Arsenal - Boro confirm bid for Hoyte
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Boro confirm bid for Hoyte

Steve Gibson, Chairman of Middlesborough FC, has announced on the clubs website that he has faxed an offer to Arsenal for the transfer of Justin Hoyte.

"We have made Arsenal an offer which we feel is fair. We're not negotiating and we're not falling out with Arsenal if they don't accept the bid," Gibson claimed.

"Arsenal are a good club to deal with and we're both doing business the right way, if they accept the bid then great, if not then we move on."

So does 'doing business the right way' include going public with your offer before you have had the response? What is that meant to do? Reassure 'boro supporters or apply pressure to those you are dealing with?

On the surface it seems straightforward enough but Justin Hoyte has often repeated his desire to stay at the club and fight for a place.

In the last week he has said "I just want to play for Arsenal, the club is fantastic, we`ve got a great manager in Arsène Wenger, and it`s just a great atmosphere. The fans are fantastic whatever we are going through. It`s a great club to be at. Why would anybody want to go anywhere else? I know there is a lot of speculation but you can see the way we play together."

I can't help feeling that Gibson would have shown greater courtesy to both club and player if he had kept his counsel at least until he had had a reply to his offer. That would be 'doing business the right way'.

If he chooses to go that's fine. Few would begrudge Hoyte a move given his position in the squad but he should be allowed to come to a decision in his own time and in his own way without any media pressure appearing to be applied.

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 12 2008

Time: 10:25PM

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This is something for him too really think about. Boro are on the up in my opinion and I just cant see him displacing Sagna as RB. Whether he decides to go or stay, I will back him 100%.
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12/08/2008 22:47:00

Yeah, funny that he mentioned they're doing things the proper way. I'd personally rather keep everyone, even though Hoyte isn't a key player. You know our luck with injuries and especially when Eboue's needed in midfield where the an average age is like 19, 20 years (that's ridiculously unfortunate). We do need Hoyte as a backup RB.
Lou the Gunneress
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12/08/2008 22:52:00

I agree Amos, this is not an example of 'doing business the right way'. I also don't want Justin to go, because we need players who are prepared to work hard to improve and are also prepared to wait their turn on the bench. He will never replace Sagna as first choice, but he is young, fast and athletic and could improve enough to be a reliable deputy. We cannot complain about lack of depth on the one hand and then get rid of a willing squad player for a few million pounds when there is no obvious replacement within the squad, unless Eboue is going back to right back?
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12/08/2008 23:01:00

I hope Justin stays as like mention above, Justin is a very dependable player, he may not be able to displace Sagna as RB, but he's a squad players and we need squad players as last season shown. Also he a young English players, who does get to play in the 1st Team. So Please Stay Justin, but if you decide to go, then All the Best to you.
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13/08/2008 05:05:00

I think it is actually about time Justin went. Not, you understand, because I don't rate him, or dislike him in anyway. It's just he is no longer particularly young (nearly 24), and is still not close to being 'first choice'! If he decides to stay.... fine, but on a personal level, he must be thinking about playing regular first team football. Whatever happens, good luck to him!
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13/08/2008 09:32:00

I think a loan move would be best for him, it's no use to keep bringing kids up and then selling them, always keeping the club in short supply, always counting on another promising youngster. Who can provide back-up in his position if he leaves? I think he should either stay, or opt for a loan move.
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13/08/2008 09:52:00

We need him and every other body we can get our hands on currently. We have 7 players out injured (8 if you include Bischoff) and the season's not even started yet FFS! We lose more playing hours to injury than almost any other club, why? Is it the training, poor medical, poor physio, what???
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13/08/2008 09:57:00

Why can't we keep him - he's our O'Shea, Fletcher, etc. All title-winning teams need a squad and he's a good squad player. It doesn't matter if he'd never displace Sagna - as long as he's ok with playing a bit-part role. And as an Arsenal lad through and through, he might very well just be happy with that. So why not?
Lou the Gunneress
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13/08/2008 10:02:00

Fair points! Let's keep him. I'd have problem with that... It'll be his choice at the end of the day! What are the bets for captain of the CC team?
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13/08/2008 10:06:00

I meant I'd have NO problem with that! :-)
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13/08/2008 10:20:00

Selling more players???? yeah he's no key player but youn really are lacking squad now???? mind you ....... you can alway's go to the lady's team if wenger runs out of little boys LOL!!!!!!!! TOTTENHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
13/08/2008 15:27:00

Only 99% twisted? - I'd have put it higher than that! We aren't selling as many players as your lot. That's a real fire sale you have going on over there! Was that really a four for one offer you made to Sunderland desperately trying to get rid of some of the dross you'd bought?
Report Abuse
13/08/2008 15:36:00

...and 99%*****heaD, "LOL"? What are you, 7? Go back to UseNet and play with your chat pals.
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13/08/2008 15:40:00

99% Mug more like! Lets compare teams and squads when the season ends and see who needs to borrow from thier ladies teams.
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13/08/2008 15:41:00

I'd prefer if Hoyte stayed - we often slate players for a lack of loyalty. Well this lad has always shown oodles of it, despite not being 1st choice. Fantastic attitude, and good enough to be back up RB for the season IMO.
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13/08/2008 18:10:00

Amos makes a good point - this is not the right way to do business. In case the bid is accepted, then Boro should talk to the player and find out whether he is willing to move. After agreeing player terms and doing the medical is when any sort of public announcement ought to be made.
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13/08/2008 18:12:00

Call me a mug as much as you wan't!!! Yes we sold alot of CRAP player's except Steed who i thought was a good squad player but there you go, any way as i was saying lol!! we got the space in the team to sell and buy you aint done JACK one player!! and come on admit you need a few more than that!!! you will do nothing again this year cause your squad is to small!! lets say it this way...... As a SPUR'S supporter i was not impressed to say the least last season BUT as a GOON i would have been more gutted to have all four cups in the palm of my hand then all cause of one freak injury (which was nasty) The captain of my team turns in to a baby and cry's like a MUG on live tv in the middle of the pitch cause he can't handle it then my team fall's to scrap cause they can't take a little pressure!!!! Thats why a team of youth's aint all good!!!! so i'd have been more upset as a GOON! then the so called great see's the problem BUT lose's 2 KEY playes and does nothing about it!!!!!!!!! TOP MAN!!!! YOUR in trouble!! but not out of it yet BUT oh so close ??? lets just see a??? TOTTENHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
14/08/2008 10:48:00

In all that twisted rant you have overlooked one thing - you have sold a lot of crap players but it was you that bought all those crap players in the first place!!! As a goon I would have been far more gutted to have ended up in the bottom half of the table 37 points - 37 points!!! and 8 places behind Spurs. Especially if I had been mouthing off big time before the season started that we were going to be in the top four and playing CL football this season. There is a time to open your mouth 100%twisted - it ain't now.
Report Abuse
14/08/2008 12:39:00

Fair where fair is due... Everyone wrote Arsenal of and in my eye's you do that at your own peral?? I still think you can fight for 4th place this year maybe even 3rd BUT as i keep saying 1 of you must admit you have as much chence as we do of winning the league!!!!!! in other word's NO CHANCE!!!!! even WEST HAM and PORTMOUTH have bigger teams than you !!! 2 player's out and your F****D!!!! we sold alot but also bought a fair amount and still have a big team to cover the worst situation! and with berbatov gone we have paid for every player and maid £35million AND still have £40million on top of that to spend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you aint got a pot to ***** in lol!!!! This season will be tighter than ever with even Aston Villa, Portsmouth, Everton, Man City , and Tottenham on you all the way!! can the boys take the pressure??? I dont know but it should be fun!!! OH and AMOS......... are you really telling me that you wasn't embarassed by Gallas?? and stressed about having it all and ending up with nothing?? Yeah our league was POOR but at least we won something AND beat you mug's 5-1 on the way!!! you only had 3 players missing out the full team!!!!
Report Abuse
14/08/2008 16:26:00

If you look at your interim accounts you will find that Spuds made a loss in the first half of you last financial year compared to the profit you made the year before. You aren't as flush as you may think. The bookies have us as 3rd favourites for the title. The odds against you are 12 times greater than ours. But you are just doing what you do every year - mouthing off before you kick a ball. I wasn't the slightest bit embarrassed about Gallas. I understood the way he felt perfectly. And no I wasn't the slightest bit stressed about ending up with nothing last season. Overall we had a pretty good season and i reckon we are on track to win something before too long. Now I would be extremely stressed if we hadn't won the title in almost 50 years, if we hadn't ever competed in the CL, if we only had two carling cups to show in almost 20 years. Then I would be stressed - and inclined to keep my mouth shut until we had done something to mouth off about.
Report Abuse
14/08/2008 17:04:00

But Amos how can you talk about money when Arsenal are over £200m in debt! that is why you buy no player's, If you fail just once to get in to th CL in the next 3 year's then you will be in BAD trouble. I do agree over the year's Arsenal have played some cracking football a pleasent for any football fan to watch BUT here is a question i have for you OR any other Arsenal fan as i do not follow Arsenal to deep i don't know the exact fact's but from what i see you had a brilliant Captain in Old long legs PATRICK i do agree and you one alot with him as captain BUT have Arsenal won any thing except the carling cup without him????? I'm really not sure??? so if i'm write which i THINK (not sure) i might be then i am incliend to ask was it Wenger OR Patrick winning the glory for Arsenal???? And just admit it for god's sake that Wenger has got it wrong you need to buy as your squad is smaller than my sunday team!!!!!!
Report Abuse
14/08/2008 20:57:00

Confused and twisted thinking. You might just as well argue that we couldn't ever get to a CL final with Vieira in the team. You were the one to talk about money I just put you right on it. We don't have loads of debt. We have a mortgage on the best club stadium in the country. That mortgage helps us to raise £50m a year more revenue than we did in the old place. Being outside the CL places for a short time wouldn't be great news but not a disaster either. You are trying to do it the other way around increasing your borrowings, not secured against tangible assets, just to buy players in the hope that you can one day get into the CL. So far Wenger has got very little wrong - his record shows that. All being well we'll buy at least one other player before the transfer window closes - but our squad still contains the 4 players, more than any other club, that were voted into the PFA team of the year so it's not exactly a squad bereft of talent. We'll see at the end of the season who is right or wrong. Until then all talk is just that - only talk.
Report Abuse
14/08/2008 21:25:00 just to cheer up the spurs fans reading this :)
Report Abuse
14/08/2008 22:38:00


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