Arsenal - Inler Snubs The Gunners
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Inler Snubs The Gunners

Arsenal target, Gokhan Inler has decided to remain with his current club according to his agent, Dino Lamberti.

Arsene Wenger has apparently being looking at the midfielder as a replacement for Mathieu Flamini/Gilberto Silva/Lassana Diarra ..... (You sensing a theme here Arsene?) and even flew out to watch him in action for his national team last week.

However Lamberti says he's decided to remain with Udinese.

Lamberti said: "We have decided that Gogi remains with Udinese. '

"The big step to Arsenal would be purely a bit too early for Inler as a person. Maybe he will be ripe in a year."

He might be ripe in a year Dino, but I'm damn sure we can't wait that long.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 26 2008

Time: 1:24PM

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Probably a fair bet that his agent has been told we aren't interested in bidding for him.
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26/08/2008 14:05:00

A bit of misleading title, I think. Inler never snubbed us, there was never an official bid from Arsenal for him. The transfer talk about this player came predominantly from his agent and the press. At one point of time Wenger was asked about him and he said we are looking at options at that position but it doesn't necessarily mean that it is the Swiss boy.
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26/08/2008 14:50:00

Not really G4L, there doesn't have to be a bid for a "snub" to take place. Any player saying they don't want to play for another team are essentially "snubbing" them. Upon reflection though, I'm positive Amos is right about this.
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26/08/2008 14:55:00

still, noone ever asked him if he'd play for us or any other club, nor was there interest expressed. he just extended his contract at Udinese and that's it.
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26/08/2008 15:00:00

Lads. we have Alex Song. He is a much better player than most of those who have been talked about and he is actually a defensive midfielder. I know he can play at CB and all that, but the lad is much better than Eboue, Denilson, Diaby and the likes of Alonso, Barry and Veloso. If Wenger finnally decides to plac Song and Fabregas together, we could have something special on our hands.
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26/08/2008 15:01:00

I hope you're right Tom, I really do.
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26/08/2008 15:03:00

still can't get used to calling goofle Tom.
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26/08/2008 15:04:00

Call me what you want big boys
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26/08/2008 15:05:00

Tom14, AW will not choose Song as our first choice DM -- he does not believe Song has the stamina to last an entire season, week in, week out, in the position. Playing a handful of games at tournaments lasting 2-4 weeks does not disprove AW's opinion. AW comes to decisions like that with stats and scientific measurements to back them up. I'm sure we'll see Song as DM for some games, not as first choice tho. AW sees Song as a CB -- I could accept that if only he'd be given regular consistent games in that position.
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26/08/2008 15:25:00

Wenger said we were going to sign a new player before the FC Twente game. just wait and see.
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26/08/2008 15:28:00

Just because he says it, does not mean that he will do it. Anything can happen.
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26/08/2008 15:32:00

Exactly Tom - I've learnt to take everything Arsene says with a pinch of salt. It's not a case of him being a liar as some of these more ridiculous blogs suggest, it's more strategic than that. He's a secretive fellow and it's worked well for him for the most part. If he is gunna sign someone before the Twente game he better get a move on!! lol
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26/08/2008 15:48:00

I haven't written anything yet this season, so hello all. I just wanted to say that I'm p****d off with Arsenal this season. Flamini was a great player and I was shocked when he left. Bert going wasn't a surprise but not to replace either and hoping that Diaby/Song/Denilson/Eboue can fill in is simply unnacceptable. We are competiting in a league where money talks and where Ckelsea are fielding a CM of Ballack, Deco, Essien etc etc. We rely on a 21 year old to perform week in/week out and on moulding a squad player to fit in alongside him. Our CB's are sh** with the exception of Toure who is shot of confidence. Gallas is an utter liability and I'd like to see TA brought in ASAP to give them a ll a roasting (whichever meaning you take it for, either way it can only be beneficial). Our interest payments are £24m per year, but Man Utd's are £40m. Why on earth are Arsenal the 4th/5th richest club in the world but can only shell out a couple of mill on kids every year? For the last 3 years it all been about promise - a young team which is growing and getting better. And then this year we sell/lose a kid who's no longer a kid and replace him with another kid. My vote is to bring in the Russian, sod Gallas and buy a world class CB and Alonso. Gallas is £18m and £15m on a CB. That's £32m or 1 X Wayne Rooney. AAARRRGGGHHH I'm frustrated.
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26/08/2008 16:27:00

You thinking that Toure is better than Gllas explains that you do not use your head when you watch football, you use your heart.
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26/08/2008 16:48:00

If not Inler, then some other CM, but Wenger, pls sign someone.
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26/08/2008 17:47:00

I think we are all very frustrated Michael...we have a magnificant stadium and a team that is difficult to visualise winnning anything at the moment. A lot of questions have yet to be answered....I cannot ever remember going into a new season with so many qusetions in my head about who is going to be playing where etc....and also are these guys good enough to compete with the top clubs in the prem and in the CL ?...From what I saw against West Brom and Fulham..god help us !!!
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26/08/2008 17:51:00

Jaelle I dont think Arsene feels Song wouldn't last a whole season, but maybe he thinks him a bit raw and short on experience. If we don't buy a defensive midfielder, then Song is the best option for that job - he is energetic, good on the ball, and he can pass. Arsene played him as CB a few times but I can't see him cultivarting another player in the Gallas/Toure mould. The only viable alternative is Denilson who is more an attacking midfielder, however much his tackling improved. Song will be a phenomenal player with more playing time, and the way our transfer dealings are going, we might be made to watch him mature fully in the public gaze. I say that, but at the same time find it absolutely inconceivable that Arsene does not buy someone.
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26/08/2008 18:27:00

Andy, in his Q&A with the shareholders in the late spring/early summer, AW answered a guy who asked him why he doesn't put Song in the DM role. AW said that he can play in that position but that he is not convinced Song can do it "for 60 games." AW said he sees Song primarily as a CB.
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26/08/2008 18:49:00

I hereby snub Arsenal and will not be playing defensive midfield there next season. It's an attractive offer, but I like Guinness and steak and kidney pies too much at the moment and am happy with that choice at this stage of my career.
Little Dutch
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26/08/2008 20:06:00

Thanks jaelle - totally missed that. Haven't seen a transcript of the interview - did he mean physically or mentally not ready. Toure started in the middle too though, and maybe Wenger is repeating that process. Just cant picture him at CB though!
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26/08/2008 20:41:00

Andy, unfortunately I don't know where you could find a transcript. The whole thing was an hour long and it was repeated on Arsenal TV multiple times for a couple of weeks. I saw it 3 times because Arsene's answers to the questions were very intersting. If I had access to the Arsenal TV channel here in the US, I would've recorded it and written up a transcript. However, I can only access the channel on the official site. I don't recall his exact wording but my strong impression was that he meant Song does not have the physical stamina (same with Kolo) to play in the midfield for an entire season--occasionally yes, which is why he does well as a DM at tournaments that require just a handful of games (he played at CB in Cameroon's game v. Brazil). And the way AW explained it, it wasn't a question of Song not being "ready"--it's a question of Song simply not having the same physical stamina as, say, Flamini, to command the midfield defensively for over 90 mins. every week, sometimes twice a week. It's not that AW said he can't be a capable DM, he said he could do very well there when needed. But he made it very clear that he is "not convinced" (his words) Song can be a first choice DM consistently for a long season's campaign, and that he sees him primarily as a CB.
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26/08/2008 21:00:00

He did say that before, but he has said that he will be a great DM in other interviews.
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26/08/2008 21:34:00

Jaelle is absolutely right. Wenger did say he wasn't convinced that Song was a DM at the shareholders meeting. The quotes were used in this piece published on the arsenal site shortly after the meeting:
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26/08/2008 21:57:00

Thanks for the info folks... Wenger does seem quite specific about this so it'll be interesting to see how it plays out. I think it must be possible for some players to not have an obvious position at that age, and for things to become clearer a bit further on. I find it interesting that somebody should be useful at DM for tournaments but not so for a season-long title race - that's the kind of thing you might say about an older striker or an ageing but experienced midfielder, but harder to visualise about a 20-year old. What I mean is I wonder whether it's truly really about physical stamina or rather mental determination and discipline. You can't even compare it to athletics (e.g. a 100m vs. marathon runner) as ALL football matches are 90 minutes long. I guess we'll see... I know you cant tell too much by a player on just one viewing but I was smitten by Song when I saw him train at London Colney over a year ago - something about his poise with the ball seemed to point to an enormous talent and I just can't believe that it will be expressed fully at CB.
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27/08/2008 00:16:00

I have been watching Alex Song for a long time and he just seems to ooze class and improve all the time. He was particularly magnificent at the olympics. I just like the way the guy reads the game and change his pace at will. Denilson is a good worker but i canot get over him giving the ball away at will on Saturday infact what happened to the whole team on saturday?? Somebody pls tell me!!!!!
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27/08/2008 01:43:00

Have just returned from a visit to the homeland, oh how I miss my home but still have several years to complete my penal servitude in the land down under. I suppose I share along with most gunner fans the dismay at the start of the season, but as the same as last year I will still put the usual money on Arsenal to come through with flying colours. I wonder what this blog will be like in ten weeks time? AKB is in my blood and I feel he will provide the goods. I watched Chelski first game and thought heaven help us but they too seem to be having a little bit of trouble. The Pool just managed to avoid the reaper and Manure are not exactly setting the pages on fire. One swallow does not make a summer nor one drop of snow a winter of discontent. Tonight will the turning point; (I bloody hope so).
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27/08/2008 02:32:00

I think I want to start the "Buy Alonso Now" campaign.
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27/08/2008 05:51:00

I think the squad at the moment is as lost as the fans. What we need is a few more cheap losses like ice water pouring for AW to think striaght.
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27/08/2008 06:20:00

michael105 - agree with your frustration and share it, but "bring in the Russian"!?!? NO FERKING WAY. That fat oily turd Usmanov needs to be kept well out of it.
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27/08/2008 10:00:00

Andy, thats why i want us to play a 4-1-2-3 formation with Song playing a more deeper role alongside Alonso (if we buy him) and Fabregas. He will not need to run as much then but he will still add that defensive shield that Xabi would not and Alonso would give us the ball retention that Hleb did.
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27/08/2008 10:23:00

Well ***** Inler then, the ****.
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27/08/2008 10:45:00

who the ***** is Inler anyway?
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27/08/2008 10:47:00

Spurs bought a lot of players, expensive ones too, and they're not really sitting pretty in the league. Manure drew their first match. Solving problems though spending obviously doesn't really solve them, unfortunately it's much more complicated than that. i think everybody has to chill out a little, and keep some perspective
Report Abuse
27/08/2008 14:15:00

"i think everybody has to chill out a little, and keep some perspective" - a-g, don't go around the arsenal blogs spouting such extreme comments, you'll be booted off for such heresy! :-)
Report Abuse
27/08/2008 17:25:00

jaelle heresy, Its called blind faith, after our result I can smile the smile of a cheshire cat; I do so love our team.
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27/08/2008 23:26:00

Oh, well that's the way things go sometimes, an agent states that his player is not gonig to another club, then just maybe more clubs get interested the that player and like magic the player's club offer him more money, and again like magic the Agent gets his share! It's Good to Talk?!
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28/08/2008 10:01:00


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