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Cesc: Spurs Could Nick A Point ... From Our Ladies

Cesc Fabregas has taken a cheeky swipe at tonight's opponents ahead of the North London derby.

Tonight, which shall be renamed 'revenge Wednesday', sees the first North London Derby of the season. The game which seemed to be a certain 3 pointer only a week ago has now become the tense exciting affair it should be, after the appointment of Harry Redknapp.

Arsenal could become victims of the 'new manager syndrome'. The well know phenomenon where the players work that extra bit harder to impress their new manager, only to tail off once the have their feet under the table.

We wouldn't be the first and certainly wouldn't be the last.

However Arsenal whizzkid, Cesc Fabregas thinks the current Spurs side would have a tough time against our glorious ladies team.

In a tongue in cheek quip when speaking to Loaded magazine, the Spaniard simply said, "They would do really well. I`m sure they would get a point!"

He wasn't clear however as to which team would be doing well to get the point :)

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday October 29 2008

Time: 10:00AM

Your Comments

The papers want to see us lose this so much.
I think everyone does SW. But who cares what anyone else thinks!!!!
of course they do shewore, but we won't mate! We need to batter them silly tonight!
What I wouldn't give for a hammering. Then they could stop harping on about that sodding 5-1 game.
Pompey fans everywhere are honoury Gooners. Please stuff the North London Scum. Stand up if you hate the Spurs! Wipe that smug grin off Levy's face and shove it up Harry's arse.
I'd want the DVD? ;-)
Of what ninjatim said??? Graphic!!! :o/
Ok Shewore, it looks like we've got a least some neautral support ... lol
What gave you that impression Rock?
SW I agree, the papers seem to make us out to be really arogant, then when you read the story it's nothing like it! How long before the papers 'fall out of love' with 'arry?
Nah it's not easy, our Ladies have been Invincible (TM) for 100 matches! :D
Lol LG - I think Ninja Tim has anger issues, we better make sure we win, I don't want to see his condition worsen!! Never fear Tim, we'll bring a smile back to your face tonight!!
Cheers Tim! The papers are all anti-Arsenal anyway, I'm used to it so i don't pay attention to it anymore, even if it does annoy me intensely!! I LMFAO when I saw this quote from Cesc. The best thing would be to beat them 6-1. what they can do we can do better. Then they will have to shut up about their 'triumph' over an Arsenal reserve side. Whatever happens they are still a joke of a club and that will never change.
Ninja, I'm sure I can speak for all Gooners when I say I hope you lot pull it off against Liverpool too!
Is it me or are most fans of other clubs united in their dislike of Spurs? We know that West Ham, Chelsea and now Portsmouth don't for sure.
It'll be nice if we get the chance see old bacon face after the match try and explain how his teams "new found momentum" floundered as the Arsenal win.
GV, take a trip over to Vital Villa, they're all laughing too!!
Now we have spuds saying they have the best set of fullbacks in the league because Andy Gray said so.................Nearly fell off me chair laughing, woooaah.....thump!
Tottenham are the most universally hated club in the Prem League - facta*****inmundo.
I'm sure it's mostly (if not wholey) down to how dillusional their fans are! That and the comical way they run the club. All together 'it's a circus, it's a circus, it's a circus at the lane'!
Im waiting for the "Harry Redknapps Red n White army" chant to go round tonight after it turns out he is a gooner!
I'm also wondering if the Grove will sing the new song to the tune of "American Pie" lol: "Oh my my kiss UEFA goodbye, When Commoli sold the goalie, it made Levy cry, When you play for Spurs you kiss Capello goodbye, soon you're gonna be a Magpie, I bet you wish you were a Magpie."
Lou - don't think there's much chance of that one catching on :/
Watch that little boy get kicked off the pitch tonight. Fool hardy words from a start that played in the 5-1 loss at the lane. Over the last 270 minutes of football played between the two teams spurs have been far far superior. Even wenger said it himself after robbie missed the penalty at the immigrants stad du france last december. DO not mis understand me I do not expect to win and would be happy with a draw. But adebysh it said it best when he realised his pain has yet to heal. Hopefully we’ll see him butting your top striker bender again. Good luck scum. You are gonna need it. lets hope jimmi ohara puts cesc out for months. if not i’ve got a nice two pound coin here in pocket for the little fecker
Cesc should do all his talking on the pitch. Although this made me laugh (out loud), this kind of talk might just fire up the lilywhites.
Lou - so you're in Hong Kong right now? So you're saying you'll be awake at 4am just to watch?
bullers as if you can afford a 2 pound coin you half wide swampy mug.
See guys, bullers is a classic example of a Spurs fan. Dillusional, wanting their players to injure our players, as thats the only way they will beat us and wanting to throw coins onto the pitch. No class at all. Suprised you can afford £2 to be honest..
Bullers, thanks for making our point about so many Spurs fans! You're a mug! If you through money on the pitch you'll probably miss anyway, and hopefully then get caught and banned. You're scum!
Bullers - I now understand perfectly why you are the most universally hated club and set of fans...
sheewore, apparently the giro when you sign on now is very generous, that's probably how he can afford it............
Of course Entropy! :) It's about 10pm here and I still can't sleep, how I'm supposed to get up at 3am, I don't know.. but I MUST!
most universally hated? according to who, you? look at the arrogance on show here. If we were the most deluded then surely you are the most arrogant. Everybody wants you to LOSE tonight and although im sure you will win theres no pressure on us 2night at all.
I'd say we're one of the most arrogant certainly. But when you win stuff you can be arrogant, it just doesn't work as well with the Carling Cup :)
I wonder how many neutrals go to Vital Spurs and say "Hey we Pompey guys hope you'll beat the arrogant Gooners!" or anything like that. Not that I'll go over to check though.
Cesc carried on the funnies by stating he' thought arsenal would win the champions league this year'. he truly is a comical genious;-)... Rocky WHEN you win stuff you can be as arrogant as you like so Cesc should be quiet then hahaha
I suppose it isn't too often often anyone says to the other, 'you know what, I hate you lot'. It's easier doing it through a 3rd party! However, when I was in the forces unless they were a Spurs fan..... they hated Spurs. Plus, I wonder how many times in the last few years people say to them, 'I don't support you, but I love watching you play!' I'd guess very few! Obviously we don't have much support in Huddersfield!
fair point rocky7 lol!
Is it just me who feels bad about slagging Spurs off when one of their nice fans show up? lol I'm forever giving them a bashing, but when my best bud whos a Spur comes around I turn all British and polite and feel guilty for slagging them. I guess I got a soft heart ...... lol
Rocky, I (like at lot of Gooners) have got a split alleigence family. Dad from Islington and Mum from Wood Green. It's nothing personal, we're all very civilised (even when talking about the footy). You just get behind the crest when it comes to arguments (it's mostly good humoured banter). I must admit, it's been a laugh in work today with pre-match hype. It'll be horrible tomorrow for whoever loses. That's football!
woddywoo that joke would make sense if Cesc didn't win EURO 2008. I hope we give Spurs a spanking today and crush their spirits I really want them to get relegated.
OMFG! Look at the arrogance on this page!! You lot need a stuffing to bring you back down to earth! You may call us delusional but your mob are the biggest bunch of moaners in world football, as soon as things go wrong its get the violins out coz everybody is against Arsenal! Look at the blatant chopping down of Nani last year, Wenger Vs Pardew, and Pizza Gate! Battle of Old Trafford, Adebayor Butting Bedner! All examples of the Arse dark side that you all like to forget you may be masters in victory but you’re hardly humble in defeat! This is down to you blatant Pig Headed arrogance! Hope we do you! Stick it right up that stupid Spanish Midgets arse!
Woddy - my life time I've seen my club win 1 European cup winners cup, 2 league cups, 4 league titles and 5 FA cups. That's more than enough to keep me going ;)
No Dazza, Cesc's talking about a team that's stayed unbeaten for 100 matches. They're girls but they do play good football, just not many people (or people like you) watch them. Whether those Cesc quotes are cheeky or trying to be funny or actually more reasonable than they sound, it's just down to how you read it. If you choose to fall for the media, it's up to you too. I wonder if you'll eat all those words and practise the humility you preach if it's Spurs who got "a stuffing to bring you down to earth" tonight. Watch out the "stupid Spanish midget" though. :)
Rocky you shouldnt feel bad, i know i dont lol. I personally dont mind Fabregas, like Henry before him who used to lay into us, hes cheeky but its all harmless fun. Wenger on the other hand makes me feel physically sick lol his hypocrisy arrogance and the way he cannot handle defeat means in my eyes that hes a total penis. But anyways good luck tonight, im sure you wont need it. Im off to prepare myself for Wengers smug grin in the post match interview......
GoonerLou Im very humble in defeat i think id be in a mental ward by now if i wasn't! considering we've beat you 3 times away in about 25 years (I think) Its the sheer arrogance I cant stand, I mean come on! last time you won the league you had a much better side then you do now? Ive seen very poor Spurs sides go against your invicables and their was less arrogance! Your good but you're not THAT good!! I still say if you took Wenger away your side would struggle, at least if Spurs got stuffed we could take it on the chin! If we win should Redknapp be pizza dodging at the end of the game??
Play up the Gunners. Smash the girlie spuds. With you all the way from us at Pompey.
So much venom for a joke. Are you spuds that sensitive? Quite a pathetic display, but I'm used to it.
could be first of a kind, players usually leave for more money but cesc will prob leave to win trophies
Kind of like the only two good players on your team from last year?
It just seems to me that nearly all of the other London clubs don't like Spurs - why is that?!
hey arsenal ladies have won more trohpies then the mighty arsenal male bopth play great footie but diff is yer ladies no how to win maybe wenger shud get some tips from them.............gooooo arsenal ladies........outshining the boys again how embrassing it must be for arse fan to hear that
i just broke up wid my girl whos entire family are united supporters & the bitch is cheering on the spuddies tonite. ***** i hope we win cuz we have a bet that if we lose, i'm not gonna watch a single Arsenal game this season lol, COME ON YOU GUNNERS..
Not really. Spurs bottom of the league and shown up as deluded mugs yet again. How embarassing it must be for a Spuds fan to hear that.
Not just the other London clubs Vin. On this site alone I have seen United, Villa, and Pompey fans expressing their feelings of disdain for spuddies. Quite a feat!
no 123spurs we are proud about the fact that are ladies team has won more trophies than what your entire club (male/female/transexual teams) have in your entire history lol..
My favourite part of the spuds is that they go on about us never winning trophies, as though Wenger alone doesn't have more league titles than the whole of spuds' illustrious history.
hahaha TPowell & all yu gooners in London, tell my one thing, they have such a pathetic history, even my dad wasnt born when the spuds last won the league n i'm 22, so why are the tiny tots considered a big club by the pundits and their own deluded tossers? the only thing that is really big about them is their consistency in failing to win titles..
Very embarassing Moo. Im just glad we have Harry in charge and not that muppet Ramos. I expect to see you guys win. I just want the Tottenham players to show some fight and passion. Harry Hotspurs Blue and White Army!
Real Deal
one long hour left. ***** i can't wait now..
Has it started for you guys yet? I'm waiting - it's not starting at 8pm sharp there, is it?
Er, I guess you've moved the clock and it's not 8pm yet, eh? Lineup: Almunia; Sagna, Gallas, Silvestre, Clichy; Theo, Cesc, Denilson, Nasri; RvP, Ade. Subs: Diaby, Kolo, Carlos, Song, Fabianski, Bendtner, Eboue. Looks good to me!!
Whilst Fabregas is a very good player, ths shows the one chink in his burgeoning reputation - personal immaturity. Irrespective of whatever city, form to a certain extent goes out the window when a derby is played and all Fabregas has done is provide Harry with his pre-match team talk. Despite numerous injuries and being badly out of form, Spurs ran you close at the Emirates in this fixture last season in one of Ramos's early games, and the situation today is very comparable. Inciting the opposition players to make even greater effort especially those players like Modric and Pavlychenko yet to maybe understand the intensity with which fans regard this game, but surely insulted by what Ramos has said, will probably do everything to shove Fabregas's words down his throat. Well done Cesc.
almunia was utter ***** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arsenal Ladies 4 THFC 4 :)
Ha ha. Seems like we were playing the ladies after all. Prat.
******** hell ! Looks like Cesc for all his talk couldnt deliver, along with the team. What a naive display, esp in the last 20 mins. The team didnt have the composure to play down the clock !
Seems as though Cesc was correct, we defended like a bunch on laides at the end there.
really *****ed !!! we had a 2 goal lead at home and messed it up....RVP was gr8 tho.
absolute cockyness. I feel sorry for Gallas & Silvestre. Song, Diaby, Denilson, Cesc should be ashamed of themselves. Will they ever learn?
funny that g4l, you left out clichy, but on a positive note, rvp played well. and uhm...well thats all, oh tottenham is the new liverpool
thats ******** embarrassing - costly mistakes again - no league title for us again
hmmmmm what happened, cant beat a team bottom of table
I mentioned on here, you best stick with Gallas and Toure if fit and I've been proven right again! Silly statements like the one Cesc allegedly made can come back and bite!
Well despite all of that I am relieved that they didn't run off with all three points...I had a really bad feeling before tonight and when Bentleys goal crashed in I thought my suspicions were surfacing. The only crumb of comfort I have is that we were not outplayed.... just bloody knieve at the death. Also we gone up to third !!!....
bad feeling? they had 4 shots- scored them all - they didnt deserve anything from that game - and as usual our cockness and naivety has cost us the league again - absoulte ***** - ******** embarrassing
ha ha ha , how do you pikeys feel now then eh? guess what fartrigas said was true , the mighty yids did get a point from your ladies ha ha ha ha ha ha , no silverware for the gooners again this season , i think so ;)
Should tell Cesc too keep his mouth shut, never under estimate us, we will always give you a game whether we are bottom of the leauge or not. The days are gone that Spurs fear you! should have learnt that lesson from the CC semi. Sorry but you deserved that for the cocky attitude.
hahahahahaha where is lucky 10 where the rest of ye .......u told me an rest of us to come back on here after match now we are here ur faces...places
if ur bottom an ur happy clap ur hands...............if ur bottom an ur happy clap ur hands..............if ur bottom and ur happy clapps ur hands.......COYS
"if ur bottom an ur happy clap ur hands" LMAO.
Eat you words Cecs you (unt !!!. The look on wengers face ...... Priceless.......... It aint over till the fat lady sings ................................ Come one you SSSSSSSPPPPPPUUUUURRRRSSSSSSSSS!!!
i welcome everyone to come n take their well deserved ***** on our arrogance.. we should hv done the talking on the pitch but sadly it was spurs who showed any heart in today's performance.. clichy has got to iron out his mistakes which are costing us dearly.. for all his brilliant forward play and interceptions, his momentary lapses hv cost us the league title yet again.. we're in no position to win the prem this yr, lets just hope the mentality of our players are different in the cup competition.. i foresee another arrogant display at stoke and 1-1 draw.. until wenger sorts out this indifferent attitude of ours againts opponent of lower calibre, we'll always be thereabouts but never there
If it wasnt for the HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE GOALS Spurs let in, they could've well won this game!
4 - 2 and you ***cked it up. We scored 9 against you lot in two games. and we're crap, how dya feel.
LMFAO.....1 minute to go against the bottom team in the Premiership and you ***** it up!!!!! Premiership your havin a laugh!!!!! COYS !!!
Scott Spur
welll said mcgooner..........true reflection
where's luck 10 he told me to meet him after the game
Naivety crap!!! Gallas, Sivestre, Fabregas, Adebayor, Van Persie, Clichy, & Almunia.........yeh, they are real inexperienced arent they? Face it, you got cocky and we wiped your noses in it.
Scott Spur
Here here Mc Gooner, and honest fan for a change. Sesc is the most arogant of them all.
genunine fans come back..............
"if ur bottom an ur happy clap ur hands"
Am I missing something ?...did the spuds win ?....
Agreed Scott Spur, the players are supposed to leave it up to us to be arrogant. Ridiculousness at the end cost us 2points. The game was won and we gave it away. I don't know how to explain it away either. Not inexperience, and the players aren't crap. I'm baffled (and soon to be very very drunk)
the game wa swon cause we gifted some goals dont forget that
oh please, you spurs, are total **** i n g morons, dont be so happy eh, its true we played like ladies, but you should look in a goddamn mirror, and ask if you celebrate, you pompous t w a t s.
Great game and I'm affraid you threw it away and may just have saved us from relegation!
Yeah we're such a charity.
no defensive midfielders when we needed them most.
gtid, what's with the attitude man? You think you wouldn't celebrate like a nutter if we'd scored two goals in the last minute to earn a point? Yeah it hurts but strap on a pair and suck it up man, it's football it happens.
Got that sinking feeling when Song came on, did the celebratory high five with Denilson and smiled like he'd just won a trophy. Charges of arrogance can not be denied. Boy we are spectacular entertainment but with a comic twist.
i am not bitter, its oct FFS ! not april ! alot of big games to play, lets remember, they may have celebrated like they won the league, not that they know what that feels like, but in reality, newcastle, stoke and fulham all won, so their gap has increased at the bottom.. so not exactly a great day for them.. i wouldn't be too cocky if i were them, they need points and draws aren't enough. arsenal on the other hand, had enough chances to bury them hard, we took off theo and nasri and put on eboue who is not a midfielder, and we lot momentum when at that stage we were cruising. seems like we are getting beating by wonder goals gtoo often, IMO he should of stopped that, and as for gallas, how on earth he is captain is beyond me, let alone a CB, the guy should be shot ! but i know wenger will sort it out, we are in the hunt and nothing is over till ts over, it could be a lot worse, you could be tottenham, still BOTTOM !!! COYS
p.s Loz, a point is not enough for you !
PG you're right, 1 point doesn't count for much in a relegation dogfight. But who knows what they could do with that confidence - like you said, they celebrated like the won the World Cup. Plus, to use RvP's words, I don't care about them. I care about us. We've got all the skills in the drawer, but to put people in the right mentality is the tough part. I just don't know how Arsene would have to do to turn that around. But if anyone can make that happen, it's Arsene. Yeah, still a lot of games to play. I can't wait for us to do something special at Stoke, which I'm sure we will.
point not good enough for ye either............no1 gave us a chance an to come back an an draw from 3-1 an 4-2 was great no matter who ur playin...sour grapes
LADIES LADIES Paleeease didnt ur parents teach u lot any MANNERS??? about Tottenham being "THE MOST UNIVERSALLY HATED CLUB in the PREMIERSHIP LEAGUE??!" LMFFO!!!! Well HATE a Lilttle more u BITCHES!!!!
Gtid pompous *****s????Us???read all your fellow goons comments in the build up,then maybe go look up pompous in the dictionary,scratch your head,have a banana,and try and think about your accusations.
Will you be wearing skirts when you come to the Lane then?
Cesc: Spurs Could Nick A Point ... From Our Ladies. F**K me the boy was spot on. ******y!!
Seeing the way Gomes and Almunia played, it really reminds me of Robinson.....
sorry rocky7, they have every right so celebrate, but i guess i should be more mature and send my message with the correct approach, if we didnt concede in the last two minutes, there wouldnt be the so called harry factor, back from the dead blah blah blah, just like wenger said. they got 4 points out of 6 in the last two match and act like theyve won cup match. true thats football sometimes, but i still think despite what all this spurs say, i believe we were far more superior, and acted like pompous little kids and threw everything away at crucial moments. however, if the players can see this, then this should be a great wake up call, unbeaten in the next 20 would be good. sorry for all the attitude boys ( spurs boys and arsenal boys ) im just very bitter, im moving to lndn in 2010, hope to catch up with most of youse here and youll all see im a pretty likeable guy, just a very sore loser, and yes im working on that.
on the other note, i wish and WANT van persie to hone his right foot better, just imagine if he was as easy on both legs like pavel nedved on his glory days was.
i suppose i wouldn't know what its like to celebrate like that, i mean being rooted to the bottom of the prem, any result against a big team must seem like winning a major trophy !
Didnt they celebrate like mad when they equalised at WHL when we won the title? All the fans went mad even though we had clinched the title on their ground
hahah egg on yer face especially thjat cesc kid ....lmao
Cost of a ticket to the emirates 40quid....cost of the look on Wengers and Gallas' face after coming back from two goals down......Priceless LMAO ......YIDARMY!

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