Arsenal - Dressing Room Dressing Down?
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Dressing Room Dressing Down?

I am sure you are probably aware of the hyperbolic headlines spilling forth from the nation`s rags this morning regarding an alleged bust up in the Arsenal dressing room following the aberration in the final minutes against Spurs. The first thing to say is that there is not a dressing room in the country that would not see, "swearing (shock, horror), shouting (somebody think of the children) and finger pointing (*feints*)," after a final few minutes like that. Frankly, if there isn`t a heated exchange or two, then the likelihood is that the team in question will be relegated and have already accepted it. The details of course are very sketchy (the Sun newspaper quotes "a source"), but in my experience, these things tend to have at least a modicum of truth to them. Even if that truth is then placed into the bullshit-o-meter and cranked up to ten. But I am sure words were said and I have already articulated my cynicism surrounding Gallas` injury for Saturday over on the forum. (Seriously, a hamstring pull, did anyone see him pull up? I didn`t. Are we to believe he attained the affliction walking down the tunnel, or perhaps he stretched too vociferously when he awoke on Thursday morning?) The question I am trying to get at the crux of is, would this necessarily be a bad thing if words were exchanged on Wednesday evening?

While the media will predictably explode into frenzy over something quite trivial (I would imagine the word 'crisis` will be used in every article connected with us leading up to the Stoke game and, if we don`t win, beyond) there are many that will contend that this is precisely the sort of splenetic pyrotechnics that this team needs right now. Much has been said about the entropy that has enveloped many displays this season and the arrogance displayed in the final minutes on Wednesday was completely unacceptable for any professional football side at any level in the Football League. It has been said that many players are in something of a comfort zone due to a lack of competition for places. This is perhaps surprising considering the apathetic display against Hull City came right on the heels of our young reserves smashing six past Sheffield United. But whilst Wenger continues to affirm faith in the young players bubbling below the parapet of the first team, his utterances are not backed up by action. The likes of Vela, Ramsey and Bendtner have a single league start between them this season. It is perhaps understandable not to make wholesale changes with deputies this junior, but the fact that Ramsey, Vela and even Djourou (who has not appeared since the opening day) have a premium of Premiership minutes between them this year. (Mind you, Denilson and Song have been stars of the last couple of Carling Cup runs and now many contend they are not good enough for regular first team football). As Friedrich Engels once remarked, "an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory."

In the meantime, we have seen inconsistent form from the team which, most conclude, has been due to an inharmonious symphony of inexperience and immaturity with the youngsters and complacency within the more established ranks. Strong words have been said by supporters and now, perhaps the time has come for words to be said amongst the players. Firstly, it shows commitment to right the wrongs and correct the consistent mistakes we have been making since the opening day of the season. Secondly, this kind of clear the air visceral fury can work wonders in firing underperforming team mates up. I remember playing a game when I was 15, my captain, who also happened to be my best friend, tore into me for too easily losing a header in the build up to conceding a soft goal. Harsh words were exchanged between us. For the rest of that game I played out of my skin, not due to any sense of responsibility on my part you understand. Oh no, I was absolutely in the right and he was 100% unjustified. I played frenetically just to shut him up and prove a point. My actions were motivated by spite, but the point is it worked. Perhaps this is exactly the sort of peroration the side needs at this stage of the season to infuse some purpose back into some overly comfortable limbs. But there is a flipside.

Gallas allegedly ripped into his players following the demoralising draw at Birmingham last season. He has received nothing but criticism for it since as the team showed major mental malfunctions last season by falling apart in the wake of a mistake strewn draw. Gallas has been a quieter captain this year, he has received nothing but criticism for it since. But it does reveal that perhaps the mentality of our players is too precious and too fragile to survive such an ear bashing. We now find ourselves on the back of a similarly demoralising game (albeit without the horrific physical injury) and Stoke City tomorrow will be a massive measure of how far we have come since then. Last season, the team capitulated in similar circumstances. Tomorrow they have no option but to prove that they have learned from and been chastened by that experience. So far this season, this team has failed massively in its ability to correct mistakes; both the players and the manager have singularly failed to address persistent errors. But if there really was a dressing room rumble, perhaps this is the worst thing that could happen to players who have proved themselves to be psychologically weak throughout 2008.

Recent history reveals another negative flipside. 'The Invincibles` were torn apart by internal wrangling. It began on the team coach after a disappointing away draw at Rosenborg, Patrick Vieira and Lauren exchanged blows as they furiously remonstrated over who was at fault for the equaliser. There were two bifurcate, but not mutually hostile camps in that squad. The French players, Vieira, Pires, Cygan, and Henry. Then there was a recently implanted Spanish element, Fabregas, Almunia, Reyes and Lauren (who grew up in Andalusia). A month later, Luis Aragones made his sickening jibe towards Jose Reyes as Spain trained for a World Cup qualifier concerning Thierry Henry. Reyes and Henry visibly fell out (one can understand Henry`s frustration as Reyes was filmed laughing nervously at Aragones` bile, but he was immature in clearly bullying Reyes on the field of play). A yawning chasm developed within the squad between the Spanish players, who sided with Lauren and Reyes and the French players who were firmly with Vieira and Henry. Vieira, Henry, Pires, Cygan and Lauren were all sold within two years. What began as an after match tiff over slack marking, embedded itself as a tumour on the squad. Such dressing room remonstrations; if they go too far, can have cancerous implications for the bonhomie of the squad. Back in March, Adebayor spoke of a family atmosphere within the squad. It is now reported. Somewhat dubiously, that Gallas has ruled himself out of the Stoke match. I`m not sure I believe it, but if it`s true, I wager we won`t see him in an Arsenal shirt again. My instinct is that this is a diplomatic injury invented as a phantasm by the manager, because I watched Gallas walk off on Wednesday night and he did not have a pulled hamstring.

For better or worse, the eyes of the country will now be on us on Saturday. How we respond will tell us a great deal about this team`s prospects for the future and their mental facilities to handle pressure. Both physical in the form of a Rory Delap throw in and psychological. I think the manager`s team selection will clear some of the cobwebs with regards to the stories doing the rounds. If Adebayor, Silvestre and Gallas all sit the game out, I think we can assume the manager is wielding an iron fist. What is clear, is that if this group of players is half as special as the manager tells us, then they will respond emphatically tomorrow and beyond.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday October 31 2008

Time: 1:25PM

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Good article Tim. Two points on this topic. some may recall a season or two back a young Cesc ruing the fact that there wasn't enough anger in the dressing room. That sometimes a little honesty was needed. The other is that if you have read McLintocks autobiography you will know his opinion of the value of infamous after match dressing room lock ins with only players permitted and exchanges reaching fist fight proportions. There has a be a level where dressing room wrangles go too far but in general it has to be healthier to bring it all out at the time than let it fester over a whole season.
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31/10/2008 13:34:00

True, I believe the 1971 double side even had a special room for these meetings. To be honest, I don't know what was said in the dressing room, but if Gallas is being punished for having a pop at his players I'd be disappointed in the manager. I felt Gallas was one of the few players who was not guilty of dropping off, I saw him shouting at his team mates with about six minutes left on the clock. Perhaps Wenger is picking on the more experienced players (reprtedly Silvestre, Ade and Gallas) to try and cajole them into being better leaders.
Little Dutch
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31/10/2008 13:39:00

The other point I forgot to include in the article was that I think some of the things the players have been saying to the press have been ill advised. I'm not just talking about Cesc's comments, but Walcott saying Europe would fear us after we defended like a pub team against Fenerbahce, van Persie using one game against poor opponents to big us up as the best team going, Wenger telling everyone Silvestre is a leader only for the player himself to deny it a day later. Leave the talking in the dressing room, leave the media to the manager and the captain, everyone else shut the ***** up quite frankly, because the media management of the club and the players, is incredibly poor by my reckoning. (This bust up has been leaked as has Wenger's teamtalk pre Bolton).
Little Dutch
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31/10/2008 13:43:00

cheer up guys
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31/10/2008 13:44:00

I think the bust ups are a good thing. Get all the bad blood out of the system. Its high time Wenger vented at the team, he has given this team probably far more confidence than they deserve, which has resulted in the arrogance. This team needs to be put in place. If this team reacts well to this bust up, then good. If they react badly, then its good in the long run coz it will show Wenger that this team isnt good enough. Same for Clichy - he will come out fighting after this one, I'm confident of this.
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31/10/2008 14:18:00

I liked the article. I have my views on laying in to players for mistakes. In the team i play for the captain is always shouting through the match at various players for miss passing, not going in for tackles etc (while not accepting any blame for his own mistakes). For some it motivates them in to proving him wrong, for others it makes them visibly nervous when they get the ball and they start to not play their game. They will become annonymous and ultimatly worthless on the pitch. I think Clichy made a mistake, but i also think it was just a slip as he was trying to surge forwards. Maybe in the 89th minute it would of been betetr to pass an easy ball, but my point is i dont want him to stop surging forwards because he is scared to make another mistake as he is one of our best players. He lifts the team and never stops going and i dont want him to stop that.
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31/10/2008 14:20:00

For the captain's bollockins to have an effect, the players have to respect and look up to, their captain. Is this the case?
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31/10/2008 14:22:00

Perhaps Wenger is sending out a message by dropping the experienced heads that no one is untouchable. I felt that he could have done it a bit earlier in the season. LD, if Gallas was screaming at the team and no one was listening, questions will be raised whether he is an effective captain (irrespective whether he is a good captain or not). Perhaps, Gallas is a bit of a scapegoat, but in situations like this, there is bound to be one or two scapegoats, coz Wenger cannot drop the whole team. Also, this sort of thing comes with the territory of being captain, so Gallas cannot complain much. I sympthise with Gallas to a certain extent, but if punishing him brings out the right response from the team, then so be it.
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31/10/2008 14:24:00

If Clichy was trying to surge forwards while facing his own goal then someone needs to have a word with him. Whatever he was trying to do it was unprofessional at that point in the game. It doesn't do him or anyone else any good if he isn't told that simple truth in plain unambiguous terms. They need to get this out of their system while not being afraid to play our natural game. Time for the boys to grow up.
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31/10/2008 14:31:00

Quite uncanny prits because I've just had that exact conversation by e mail with the guys I go to games with. It's a very valid question, but my point is that Gallas cannot be ubiquitous, Adams was a great skipper, but he had Bould, Keown, Winterburn, Dixon and Seaman flanking him, as well as a cool head like Paul Davis and a leader upfront in Alan Smith. Vieira had Campbell, Bergkamp and Keown through the spine of the side. Who does Gallas have as a lieutenant? We've lost Lehmann and Gilberto who were leader figures, there's only so much one man can do and I don't see where the other leaders are to help add weight to his message. For instance, he went mental when Cesc lumped a corner into the box in the 93rd minute with the score at 4-3. But he was sixty yards away from Cesc at the time, who was helping transmit that message?
Little Dutch
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31/10/2008 14:37:00

Surging forward might of been the wrong choice of words, but he looks to take players on and then go forward. He often starts from defence and reaches the last 3rd by taking on a a couple of players. Obviously every now and then he will lose the ball, but i wouldnt want him to change that part of his game. It seems everytime he makes a mistake he is punished, but how many goals does he contribute to.
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31/10/2008 14:47:00

Just one question: Is Senderos better than silvestre?
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31/10/2008 14:56:00

If Gallas is dropped I will be very *****ed off. He is the only player in the team that can handle the situation and our most experienced player and he is dropped for being MoTM on the shambolic affair? But I am sure Fabregas, Clichy, Almunia and Walcott will stay in...
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31/10/2008 15:02:00

I dont think anyone played so bad they deserved to be dropped. Least Gallas who has been our best player in the last 2 games. Infact no player in the team is playing particularly badly. As a team we need to change our mentality in different situations, keep possession, see out wins etc
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31/10/2008 16:07:00

blimey, I say after Wednesday how I blame Gallas and got flamed for it, now he suddenly is injured and wenger is blaming his for our collapse. i also hear Andy barndoor is also to be dropped, maybe vela may get his chance to shine, i hope he grabs it. I also hope Ramsey will get a chance too ! stoke is gonna be one tough mother of a game !
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31/10/2008 16:58:00

Is Fabregas undroppable? I love super cesc but its easily his worst start to a season in an Arsenal shirt. Was it his baiting of spurs pre game? Was it his poor ball retention that assisted their 4th goal? Im told Diaby is an attacking central midfielder. I feel for Gallas as if these players arent listening to the manager then what chance does he have? How should he deal with Clichys persistent Elm street moments? a cuddle? il take back any 100% player from Arsenal past to replace this bunch...they asked for our backing on wednesday and the fans responded...what did we get in return but the same old s*@t? We need them to stand up and be counted and give us back our Arsenal. there is no way they can guarantee us trophies but they can give us 100% from the 1st whistle till last and as a gooner thats all I will ever ask for.
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31/10/2008 19:05:00

I would also like to see Cesc dropped. Not only does he think he is the shizz, but the rest of the squad do and other teams. I hate that people think that he is the only top player we have. Ramsey or Diaby could come in and has as big an effect without looking as classy. I love the lad but the guy needs to be told he is not the greatest player ever.
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31/10/2008 19:43:00

Valid point LD. A rival fan asked me who would replace Gallas as captain and I went through the list of possible candidates (Toure, Cesc, Silvestre, Almunia) and decided none of them was upto it, yet. To a certain extent, I do feel for Gallas coz he is a winner amongst a bunch of arrogant kids. I saw Wenger's interview and was surprised that he was critical of us NOT going for goals 5 & 6. IMO, it was exactly that which cost us the 2 pts and made me feel like Wenger & I were watching different games. I'm also a little surprised at his targets - Ade, Gallas & Silvestre (if one believes the media). He should have also had a go at Cesc, Song, Denilson & Eboue. Basically, the whole team and not just a few players.
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31/10/2008 20:06:00

Maybe just maybe Denilsons improved showing and discipline on wednesday was due to songs decent performance against West Ham? A bit of competition is healthy....Arsenal is a club in the comfort zone...its starts at board room level, extends to the manager and now the team. Everyone is safe, from lockdown agreements to guaranteed 1st team places.
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31/10/2008 21:09:00

Thats why Wenger should have a good look at his squad list and pick the best team and not the best loved players by the fans. What the hell is Theo playing all of these games for? Why do van Persie and Adebayor play every match they are fit? Why is Cesc never rested/dropped? If Toure and Gallas are fit, they don't have to play. Fabianski needs a chance to prove himself other than in training and the Carling Cup. It sounds a little strange to say, but get fourth place and experiment in the league so that we can have a good chance next season. Go for the FA Cup and the Champions League (although I have already established that we are only after that this season, we had already given up on the league before we started), even the Carling Cup. Why not try Vela - Bendtner against Stoke? It has as much chance of success as Ade and RvP because we do not know how well they will play together. Why not try Eboue at DM? Lets forget winning the PL. It won't happen. Win a cup. Keep the good players. Rid the rot and sign some needed players.
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31/10/2008 22:21:00

your an ass, lol.. hamstring pull can occur during trainings.
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01/11/2008 01:39:00

Gallas should rip into Clichy
Report Abuse
01/11/2008 01:45:00

i m not done yet.. Gallas should rip into the 3 dms and also rip into AW.
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01/11/2008 01:59:00

I don't like to think too much about the past. what happened, happened and there is nothing we can do to change that, so the only thing we can do/hope for is that lessons are learned but this doesn't even seem to be happening, is on the manager to change that(which he keeps saying). Looking forward against stoke i expect nothing but 100% from who ever plays as they should from themselves. But the big response i would like to see is how they play against manu, still embarrassed about the fa cup loss. Finally just wanted to give a shout out to RVP he has stepped up big in past couple of games as with Gallas. one more thing anyone remember clichy's goal bound save against Sunderland, how many times has he done that.
Youngest in Charge
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01/11/2008 02:54:00

We win as a team and we lose as a team. There were individual errors on the night that cost us dearly and we all know what they were. It seems to me that the core problem is that we are so open at the back, relying far too much on the offside trap. Individual players become isolated - where was the cover following Gael's slip? The team lacks true defenders, players who love to defend, players who love a 'dust-up' at the back, players who take a pride in clean sheets. All of our defenders seem happier and more keen to go forward, with defending seen as a secondary duty rather than the primary purpose of their presence on the field. It's been said many times before and I agree that the team would benefit from a proper central defender and a top class holding, sweeping, ball winning central midfielder. Whether these players are available or would want to come to Arsenal is another matter of course. I thought Gallas had one of his best games for us and I thought Denilson did what he could to contain the midfield without much help from anyone else. Cesc is yet to find the form of the early part of last season and probably should be 'rested' for a couple of games. RVP also had one of his best games in an Arsenal shirt but Adebayor continues to be less effective than at this time last year although he is still scoring goals. It is up to the manager to sort it out, they are his players, his team and he coaches and trains them so he must share the blame to!
norfolk dumpling
Report Abuse
01/11/2008 08:16:00

did anyone read Gallas's comments on this is a real leader, he is the man, and if he cannot lead these bunch of players to glory, then nobody can..
Report Abuse
01/11/2008 08:54:00

wenger wasn't critical of going for the 5th and 6th cos at 4-2 they shouold of closed down, sat on the ball and not given away cheap play !
Report Abuse
01/11/2008 09:38:00

I agree with Iceman on this.Is Cesc undroppable,i thought he was pants on wednesday and is not above criticism or indeed benching.I think with the Clichy situation people are being a bit rough.Its sliding doors really,he doesnt slip and you win the game and all is roses.Just after Jenas's goal i do recall a spurs player slipping in near the exact same spot as Clichy but nothing came of it.Like i said'sliding doors'.
Report Abuse
01/11/2008 09:49:00

I glad to hear there was a bust-up, the players should be swearing, shouting and finger pointing, after what had just happened on the pitch the way they gave up 3pts.
Report Abuse
01/11/2008 12:25:00

Sack Gallas. Give it to Fabregas..
Report Abuse
02/11/2008 15:13:00


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