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Threeo Walcott

Theo Walcott hit a hat-trick for England in their victory over Croatia, in Croatia tonight.

Now let me point out that I don't actually give a crap about International football, to me it's just an inconvenience. However, I always like to see Arsenal players do well.

A smile decorated my chubby cheeks tonight upon hearing of Theo's treble, especially after being on the end of some pretty harsh criticism over the past few years, particularly from Spurs fans (how many Spurs players were in the starting line up?).

Of course that now heaps pressure on to the shoulders of young Theo of epic proportions as the idiots in the press (and some in the stands) will now expect him to do it every time he plays.

Me? I just hope he can replicate it away at Blackburn on Saturday.

Well done Theo.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday September 10 2008

Time: 9:49PM

Your Comments

Just love the headline :-)
I try my best!! :)
Theo scores a hat-trick from the wing, Clichy and Sagna play a blinder for France, van Persie is not broken, I am drunk and I don't have to wake up until 10am tomorrow! Perfect!
And the world hasn't ended today, Tom! And I bet you were wating for a hat trick from Theo just so you could use that headline! Credit to him, great performance!
Give van Persie time Tom, there's still plenty of time for him to get injured before the game on Saturday!!
Theo has put the smile back on the faces of England fans. Brave decision to play him but well played young man.
I've been waiting for two years to use that one Aamir .... I would have prefered to use it for an Arsenal game!! Lol
Great Headline! i'm so please for Theo, it's just brilliant for him!
LOOOL. I tried my best? The headline was on Sky Sports News, well stolen, idiot.
Well done Theo, you deserve it lad. Now do it for Arsenal...!! Does this finally mean we can stop playing Eboue on the right???
Brilliant Threeo!! I must admit it's the only time that I was so happy watching England (and not bored to death) though I only watched his goals and the 2nd half. :D
well played theo. croatia cld av done wit a few more cards
Not only was Theo brilliant, but it was actually a very entertaining game. Not many times I have been able to say that about England lol
Was delighted for him, as i am an england fan after all. You just couldnt help the pop at spurs though could you. You sound like a child. "How many Spurs players were in the team" Well done the first time in years youve actually had an Englishman in the side and us without, but so what? The dumbest comment ive ever heard from an Arsenal fan ever when you consider you have 1 English player. And i thought you didnt care about the national side so why does it matter who plays from which team aslong as were winning why should it matter??? Great result and one i do care about.
Bizarre as this sounds (even typing it feels odd) England performed really well tonight. Huge congrats to Theo, I'm absolutely made up for him.
HY - You haven't been round here too long or two much so I'll forgive you that little rant ... if you had you'd understand why the comment was made. Now here's your dummy back!!!
Jeff - Considering my tv subscription is with Virgin multimedia, I don't have SkySports News ..... idiot.
HuddersfieldYiddo, if it was reverse you spuds will be asking "How many Arse players were in the team?" Don't act superior by telling otherwise. Hey, some here don't care about international but it's nice that our players does well. When Bergkamp scored that wonder goal in WC '98, while I'm not dutch but I did root for him to have a good tournament and it's nice to see him work his magic. Anyway, I bet there were some spuds were grinding their teeth when theo scored. LOL.
So how long before... LONDON (AFP) — Manchester City's new billionaire Arab owners say they are willing to pay 136 million pounds (210 million dollars) to land Arsenal starlet Theo Walcott and make him the highest paid player in the world.
Well done Theo well done England. A smile was all you could manage bloody hell the boy scores a hat trick and all you can manage isa smile. heaven help us. He plays for Arsenal hes been considered the man of the match and all you can manage is a smile on your Chubby cheeks. How you must hate England to stop cheering on a wonderful performance. Sorry Rocky you lost me.
stupid yid.....have u won a game yet? freeking knob
well do threeo :)
I let out a slight chuckle seeing the Spuds big signing and ex-Gooner David Bentley, getting a close up look of Walcott's wonder performance on the bench in a suit. You know, the same Walcott that Bentley believed should leave Arsenal for pastures new, if he wanted to crack the England lineup. Amusing to see the trajectories of both players since that bit of 'sound' advice. Far as Theo goes, I'm not sure I've ever been prouder of a player...Fabio showed big stones picking him to start, and Theo showed bigger stones with his performance. Credit to Rooney for picking Theo out on the last two goals with fantastic passes. Hopefully Walcott can keep this momentum going for the Goon squad, starting Saturday.
Well done Walcott, Beckham now down and out surely.
Tiny T
Very pleased for the lad. A couple of points, where the hell was Aaron Lennon? I thought he was better than Theo? Secondly, Stevie Me's autobiography will need a new chapter now, after using Theo as a human shield for his typically average displays in the 2006 WC and then this week claiming he was a victim of his versatility for his national side (I'll give him that, he's equally ineffective wherever he plays for England), he may have found his niche in the England side…..on his arse at home watching Theo tear up foreign defences! Well played Trio Walcott, if you could hit another one of those on Saturday I'd be delighted! Oh and Rocky, you were of course very ungraceful to the Spuds, cos they had two players in the Croatia team :-)
Little Dutch
I think there's a good chance he won't start against Blackburn. Wenger has said he needs to rest after every couple of games. I suppose it would be a way of taking pressure of him as well. How many of the Tottenham polayers in the England set up have they produced?
You guys had a thread about 6 weeks ago on RVP being the main man for you this season but i posted that i thought that Theo was the one that would take centre stage for you.I am so pleased for him for what he did last night as he has taken alot of stick from the media and also some of his own supporters(unjust imo) and i hope this is the catalyst for him to push on.Hes quite welcome to have a couple of off weeks against the better half of north london though.LOL.Good luck in the the future young Theo,you are a breath of fresh air and exciting to watch.
LD, Aaron Lennon is way superior to Walcott, you know that well surely all those salad dodging spuddies couldn't be wrong? What with their bright new dawn yeilding plenty of victories so far this season......oh! As for the gloating about Englishmen in the national team, we may only have one, but he is more talented than any of the mediocre jokes you call England Internationals currently residing at ****efartlane, including the ex Arsenal right winger left out of our team for not being patient or good enough! Give it a couple of years and we will have plenty of english talent knocking on the door of the 1st team, rather than average cloggers filling it up!
Always thought of threooo as the perfect replacement for tt.
LG, lennon & walcott ar two diffrent tallents entirely with thier respective highs & lows. Lennon's a better worker, but walcott's a better finisher
Very dignified of you cuckaduddle!!
Akintayor, I'll correct you. Walcott is a better player than Lennon, which is why Lennon didn't play last night and why he hasn't made an impression in places like the Maksimir, Anfield and the San Siro.
Little Dutch
I'm no fan of Eng-er-land but am absolutely delighted for our Theo. Well-played, son. Where are the idiots now who say that Arsenal contribute nothing to the national team? How about a golden young player, a hat-trick of goals and a hat-trick of precious World Cup Qualifying points? Come on THEO14, now give the Gunners a tat-trick on Saturday!!!
well done walcott for starting to repay the world cup YOU cost us 4 years ago by being the team mascot!
...2 years ago
Delighted for Theo. Wenger must be chufed also. With me not being English, it was the first time I have ever cheered when England scored (no offence!!). My wife thought I was going mad. An Irishman cheering like a fool at Englands goals says it all.
Bradys Chips
chinaman123 - you are clearly ignorant to the ways of football and severely lacking in common sense to come out with such complete and utter rubbish. That is as much response as you crass and poorly thought out comments deserve.
What makes me sick about last nights game is the 2 facedness of those chelski toads Lampard and John "shag a 19 year old blonde in a car park, whilste girlfriend is knocked up" Terry hugging and praising Walcott for his goals and performances after slating the young lad from here to kingdom come during the last world cup. How cowardly and 2 faced are they? He was in his mid teens and didn't pick himself yet the established internationals liek the 2 aforementioned couldn't wait to stick the boot in. Yeah, real class acts the pair of them!!!!
Oh and add the most over rated player ever to that, Stevie Me @ the bin dippers!
Chinaman's not even English mate, always makes some sort of stupid 'wind up' comment, then gets knocked back and re-appears a month or so later.
As an arsenal fan im happy to say Aaron lennon is a class act! however i doubt he could ever be a regular england international ... if he was to leave spurs and join a club that actually appreciated his talents then maybe it could happen for him .... until then ... There only one Theo Walcott!!! :-D
shewore, you sound like a transvestite
Aaron Lennon is so one dimensional that he should be given 3-D glasses on entry to the pitch.
Little Dutch
litttle dutch can i reming you lennon made an good impact in the 2006 world cup - it might not as important as the masskmirish but better then being a mascott there.
He made a terrific impact. 0 goals and 0 assists as I remember. But then you come to expect that kind of quality at the Lane.
Little Dutch
You always get one don't you? I think the blame for the world cup should be laid squarely at the feet of the Ferdinands, Terry's Gerrards and Lampards of the squad along with the other more experienced players who completely and utterly bottled it on the big stage, as they seem to make a habit of up until last night, when an Arsenal teenager showed them the way forward with some deft help from shrek!
He made a terrific impact. 0 goals and 0 assists as I remember. But then you come to expect that kind of quality at the Lane. Little Dutch LOLOL Ouch!
......which is still better then walcotts impact of, keep the showers clean so senior players can rape me in them
a decent performance against 10 men and your all so excited, remember how great he was against the might fulham, then again craven cottage is a harder place to go then the mashimeir
So no blame on Rooney then? We might have had a better chance with 11 men against Portugal. Why are we arguing about Lennon? He is so off the radar he's like a stealth bomber!
Chainman, thanks for giving us something to talk about! but can I suggest you now make comment on 47 years of never winning the league, or never being in the champions league. Our site..our topics!
sorry but it was a gooner that brought in the topic of lennon not me, i coundnt care less the boy isnt even a regular in the spurs team, but if you do want to compare records we should also look at europe - we have won more then you - now lets look at last year - portsmouth won more then you, lets look at the year before that you won as much silverware as dag and redbridge.....shall we look at the year before last you tosser
........the simple fact of the matter is that you were a giant that fell asleep.
Better a sleeping giant, than just a sleeping club! One micky mouse club and you think you're back in the big time. We might be slipping, but at least we've got something to slip from!
fact is we were both giants we fell asleep in the 60s you did 4 years ago, but our board is fighting with a cheque book to get us back, you board does f all, except spend your money on pricey cars and cheap hookers.
Have Spurs ever been awake? I'm trying to work out if you're in a coma or suffering from an extended and severe form of narcolepsy?
Little Dutch
chinaman123 - if anyone is a tosser it is sh**stirrers like you with nothing better to do than start a wind up. Lets compare all time record shall we, we will find you HAVE won more Euro trophies than us, other than that, we beat you hands down on almost every record, ever competitions, everything that you can associate with club competition. You are a supporter of a midtable team with a huge inferiority complex of your bigger, richer, more successful neighbours who will continue to shat over every one of your clubs achievements for the next 40 years! get used to it.
How are we slipping??? Did man utd and Chelski win a trophiy every year for the last 10 years?? No! We are actually on the way back up by your logic as last season was an improvement on the previous in terms of points goals and everything else, yours was an improvement on the last 10 years because you won the Carling "big 4 reserve team" Cup, well done that must be jolly nice for a team used to 12th place finishes in the Premiership.
london gooner, let me ask you one thing, if you are richer, how is it that you poor nieghbours from down the road have managed to outspend you in the transfer market every year, and please dont use sales as an excuse as you have sold much more stars then us in the last 5 years
you are slipping because 50% of your starting midfield saw the light in the summer and wanted out, and you (as usual) replaced them on the cheap, this year you are much weaker then last season and you know wenger has *****ed up
We as a company/football club whatever make more money than you each fiscal year from off field activities and twice as much as spuds from onfield activities, what we spend has no reflection on our wealth or assumed lack of it. We also happen to have abetter manager (who doesn't need to spend millions to win trophies, you must remember 2001?) and board who spend money a lot more wisely and with much more forethought than your team. In every sense of the word we are a bigger richer entity, don't forget, ENIC will want all that money you have spent over the last 6 years back at some stage, we have no one to answer to and continue to make more money than any one except Barca, Madrid and Man Pooh. At some stage in the future we will be number one financially and wil continue to leave your midtable club even further behind in our slip stream.
gooner im sure what you said will give an accountant a hard on, but as a fan you want to see profits reinvested, you dont we do end of! our fans have a board we are happy with your fans settle for yours on the back of distant memories, as for better managers our managers has won back to back uefa cups, yours as won nothing in europe our manager has taken a mid table club and put them in a the champions league, as for us he has taken a very poor run down mid table club, and paped another rich CL side 5-1, after that it was all down hill (except for beating the most expensve side in the world in the final, something a full strenght arsenal side could not do the year before)
Your manager also finished in the bottom half of the PL in his only season!
Can we stop comparing and rising to this drivel? We've won the league on their own pitch more than they have, have infinitely more class as an all round football club, and don't need to harp on about our gaffer's previous trophies at OTHER clubs...still tho, that Modric looked good last night, eh.
Sorry one final point! Wneger has never had the chance to win 2 UEFA cups on the trot..... We have always been in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!!
I wouldn't call doubles and other major trohies with in the last 10 years distant memories. As for your manager, has he ever won a league trophy? Didn't think so, UEFA cups are all well and good, but it is a 2nd rate competition and a lot easier to win than say, oooh i dunno going through a whole league season unbeaten!! Ramos is a good manager, but he isn't anywhere near Wenger in terms of achievements OR trophies won. I might add that spending money isn't a sign of ambition or vice versa. As for spending more than us, does that make you bigger, richer or whatever else you claim? not really, it just means your board are more gullable and your manager doesn;'t have the eye for a bargain or talent that "other" managers do!
Bit better then having 50% of your striking force walking out for real clubs now isn't it? But that's ok, you replaced them with Bentley (aka an Arsenal reject), who I guess is taking up the role as England mascot for the 2010 qualification campaign. He should be thankful I suppose, Lennon can't even get that much these days. Oh, you also replaced them with Modric, who might as well have been wearing street clothes for all he did last night (or all season). And just to keep the Gooner love fest going, give credit to Bendtner (1 goal) and his Danes producing the stunner of the night with a late win over Portugal. Arsenal internationals making contributions all over the world yesterday, and most of 'em are barely old enough to drink.
Shinobi, just to take issue with one point, it was 75% of there strike force! LOL
LOL...I figured it was, I just wanted to give a conservative answer! To be fair to our not-so-friendly rivals, I thought Jenas had a solid game replacing Cole on the left, so the Tots have that to tide 'em over. But he was still in Walcott's shadow, which is fairly representive of the state of the clubs over the last forty years.
Let's get this straight, the fact that Spuds routinely outspend Arsenal, yet you found yourselves 8 places below us last season and have finished below us every year for the last thirteen years is a stick you're using to beat us with?
Little Dutch
Trio or Threeo...which is better? hmm...
***** being asleep Spuds are just dead lol. And we're just waking up. Come on boys!
If were asleep then sp*rs are a brain dead vegetable.
Im sure there are a few brain dead vegetables who would be extremely upset by that comparison!!!
"how is it that you poor nieghbours from down the road have managed to outspend you in the transfer market every year," -- and won nothing after all that investment year after year after year....except of course that teensyweensy cup last year. Naively, I perused the British media today looking for SOME acknowledgment of Theo's development at Arsenal, under the guidance of the man who singlehandedly has destroyed English football. Of course, my search was futile.
LOL LD...yeah, the logic behind that argument is about as broken as their annual assault into the top four.
True LG, I would like to apologise to John Terry and Joey Barton for my previous comment.
thing is,if your manager (Peter File) doesnt now play him more often,he will want to leave.simple as.
"It was so easy for England that, when Robert Kovac was sent off for elbowing Joe Cole in the head, Capello immediately brought on Jermaine Jenas to even things up at 10-a-side." ED
wow guys lovely banter. and i thot d spuddies were statues! but vegetables! oh my.
do you guys think theo deserves a payrise? i mean he hasnt shoxn consistency yet to demand an increase
"It was so easy for England that, when Robert Kovac was sent off for elbowing Joe Cole in the head, Capello immediately brought on Jermaine Jenas to even things up at 10-a-side." ED jubair Different class mate, different class LOL
Chinaman123..."(except for beating the most expensve side in the world in the final, something a full strenght arsenal side could not do the year before)"....which full strength side are you talking about that played the Chavs in the mickey mouse cup final ?...was it the one without Henry,Van Persie,Silva,Flamini,Clichy,Gallas,Ljungberg and Rosicky...oh and not to mention Lehman ???........engage brain before opening mouth !!!!
Looks like Theo Walcott is going to be the future for both Arsenal and England.

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