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Girly Gunners Get Everyone Talking About Spurs

An unbelievable passage of play by Arsenal Football Club left the whole of England talking about Harry Redknapp and Tottenham Hotspur.

In a game that was already won, and I mean really won, soundly, solidly, won as well as you could possibly win, Arsenal walked away looking like a set of rank amateurs whilst at the same time making Spurs look like battling lions, and giving them their confidence back.

I won't take anything away from Spurs, they showed character, our mistakes still had to be punished, and they punished them well. There was a lot to be done, and they did it, fair play, but let's get this straight, they didn't earn it in the technical sense, it wasn't through passion or great football that they made the come back, it was sheer lunacy on Arsenal's part.

To lose a two goal lead with a minute left on the clock when you're at home in a game you've dominated is unacceptable, at every level of the game. My school football coach would have kicked the shit out of us had we performed the same feat.

We had conceded two goals before this point, one freak wonder goal and another through personal error (seriously Manuel, use your hands rather than your face, it'll make life easier), but the lads showed the quality to not only get back in the game, but completely boss it too.

To have to sit and endure Jamie Redknapp and David Bentley act like a pair of teenage tossers was completely unbearable. Had it been down to Tottenham's footballing exploits than I could have handled it, but to know this ecstasy had been provided by our own boot is a kick square in the bollocks.

Yesterday I reported Cesc Fabregas claimed Spurs would struggle to get a point against our ladies team, and whilst I laughed at the time (and indeed was left with a whole box of eggs on my face) it's time for our players to start performing and leave the arrogance to us idiots on the terraces.

In the space of 5 minutes last night Arsenal managed to not only blow two points, restore Spurs shattered confidence and exchange place with the spuds as the leagues laughing stock but also to make millions of Arsenal fans unhappy. Not bad few minutes work lads.

I hope they feel suitable ashamed this morning.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday October 30 2008

Time: 8:53AM

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Still smarts doesn't it! But that's pretty much the size of it though to be fair to Bentley there was little freaky about his goal. It was what he intended and for once perfectly executed. But after that the game was totally ours. Almunia's nerves didn't help and Gael's lack of professionalism set the scene for an insane last few minutes. To be fair, on their performance at the time, spuds probably deserved a bit more than they got out of this fixture last season and a little less this season. Funny old game.
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30/10/2008 09:07:00

That's true Amos. Spurs have played much better in the past and been on the recieving end. My troubles this morning have not been helped by the stonking hangover aquired by drinking my troubles away ... lol
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30/10/2008 09:12:00

Brilliantly and eloquently put Rocky. I am miserable today. And the burning issue is that we screwed ourselves over royally. I wouldn't have minded a battle for the draw, but the truth is the totts played to the whistle while our players were mentally already heading for the baths.
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30/10/2008 09:12:00

BTW - When I said "freak" it wasn't taking anything away from his strike, I know it was fully intended and one of the best goals I've seen in recent history. I used the word freak because 99 times out of a 100 the keeper catches it, it drops wide or goes out for a throw in .. lol
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30/10/2008 09:14:00

Does anyone else still feel sick? That felt worse than losing to Hull! I don't think the players realise how much these things mean to us. If they did they would have kept pushing in the last 15-20 minutes. I think if they had it would have been 6-2 not 4-4! It'll take me a while to get over this, starting with a crappy journey up to Stoke on Saturday. I need a hug :-(
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30/10/2008 09:28:00

You think Bentley’s behaviour at the final whistle was unbearable?? What about your totally disrespectful goal celebrations for the 4th goal? You hit the nail on the head I think Arsenals sheer arrogance cost you the game! I mean who did you think you were playing? This is a north London derby for god’s sake!! to be honest at 4.2 I thought it was over but I thought it was a bit unfair, the first half was very even and your second goal was NEVER a free kick once this went in we had to chase the game which resulted in your third goal from a ball over the top with our defence push right up which they would never have been if we wasn’t 2.1 down you say we didn't earn it in the technical sense, and it wasn't through passion or great football that they made the come back, it was sheer lunacy on Arsenal's part?? Some parts true but are you telling me Jenas shot was not technically brilliant?? What about Modrics shot onto the post?? their was still allot to do after Clichy's slip (and if it wasn’t for Hutton having such a bad night I would be rubbing that into LondonGooner about a full backs argument on Vital Spurs yesterday LOL) Overall WHAT A GAME! North London Derby classic!! But to draw at the Emirates when your 4.2 down halfway through the 89th min Feels like a win! but after all the pre match talk from Cesc & Adebayor not to mention the 4th goal celebrations, the Olay’s with every pass between the 80th and 89th min and the crude Bentley chants, you lot deserve every bit of egg you find on your faces this morning! And Gallas crying at the end really topped it off! I’m not going to be delusional Arsenal were class last night just a tad disrespectful... Justice was served! Lets see if you dare disrespect us next meeting! im on cloud nine! COYS!
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30/10/2008 09:31:00

I think anyone who paid to watch that game got more than value for money. I support spurs but am not ashamed to say that I enjoy watching Arsenal play good football because I am a fan of football above any pack mentality. The result was fair, end of. Your goals were from errors as were ours. But for your manager to say you should have gone on to score 5/6 is direspectful. Why did he take his attacking players off if he thought that was his wish? Most managers will credit the opposition in a game like that...not Mr Wenger. Our players gave 100% till the whistle and that is what resulted in the draw. I say what a great game.
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30/10/2008 09:32:00

can someone help me with this. i am trying to check my fanasy scores but when i log in i am not able to see any thing like my scores or my team it was normal last week.
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30/10/2008 09:33:00

Dazz, as I said not to take anything away from Spurs becuse there was still a lot to do and it was done well, but the fact remains that you were gifted the opportunity to punish us. Jenas goals was a fantastic finish, but Modorics shot? That was going straight down Almunia's throat (though he would have spilled it probably .. lol) before it took a massive deflection. But as you say, it was a great advertisement for PL football .... NLD's are rarely dull.
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30/10/2008 09:48:00

My feelings exactly. Quite simply I do not have strong enough words for what those players did last night, I hope they're thoroughly ashamed of themselves because that was worse than the 5-1. How do players who have achieved so little justify such pathetic arrogance? Cesc Fabregas, you my boy, look like a total bellend this morning and by proxy, so do we because of your stupid comments. Let's try and imagine the opprobrium from Arsenal fans had Gallas made such stupid comments. As for Clichy, you're an excellent player young man, but how many times do you have to put your balls in the toaster before you realise it's not a good idea? ***** up against City, you learn nothing and go and do it again against Birmingham, a mistake which probably cost us the league title. If that didn't teach you, then nothing well, the mistake for Spurs' third goal from Clichy was unforgivable because he's done it before in such grave circumstances. What will it take for that**** to learn? My faith in this team is at absolute zero, we have a bunch of arrogant children whose heads have disappeared up their arses before they've achieved anything at all. It's not the first time complacency has hit us this season and, given the fact that we obviously won't learn our lessons, it won't be the last. We had a corner in the 92nd minute at 4-3 and Cesc lumps it into the box?! That's a sign of a young man who did not take his opponents seriously, I bet the ladies team wouldn't have done that Fabregas, you nobhead. Worth pointing out that Gallas, perhaps the only player who can hold his head high, was the only one to stay behind and applaud the fans at the end while the other spoiled kiddies buggered off down the tunnel. I didn't join in, but for the first time in my life, I felt the team deserved to be booed off for that. Completely unacceptable to exhibit that attitude. Spurs had eight goals all season and are bottom of the league and we concede four to them at home. Would someone like to seriously try and convince me Silvestre is better than Senderos? Those players should be light of their wage packets this week, if it's the only way they'll learn it has to be done.
Little Dutch
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30/10/2008 09:49:00

And I was talking about Bentley's behaviour in the interview rather than at the final whistle (which was understandable).
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30/10/2008 09:49:00

LD - I don't think I've ever seen such exquisit and appropriate uses of the words "bellend" and "nobhead" before.
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30/10/2008 09:53:00

Im a Liverpool fan and as a neutral, that was an UNBELIEVABLE game, in fact one of THE best top flight games Ive ever seen. Arsenal were fantastic but Spurs deserve credit for the way they just kept going. Every time each side went forward, a goal seemed almost inevitable. Fanastic entertainment, although I fear Spurs will be right up for our game on Saturday now and Id definitely take a point! Arsenal are a great side, a better footballing side than Liverpool but IMO you lack 2 players: 1) A leader in midfield. Someone like Gattuso sitting in front of the back 4 and letting the kids do their stuff, and 2) Possibly a commanding centre half. Just an opinion....
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30/10/2008 09:58:00

Trader - your opinion mirrors just about every gooner alive mate! lol
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30/10/2008 10:03:00

I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm normally the ultimate optimist, but something died inside me last night! I don't feel this team, technically brilliant as they are, have the mentallity for winning anything! My faith took a battering last night. Will still be supporting them to the hilt, but maybe with a little less optimism!
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30/10/2008 10:03:00

What a great game an advert for north london derbies. I got the feeling the goon players were trying to hard to make up for the 5-1 and smash us when the game was over. You paid the price as you had us beaten..
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30/10/2008 10:11:00

The immaturity of some players was never more evident than in the closing minutes of the game. Gallas was berated for bawling out Clichy last season. I hope he didn't hold back last night either. It's a lesson he should have learned by now. I can't help feeling that we are using Walcott the wrong way around. He rarely plays a full 90 minutes anyway and seemed tailor made for the last 20/30 minutes of this game. Anything we did in the scoring of our goals would have been accomplished without him and he is never more dangerous than when the other side are coming at us.
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30/10/2008 10:11:00

Irony dealing a cruel blow? That seemed far too often the case for us - before the Hull game we were proclaiming how our defence had not conceded a goal from open play and look at what happened since then; some of us at this forum were claiming how Almunia had grown in stature before NLD and ...??? Looking at the table, we are behind the other "big 3" (I'm assuming Man U takes their game in hand), but at a surmountable gap of 3 pts and 1 pt. I've a funny feeling that liverpool is "mirroring" our start last season and they will somehow either being found out or "self-destruct" at some stages, so technically speaking, we are still in a shout. But that is the "heart" of mine speaking. The entire 90mins of last nite match epitomised our season so far, blowing hot and cold far too often. We looked good in some games, and woeful at some and Last nite the lads chose to show displayed their 2 faces in the same match. It was painful, so much so that I'm beginning to feel numb. I hope to be proven wrong, but we are simply too inconsistent and erratic to mount any sort of challenge this season. And for Adebayor, for all that were being emphasised on his importance to our play, he should just be benched till he showed the desire and commitment to deserve a place. An "important" player is an asset to the team ONLY if he cares to give his all.
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30/10/2008 10:13:00

Everyone is super p*ssed of today, none more than me. Wanted to take a day of work but think people are being harsh on Clichy. It was a slip on the half way line. Why Silvestre doesnt go to close him down after. As a team we need to learn to keep possession and be less naive. I know we were eager at 4-2 to get revenge for the carling cup but there is no need to throw everyone forward. Also some sections of Arsenals fans are pathetic. I can udnerstand booing at the final whistle, but some were booing the team after the first goal and every missed pass until we got the equalizer.
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30/10/2008 10:14:00

I fear for us against United because Fergie will be licking his lips and thinking we have a chance to put Arsenal to the sword. If we can concede 4 stupid goals to a side lacking in confidence and sitting at the bottom, what on earth will one of the most accomplished sides in world football do to us. It's not even about whether we need a defensive midfielder or commanding centre-half, it's a collective mentality thing with us and for that you have to put the responsibility on the manager I guess.
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30/10/2008 10:21:00

ya, we failed ourslves
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30/10/2008 10:31:00

More concerned about Stoke right now, Vin. What with Almunia's bristling confidence to deal with those throw ins. Feel completely let down, showed such immaturity last night, but y'know, we had a good season last year with kids...
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30/10/2008 10:33:00

loads of games left guys, its only October FFS ! wenger will ring the changes and get it right ! the harry factor was always gonna bite us, we historically never do well against new managers, that will soon wear off, probably against liverpool on saturday, in the cold light of day, a point at us for small team is a big result, I understand that, but when teams around you are winning, then that point is hollow, cos you have lost ground, that applies to both arsenal and tottenham !
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30/10/2008 10:45:00

PUREGOLD a point at the Emirates when your 4.2 down in the 89th min is a Big result... cue the celebrations, just like Arsenal would have celebrated getting 2 goals in the last 4mins say at Anfield?? Ohh here we go with the small club insults PG your starting to sound like Wenger
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30/10/2008 10:53:00

I gotta agree with Dazza. Spurs had every right to go crazy at that result. We did the same when we nicked a point in the last minute against United last season, and that was in far less sensational and amazing circumstances. As time passes I'm seeing more and more Spurs fans saying that whilst it's a good point they still know what went on. I'm not sure anyone in their right mind could deny them their celebrations, especially after the season they've been having.
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30/10/2008 10:58:00

Cracking game last night ,I had full intention of coming on here and giving back a bit of what we've been getting but after reading through the comments it seems most of you know about the arrogance etc and have accepted the eggs on face so I won't bother .All I will say is that its easy to say you gave us the goals but you are forgetting that your first goal was a gift from our keeper,you was gifted a free kick (that wasn't) for another and was played in by our full back for another ,thats 3 goals not of your making! Also I thought the game was played in good spirit and there was only 1player on the pitch cheating and that was RVP,whilst Modric and Walcott etc were riding tackles he was doing his exaggerated fall downs even when breathed on disgraceful! Anyway thats it from me good game
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 10:59:00

PUREGOLD- You epitomize everything I hate about Arsenal, Small club etc blah blah, well you need to beat the "small" clubs like us and Hull to be a "big" club don't you?maybe you should of played your ladies! Like Wenger you are an arrogant,blind idiot.
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30/10/2008 11:04:00

dazza and park, arrogance ? what like saying you will get our 4th spot ? liek calling yourselves one of the top 3 after winning silverware or a minor cup competition ? you know, I am the first to say how we effed up last night, I congratulate Harry on getting your team not to give up and keep going, yes at 4-2 down you look buried, and we had enough chances after to score more, but arrogance >? the fact remains you ARE a smaller club, to call yourselves a big club is not something i would say, you haven't won the league in 47 years, you haven't even played champions league football. lets face it, neither team played that well, spurs did well to fight back, but in the cold light of day, a point when you are bottom of the league with other teams winning is not enough ! 2 pts dropped when your 3rd can be retrieved, thats the difference between top and bottom.
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30/10/2008 11:19:00

POORGOLD, thanks for sending out the ladies team last night. mugs.
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 11:26:00

You read to many papers sunshine, practically no yids thought we'd be top4, yet the media etc hyped us as usual,correct we haven't won the league in 47yrs or whatever but we've still won something more recently than you eh? If you think we'll go down fancy putting your money where your mouth is and we'll have a bet? btw that point when you're at the bottom is a point gained and could prove vital ,where as when your near the top its one lost and could cost you THATS the difference between top and bottom.47yrs or 5/6 yrs is living off past glory's just the same isn't it?
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30/10/2008 11:31:00

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30/10/2008 11:34:00

hey PG it was the media and bandwagon fans proclaiming us for the top 4, anyways with what you were saying on our boards before the game do your comments not look just as foolish now after the event? The media and Bandwagon fans have moved on from us being in the top 4, why havent you? Its because its an easy jibe and doesnt take much thought to use, just like your next fall back is to derise us over about being a big club, we have lots of history and were a much better team than Arsenal were back when we won the doubel etc. Football fluctuates and changes, who's to say in 10 years time the roles aren't reversed? What will you fall back on then? Take the blinkers off man, banter is much more enjoyable then.
Audere est Facere
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30/10/2008 11:44:00

Unbelievable. You concede just six goals in your first nine games. Then have Spuds at home. You have them chipped, fried and on the plate,,, and then you gift them goals.
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 11:46:00

sindbad -in case you didn't notice we gifted them 2 goals too!
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 11:50:00

I can't believe you have given them so much confidence they are such a crap side.
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 12:44:00

why did hutton stop running for adebayors goal???? he could have easily cleared it if hadnt slowed down??
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 13:13:00

Mouville, we were 4-2 up and missed 4 gilt edged chances, of course we should of gone on to score 2 maybe 3 more goals. What a stupid statement to make regarding wenger. Why should he congratulate Spu*s,? Congratulations for getting outplayed all match or how about redknapp saying congratulations for throwing away a 2 goal lead or congratulations for this or for that. What a load of rubbish mate!
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 13:18:00

Dazza, don't think either of our fullbacks made a case for our respective arguments yesterday mate lol We'll call that a score draw aswell!
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 13:20:00

Londongooner you are the epitomy of all that is wrong. Spurs palyed well and deserved the point. Your team did not put away the so called gilt edged chances therefore the players in question failed!! I said there were errors on both sides without needing to go into who did what and when. As I said most managers would be gracious enough to compliment the opposing teams effort. Apart from Mr Wenger who is a complete ****. I said I enjoy watching Arsenal play because I like watching football. You are one of those sad sacks who cannot operate outside the pack mentality. Nice to see the majority on the site have more sense. Knob!!
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 14:16:00

mouville-I gave up listening to anything Wenger said last year when he couldn't acknowledge we were the better team after watching us tonk them 5-1,there is backing your team to the hilt which is fine but he goes way beyond that and just looks like an undignified ,spoilt little kid
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 14:19:00

Absolutely. banter among the fans on websites is one thing but the behaviour of the managers is quite seperate. credit should be given where credit is due which most on this site have done with thanks. Off back home.
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 14:23:00

Pure arrogance. Nothing more and nothing less. The players were arrogant throughout the game, never giving the opponent the respect they deserved. They were arrogant in choosing to bounce the ball around rather than really and truly killing this game off. Wenger was arrogant in his substitutions. Wenger shows his arrogance in his refusal to accept we need a better DM and a CD. Very disappointed.
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 15:46:00

bentely from the halfway line!
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 19:26:00

the RSPCA have warned that a bitter frenchman in N London has lost his dog.if found call 4-2 4-3 4-4.apparently he couldn`t hold on to the lead...:)
Report Abuse
01/11/2008 18:40:00


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