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Liverpool Get New Club Badge

Upon completion of the takeover at Anfield yesterday, the new owners declared the old Liverpool crest would be replaced with a more modern look.

Well, we here Vital Arsenal are committed to bringing you all things football, and we have somehow managed to secure a sneak preview.

Drum roll please...........

Insults on the back of a postcard please and mail to PO Box 100, It's all for a laugh, Bognor.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 7 2007

Time: 10:21AM

Your Comments

i can taste the jealousy even from the other side of the computer screen....
Liverpool fans; They mock the Chavs for having bought the title, now they are in the exact same position and everyone's jealous. As hypocritical as they are moronic!!
We are not going to go and buy the title, dolt. This is an investment that secures the long-term future of the club whilst being able to compete fianacially with Chelsea, Man Utd and yourselves. Moores has had the club in his family for a long time but he could not compete with the vast sums of money that are being thrown around. We will be no more "buying the league" than Man Utd if we win it in the next few years and nobody ever talks about Man Utd buying the league even though they have went a spent 30million of the likes of Veron and Van Nistelrooy amoung other players....Chelsea...their a totally different kettle of fish. They were a mid-table/top 8 club before Abramovich and the only way they won the league is buy going and spending grossly exaggerated cash on every player they wanted. They bought their success....Liverpool and Man Utd have the history they do not.
Man United could afford the likes of Veron, Ferdinand and Rooney because of long term success on the field, that is the point. You will be able to spend vast sums on players because of a rich owner ala Chelsea. That is the difference. And can you lot honestly say that you never took the p!ss out of the Man Usa Buckaneers when they were taken over by that odd looking f***ker with the beard? No, I thought not.
Are you kidding? Seriously? Go back over the last 5 seasons and calculate the sum of money spent on players. Yourseleves, Chelsea, Man Utd and Spurs have been the biggest spenders in the league. If you had a decent manager who didn't spunk all the money away on mediocre players like Garcia, Gonzalez, Aurrielo, Pennant (cheers for the cash btw) then you wouldn't need some flash harry to come in and bail you out. We on the other hand can't compete with the likes of new castle in the transfer market, yet year after year we are there or there abouts, it's called having a good manager, you might want to try it at onepoint. From this day forward, that history you worked so hard for, and were respected for is a seperate enterty, what ever you win from now on will be tainted.
Liverpool have had a much more successfull recent history than Man Utd. For example since 2001 Liverpool have won countless more trophies than anybody else in England and maybe in Europe.
Chelsea had won one league title in THEIR ENTIRE NON-HISTORY Liverpool have won 18 titles AND 5 European Cups already. End of argument. :-)
go on then commenter, I know I'm asking for it but go on... p.s. no league cups, no charity shields, no silly made up cups etc... no not even super cups.... also 2001 seems a strange year to start counting, I'm sure you've got your reasons!
kenny lunt
Man United have massive crowds and won the Premiership season after season. With the revenue that generated and further success and even bigger attendences they earned the right to buy top players. Whether Liverpool were first in the league or tenth in the league this guy's money is the catalyst for your club moving forward in terms of success on the field. Let's face the facts, you haven't won the league whilst it has been the premiership and if you win it straight after selling out, it will be as hollow a victory as Chelsea's have been. You boys have been the most vocal in your critisism of the Chavs and you are going down the same route. So Rocky is 100% right in his assertion that you are indeed a bunch of hypocrites.
Oh I get that all the time from my mate "We won five cups in one year" NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!!
hatespur = hypocrite supporters of the MOST SUCCESSFUL ENGLISH CLUB EVER :-)
trader, missed the point mate, doesn't matter that you won the league a million times in 1483, when you were awarded 2 virgins and a cow... that hasn't paid for your recent spending. I actually don't think you'll do any better now that you've been taken over, Rafa doesn't seem to know how to spend good money, and its not like he's been restricted - so don't worry about all these acuasations of buying the league, probably wont happen anyway!
kenny lunt
I must admit it is a little funny, but very sterotypical!!
2 virgins and a cow... hmmm
i was going to say two turnips and a cow but thought the virgins were more appropriate for trader!!
kenny lunt
Sorry trader, I'm embarrased, that last dig was completely unnessesary and immature... I apologise!! Still made me laugh tho
kenny lunt
Notice the way the Gooners are picking on us now! How did Arsenal get funding for the Emirates may I ask?
Just for your information so nothing can be misinterpreted or I could be caused a hypocrite, I hope the Arsenal never get bought out by rich foreign owner, despite the short term success that may bring.
No need to apologise kennylunt, we all hate eachothers clubs so I dont mind the banter!
They borrowed it from the bank Eusebio. It may be a new concept for an alien invader, but that is the way loans are normally conducted here on planet earth.
ummm as you keep reminding us Eusebio... debt!!
kenny lunt
Glad you can take it on the chin trader, still not my most witty moment though! next time I insult you I'll put more effort into it!
kenny lunt
Now you lot are being compared to the Chavs, I can't get this picture out of my head of a rotund bloke with a tache wearing a shell suit with Leo Sayers wig on, puffing on a a bug fat lardy and having a smoking jacket draped over his shoulders.
Hey Merlin, you were right, mention Liverpool in the title and they come flooding over!
I thought we were giving away free fivers with the rush of Mickeys on here. Who was it that said that Liverpudlians liked a joke??? Sorry, I forgot, all Liverpudlians are Blue Noses.
You sold your stadium name to forigners! You got a lot of money for that! Your as bad as Chelsea! No doubt we will probably do the same but hopefully we keep Anfield as the name when we move! Highbury was a special ground with a special atmosphere, and now you have the Library with double the capacity! Whats up there?
hatespur, yeah just like all real cockneys are west ham fans!
It's called sponsorship, you like the name of the lager you have on the front of yours. It's not ideal but it paid for over a quarter of the stadium. But the difference, we still own everything, it's still our stadium. It oesn't belong to anyone else, and in 15 years we call it what we like.......nevermid the fact that we all call it Ashburton Grove anyway!
In saying that our new stadium will probably be called the Carlsberg Stadium! I reckon you lotor the Geordies will be next to be took over!
"A mid-table/top 8 club before Abramovich"? Actually I remember us beating you for fourth place and the Champions League in 2002/03. And it'll be interesting to see how far the prices other clubs charge you will go up come the Summer. You've taken every opportunity since Roman arrived to slate us for selling out to a Russian, 'losing our soul', hollow success, no 'Istory' etc. Now you've done a mediocre deal and it's 'securing the long term future of your club and allowing you to compete financially'. Hyprocrites. Face it - *you are us now*. Only with less money.
I love it when people espouse the virtues of Englishness, yet cannot utilise the language properly. "Your" instead of you're, "forigners?"
Little Dutch
Trader, not all londoners are cockneys, cockneys are from the east end and yep generally support West Ham or Millwall... Gooners are from North London as are Spuds, **** knows where all the chelsea fans have suddenly come from though!
kenny lunt
Little Dutch: "You're" is short for "you are" you clown, as for forigners, I merely forgot the e in it! I dont proof check my typing although I am normally quite good at it!
chelsea is a rich man's play thing whereas we are the genuine article. maybe that will be our new sponsor slogan rather than probably the best club in the world ;)
kennylunt, they're all from Essex!
I was aware of that Eusebio, if you check YOUR post, you will see you have used YOUR, when you should have used YOU'RE. That is not a typing error, it is a grammatical one. So on the one hand you play the "english card", on the other you cannot use the language in an appropriate fashion. I would call you a clown, but I would not want to cast aspersions on the literacy of clowns, instead I will call you a dunce.
Little Dutch
I can't believe the Scouse fans have the cheek to say that because they have won trophies prior to the takeover, it makes them any different to the Russians. Let's face it, a player that would have cost you 5M will now cost you 8 or 9 Million. Eusebio - we may have sold our stadium name to 'a bunch of forigners' but our club is still owned by Englishmen/women. Don't you have a job centre appointment?
ld,you shouldnt attack the person you should attack their arguments,dont go down the totts road
fran merida
Eusebio... doesn't sound very English to me...!
kenny lunt
Im actually from Dublin Little Dutch and you should not stereotype all of the scousers! And this is not a spelling or a grammer test
Hahaha...this is funny.Oh sorry, i didn't want to interrupt all the hair pulling and nails breaking,go on!!!Hahaha, spurs fans are like dogs.You call their name and they come riiiiiiight away.
I did not ask/presume where you were from, so how I have stereotyped scousers I am not sure. Oh, and it's GRAMMAR. :-) I was simply pointing out the irony of you being so uproarious at selling our stadium name to "forigners". You them further compound your folly by informing me you are a Dublin born Liverpool fan. That means you support a foreign club!
Little Dutch
ARSENAL SOLD FIRST THEIR SOULS . and that were the french guys
Come again?
going back to the original subject.. the joke about the new liverpool badge. Seems quite ironic that the Arsenal website would bring this up seeing as their club felt their badge needed updating a few seasons ago!!! We may have sold out to the yanks but I'll bet you a few dollars that we won't be modernising our badge! Face it your all jealous of Liverpool.. we are the most successfull British football club and have 5 EUROPEAN CUPS!!! THATS RIGHT 5! COUNT THAT YOU GOONER, CHAVSKY, MANC, SPURS BUNCH OF MUGS!
richy la
I see being bought out buy rich foreign investors as negative, I'd rather be relegated. Just look at West Ham... buying Upson for 7.5 mil, paying Lucas Neill 60K a week. (both prob got move on clauses in their contracts). Saying that they will get relegated anyway so whats the difference? lol
Jacky B
You know I actually laughed at that, despite being sat at the computer alone. We may not have the trophies of Liverpool, or the ancient badge (I actually like the 'new' Arsenal badge) but the brand of football we play is matched by no one. They say the league table doesn't lie, well it does, Arsenal play the best football in the country by a country mile. You have won 5 European trophies, 18 leagues and however many FA Cup, but while that's in your past, it's in OUR FUTURE!
richy la, how old are you?? I am 33 and been going to Arsenal since 1980. The first decade was a right off as were 1992-1998. I have still seen Arsenal win the league 5 times (including 3 Premierships). How many Premiership titles do you have at Anfield?? i have personally seen us win 5 F.A Cups and a couple of League Cups as well as the Cup winners cup. O.K, Liverpool have a superb history, nobody can dispute that. But please get off this 18 championships and 5 European cups thing because I suspect you have seen very few.
Well I have seen my team win 1 FA cup and 1 league cup .... so ner ner ne ner ner.
Jacky B
And richy, if you are old enough to have seen a dominant Liverpool side, stop talking like a pre pubecent teenager.
Premiership is a name change .i.e. European Cup/Champions League so there is not a case for an argument there! I agree Arsenal do play the best football and the league table would not lie over two seasons! Maybe one but not two.
Not winning the Premiership means you haven't won the league since 1991-92 season Eusebio, that was the point.
is there any question that Wenger domiantes benitez and murinHO when it comes to managment from these liverpool and chelsea fans? why is it so important to call a team english? what makes a team english? its not like everyone who plays for man u is FROM manchester so is representitive of that city - it hasnt been that way for a long long time - let go of wanting to be 'english' it isnt competitive either on the pitch or business wise - welcome to the global market dip*****s - what is important is that the clubs do well for their fans, keep ticket prices low, attract the best players in the world to play in front the local fans, win some titles for braging rights, entertain us! they arent going to do this by arsenal being sponsored by brantson ******** pickle and playing in 'new highbury' in front of 40,000 because we couldnt afford the 60+ with our ***** shirt sponsors, and field 11 english players to get *****ed all over by our european and south american (and maybe soon asian) competition
richy la
Richy, so you was actually there for Liverpool's first european cup final in '77 was you??.........Why dont you come back to us Gooners site when you actually see Liverpool win a league title?? Of course no doubt you will refer to your 18 championships (probably none of which were in your lifetime) but like Liverpool its all history. What did your new owner call you again?? Thats right the 'Liverpool Reds Franchise'. Well done on that one!!
Ashburton Gooner
Richy, that is your past, what is your future? You don't have the slightest clue, the Americans might be sayin all this then look to make a profit and strip the club of all it's assets. What of your youngsters? They got spaked 6-3 by our youngsters. You see, we Gooners know the future is bright, regardless of what happens. We WILL win the Champions League in the next few years, we WILL win the League soon, we WILL return the the summit of English football. With you it's all if, buts and maybes...
steady on Simmy... football is full of surprises so how do you know? gotta agree its quite likely though... Just ignore this Richy fella
Jacky B
You cant blame the scousers for being happy at the moment. After all the English way didn't exactly work for them. I remember a certain Ken Bates claiming he was selling up because Abramovich had 'Deeper Pockets' but neglected to mention the club would've gone bankrupt within 48hrs if he hadn't. Moores is exactly the same, claiming its in the best interests of Liverpool when the fact is he had put them into unsustainable debt with nothing to show for it. Arsenal on the other hand are run properly so us gooners are safe in the knowledge the club will never be sold unless the board want it to happen. With both Chelski & the Liverpool Franchise we all know their owners had no choice!! Not so sure about Moores though, he has sold out one half to a bloke with bankruptcy on his file, he obviously feels someone who has been bankrupt has more business knowledge than himself. He is probably right, after all he did allow Benitez & Houllier (sorry if I can't spell his name correctly) to buy a load of s*** players at ridiculous prices.
Ashburton Gooner
Indeed it is Jacky, perhaps I'm tempting fate slightly? Still, when I look into my crystal ball and see how good these footballers are going to be I have to either blurt it out or cream myself...
Doooh you pesky little gooners.
ashburton gooner - can't you read?? never said i was their for 77, wasnt born! I was there in 2005! Your arguaments are pathetic! Well done your kids did will against us in the Carling Cup! You are right you do have good youngsters coming through.... bit early to make grand predictions about league titles and european cup's though isnt it! Lets look at reality.. this season we are ahead of you in the league and we finished above you last year. You may play attractive football but the game is about winning and lets face it your boys don't like it when the going gets tough. I have every faith in Benitez and the consistency he is bringing to Anfield. Lets see what happens in the next few years and see who is shouting and who is moaning and going on about bright futures. Adios
richy la
For those of you claiming that "cockerneys" are from the east end, the original Bow bells are in St Pauls, closer in distance to Islington then it is to the east end, so actually if anyone are to be labelled cockneys its us. Maybe.
Richy la, I can read fine thanks, obviously you cannot though as you have answered the points of simmy8_2000 not me, other than about 77. My point on that was clear, you said you had seen Liverpool win their 5th european cup, when actually you had seen them win their first one as you were not there for the other four!! I hope you can understand this but if not I am sure there must be some school that will take you on so you can learn to read!!
Ashburton Gooner
"our club is still owned by Englishmen/women." The owners are the only thing English at Arse :)
Was that supposed to be an insult?Cos I'm watching England's brainless kick and run as we speak, and I don't construe it to be anything approaching an insult. P.S I always had the impression the bow bells were in bow?
Little Dutch
I don't think we'll be spending anything like the money Chelsea have, plus Rafa is smarter than Maureen then to go out and pay 30mil for a washed up player..Rafa has an affinity for Liverpool and spends money like it was his own, much like Wenger..obviously they haven't all worked out, no manager has a perfect record when it comes to transfers..These new guys that have come in want to make money, not like Roman, he will never see a profit from Chelsea..there's a big difference in what is happening at Liverpool than what went on at Chelsea..
@ ashburton gooner Grow-up..he said he seen Liverpool win their 5th one, which we all don't have to be there for all of them to have witnessed the 5th..Still 1 more than you've ever witnessed..
I can't be bothered with most of this crap but would like to point out that a cockney must be born within the sound of Bow bells. Now that probably cuts everyone out of the equation and who could here the bloody things with all the poxy traffic. Up the Gunners
Whoops! 'Here' should read 'hear' - sorry!
I realise I'm a little late, but just a quick message to the dude who mentioned Arsenal selling out by changing the club badge. There is a simple reason for the change and not just because we wanted to modernise it. In this day and age when fake goods are more easily bought than regular goods from a shop, Arsenal changed their badge because you can not copy right something written in latin "Victoria concordia cresit" and there by the Arsenal badge was open to being copied. You'll notice a lot of clubs who had latin phrases as their motto no longer have themon their club badge, for exactly this reason.
And as for the number of Euro cups Liverpool have won... Yes I will give you the fact that you won a bunch in tube-television days. But who's chances would you fancy this year (or the next five) to win one or more in Hi Definition TV... The Mighty Arsenal, or the Liverpool Steelers? My money is on the Gunners!
hahaha, you have to see the funny side, i thought it was an excellent upto to the minute bit of humour.
Too funny, 2 minutes silence for their old club badge.
Hey lads, LFC supporter here. Just to put things into perspective I'm a great admirer of the gooners and think Wenger is an exellent coach. I'm also very tolerant of gooner supporters, most of you have a bit of class (like Henry) and carry yourselves well. I'm v nervous about the recent takeover and I'm quite sad at the fact that Moores no longer has control of the club. I thought he was an excellent owner. I even think that your badge is a (little) funny. But what I don't like is the references to the fact that we are the same as Chel*****e now. We're not. And that windowlicker Merlin and his man******s on the Chel*****e site are an example of all that is bad about their club. So keep your sense of humour and your class. Good luck with the new stadium. Well done on hammering us in the cups, hope you go all the way. But please don't ever compare us to the blue*****e v2.0 in future blogs. We may be many things, but we're nothing like them. YNWA
I cannot see these 2 Americans running Liverpool at a 90 million a year loss ala Chelsea. In business terms this takeover is almost excactly the same as the Man Utd one, they are here to make money and to do that they will need to invest and build a succesful club.
AnimalCol, I think the references to Chelsea were a retaliatory response to a couple of cheeky scallies we had on here belittling and berating the mighty Gunners. From all accounts your money men are businessmen first and foremost and as such will conduct the club as a business so there is nothing in common there with Chelsea. I do find it a shame that a great, historic club are going down that road but I guess needs must. Good luck and I genuinly hope that you keep the identity you currently have. Unlike the Chavs who didn't have any history or an identity to uphold.
iceman is right, they won't make a loss, they will turn a profit, but also what you need to look at is these americans history with what they have acheived in the states, spent alot of money granted, acheived Zilch ! not exactly what i would want to hear as a scouser. I think they will be more like the glaziers, and my immediate turn off was when they mentioned that lovely word " franchise " so american, and so money orientated. so in other words, they see Liverpool as one of the biggest teams in europe and they want to coin in on that fact.
It's a funny badge, although I don't know why everybody assumes that we will do a Chelsea even before the takeover is finalized, let alone buying out first expensive player. Wait until we start spending money like it grows on trees like Chelsea before tarring us with the same brush.
if liverpool buy the title ... then they say its ok but watching chelsea do it ... is so wrong ... really sums up how thick they really are
If is the key word. If they buy players like Kezman, Del Horno, Tiago, Veron and Crespo they dont work out and then they say "no worries we will go buy Ballack, Shevchenko, Cole and Obi Mikel" then for me that is buying the title and a complete joke. If they do that then there club is nothing but a plaything, however I think these Americans are here for business.
btw Rocky, did you design that Liverpool crest? who's the genius behind it? :p..
Achilles, nobody said it's ok if Liverpool buys the title, we said wait until we start spending money like Chelsea before tarring us with the same brush. Please read before you write.
Achilles is the thick one here it seems, he cant even read posts

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