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The Kevin Nolans Are What's Wrong With Football

Following the 3-1 victory over Bolton on Saturday, and the criticism of Kevin Davies' challenge on Gael Clichy that followed, Wanderers captain Kevin Nolan has revealed that it was their plan from the outset to be dirty.

In recent weeks Theo Walcott has really begun to shine, for his country as well as his club, indeed the pacey frontman blasted a hat-trick as he kick started England's qualifying campaign.

So how do we set about treating England's brightest prospect, it's shining light? Well if Kevin Nolan's Bolton have any say on it, we'll kick him.

Football is a contact sport, infact I enjoy nothing more than a crunching tackle, as long as it's done with-in the spirit of the game. Ledley King (when he's not injured) is a master of this, just ask Thierry Henry, but if a player is of such a poor standard that he has to resort to kicking someone, surely he shouldn't be playing at the highest standard of football?

Nolan admitted, "I have never seen anybody as quick as Theo Walcott in my life, I said to Jlloyd Samuel, 'Give him a little kick and see if he comes back at you!`.'

"At the end of the day, it is a physical sport. We don`t want to be like basketballers. We are in the gym four or five days a week to build ourselves up to try to stand up to challenges like that.'

"We are in danger of losing that side - the roughing up of people."

As long as the teams in England concentrate on the physical side of the game over the technical side, then the national team will always be second best on the international scene.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday September 23 2008

Time: 3:02PM

Your Comments

Agree 100%. However, there is a stage whereby it a go far, the 7 yellow cards didhed out to us on Sunday for example; the only one which in my opinion merited a yellow was Wayne Rooney's. I admit, i didnt see Nolans challenge, and as he plays for Bolton I am sure it was wreckless.
Your players treated the referee as crap.Ferdinand should've gotten about 35 of them.
What happened at the final whistle? How come that idiot did not send off that idiot because the idiot knew he was going, he even walked off like an idiot. Goofle, Im here on Tuesdays at 15:18 only.
at this rate the natinal team will be overrun by big burly low skill, tough tackling lads
Bolton fans hate Nolan
Misconception - football is not a contact sport...some contact is allowed though
What do you mean by "will be" gunnerchi? I thought it already was.
gunnerchi - rather that than have it filled with s*** kicker cloggers like the pride of Bolt-on!
Awwwwww the poor lads at Vital Bolton don't like it when some one insults their team (not them personally or other posters) so they delete posts, how sad is that!
did u have ur posts deleted londongooner?
yes mate! When someone posts on here form another club and we don;t agree with it, it doesn't get deleted unless it is a sicko type post! The mods here would rather healthy debate and a few wind ups, seems not everyone shares their sense of banter and conversation.
Some of LondonGooner's posts have been moderated (not deleted) on Vital Bolton because he can't express himself without resorting to profanity and/or childish abuse.
And wht kind of childish abuse snout? Calling spade a spade?
Exactly, I don't call people anything naughty unless it's in retaliation! Snout - If you guys don;t like 4 letter words no problem, they always get replaced with stars/blocked anyway so whats the big deal? As for you guys not agreeing with things posted it is your board and that is fair enough, but don't fib, just say you don;t agree with what I have posted and we'll leave it at that. Just a quick side wjhilste you are here, you pathetic club full if s**t kicker players deserves nothing more tha being levelled with the entire squad and pathetic manager still inside the stadium to finally remove the giant skidmark on the premiership that is Bolton Wanderers FC! I feel much better now!
Try and block that..................!
U guys are all talking in circles. What did we all expect from bolton before the bolton game? A leopard doesnt change its stripes u know?
Not even vital spuds would resort to delating posts, or not to my knowledge, just becouse they don't agree with them and we give them more grive than any other vital site
Thugs and mongrells called the national side. excluding a cream few though
Armory, Fact or passion?
Armory - Classless in Football so why would they be anything different online?
I suppose you are correct there londongooner, crap club worse players and dont start me on theyr editors, what ever happened to freedom of *****taking?
well its only proper we show those ****s how to engage in proper banter. after all we are 'fit and proper' people
Do these comments surprise anyone ? All this justified outrage from Arsenal fans will be seen as a whinge by the rest of the world. Its unacceptable for football players to 'rough up' the opposition on purpose, but it seems to be the 'manly' thing to do. ******** idiot, Nolan.
When I read that it made me actually angry. I read about this while I was at work and I audibly said "I f*****g knew it" to the concern of my line manager. So lets kick the crap out of all our brightest stars and screw them up in later life ala michael owen. Great idea Kevin you****.
Contrarian/alternate view: Arsenal's best seasons have always had a rallying point that caused the squad to close ranks, flip off the outsiders, and take the trophies. Maybe this could be put to good use.
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor little theo, im sure wenger will look arfter you
Arsenal U21's 3 - Sheffield Utd's 1st team 0 at half time. By all accounts Vela has been godly, he's got one and Bentdner 2.
Yay!!! Vela's got 2. That's 4-0 in the Carling cup!!!!
and there's still 25 mins to go....
unbelievable, 5-0. Jack Wilshire is 16 years old and has just scored!!! Incase you don't know what I'm talking about, we're playing in the Carling Cup tonight at home against Sheffield Utd of the Championship (the old Second Division). They are playing their 1st team, we've got our youth team out (literally, all out outfield players have an ave age of 18) There's two 16 year olds on the pitch and we are 5-0 up....
got it wrong before, there's 30 minutes to go
The notion that the only tactic to use against teams that are better than you is to go out and kick them all over the park is loathsome, pathetic and deserves no respect or tolerance. Last season Boro -- a mediocre team, hardly world beaters -- outplayed us for 90 minutes by playing better football than we did, and beat us deservedly. PLAY F---ING FOOTBALL, FFS, instead of going out to deliberately injure the opposition. Bunch of lowlife scumbags!
Misconception - football is not a contact sport...some contact is allowed though number14 - sorry mate your wrong. football IS a contact sport. the "some contact is allowed though" is the big give away :-)
in respect to the tackle - yes, it was dirty, no I dont think the kevin nolans should be banned from football. Firstly, that would be banning practicly all english players, who play for clubs from a very early age, thus building up a good understanding of tactics, and work ethic - but completly ignoring skill. and when the other team is better than you... kick them :-) (surely you all know that?). Ok, maybe that's a little extreem... but as a general rule, football IS a contact sport (as said above!) andalthough dangerous challenges should be kept to a minimum, I am all for two players running along side by side challenging each other for the ball. it'd be boring if the more skillful players always won... infact, it would be more like hockey... although if the game does get too physical, it would be more like rugby... clearly a mid point shpould be established!
sure, kicking the other team deserves no repsect or tolernece - however a team can be physicly imposing without kicking the opisition, and to a certain extent, that is what bolton normally do. it's just sometimes they get carried away, and rightly punished.
Just saw the tackle on the ManU kid, that one's horrendous too.
Going out on the pitch with orders to kick the other teams good players is just wrong!
Didn't see too many of us complaining when Keown pretty much ruined Mendonca's career. The physical side is a key part of the game, agreed with Pompeycarpet there. Just that thick scouser's like Nolan are just that, thick. I mean, saying that to the press?
Shewore - I was mortified when Keown took out Mendonca, maybe you should look around and listen a bit more carefully before painting everyone with the same brush as yourself. If it's ok with you then thats down to you but for the rest of us we would rather not see anything like what happened to that poor lad at Man Utd last night or Diaby or Eduardo or Clichy. Wan**rs like Kevin "fat git scouser" Nolan need to be knee capped then asked "how does it feel being roughed up a little?"
Mine was a bit of a wind up comment and am a bit gutted it only got one response. Seriously though, i agree with the points re Diaby (is he still alive?) and obviously Eddy. If we were in a position to fight fire with fire, eg the likes of TA / Keown / Paddy etc, it would be nice to have to call on, eh?
And my apologies, was it Keown, or Bouldy?! Ahhh, my knowledge is dwindling...
That's called getting old Shewore! Just like the rest of us!
I think it was Keown mate! I haven't seen or heard of Diaby since he messed up Wesly Schnieders leg in pre season, we seem to have forgotten abut that as fans. Although lets face it, if anyone is in a position to sympathise with Schnieider it IS Diaby after that c*** Dan Smith at Sunderland crippled him for the season with that cowardly tackle!
Also, tell you what, was touched on in that other write up. I'm a full 8 years older than Jacky Wilshere, now that IS depressing.
I'm 15 years older than Jack Wilshire, Im positively crusty compared! I'm maturing like a fine wine
They don't like to be like basketballers? Basketball IS a contact sport! Idiot. You can actually hit the arm hard of another player in basketball while trying to get the ball, but usually it will still count only as 1 foul, meaning you still have 5 fouls to give (or 4, depending on the rules). "Boxing out" needs lots of contact. This is done when the players are jockeying for position near the ring to try and get the rebound after a shot. So Kevin Nolan, shut up if you don't know what you're talking about.
............Or is that milk?

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