Arsenal - We'll still have a pot to piss in says Fiszman
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We'll still have a pot to piss in says Fiszman

Most managers have such a short term in office in which to prove themselves that they end up buying without regard to the health of the club beyond one season Danny Fiszman claims in the News of the World.

The report quotes the director and major shareholder defending Wengers policy of looking to build enduring success.

"You can understand the mentality of other managers who say they have to buy the finished article because the average 'life' of a manager is so short. But Arsene has not gone down that route. His words were ... 'I want to leave it in better shape than when I came'. Now hopefully we'll have trophies along the way but he doesn't want to buy success this year and next year we have a bad year and the next we haven`t got a pot to piss in. We`ve seen all that too often."

Echoing his claim, following the Champions League draw last week, that the club, in the face of billionaire investors, is able to compete for big money signings if the manager wishes he explained:

"We are a profitable club, self-sustaining, the cash is there. It's up to the manager. Our repayments on the stadium are under £20m a year and it`s producing an extra £50m a year. Our annual costs are fixed for 25 years. They will not rise. Our income will rise and our gate income will rise. Those payments are fixed. So in not too long it will look like a few pennies."

Fiszman also defended the transfer comings and goings of the summer while reiterating that these decisions are the managers alone.

"We believe in him but its his head on the block in the end." he said "People talk just because Flamini left. He had one great year - one. Before then, he was just a squad player. And while Alex was a lovely player at holding the ball, there was no end product. We have swapped him for Nasri, who already has two goals."

Unconcerned about the failure to buy more players in the transfer period Fiszman claimed, "You either believe in Arsene or you don`t. We do. We believe in the way he manages the club. We have total confidence in him."

Elsewhere, Club Chairman Peter Hill-Wood continues the theme believing the club has the squad to challenge for honours. Quoted in the Sunday Mirror he says "Arsene doesn`t spend for the sake of it. He is very careful. He won`t bring a player in if he cannot improve the squad."

In the same report Hill-Wood admits that the club could be taken over at some point in the future saying, "If somebody came and made a really huge bid then you cannot recommend shareholders turn it down because we don`t like it."

However, he expects the current ownership to continue for a time yet, "We want the club to stay in its current ownership and, of course, you have some concern that someone will try to buy the club," he admitted before continuing, "The directors don`t want to sell but we are a public company. It depends on the price."

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday September 7 2008

Time: 10:17AM

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as always, i prefer my club to be self sustaining rather than a sugar daddy's club. simple pinciple, work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labour. in a world of sugar daddy clubs someone has to stand up and remind people that u can still run a club make profits and be competitive all at the same time, it just takes a little dilligence, integrity and financial restrain
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07/09/2008 12:47:00

i think the last sentence says it all... "it depends on the price". i have a feeling we will go down the road of a sugardaddy owner in the not-so-distant future. i mean in theory it is fantastic what we are doing but ultimately football is business these days, and unfortunately in business, the people with money makes the rules. i just hope if we do ever get bought up, it will not be crackpots like shinawatra or usmanov.
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07/09/2008 16:01:00

I love the way our board operates. Together with Arsene's know how, they have set our club up for a bright future. But everybody has their price since this club is indeed a business. Like supersof said if it does happen than we can only hope it is a decent person unlike Usmanov. Kroenke is a good person and is very involved in all sorts of different sports over here in the States. I wouldn't be upset if he took over at somepoint because I trust that he would continue in the same mould that the current board operates in.
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07/09/2008 18:32:00

"Arsenal almost cost me my life" Dear all I remember afew months ago accidentaly landing on this site after browsing alot of websites with up to date information about arsenal.I went through most of the stories and one that caught my eye was about a gentleman in Africa writing about an arms roberry ordeal. His title was Arsenal almost cost me my life. I remember laughing about the comments that followed about his ordeal including how poor his english was. little did I know that a season later I would be in emmotional turmoil. It had all started well for me as an arsenal fan. I was on a high and could never immagine football could cause me soo much misery. But after that crunching tackle on Eduardo that broke his leg. I slowly sliped into depression. Yes footbal has got its highs, but beware the lows as well. I took it soo hard when we lost matches. And as the news got gloomier, so did my mood. It helped alot to make excuses of being in a bad mood, and my wife could not take it any more. Performance at work slowly dwindled, as I kept on surfing for some good news. Some hope, A mega signing. A little bit of luck. Just for me, just this once.a miracle, please God, I begged. But nothing happened, Infact things got worse. I had offically succumed to football depression. Ask any English fan after there teams tournaments habitual exit. They know the feeling. Mine was just as bad. Only lasting alot longer. I therefore resign myself from anything football this season, for I cant afford the heartbreak. The doom, the gloom, the sorrow and my ex wifes younger best friend leaving. Not this time. I wish you all good luck, but most importantly, dont give it your 100 percent faith as I did. Good Luck and God bless. Yours an Amatuer at being a fan.
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07/09/2008 20:49:00

All I can say: It's all part of love, my fellow Gooner.
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07/09/2008 21:23:00

Fiszman's comments about Hleb and Flamini make him sound desperate. It's not our style to be so disrespectful to ex players and the fact that Fiszman feels he has to do shows he doesn't really have much to go on and is clutching at straws. Some times, I wish people like would just keep their mouths shut.
Little Dutch
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08/09/2008 09:02:00

I agree with LD here. Comments about Alex and Maty like this is not 'the Arsenal way'. Even if he does have a point! Readgunner, cheer up! there's enough depressive gooners on this site without you adding to to it. It could be worse, you could be a yid!
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08/09/2008 09:28:00

But it's true LD, what he says about Hleb and Flamini; Flamini had just one good season, and he was on sale the season before, whereas Hleb had no end product. To me it doesn't like desperation, rather like irritation at all the doom and gloom that's being peddled about the club, the players who've gone, and all that. Perhaps he should keep the opinions to himself in as much as they are true, but calling it desperation is pushing it on the other hand.
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08/09/2008 10:29:00

It's never been the Arsenal way to make such comments about ex players. Even Cashley was given the epitaph "Arsenal would like to thank Ashley for his contribution and wish him all the best for the future." It's part of the etiquette that sets our club apart. However true Fiszman's comments are, it's not becoming of us, it sounds like something Chelsea would do. (Spurs would kick up a stink until an envelope full of marked fifties landed in Levy's office, at which point they'd shut up. Like a screaming baby that's just been given his dummy). Next we'll be accusing Hleb of threatening to score own goals. I happen to be very proud of the fact that Arsenal don't sound off in this way, it suggests a class that has been associated with our club since the 1930s. For Fiszman to break ranks suggests annoyance and frustration, if he's confident all is fine then he should keep his mouth shut and let time tell. Belittling the contribution of ex pros in a way that breaks ranks with everything our club stands for sounds desperate to me and not at all necessary. It's a bit like losing your head and shouting in an argument, once you do that you've already lost, there was no need for Fiszman to say this. Slagging other people off without prompting is just attention shifting. Should we play Barca in the CL this season, expect Hleb to want to ram those sentiments down Fiszman's throat.
Little Dutch
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08/09/2008 11:26:00

My sentiments exactly LD. Different subject, but just found this Didn't take City fans long to turn into idiots!
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08/09/2008 11:44:00

Absolutely agree with the comments, it's classless we are The Arsenal, the board don't need to coat off former players - leave that to the supporters. . . . ''Our income will rise and our gate income will rise. Those payments are fixed'' - KEEP THE EFFIN SEASON TICKETS FIXED THEN.
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08/09/2008 11:57:00

Hmm.. it might well have been that the reporter asked "But Flamini only had one good season?" And Fiszman said "True." or something like that?! lol Regardless, there might have been some PR naivety there but his sentiment was honest.
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08/09/2008 12:40:00

Give me a break!! Fizman just stated the facts ffs. It's actually refreshing to know that the board are human and feel the same as we do. It's exactly the type of comment Dein would've made but that would've been "ok" because he was a "proper football chairman". Fizman has been criticised for being an "exile" and "not involved with the clu like Dein was". Well now he is involved and doing a fine job imo. And for about 1/20 th of the cost to boot!!
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08/09/2008 13:55:00

Although Dein was a dick! I don't think he would have made these comments! I've got no problem with Fiszman, I just think we (as a club) don't usually make 'antagonistic' comments publicly. As I've said before, I agree with what he said, but still don't think he should have said it publically.
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08/09/2008 14:12:00

Guess his halo slipped a bit!! It's not even an opinion, it's fact!!
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08/09/2008 14:19:00

I'm not one to stand up for Dein, I don't think there's a character in football I detest more save for Blatter and probably Calderon. But Dein would not have made these comments, or else he would have had something nasty to say about Cashley. To be fair, he didn't when he quite possibly could have. Fiszman's comments sail a bit close to the Chelsea wind for my liking and I would slate creeps like Kenyon or Greenberg for this. The question wasn't even about Flamini or Hleb, bringing them in unprovoked to justify the fact that we have a minisucle squad is not on, nor is it in this club's culture. I like the fact the board don't concern themselves with this stuff publicly, it all stinks of "woah, if this goes tits up look at Arsene, not us!"
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
08/09/2008 14:26:00

As you can see above, I do agree LD, but I think maybe you're reading too much into this! I don't think he's making Wenger accountable for everything. He's probably trying to emphasise that Arsene is in charge of the team. A point to be made after the last week in the Premier League.
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08/09/2008 14:33:00

navydave, I just checked out that City thread. Unbelievable. They're replacing the spuds for the Most Deluded Fans in Football.
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08/09/2008 17:18:00

PHWs comments, although realistic, fill me with dismay. All the talk before was of fighting for the club to prevent it from being taken over, and now, PHW is starting to sing a different tune. I only hope it doesnt come down to that, but it does seem that if a very good offer is made, the Board might accept, and thats not good.
Report Abuse
08/09/2008 22:09:00


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