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Van Persie On Spurs: I Don't Care

After all the press and media hype surrounding the hiring and firing going on over at 'The Lane' Robin van Persie has given his opinion on the matter.

He couldn't give a crap.

The Gunners play host to Tottenham at Ashburton Grove tomorrow, and speaking to the Guardian ahead of the match, the Dutch striker said when asked his opinion,

'I don't know and I honestly don't care,'

But he still knows a big game when he sees one.

'The game against Spurs is one on its own and it's a big one, irrespective of where they are in the table.

'They won their first game on Sunday, which is great for them, but we'll see what happens on Wednesday.'

'It was a massive win for us against West Ham that proved we have the resilience to challenge for the league.

'It was a big, big win for us - a massive win.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday October 28 2008

Time: 10:55AM

Your Comments

Who cares really?
Warri Gooner
I care about the result but not the managerial merry go round at Spu*s.....
Why ask a suspected rapist his opinion???
woddywoo they come. The first of the idi*ots
We didn't ask you Woddy! Your stone is getting cold, better get back under it.
He's right not to get involved in the goings on at the Lane. It is just amzing how journalists seem to think a footballer has to have an opinion on everything. Sometimes I think the only reason the questions are asked is to try to get a player to say something they can twist.
cant wait for the game to begin
Warri Gooner how far na I be PH based gooner o
when is the 1st thread on the NLD coming up
Sinbad that is the ONLY reason a journalist/scum bag asks a footballer a question!! As for suspected rapist, your club isn't exactly a paragon of virtue woddywoo, seen any of your managers kerb crawling recently?
Or as of Sunday, taking brown bags full of money!
Ah there's Woody. Not only a moron but and idiotic illiterate one. Not only does the article tell you he was asked his opinion whilst speaking to the guardian, but van Persie was cleared of all charges and the woman in question admitted she was lying, so he certainly isn't a susspect.
Hey Woddy, why should we listen to anything any Spud player says either, after all they're "suspected footballers"!!!!!!
Amen bro, Amen!.. LOL.
Woddywoo, Jonathan Woodgate, remind me, has he ever been in trouble with the police? Why was that again?
Little Dutch
I wonder what Harry will make of that LD, he deplores racism after all!!
It was revealed that the interview was a heavily revised version of what actually happened during the interview. Here is the true version of that interview leaked to the press. Reporter : Robin, What do you think about the firing of Ramos and Harry taking over at Spurs?
It was revealed that the interview was a heavily revised version of what actually happened during the interview. Here is the true version of that interview leaked to the press. Reporter : Robin, What do you think about the firing of Ramos and Harry taking over at Spurs? Can he turn things around quickly for the Wednesday match against Arsenal? RVP : I dont give a F**k really what they do. Reporter, I'm sorry we can print that in the papers. RVP : Okay then..I dont care what those C**ts do, they are crap no matter what happens. Reporter : Sorry we cant print that either. RVP : Alright just write... Those p***ies can change whoever they want, they will still be crap. Reporter : Sorry Robin, we cant print those too. RVP : Are you spurs fan? Reporter : Are you kidding me? RVP : I just dont care what they do, put that.
Two weeks in jail for doing 'nothing'... happens all the time don't it??? You lot are well know for 'loans' in the Holland/Belgium area...
van persie won't play anyway and if he does he will score two.
Rocky 'da keyboard warrior'...Don't see Oxford insulting your posters do ya?? A shining example to editors everywhere... Take a bow...
How many do you think you will win by anyway? Why have you changed your name goofle? So many questions to be asked...
When you try and stir up sh** blindly ignoring your own clubs failings in the eyes of the law you are bound to get grief, why bitch and moan about it?
Anyone who uses the word "da" is a moron in my eyes. And you know what, I jusy can't seem to extend common courtesy to someone branding an innocent man a rapist. So you see, I'll always be polite to those who deserve it, idiots will be branded as such.
I remember the abuse you used to hurl around our boards (remember the one you had to edit coz you were drunk??) The wonders of Rocky7... Take another bow...I am not moaning Lou, stop being a silly little girl..
For someone who isn't moaning you damn fine impression of one! lol
Ah yes, you're one of WSV's little minions aren't you. You hung on every word. I've never once "hurled abuse" at anyone who didn't throw some my way in the first place (or make moronic comments) so if I keep hurting your little feelings, then the answer is simple, stop being an idiot. And if I needed further proof that you talk crap before reading what's been written, Lou hasn't even posted on this article.
I changed my name because I wanted people to know my IQ and age...
Or if it really bothers you Woddy...... just **** off!!!!!!!
Hurt my feelings hahaha After a question put a ? not a .
More foul language tut tut dave...
If you were to pop over to the Arsenal board and say something constructive, i'm sure people wouldn't have aproblem, but clearly you are looking for nothing more than an argument and it is being treated with the contempt it deserves. Do us a favour and come back when you have something interesting and informative to say sunshine!
gooner_till_i_die, jusy because woddy is acting like an idiot, doesn't mean you have to.
Woddy - I wasn't asking a question, I was making a statement.
Tut tut tut tut... a Tottenham boy accusing someone connected with The Arsenal of being a rapist... how about you look a little closer to home my dear boy, and at convictions for one of your, um, 'hardcore'. But still, you probably don't go to games. Now, toodle pip and have a nice day, or we'll reel out some others...
I promise I am not looking for an argument London its just panned out that way. I have nothing against you. Only banter tbh.I can't see how you haven't ripped me to bits tbh. Being bottom an all. Rocastle = legend btw
When you join in a discussion by calling an Arsenal player a "susspected rapist" you're looking for an argument. I don't know where you come from, but in my neck of the woods, rape and child abuse is not banter, and it's certainly not funny. (Which is why gooner_till_i_dies comments where deleted along with your own)
Every Arsenal fan I know says this will be a walkover. Same was said about Hull before the game but I think Tottenham will be most fired up for this game.
I don't think it will be a walk over FU, but I do believe we'll win. Which is quite unnerving as this is the first time I've ever felt confident in a NLD!!
Every Arsenal fan I know (who actually know's something about the game of football) says this will be as far from a walk over as possible. Spu*s will give blood trying not to lose this one and we will have to match their effort and hope our better quality players, technique and system will over come that effort. Either way the Grove will be rocking and the atmousphere should be effin' mental! I can't wait!
As I have said I am not looking for an argument, the same kind of things are left on spurs boards by regulars on here so whats the difference? Oh I forgot its only spurs fans that are thugs and arsenal fans all have little halos...
I think we will be brought back down to earth with a bump but obviously hope otherwise...As long as Zokora is dropped spurs have a chance. A punchers
And those people are idiots too woddy. I leave the occasional comment over there, something to add to the discussion or the odd joke at your expense, but no matter what I say I'm always greeted with the same response ... "***** off back to your own board". We have had loads of people here from Vital Spurs who are good natured and add to the discussion, we always (well most of us anyway) try to welcome them.
So an article saying one of your players couldn't give a crap about spurs is supposed to stir a 'debate' is it mate? You honestly think it will start a positive discussion??
I can't remember ever being confident for a NLD, and I'm not tomorrow. If anything it's worse, as they are bottom and don't have as much to lose as when they're battling for European places (so not recently, sorry couldn't help it). I bet most Arsenal and Tottenham fans would take a draw for every NLD! They always raise their game against us. FU, didn't know we had many fans in Manchester.
If you guy's play Huddlestone in that CM he'll get crucified. The pace of our midfield would suit us playing against him I would of thought Zokora would be the best option in terms of energy and closing down.....?
That old chestnut eh Rocky? lol
I just report the news woddy, I don't make it :)
It's actually part of the legal system in Holland that defendants can be imprisoned for fourteen days without bail without ever being found guilty. As it happens, RvP was admonished and the accuser was prosecuted for a fraudulent claim.
Little Dutch
LOL Rocky7...
See woddy, I'm not always a pompous ********* .... just most of the time ;)
Just weekdays eh mate? ;-)
Most definately, I'm more fun when I've had a drink .... but you already know that huh!! lol
Come on lads, what is this? Group hug time? ;o) Behave yourselves!
Feelin left out LG? You want in?? LOL
.........................!! lol
i don't mind partaking in a group hug of 60,000 tomorrow night, aslong as it's in celebration of a famous victory though!!!
60,000 would mean hugging a few thousand Spuds .... not sure I could cope with that.
Maths was never my strong point............nor spelling judging by my previous posts!
And so peace and harmony was restored to Waltons mountain...
Fabulous little piece in the Daily Femal website on the differences between Arsenal and Spurs currently and some sensible comment from Gerry Francis
blimin eck, one effin win and they all have suddenly found their arrogant filthy gypo voices again !!! woddy, lets face facts, all footballers are stupid when it comes to women, property, money etc etc, cos they are all overpaid children... i mean spuds have had Gazza ( wife beater ) Sheringham, love rat, Woodgate ( err incident in leeds ) Robinson ( illegal betting ) Justin Edinburugh ( nuff said on that thug ) I am sure i have missed a few !!!
nice peice wow wenger looked very young in thoses long ago, ah there more pressure on him then ye think
*****. Vital Arsenal seems to have been invaded by a medieval pirate.
Little Dutch
Wow, these moron's are unbelievably stupid. Have fun on Wednesday crying u fools.
i dont think its a walk in the park, but if we score first, and score early, i think its game set and match, because the first goal will be a reality check for them.
I am looking forward to tonight game, too right to say, who cares about all the carnival stuff on the Spuds.

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