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Arsenal Slash Ticket Prices For Cup Match

As customary (when we're not playing Spurs) Arsenal have lowered their ticket prices for the Carling Cup.

The Gunners face Sheffield United at The Grove on the 23rd of this month, at the board have seen fit to slash their ticket prices by around 66% if tickets are bought early.

Taken from the official website:

All upper tier tickets £20 Adults and £10 Concessions - If purchased early
All lower tier tickets £10 Adults and £5 Concessions - If purchased early

So if you can't get to The Grove all that often, now is the time to grab those all elusive tickets.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday September 1 2008

Time: 4:06PM

Your Comments

Oh dear, the novelty of the shiny new stadium is wearing off I see...
No Woody, we've done it every year for a while now. You see, we don't take the CC overly serious and play lots of kids, we like to treat the fans fairly (most of the time) the fact that we can fill a 60,000 seater for a CC match, unlike you guys who could even sell out the semi final!
Which semi final was that Rocky?? You mean you have done it every year since you parked your caravan 10 yards down the road...You like to treat fans fairly?? You on the board then mate or just a major player when it comes to setting prices for tickets??
The semi final in which we beat you .... there were many empty seats. We have been cutting ticket prices for the CC since well before we moved to the Grove, so your theory about novelty wearing off is down the swany. And saying "we" is the right of every football fan in the world, and if you say you've never used it then your a liar .... all this renders your argumentts flimsier than the Tottenham defence!!
Yep, for the Rotherham game and the Wolves game in 2003 and 2004 respectively in this competition we charged these prices. Newcastle at home last year saw the same prices and a 60,000 sell out. Only when the despicable greed of the Spuds board is involved are we forced to charge higher prices, then again I guess it shows a) the gulf in class between the two clubs and b) the enormous schism in priorities. Mind the gap.
Little Dutch
The 'right' of every football fan?!? Why do people come out with these PC statements about football all the time ffs?? Well you should treat it seriously as its one of only two comps that you have a serious chance of winning. The way you term we is not in the same context as saying 'we are yids' and you know it. You were trying to give it big spuds as if you are a major player down the degenerates..
It is difficult for these boys to comprehend though that the CC is both a chance for our reserve players and reserve supporters to get a chance at the limelight.
Well you lot are saving on silver polish I guess Little Dutch..
Woddywoo, bearing in mind that you haven't won the league since 1961 or the F.A Cup since 1991 wouldn't it be more prudent to summise that the CC is YOUR only chance of ever winning a trophy?
CC and UEFA are goos shouts for us, realistically the CC is our best chance of silverware. Over to you, REALISTICALLY what do you think you are going to win?? Its gonna hurt for you to tap it out I know, but please go ahead. I find it amusing... But I stick by my original statement.
AC Milan are in the UEFA Cup ... you got no chance. End of chat.
AC Milan can ptoentially lose in a two leg game, I mean they lost to some 2 bob team at the weekend Rocky.. Please continue lads...
Yeah but a two bob team is better than your shower. Have a look at where the relegation line is in comparison to your team and get back to me. Your team is a joke.
LOL my team is a joke, we just drew at the bridge and you are getting all lemon about where we are in the league after 3 games. Are any of you going to actually say what you think you are REALISTICALLY going to win or what? I said realistically spurs have a good shout in the CC but you seem to have gone quiet on answering my polite question;-)
Someone please say the prem, I need a good laugh before I go home, do you think you can break the big 2 this season??
You drew at the Bridge through no fault of your own, you haven't scored one single goal this season that was created AND scored by Spurs players, you were throughly out played and lucky to come away with anything. As for us, I think we can challenge for all trophies, though the PL is probably our longest shot. Still more of a shot of winning the league than Spurs have of cracking the top four.
Cheatski had two shots on target ffs so we were hardly outplayed. Jenas goal Vs Sunderland Mr Rocky7, Modric bursts into box and Jenas scores. You are as far behind Utd and Cheatski as we are behind you mate. You have a punches chance at best in the champs league, you go on about us every year bigging ourselves about cracking the top 4 and yet you harp on about winning the champions league season after season... Sorry chaps but the CC IS YOUR BEST chance of silverware...The roses are over there, go sniff em;-)
1 point every 3 games is pretty impressive Rocky, how can you not see this?
Show me where we have ever harped on about winning the league or champions league ... or any trophy for that matter. The only people every saying they're going to do this and that are Spurs fans, and they are wrong every year. I know that we are a way behind Chelsea & United, but then again we have been for most of the time, but we still keep over coming this to win Silverware. I'm not saying that we will win anything, but I'm sure as hell not saying we won't either.
Don't you guys think the discussion goes off topic every time some Spurs guy comes along? Back to the ticket price - it's great for people like me who can't go regularly and are interested in seeing the kids. The club also said it got a slightly different and younger crowd because of this policy, broadening the reach of our home ground. Good idea I think.
Lou the Gunneress
Yeah Lou, never goes off-topic when goons go on the spurs boards.... ever. Its just the nasty spuds fans coz they are so jealous. 0 trophies in 3 seasons is impressive TPowell, how can you not see this? You make me laugh Rocky, are you a blinkered horse or something??
What have I said that is blinkered?
woodywoo - we finished 4 points behind Utd and 2 points behind Chelsea. Spurs finished 37 points behind Arsenal. Do you care to explain how in your words "You are as far behind Utd and Cheatski as we are behind you mate.” ?? Maths not your strong point ?? And do you honestly think finishing 4 points behind the eventual champions does not constitute challenging for the league ? Realistically we could have won the league last year and realistically we will be there or there abouts again. Enjoy the milk and uefa cup as you realistically have NO chance of challenging never mind winning the league and the CL is a distant dream which probably wont happen in our lifetime.
The pain of Barbie-tov possibly upping sticks for Citeh is too much for poor woody! spuds have outspent even the likes of the chavs this summer and last and their best hope of winning a trophy is....(wait for it).....the carling cup! f*'king hell you have to be a proper s*@t club to spend 80+ million and have the same ambition as a championship club, even Cardiff would probably target that trophy after their FA cup run last year. Id rather be challenging at the top table than farting about trying to win those 2 tin pots one-day Ram-ass has set his sights on. Every year we hear about the top 4 yet its over a calendar year since sp*rs were even in the top half of the table....a calendar year! what a joke!
An argument with a Spurs fan begins and ends with the following eight digits. 1971-2004. THAT will be all.
Little Dutch
down at the headquarters of the great unwashed, we've been charging £25 adults and £10 kids for cup ties for three years - great to see another london club lowering their prices!
Back to the reduced tickets, it's great for fans who are on a low income and can't afford to pay £40 per ticket. And it will encourage more families into The Grove. So Thanks Arsenal!
U-Man- I asked what do you think you will realistically win not how many points you got last year. Redaing not your strong point?? Little Dutch an argument with an arsenal fan begings when Thomas scored at Anfield. THAT will be all. ice man I am not bothered about Berba at all, great player but no point having a player who clearly doesn't want to be at the club. Now city have mega bucks and you lot will be soon battling it out for 4th and the other Dubai based consortium possibly gonna buy pool, how you gonna finance your monumental debt?? Maths apparently isn't my strong point... Maybe get u-man in to sort the accountants out;-)
woddywoo, if you earn 100k per year and have a 150k mortgage would you consider that a "monumental debt"? If you do have a genuine interest in our financial situation take a look at our figures and you may find that our turnover and extra revenue far outweighs the increase in debt. We just have a board and manager that for one reason or another chooses not to spend.
take away a major source of your income stream ie the champs league and see what happens is my point. You fill your staduim full of corporates etc because of success and the champs league. take that away and the results could be very frightening indeed.. Your hard core fan base will always be there but the corporate monkies??? You honestly think if you had money you wouldn't spend?? Believe what you want mate..
I'm as confused by it all as the next man woddywoo. My only point is that our figures submitted indicate that we have cash to spend. The fact we don't is either our manager being an egotistic lunatic that thinks he can compete with the likes of Chelsea and Man United without spending money or we have a board full of liars. Trust me, I would be over the moon to get the odd mega signing for my grand per year ST money.
Or perhaps he thinks the arse is going to fall out of the money coming into footy?? But yersterday rather blew that theory ouy of the water. As much as I smirk when you lose I hand on heart dont want to see you do a Leeds. only time will tell I suppose...
Pretty weak argument. We ARE in the Champions League. What if a tank drives through White Hart Lane? What if David Bentley's hair gel catches fire mid game and the fumes cull off your entire squad? What if your team eat a dodgy lasagne the day before an important game and get the squits? If ifs, buts and maybes are all you've got, then I'd suggest retiring now. You're even using our 89 title win as an argument against us? Baffling. Anyway, as hatespur suggests, have a look at the accounts, it's a matter of record that we have £69.2m cash in the bank separate from the stadium repayments. Obviously that can't all go on transfers, but it's not a debatable point, the money is there as a matter of public record. Go and have a peak, then place tail firmly between legs.
Little Dutch
Yeah IF City get taken over by a multi billion oil sheikh with money to burn...A weak argument indeed lol.89 as a defence?? I think you'll find you started off the childish retorts on that one but hey hum... I am not arguing but it seems you are you hot headed little goon.. It amuses me that you can't see the possible implications of the oil barons buying City on your club. But then you may have trouble seeing what with your head being so firmly stuck in that sand....
woddywoo - i can read fine, thanks for your concern tho, perhaps it is you who can not read ? firstly, i wrote "Realistically we could have won the league last year and realistically we will be there or there abouts again" - does that not answer your question ? in case, you do indeed have a difficulty in reading (or 'redaing' in your world) that means i think we can realistically win the premier league. Also you said you were closer to us than we were to Chelsea and Utd, the points example proves that you are wrong again - how does finishing 37 points behind a team make you closer to it than them finishing 4 points behind another team ?? seems as tho reading, maths and spelling aint your strong points !! TAXI FOR WODDYWOO PLEASE !!!!!
My point is you're trying to use our finest ever title win as a stick to beat us with. What's that about? Surely you'd have been better off trotting out the 5-1 or we've won more European trophies or any of those bits of meaningless trivia. City's oil shiekhs? Perhaps you should go and look up what an INVESTMENT company is woddywoo and you might have a better idea of how City's future is looking. Besides, the noises coming from there are nothing I hadn't heard from Upton Park in 2006.
Little Dutch
I am answering about 3peoples comments u-man so forgive if I didn't scroll backwards and forwards doting on your every word. I was on a very slow lap top yesterday and if a word is mis-spelt I am not going to spell check it am I? Its a football forum not a spelling context you nutter. Earlier Rocky said goons dont harp on about winning the league yet thier you go giving Rocky a perfect example. Look at the odds on you compared to United and Cheatski, you think the bookies have got it wrong or do you honestly think you are right? And I didnt say we were closer to you if you actually read what I put you will see how easy it is to mis-quote.... I stick by my main comment though, THE CARLING CUP IS REALISTICALLY YOUR ONLY BEST IF NOT ONLY CHANCE OF SILVERWARE....
Little Dutch do you not see the Man City takeover as something to worry about though?? You think they are making an investment or are just rich Arabs with a new toy ?? I personally think its very worrying for footy that someone is going to splash more cash than Abramovich & United put together & is a cause for concern for football as a whole... Matter of opinion though..
I think it's great that the prices are slashed by slow much, but the stadium should be filled every game.
I like the way my spelling gets slated when NASI is still your MOTM against Newcastle...

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