavigating the same universe, just in a different spaceship), I'm beginning to feel like football fans have reached some kind of punk rock focal point. People who usually cannot stand one another, fighting over the same crumbs on the same table, are beginning to turn around and say, "hang on, we're bickering over these crumbs while they lord it up?" Afterall, punk saw white council estate kids turning up at black kids parties, everybody realised they were in the same boat and the people "higher up" were the ones to despise. I wonder if football has recahed that stage? Maybe we should all turn up for the first game with bright orange hair and paperclips in our noses?
Little Dutch
Since we've moved to the Emirates there seems to be a new type of fan that'll boo if we're drawing at half time. I personally would never boo anyone who plays for my team. He will be booed initially. Hopefully that'll just let him know the fans aren't happy with his behavoir, then let him get on with it. If he hasn't moved by the first game he'll declare his loyalty to us anyway!
The booing you are talking about here is what you can call “he asked for it” booing… as opposed to the abuse dished out to the likes of Hleb or Song when people got frustrated. Even though its easy to understand the urge, in practise it’s hard to boo!!! Maybe age getting to me, but on the one occasion I tried to follow the crowd boos (for Cashley at Stamford Bridge I think it was) I found that it takes loads of (wasted) effort to keep it up repeatedly through a game. I won’t ***** on the parade of those who want to vent, but for me it’s too negative, and I can say now, there is zero chance of me booing the big bozo Ade. Booing is universal and an easy denominator, but in cases like this, sarcasm would be the best bet (or maybe like LD said, silence). It’s one way to send them a clear message without letting them think they are that important that their actions made you bitter and twisted. Here’s what ‘should’ happen when Ade comes out to play.. 1- Whenever he’s on the ball, he gets wolf-whistles and smirks… 2- When he scores, everyone breaks into the “I bow to you” gesture with hands extended and say “I thank you”… 3- We change his chant… Adebayoooor, Adebayoo-oooor, give him some dough, then he wants more!
All good points well made, i certainly won't be cheering him, he's hurt me and i've pretty much lost all faith in footballers. I know that sounds a bit soft but eff it! When he equalised at WHL coming up to us thumping his badge cheering with us - him lapping up his song at the Emirates or at Fulham where it started. We've all taken him into our hearts after a couple of indifferetn (but promising) seasons. Arsene took a MASSIVE punt on him when he signed him, he was on his way out of Monaco (?) this is how he repays him / us for taking him to heart? naaah, on 2nd thoughts, i wanna let the **** know how i feel.
Sit in your chair and boo. Its really embarrassing even when you are sat alone...So why do it for an Arsenal player who pretty much gave us a title challenge last season.
That last comment is one of the most ridiculous of the day. Anyone care to surpass it?
You already did with the one above mine.
Myself i would find it difficult to boo a player in an Arsenal shirt. But i wouldn't be bothered if he was booed at the first game of the season, because it seems he has taken the ***** out of something that we are all so passionate about. It's not as if we don't have good reason!
Oh Adebayor single handedly gave us a title challenge last year did he? Nothing to do with anyone else eh? Just a quick one - why wasn't he really a serious contender for player of the season if that's the case? And the whole point of this article is about Ade getting booed AT games, not from your armchair. Great 'i know you are but what i am i?' riposte though Tom,
If Ade got injured would we have been four points off the title? Maybe you could say that Cesc is the main reason for our success (I would agree) but I think none were more important/influential than Ade to our style of play. And I do not have an armchair. They are for old goonies.
Things is though - he'll stay, hopefully have a good season, and we'll have all this again next year. He's acted like a bell end.
All good points above. I personally won't boo him, like LD said, I'd sit there feeling indifferent to him, if not in slient contempt. I'll choose to channel my emotion positively by applauding and cheering on everyone else wearing the Arsenal shirt on the pitch. But that's only me on the individual level, we all know a crowd works differently. We can rest assured that he WILL be booed. In fact I don't even think now Arsene should start him as automatically as he did last season. If we've got RvP, supported by Bendtner/Theo/Vela, why can't we just bench him for a while and make him learn the lesson, instead of putting him out in the open and letting the jeering hurt the team as a whole? I'm sure Arsene has something in his mind in terms of putting the discipline back in order. I can't wait to go to the Emirates Cup! (mischievous smile)
Lou the Gunneress
I don't know if booing effects specific players anyway, at least not in the way you want it to- it makes your own players play worse, and enemy players play better. Sometimes at the matches I go to they have five-minute matches at the half time break with youth sides 5 and 6 years old- I boo them mercilessly if they miss a sitter- it teaches them to be humble.
Oh, one thing we can do in the Emirates Cup - let's all boo Real!
Lou the Gunneress
did you guys check out the training pics on The players look focussed and like they have great team spirit, and i wouldn't want to ruin that. It's often said that arsenal is a family, and sometimes you have a brother who is a bit of a *****er, or an uncle that's stone cold crazy, but they are still family. Ade is like that, he was a lost son over the summer, but he's still family...
He may well be family, but if he does get booed - which i suspect he will - then he deserves it!!!
We shouldn't boo him. I think its a very childish way to express your feelings towards a player, but unfortunatly there isn't really another way of telling the player(s) how we feel about him/them. Yes he has been a complete ***** to put it mildly, BUT if we boo him, it will translate badly onto the pitch and not just affect Adebayor, but the rest of the players too and we really don't want that do we?
Lou, i like the way you think! Clubs like madrid confuse players like Ade, let's boo them. and where's that ******** agent?
If we want whats best for the club then we wont boo him, simple as that. If booing affects his game to the point he loses confidence and does not score, then he will lose some of his value and be useless to us. We lose out. The best thing is to not sing his name and just cheer the team as a whole. He will get the message. If he has a good season and leaves, we still get a big transfer fee.
I will cheer him at the Emirates Cup!
I will blank him!
Im sure he will notice.
Check out this photo of Cesc:
Any player who publicly makes a fool of himself to the press at the expense of his club ought to be booed. Ungrateful players deserve to know how fans feel about them.
This is a tough one. Although its counter productive to boo a player, the fans MUST let Ade know how we feel. Maybe a chant like the ones that went up at the Barnet game will be most effective. In no way must his goals be received with adulation by the crowd. Having said that, its only a matter of time before we forgive Ade (esop if he scores a lot of goals) but we must not let go of the opportunity to let him know how we feel about him.
And yes, for the record, I'm also a little relieved that Ade is sticking around. Its important to hold onto him this season, coz we cant afford to lose any more players.
He will notice if 60,000 people blank him!!!!!!!!
The annoying thing about this whole episode is that 12 months ago Adebayor would not have been on anyone's radar. Unlike Arsenal, where there appears to be some planning and though behind each signing, Barcelona et al seem to sign whoever is taking the headlines. I am willing to bet a large amount of money that this time next season Barcelona, Milan and Real Madrid will be grand statements about signing Eduardo.
why dont we cheer other players instead of booing ade??? i hardly hear of clichy songs, or sagna songs, or maybe make a new song for nasri??? i remember cashley got upset when the fans sang for every player except him, until henry had to point to cashley for the fans to sing a token song. so ade will feel it too if the fans sang for every player except him, compared to last season when we heard the adebayoooor song almost all game every game.
i just dont think silence will work cos there will undoubtedly some muppets amongst the 60000 fans which might boo him, or worse, sing his song.
this new dislike of Ade could take the pressure of Eboue
emerites is so quite anyways he prob wont hear the boooooooooooinggggggg....pmsl
I have never been to the "emerites" so i can't comment
oh sorry its called a libruary i apoligizies = Emirates
***** off you spud prat!!!!
mr arsenal u have to agree with me that it is one of the quietest stadium in epl jus stating a simple fact, tbh its a lovely stadium though,
will you boo him mrarsenal?
Whatever else it is 123spud it isn't fact - just opinion - prejudiced opnion. Usually only the opinion of those who have either rarely or never been there. The truth is that the Emirates isn't any more or less quiet than 90% of the stadiums in the PL.
ok amos point taken ud prob no better, its was just what i head as the stadium is so big etc, dint want to start an argreeument over it jus some banter
Funny you say its quiet 123 because when spuds played there - if you went - then it was deafening! Also where i sit there is loads of singing but when you are being mesmerised by such beautiful football we don't have time to sing constantly! As for me booing Ade, no i doubt it i will just support the team.
Ade is flirting with other clubs and contradicting himself to the press. I'd booo him without apology.
I can understand why people would want to boo him, he has behaved like a tit there is no getting away from that. But to boo him would probably make him play poorly and then his confidence would drop and the whole team could suffer. Rather than boo just don't sing his name, even if he scores.
well its simple for me..if Ade scores 30+ goals this seasons - and quite a few crucial one..all is forgiven. of course that may cause him to get more pig-headed but i guess knowing his history with Togo, Monaco and now Arsenal, we will have to somehow live with it...i only hope he has learnt his lessons by now
Adeybuyor has not fallen out with any players????? i bet bentender has been texting him every day this summer, you tool have short memories, this player is a idiot, and id give him a 50,000 pound fine for talking ***** to the press
Crawl back under your stone you child!!! And who is Adebuyor, never heard of him! School holidays only just started and already you have fallen behind, tut tut!!!
victory through harmony
fran merida
I'm a Spurs fan but if I was a Gunner I would boo him. It is one of the few weapons fans have to show their disgust. He has insulted your club by whoring himself around Europe and almost implied Arsenal aren't good enough for him. He is not alone. In America, there are several NFL players sitting out the mandatory training camps trying to renegotiate their contracts. When they signed the original contracts it was the team that showed faith in them, but their personal greed has overcome any loyalty they showed to the team that took a leap of faith with them. Unfortunately it is the same with some footballers. Barry has given 10years to Villa so it is unfair to boo him. Adebayor has given 10mins to Arsenal and has shown no respect to his team mates, his manager, his club or the fans by his conduct. But part of me thinks you should have expected this considering his behaviour for the Togo national team. Greedy footballers who earn more in a week than many in the stands earn in a year and then squeal they are underpaid should be booed until they apologise to the fans who often struggle to buy their season tickets but make sacrifices for the love of their team
Has anyone else noticed how Adebayor has been photoshopped out of the promotional pics for the new home kit on the official site? Probably more of a PR move than anything, but still quite telling.
Little Dutch
And no #25 shirts highlighted at the Armoury either -
Lou the Gunneress
when we played mesmerised football the away fans left after 60 min can rem who , ye do play great football but wht has that got ye simple nowhere
Little Dutch
u wouldnt under stand little dutch
You're right, lamentably I am not bilingual, I only speak English. Maybe I'll teach it to you some day.
Little Dutch
You always get one spuds poes bigging up a side that needs as much help as humanly possible! Never mind, Adebayor will get booed and rightly so, he's an obnoxious, arrogtant, fat headed, ungrateful tosser who is desperate need of a good slap. If he gest booed and cries his ickle eyes out so ferkin what, it'll atleast show the rest of the team what avcting like a prize koont will get you! Maybe beneficial in the long run then?

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