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Bentley's Ego Strikes Again

David Bentley's massive ego has once again reared it's ugly head.

Bentley, a player who was held in high regard at the North London giants, left Arsenal after believing he should be playing first team football ahead of the likes of Pires, Bergkamp & Ljungberg who, let's face it, in 2004 were the cream of the crop.

The next episode of 'ego' occurred when Bentley hung his England Under 21's team mates out to dry after pulling out of the squad with fatigue. Ironically the team went on to play in one of the most brutal, physical and tiring games I've ever witnessed.

After finding a good home at Blackburn, Bentley the decided he wanted to leave to play Champions League football. Of course nobody in a CL spot was forthcoming so he plumed for the 'next best thing'.

Now the Spurs player's ego has grown so much he actually thinks the Arsenal fans are going to pay their ticket money just to come and abuse him rather than watch the football.

'I can't wait,' said Bentley when asked about playing in a NLD. 'I've not been sleeping at the moment thinking about running out there. I've always wanted to play in a North London derby, it will be brilliant.'

'Hopefully they want to see characters. They don't always go just to watch the football, they'll come to abuse me. I'll get the banter but I'll enjoy that. It's probably going to be the best moment in my career."

My advice when he comes to The Grove? Ignore him, it'll mess with his massive head far more than any song ever could.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 2 2008

Time: 11:52AM

Your Comments

What an idiot. Does he really think he'll get CL football with Spurs?
He just can't get over the fact that he wasn't good enough to play regularly here at the time. It must be painful for him to see how the current crop of young Arsenal players are getting the chance to shine, and in his time here only Ashley Cnut grabbed the opportunity to establish himself. Most of his behaviour and statements are a product of this long-term frustration. And with Modric, Dos Santos, Lennon, Jenas, etc. in the sp*rs midfield, he's in no way guaranteed to play in the first 11.
There is a strong section of the spuds fans that will give him more than enough grief about his Arsenal roots if he falls below standard. Those are the fans he will get most abuse from.
he is still better then theo wally no matter what
he is a player with an ego .so what..ronaldo has it berba has it, he knows he will have to live up to hes price tag an require a high level of standard, im ure he can improve more with us an become abetter player, if ye say hes got no talent then ye are so bitter, that goes for all spurs players this season other wise they will be on the bench simple as
Who said he has no talent? I can't see that quote anywhere .... just that his head has reached melonous proportions. If it weren't for the size of his gob none of the Arsenal fans would give a sh** that he joined Spurs. He never achieved anything with Arsenal so he's not really that important to us.
A footballer with a massive ego and inflated sense of his own importance? I don't believe it.
since he joined us ye cant stop talkin about must be drivin ye mad....knowin he is a very good player, an wud get ahead of eboue an theo if he was playin for ye....get over it arse fans
dont belive everthing ye read take it with a pinch of salt...jus like with adey an he transfer, an dont take the bait
just like Bent has lived up to his price tag. Still, he's "on the up" scoring at will against Orient and Norwich. Bentley is a talented player, but so are Pennant, Sidwell, Harper, Aliadiere, Lupoli...
the north london derby will be like old times for Bentley. he'll once again get to stand around watching whilst more talented players than he run circles around him.
i dont see how bentley is better than walcott - theo plays for a top team and bentley doesnt
haha dont make me laugh if wally wallcott( has talent not sayin he hasnt) then why was eboue playin in hes position last season as RW ?
u call pennantt talent ill say no more
walcott - afc newbury, swindon, southampton, Arsenal Bentley - Arsenal, Blackburn, Spurs - DB's heading down not up. He went from top team, to a top half team to a bottom half team. he'll be back at norwich at this rate!
thats exactly how much no 303 sfa an u never answered my q why was eboue playin inseated of wally wallcott
because walcott is still young but at his current stage of development better than bentley was and will ever be. Eboue despite not being a fans fave would still walk into the spurs team and look good.
hahahahb funniest thing i heard in a long time, hes young so what if hes young enough hes good enough, an eboue in spur team ahead of lennon, most arse fans wanted eboue out of that position an wallcott playin, forget past look at now, who cares at what age they are an how good he was then look at now.... kid. i nealry fell off my chair reading that comment an most arse fans will agree with me
Hmm, you claim you don't care in the second article about the lad in the last 4 days...
123..are u thick enough to be claiming u know more about developing a young player such as Walcott than Arsene Wenger? Look how far backwards Lennon has gone in ur team due to the pressure you idiots put on him.
as arse fans wud say.....hes still young(lennon) in ramos i trust
and bentley is a w@nk€r who regularly sang anti spurs songs around highbury...if he is so good why is he behind an ancient England player who plys his trade in the MLS? No doubt the spuds will shoot their loads if he runs round the lane pointing to the back of his shirt screaming "that's who I am" like he did last year for Blackburn........w@nk€r.
He wasn't even the best winger at blackburn in my opinion. Pedersen is a far more complete player.
Whatever Spuds do, they shoudl take care not to upset him. You won't like him when he gets upset :-)
so 303 is sayin eboue is better then bently
Yes Phartman, but the first article was mocking Spurs for paying a ridiculous amount of money for Bentley of which Arsenal will recieve almost half!! If anything, we should be thanking him for that one ... lmao!
thats true an yer boss knew he wud go on to improve which was why the sell on clause, also id rather have the product then the money in bank
Well the money in Arsene Wenger hands is a lot more useful to use a than David Bentley playing his best!
an why r u so anti bently forget hes ego..he is talent of player, he left for first team football nothing wrong that an now hes a spur.....abit of jealously an envy i think. other wise ye woulnt even be bothered talking about this ego man ye call
A very funny article. Almost withour exception, every player returning to their former clubs get verbal abuse from the home fans so Bentley is simply stating the obvious as a recognisable former player returning especially as there clearly is bad blood between the two. He left for £4m and when he joined Spurs, Arsenal receive 40% of the profit - not the overall fee I believe which is therefore £4,4m. Wenger must very much rate Bentley as to not have asked for such a high percentage. Bentley pulled out of the U21 Championship with the encouragement of his club and manager Mark Hughes. How many times have Arsenal fans abused international football because of the negative impact it has on your players when the return to club football? Pot calling the kettle black. As it was Bentley only asked to move from Blackburn after they let Hughes sign with Manchester City. Hughes was the manager who had signed him and developed him into today's player. I wonder if Arsenal allowed Wenger to join Barcelona or Real Madrid, how long it would take for the likes of Fabregas and co to start asking to move themselves?
Actually KB, the majority of former Gunners returning to the club are welcomed back with open arms. Only really Anelka & Cole have been boo'ed. I don't think anyone is really questioning Bentley's ability, just ht e arrogance of the man to believe that people will actually shell out money just to boo him. He needs to get his head out of his arse and then he might go on to play for a CL side ;)
Almost correct except Bentley asked for the move way before Hughes left. Are you trying to tell us that David Bentley isnt an arrogant c@ck who thinks he is better than his talent has achieved thus far in his career?
id prefer to see aaron lennon in my starting 11 then bentley ....
Yep he runs like a penguin with a burnt @rse but at least he has pace.
Whilst Bentley had been linked to other clubs, he first spoke about wanting to leave Blackburn on 15 June according to numerous press reports. Hughes left on 4 June. Bentley had been offered a contract extension to further add to the remaining 3 years but it had not been signed by him. In January he was commenting on his desire to stay and in March was saying it was disappointing to possibly miss out on European club football. Having looked at numerous news agencies, I have yet to find a single article where Bentley asking to leave before Hughes moved on.
so you guys dont like players with egos.............adybyebye, gallas, ian wright, muppets, at least bentley wont need a shrink after joining us, like sol campbell needed after seeing waht a bunch of muppets he was working for
oh shut up chinaman .... he has joined the right club ... matches the ego maniac fans .... as much as you would love to think it ... spurs will still finish behind arsenal as always ... but lets guess! you won the carling cup??? surely not THE carling cup!? maybe you will get disneyland to sponser soon enough too??? :-D
yep thats right achilles we won the mickey mouse trophy, i wish we could win as much as you guys have recently, you also ran muppet
Chinaman, you'd give up that CC place for our CL place without blinking an eye. Trophy or not, what we finished the season with is far more prestigeous, valuable & impressive than the CC.
come on gooners... Spuds is the best place for him, especially when he is starting to be this deluded... he'll fit right in!
rocky at 1st i might be excited to be in the CL, but to be in it year in year out without ever winning it, is probably the same as leyton orient getting thru to the 4th round of the fa cup
Well seing as you can't speak from experience, you have no idea what you're talking about. The European nights are about as exciting as it comes. However using your analogy, that sounds rather like Spurs in the premier league
makes me laugh arse in cl ever year fair enough(but no chance of winning it) also they have to play a qualifying match to actually get into champions league, so there for they fin 3rd or 4th to get in, quite happy no trophies in 3 years an they still belive in there manager, what hapens this season if ye win nothing, there is more pressure on wenger then ramos, i wont say we will get into top4 is same as ye winnin league so we will end up close then ye think
123 answer this....what year were sp*rs (wait for it)........last in the top half of the table?
Seen as we finished last season 4 points from the top and you were closer to relegation that to PL glory .... I'm gunna go ahead and not be too worried about you guys if that's ok with you.
Yes Achillies we won th CC and you won, what was it, F All. Rocky, does hsitory show that Newcastle qualified for the CL for a few seasons or that theyve won nothing? Id take silver every time. Im happy with where we are as a team, still not quite ready for the CL imo but showing good progress and no lack of ambition over several seasons. How can you lot be content with coming so close to winning the league and then Wenger showing his little Get Out of Jail Card by not spending and improving your team. Im convinced he doesnt like the pressure that comes with putting his balls on the block and making big signings. Youre about two players short and Wenger again persists with prooving his genius by buying a couple of unknowns again. Bloody Hell Maclaren could make a team with Fabregas in competative. Wheres the ambition? You should be talking about your latest signings not ours FFS.
Bently still holds a grudge against Arsenal for letting him go and you can clearly sense that in his interviews. He is trying to psyche himself as bigger than he actually is - I really hope no one pays attention to this tosser at the NLD.
The same mclaren who couldnt utilise, Ferdinand, Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney etc to finish above Russia or Croatia? doubt it... you know what he has done though...won the carling cup. Im sure if Nasri had something to say about Sp*rs you lot would be the 1st to start harping on about it...Nasri only knows sp*rs as a basketball team tho so he wouldnt.
And Gatch its called patience. We went 3 years without winning a trophy a while back and during that period Wenger created the know the team that created know the team that won the league on your patch (again).
rockey ya 4 points behind ya , but u forgot ye were 8 points up ...tut...tut
only ares players who have heard if nasri....ya invincibal ebut ye still won nothing that do play great footy but thast cry baby as captain again
Gatch - Showing good progress? Looking at the league tables over the past three years you've been going backwards .... whilst we have been improving. And we're not content with coming so close, we just don't think its as bad as you would have us believe.
123 .... any chance of constructing your sentences so we can read them?? And any football fan who actually follows the game knows who Nasri is.
Yes Iceman I know the invicibles one of the best teams Ive seen to be fair, had it all and would dominate the game for years to come. But no Wenger decides to dismantle the entire team in under 18 months. You may argue they were past their prime but Ive said elsewhere Giggs Neville and Scholes are past their best but Fergie still uses them as key members of his squad. Wenger would of sold them in their late twenties to show how good he is at making money. COSMIC! Rocky regarding progress, I remember theFA Cup Semi, Judas last game when we had the mighty Gary Doherty up top. I have never been so gutted at the gulf that day when you had Pires, Viera Bergkamp etc. So yes I am happy at the progress ,and If you are honest you will admit you have gone backwards and Wenger great a manger though he is has some strange infatuation with making money rather than winning trophies.
Gatch, How exactly does going from 4th spot to 3rd, and cutting the lead to the top team to just 4 points not count as progress ?
Because progress to a spurs fan is ending up with less points in the league each year.
Ummm, totally dismantling the only team who has ever gone the season unbeaten, not building on it and then to a team who comes 3rd being percieved as success. You have one of the best managers ever for getting the best out of players but year after year he harps on about his pride in not spending money and his pride in his young whipper snappers. Very Admirable. In the meantime Chelski and Manure have just won a few titles. Seriously why doesnt Wenger just put his nads on the block buy a quality DM, admit that even he was wrong about Senderos and buy a quality CB. Its either ego or a lack of balls for having the pressure that comes with making big signings.
I actually don't know where he's coming from - why would he think we're going to boo him? A young player who left Arsenal to play for someone else and then to play for Spurs can never warrant enough hatred to get booed. Who does he think he is, Sol Campbell? Pat Jennings? Give me a break. I actually think Gooners are very easy to please. Look, we didn't even boo Ade too much. We only boo truly despicable but big players, e.g. Ruud van Horseface and Arjen Robben got booed today. Did we boo Aliadiere? lol Did we boo Fabrice Muamba or Seb Larsson (until he made those terrible remarks about Eduardo's injury of course)? His self-importance is just ridiculous. So yeah he'll get me to laugh, not boo.
Lou the Gunneress
"and then to a team who comes 3rd being percieved as success." Gatch - I believe we were talking about PROGRESS, not success. Earlier you said - "If you are honest you will admit you have gone backwards" . We are moving forward, i.e. progress from 4th to 3rd place with an increase in points. This team has not tasted success in 3 years but we have come close, and as long as there is progress, I'm comfortable with that.
another article about spurs or a spurs player.....getting a little embarressing fellas....glad to see we occupy your head space
Progress at arsenal rocky are you having a laugh, the arsenal that used to sign stars like bergkamp and overmars, and now have rubbish like flamini and helb wanting out, and content with replacing them with 10 quids worth, a team that used to win silverware and havent won jack for 3 years progress, a team that used to compete for the prem and now can only fight for 3rd or 4th place.............rocky you are deluded to think that you have not gone backwards, infact the only progress you have made is you moved out of the library
i was *****ed wiv him over the england thing but this is all about now. Goonz aint bov unless he does wot he says wen we meet and i hope he does. yu no u lot are on the slide and the cockeral is startin crow again
the only crowing going on is the usual deluded spuddies rambling on about how "This will be our season!". please give it a rest until you have something worthwhile to make noise about. 11th with that so called cup aint anything to be proud of. Surely there are spuds out there who deal with reality!!
To be fair to the Spuds though, they've been consistently among the top 4 in the Premier League since its inception........when you arrange it by the number of goals conceded.
I'm glad Bentley left Arsenal, if not his footballing ability his attitude. No respect for the club that developed him as player referring to them as ''Arse''. People say it's no biggie with his ego, yeah egos on players don't matter when they actually deliver, Bentley is no where yet, yet he speaks as though Maradona is in his shadow.
Talking about ego - no respect for the club that developed him? It was Mark Hughes who developed him into the international calibre player that a great manager like Capello considers him to be. Bentley obviously decided his career was stagnating at Arsenal. It is very convenient for people to say he was stuck behind Bergkamp, Ljungberg and Pires. What people haven't mentioned is that in 2004, millions were also spent on similar players in Juan Antonio Reyes and Robin Van Persie. Considering the amount spent, it would have been clear to Bentley and his advisors that he had gone from being the next great thing to being much further down the list. Stay and fight for your place when its clearly not going to be a level playing field of opportunity? You don't spend millions on players unless you are going to give them a fair crack at the 1st team something Bentley never received, playing a grand total of 1 game. It is certain that he got annoyed with Wenger's criticism of him lacking patience when it was clear that Reyes and Van Persie were going to be given an earlier and bigger opportunity whilst he was going to be shoved out on loan. Abuse a player for wanting to further his career and to be ambitious but facts are facts. As for his development, when he played on loan at Norwich despite his injury I thought he was nothing special, and it was only at Blackburn did his career really kick on. Therefore credit for his development goes to Mark Hughes, and it was when Hughes left that he decided to finally up sticks. If Hughes had remained, Bentley would have renewed his contract.
How funny Mark Huges agreed to share a percentage of his sell-on money with Arsenal if he would have thought he's the one to "bring him up" as a player eh!
Lou the Gunneress
gotta love chinaman's knowledge. We used to buy stars (?!) like Bergkamp (1995 was it?) and Overmars (came after a season-long injury after everyone had written him off), and now rubbish like Flamini (to Milan) and Hleb (to Barca) want out...LMAO! Just where does that put Chimbonda, Malbranque, Tainio (Sunderland), Robinson (Blackburn), Defoe (Pompey) etc.? If rubbish like Hleb and Flamini are pursued by Barca, Madrid, Juve, Milan, what does one say for the plethora of ins and outs at the 3pt Lane pursued by giants like Sunderland and Rovers?
KB, even with the signings of Jose Reyes and RvP (who both were better players than him at the time, Reyes has gone backwards after leaving AFC) Bentley had every chance to show what he could do and prove himself worth of a place in our first team. He was sent on loan to Norwich where he managed to score a rather modest 2 goals in 26 appearances, the highlight of his stay there being a 20-yarder against ManU away that... well hit the bar. Blackburn gave him a chance and he took it well, became a good player for them but decided to leave in order to play at the highest level (one would think Champions League) - but no, he signed for a team who was below his previous employers, a team that is known for its instability, and that changes personnel like I change socks and underwear. And what does he do immediately? He comes up with stories that he's always been somewhat of a sp*rs fan, he won't mind the abuse etc., he can't wait to play in the NLD, blah, blah...
like i say he deserves to b with sprurs aloong with donald duck and mickey mouse :-) the lad is a deluded idiot lol
Maybe some of you should read this article before continuing to slag him off. It was produced in the Independent 18 months ago so can hardly be the sort of tabloid nonsense you normally see that is the result of embellishment from simple answers.
KB, since that interview, he has slagged Arsenal off in several ways. why does he think that we would abuse him ? Nothing but an inflated view of himself. As gooners, we have nothing against Bentley in the manner in which he played for the club or the manner in which he left.
Typical Arsenal fans. All i here from you lot is 2 things. how great you are and how arrogant we are. Honest to god we may be deluded, but you guys win hands down in the arrogance stakes. If he bothers you so much why write an article over him? Anyways bad luck this season it should be a long interesting season for both sides!!!
HY, comparing Arsenal with sp*rs is absolutelly unnecessary. It's like competing the best Benz with the best Skoda. What baffles me is how come the vast majority of your kind have not learned any lesson from the past? Why do you keep repeating the August mantra "top 4" year after year without a dose of sensibility and humbleness? As for our alleged arrogance - we were 4 pts behind in the title race last year? The level of the mass delusion at the lane is exhibited at the very moment. All I have to do is look at the titles of articles on Vital spuds and acknowledge it. Berbatov vs. Bent is the last gem. Are you serious? As for Bentley, his mouth has been full of Arsenal ever since he left, from the "lack of laughs" to"advice for Theo" and now "I know I will be abused". Who the ***** does he think he is? Van Horseface?
G4L - Think you may have just proved the arrogance claim. Evident from yourself drawing numerous conclusions from an article title on an internet site without even taking the time to look through its contents, in reality it stated that if we employed a lone striker role this season, while Berba is undisputedly the better player, given the creativity of the new look midfield a hard working goal-scorer maybe a better option to a lazy, stroppy diva. Maybe a tad wishful thinking but mass delusion? Also despite your claims, years of false dawns has seen realism set in, the vast majority of spurs fans realise that the top 4 is probably out of reach but are excited by the side being built and hopeful in the coming seasons we can close the gap and gatecrash your CL party. But obviously because of a few big mouths on the net or in the pub you know all about the psyche of every single spurs fan and accordingly wheel out the same old tired generalisations and stereotypes. But then again it doesn’t matter what you think because all arsenal fans are arrogant hypocrites (sarcasm btw)
Phartman87 - That would be like Spuddies calling ALL Arsenal fans arrogant, now wouldn't that be silly and patheti.....oh!
FAct is, you guys's have cornered the market on misplaced arrogance and totally blind optimism, we on the other hand have generally been at the forefront of English football for the last 11 years, competing for trophies at the business end of competitions every season during that time.......that's not arrogance, thats just an inferiority complex coming from our neighbours up the 7 sisters road.
LG - I was using irony to poke fun at the generalisations used by G4L and clearly yourself. I'll try to be less subtle in future
It may also shock you to know not everyone believes Arsenal to be the centre of the universe. Being born and raised in Manchester most of the passion of the NL rivalry is lost on me and I was actually happy when Blackburn and then yourselves won the premiership and broke Uniteds monopoly on PL success. So please keep your amateur psychologist theories to yourself, k?
No, not really fartman! Considering we are on an Arsenal board talking about ex arsenal players and arsenals current and past levels of success, ive got another suggestion, why don;t you go and try and be "subtle" somewhere else...........As for subtle, well can you blame arsenal fans for not understanding subtle when the general levels of subtleness from your fellow fans is comparable to a house brick. Maybe you should go and discuss subtleness with the spuddie....or put ina more subtle way If you don;t like it, bugger off!
No need to be so sensitive LG just expressing my opinion that it's lazy and inaccurate to categorise an entire group of people to the same characteristics. Having said that you are right that in an Arsenal board it’s probably not uncommon to hear these negative stereotypes and I shouldn’t be so sensitive and defensive myself. I’ll leave you to it then
G4L ...Reyes went backwards whilst AT Arsenal.
PS technically 'If you don't like it, bugger off!' is the less subtle version of 'go away' ;)
"It may also shock you to know not everyone believes Arsenal to be the centre of the universe." Come on Phartman, we both know that's not true.
Little Dutch
Phartman87, credit for your sense of humour mate! Unusual in a spud, but very welcome!
G4L ...Reyes went backwards whilst AT Arsenal. alexbaruch1993 - Being the most fouled player in the league tends to do that to you. Also being a huge mummies boy never helps!!!!!
im a blackburn fan and although i am not impressed by bentley, he wus easily be in the arsenal startin line up! and reyes has done far betta since leaving yu!
Kendog, atleast know what you are talking about before spewing forth mate! Reyes has been sold by Athletico for being rubbish after one season with them, Real Madrid refused to take him when he left us and now he is with the mighty Benfica in the Top notch Portugese league! As for Bentley, he wouldn't get inot our line up as Wenger wouldn't want to hinder Waalcott's development or the intigration of Samir Nasri both of which have as much natural talent as Bentley but are years younger......
brilliant...its finally confirmed....gooners are as stupid as they look...!!

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