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Last night when I was watching Luis Aragones` pre-match press conference I thought to myself that given the anti-racism campaign in football that`s been going on for so long that it`s amazing he was allowed to keep his job and was punished only with a £2,000 fine.

For those of you who are unaware of the incident, he told Jose Reyes that he is 'better than that black sh*t` (referring to Thierry Henry).

In his conference last night he refused to talk about it and when asked about the disgusting 'monkey chants` made at Shaun Wright Phillips and Ashley Cole during a Spain V England friendly in Madrid back in 2004, he said he 'did not see the incident`.

At that point I was contemplating a rant about the whole topic.

This afternoon I see an article on saying that he has won his appeal against the fine.

For me it`s amazing that he was allowed to keep his job, yet alone get away with such a poxy fine. The Spanish FA should not have needed an investigation that resulted in a fine; he should have been dismissed immediately for racism in the work place.

If you or I walked into work and said the same thing, we would be dismissed without question, why should it be any different for a football manager? If anything, he should have been made an example of!

Aragones today confirmed: "My lawyer told me this morning.

'I went to court because it was a stain on my reputation and because the offence did not exist as some judges thought.'

Racism is a big enough problem in Spanish football as it is, allowing people to get away with it will only exacerbate the problem.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 7 2007

Time: 1:15PM

Your Comments

The authorities simply do not care about this problem. I was at PSV a few years back and witnessed Henry tolerate disgusting chants. PSV got a fine which totalled to under a thousand pounds! In my eyes, that makes UEFA racists too.
Little Dutch
Sticks and stones, ignore it and it'll go away, playing up to it is what they want
Racism is bad, that is true.But what about the homophobic comments you make to ashley cole?Doesn't that count as something that should be kicked out of football as well?
Yes, having said that the way Cole was playing for you guys up til his injury looks like he's still got a mobile jammed up his greedy little arse! ;)
'we're not homophobic, we just hate ashley cole'...sing it with me
Anon 1
You will never kick racism out of footy, What chance is there of stopping racists when players like Cashley ruddy well go and marry one?
k_chelski. Agreed.
Little Dutch
really dont think that saying "that little black *****" implies rasism. the words little and ***** are more offensive than black. (because thiery is black but is not small nor is he *****) I think you are stuck in times of too much political correctness. I dont say that aragones is not a rasicst, I am just saying that it cannot be proven and that is what I think happened in court. dont get me wrong I am totaly against rasisam, monkey chants and any kind of rasial discrimination, but in this case I just dont think it fits. I know I'll get a lot of stick for this comment, but I really dont find it that outrageous
Oh ok.So if i hate william gallas i can call him a faggot??How on earth do you want to kick racism out of the game, making hypocritical comments like that nikolajins(and anon1)?You don't justify one's behavior doing the same thing. Aragones said those things against henry, would it be right for someone else to talk ***** about aragones's country?No.You don't stop racism with racism, or things like that.
kidk, very brave comment. Do me a favour and go and tell Lennox Lewis he is a big, black **** and see if he finds it rascist. It is people like you with comments like that that make it impossible to eradicate from the game and general life. You have just proved my opinion that it is not ignorance that is the problem, but stupidity.
I am glad that I have proven something to you
and he didnt tell henry that he was a black *****, he told reyes. to motivate him. and nobody was suppose to hear it. its like saying to your friend "go get her bro, you are better than that ugly tall *****!" it doenst have to be rasist. it may and can be, but not every time.
and hatespur...your nickname is rasist.
Because I hate Spurs?? Spurs are a football team moron. Well, so they tell me. You are proving my point more and more by the minute. if you tell your mate you hate blacks it is o.k as long as nobody hears you?? God, you are stupid.
i know i have a few problems in my writing...but...i write better than kidk right? I didn't know spur was a race, oh well.
It is a race. the greatest race on the planet lol
Jacky B
I hope I never have the misfortune to meet somebody so moronic. He is almost becoming like a case study.
K_Chelski, you're a Chelsea fan so you writing is naturally inferior. :P But don't worry, it's still far better than KidK.
lol Hatespur, If you would like to condudct a study into the ways of 'The kidk' I'd be happy to publish it. :D
OK KIDK if you wanna call Henry a bleep then whatever but as soon as (like Schmeicel and Wrighty) you bring black into the equation it revolves around race - simple really, is he a bleep because hes a bleep or cos he is black?, and Chelski you silly little over sensitive school boy I agreed with you, my comment was'nt homophobic you prat if Cole goes round shoving phones up his Jacksy and I choose to laugh at it, how is that homophobic, I don't care who shoved it up there you schlong!!
It wouldn't take long Simmo.
"he said he 'did not see the incident`" ahaha he's taking a leaf out of arehole whingers book there!
well I dont thing this forum is a writing competition. and I am aware of my writing mistakes as I am aware of my english not beeing my mother tongue. and you can play silly word games, but you know what I mean when your nick is rasist. it is only my opinion and I would be happy to discuss more on the subject and explain but you just seem like a bunch of bullies to me, not somebody that can stay calm to a different opinion. and its a she btw.
Glad you make yourself chuckle guy7yug. FYG you're struggling with your spelling.
Nikolajins(a.k.a moron) .I didn't say your comments were homophobic, i said they were hypocritical.'What chance is there of stopping racists when players like Cashley ruddy well go and marry one?'.Like that was the reason why there's racism in football.Especially homophobic chants that arsenal makes.
As soon as you mention race in the context of an insult, it is a racist remark. Simple as that. Otherwise why would you bring it up at all?
Little Dutch
Kidk, english is not my mother tongue either! Inhahaha, wait a tick then, if i hate arsenal, that makes me a racist?
bullies?I didn't know i was so mean...:-).CALM, what the *****, you are favouring racist comments, how the ***** do you want me to react?Give you a *****ing cookie?
as a description. the rule is simple I agree but I dont agree with the rule. and 100 others about every possible thing. I dont agree with political correctness. because if youre intentions are pure black just means black. description of a persons colour. go read prof. calculus' comments on the forum, they make much more sense to me
Coastguard!! Coastguard!! Little Chelski is floundering out of his depth again quick he's going under!!
If you are aware of your writing mistakes surely you would correct them?? Oh well. You are a racist kidk, and I pity you for your lack of humanity and your prejudice attitude. If you are looking for sympathy for your attitude check between **** and syphilis in the dictionary and you'll find it.
congrats k_chelsea on your english - bravo:) if you hate arsenal that makes you stupid not rasist :) and thats kidding before you make whole lot of fuss about it. it was anology for spreading hatred just because someone is something that you are not. and I am off now. if you need more info on me to make your case study hold water, I'll be back later.
How difficult is it to understand in any language kidk?? If you call somebody a c*** it is not racist. If you call somebody a jewish c*** or a black c*** then it is racist.
lol. you really made me laugh with your last comment hatespur. dont be so bitter. i dont correct them because I cannot care less, especially about my spelling.(waste of time) I tought the most important thing is that we undestand each other. but I guess with you that would be imposible no matter how good my english was. and I know you are glad about that, cause I am rasist, stupid and all that. I still wish you a good day. honestly
We certainly don't understand eachother kidk, but live and let live. I guess that concept will be a little alien to you too.
Nikolajins, i can swim very well,no need for boats to rescue me.I see you didn't answer to my comment, just made a cheeky comment.I think little niko is scared of a little debate....Booo!
KidK, are you nikolajins daughter?Your comments are very much alike!
It seems there has been something of a misunderstanding here peeps, let's keep the peace. Gooners, save the emotion for our Champions Leage celebrations in May, Chelsea fans, save the emotion for watching Chel$ki vanish down the leagues in a few years time.
eto'o cried tears when people were making monkey chants at him - just like spurs fans singing '2-0 to the engerland' when berbatov (sp?) and baptista scored those 2 goals - you cant fix stupid - there is no such thing as a smart racist, we should kill the term 'racist' and just stick with stupid - on and if you are wondering why i brought up eto'o cryin like a 4 year old girl it is because he was offside when he scored against us in May of 2006 - make sense?
Whats there to debate Chelski? you call me a hypocrite cos I laugh at Cashleys stupidity at marrying a racist? you are incapable of any rational adult intellectual debate, fair enough most schoolboys are, there is nothing hypocritical in what I have said, I deplore racism and have laughed at someone stupid enough not to see the ugliness that underlies beauty, they're perfectly suited - much like you and Chel$ki
now do us all a favour and naff off you tedious little gonk
You said that racism will never be kicked out of football because players marry racist girls.Arsenal is one of the most homophobic clubs i've ever seen (something wich you didn't deny).That's where the hypocresy is.
If someone says something racist in the office you tell your boss and he does nothing then the problem will remain until the person who was picked on leaves. That is what UEFA have done. Their stance on racism is nothing short of disgraceful. If you fail do a champions league press conference you are fined more than if you allow your club to make racist chants or call someone a black ****?
K_chelski I have been to your clubs stickle brick football ground and heard Sol Campbell get incredible Homophobic abuse so your the one being hypocritical, they also abused cole prior to him signing for you. We abuse cole because he is a greedy son of a biatch and use a story a newspaper printed to upset him.
I'm not the one blaiming players wife for ruining football.I know my club's share of problems.That's not an reason to abuse him, again , you don't combat racism with racism.I hate william gallas (good player though) but does that give me any reason to abuse him like that?No.
Arsenal is one of the most homophobic clubs? you really have'nt got a clue have you son?, I mean not even a glimmer. I pity you truly I do, look at the history of your clubs support then get back to me, on second thoughts just look don't bother getting back.
I know the history of my club.Chelsea learned from it.Let's see your chants shall we?Cole is gay type of chant 61184681681.Lampard is fat the rest are QUEERS.Heh Heh, that's 61184681682 homophobic chants eh?I'm not saying chelsea doesn't have problems.You were the one blaiming other people for the fans fault.It's everyone's fault.All of us, from Aston Villa to West Ham.Even the ones that don't encorouge this, could do more to stop it.
Your saying that if the same newspaper prints an article about william gallas and a DJ nobody will sing about it at the bridge? yeah right. If We are one of the most homophobic clubs based on 1 incident (Cashley Chant) then you are the 2nd most racist club in the country behind millwall based on incidents in your clubs past.
If its everybody thats at it dont come on here telling us we are the most homophobic club, thats rubbish and you know it. Be constructive with your comments.
Blimey thats halfway sensible Chelskiboy, ALL clubs have their idiot quota which proves that this is a social problem, will racism/homophobia ever be kicked out of sport? not until society progresses.
hate this ******** Aragones. i'm completely baffled as to how he was allowed to get away with it. the spanish FA are all ****s too, maybe our FA or the French FA should have taken this matter to Fifa and got that son of a ****** out of his job, it's a shame our FA and the French FA didn't do a thing about it. hell why just them, why didnt Arsene and our club do anything about it. surely they could have taken him to the court or to FIFA, this is utterly wrong, no player deserves this, and it's sad to see the best player in the world being treated like this and no one doing a damn thing about it..
Imagine if Mclaren said something similiar? he'd be out on his ample butt like lightening and ostracised a la Big Ron, just shows how ingrained and almost acceptable it is in places like Spain, depressing, and people act surprised when they see how the Spanish fans behave!?
Football is a sport that belongs to the fans and it is a tradgedy that UEFA and FIFA dont respect that we do not tolerate racism in any form. They are more interested in things the average fan couldnt give a flying F*@k about whilst stealing all our tickets for major tournaments and champions league finals. They really are a corrupt bunch thats why nothing will ever get done about it.
Look what happend to Hoddle when he made those comments about the disabled. what Aragones said was easily on par with that if not worse. The worst thing about it is Aragones still does not think he did anything wrong.
let me interrupt the ridicule, as it is no longer a discussion but a contest of who is smarter and who will twist whose words more to make him look ridiculous. The point that kidK makes (I am assuming) is the so-called 'cultural differences' when it comes to racism. In some countries, calling someone a black **** would be equal as calling your friend with very pale skin colour (who is still as white as you) a white ****. That is what got Emre in trouble after all, in the incident with Everton. 2. This rule could apply for Aragones, although I genuinely think he is a ****, and a racist one as well. The point is that his comments cannot be proven to be racist (at least whereever he is in court). Another thing is the 'n' word issue where if said by a white man has a completely different connotation than being sad by a black man. 3. Why were John Terry's comments to King never investigated? 4. This jibberish about Arsenal being a homophobic club is just a worthless topic, it is overdramatizing... everyone knows who's gay and who's not, so wtf. Sp*rs fans sing these idiotic chants about Wenger, it only makes them look and sound stupid and object of mockery. Lay off kidK.
And he won't Iceman, you can't teach an old dog etc, All you can hope for is that the next generation ridicule the idiotic beliefs and ramblings of their fathers.
I'm not saying they won't, i would say they shouldn't.It's not based on the ashley cole incident.Read the other chant you almost daily perform.Again, i'm not saying chelsea doesn't have any problems, little niko(a.k.a acefalo) was the one being hypocritical,and Anon1.All football fans don't need tomake those kind of comments.Stick just with the "greedy son of a ******' things.No need for doing that.
Again K_chelski I attend all Arsenal home games and we havent sung the frank lampard so for over 2 years so you saying we sing it daily is a blatant lie. Arsenal is no more homophobic that Chelsea or Sp*rs in fact I have seen numerous posts on the CFC site calling our stadium the immigrants so you might wanna go and preach to the posters over there about homophobia/racism. You saying we are the most homophobic club is very hypocritical as your clubs is just as bad as ours.
I didn't say you were the most, i said one of the most.I'm not the one being hypocritical, in fact , we shouldn't even be having this discussion , we should be talking about combating racism, not exchanging insults (hint hint niko).Iceman, i don't think you read those posts right.It was regarding Liverpool, and that matter have ben dealt respectfully , ask nozzy or any liverpool member on that day.
As long as you understand that Arsenal is no more homphobic than any other club in the UK thats fine.
Chelski fans have very short memories. I remember a certain song about Vieira's mum not so long ago!!
Ashburton Gooner
Speaking of songs VitalChel$ki are having a budding songwriters competition so stretch your lungs gooners!
Read my comments, then talk.

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