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Match Ratings v Fenerbahce

21.Lukasz FABIANSKI- Was only really tested the once from Burak's shot. He might have come for the long ball that set the chance up but vindicated his decision with a good save. 7

4.Francesc FABREGAS- A few half decent passes in amongst a scattergun array of misplaced efforts, I can't decide if he was exhausted or disinterested in the second half. Either way, it confirmed that when he isn't firing, neither are Arsenal. 5

5.Kolo TOURE(c)- A skin and bone casing of the player of three years ago. He looks fat, low on energy, low on enthusiasm and bereft of pace. Embodies one of the squad's primary problems in that even the senior players have no leadership qualities. 5

8.Samir NASRI- Has not looked nearly as effective of late, after a blistering start perhaps he is undergoing his acclimbatisation in reverse. Didn't support the strikers with his usual gusto. 6

11.Robin van PERSIE- Carried Arsenal's most sustained threat for an hour or so. His finishing may not have been clinical, he wasn't just the man most likely, he was the only man likely. Completely disappeared for the last half an hour. 7

15.DENILSON Pereira de Neves- One of the bright spots on a damp squib of a night, won his tackles excellently, played with energy and spirit and was economical with the ball. He made sure Fenerbahce's rare attempts at counter attacking were well thwarted. 8

16.Aaron RAMSEY- A positive outing, did not look at all phased by the occasion and looked to become involved wherever possible. Always looked to be inventive with the ball but similarly unafraid of keeping it simple. Faded in the second half, which perhaps you would expect, but plenty of encouraging signs there. 7

18.Mikael SILVESTRE- Probably his best game for the club, but revealingly probably his least busy until a broken nose saw him come off. Unfussy and uncompromising. 7

20.Johan DJOUROU- Won headers! Play him forthwith! Again, Johan will be in for sterner examinations in his career, but dealt with everything comfortably and the added height helped on occasion when Fenerbahce looked to loft balls over the top to Guiza. 7

22.Gael CLICHY- Another busy night, got involved with the attacks, dealt comfortably with the defending. Probably the only player genuinely interested in winning the game in the last fifteen minutes. 7.5

26.Nicklas BENDTNER- Bad night at the office, his touch was poor, his passes were off radar and he never looked a threat to Fenerbahce's backline. Withdrawn after an hour and will have to play much, much better on Saturday. 5


2.Vassiriki Abou Diaby- Looked vaguely threatening on the left once or twice, but came on to an Arsenal team happy with 0-0. The attitude infected him in the last three or four minutes. 6

12.Carlos Vela- Could not affect the game, largely because of the lack of supply from the midfield. Really is going to have to learn to use his right foot once in a while, he'll only ever be 50% of the player without it. 6

17.Alexandre Song Billong- No time to affect the game. N/A

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday November 6 2008

Time: 1:43PM

Your Comments

Kolo is muslim and has been fasting for Ramadan recently which means he can only eat late in the evening which means he gets one meal a day and that is before bedtime so his metabolism slows down and he gains alot of weight. A friend of mine has done it also and he turned into a fat bar****d in a few weeks!
Also, RVP on a 7? He missed several sitters and gave the goal keeper too many opportunities to make a save or rush out and gclaim the ball. Yes he was involved, but for some one who Arsenal fans gush over as so talented, he was utter horse ****** and should of walked away with the match ball, the fact he didn't geta single goal, sums his night up for me also! You do realise though that it is unfashionable to praise Denilson, even when he has done a good job ;o)
Toure's weight gain goes back further than Ramadan, he now looks like a mixture between Gary Coleman and the Nutty Professor. Van Persie is also muslim and he doesn't have an arse the size of a moon crater.
Little Dutch
RVP isn't a devout far as I'm aware!? Denilsoon was immaculate last night, but Fener were crap and there midfield was crap and their passing to. Against Man Utd he will get over run, of that I have no coubt. As the other midfielders don't look interested in helping the lad out! Toure has been pretty sh** since the season after the unbeaten year, fact! Maybe it's time to move him on whilste his stock is high? We have Gallas, Douruououuouou, Silvestre and Norveidt, plus, maybe it may make Wenger go out and bring in someone who is aggresive and commanding at the back?
poor and boring performance, arsenal can do much better then that and needs to if they want to challenge for silverware.
Toure is a great recovery defender. Since Gallas came we now have 2 central defenders who are best at this job and neither likes the aerial stuff. Kolo does seem to be quite out of shape at the moment and for me Djourou has to know be given a run in the team...Djourou and A.N. other The worst strikers are the ones that dont get chances (Aliadierie anyone?) RVP will get you 20-25 goals a season if he wasnt forever injured.
I'm the only one who thought Toure played well last night?
Comparing the spineless performances like that one at Stoke, I'd agree too Rocky. It is the first time I saw him run so much in a game this year, he recovered a number of tackles from behind and seemingly enjoyed the lack of 'direct' responsibility in the center of defence (commonly known as headers). He was quite involved on that right side in attack too, although he had grandpops Roberto Carlos playing against him on that side. He does look overweight and a fraction of that energetic centreback that complemented Sol and Senderos tremendously. He is a worse captain then Gallas, too.
Denilson and Clichy were my MOM.
No, Rocky, you're not. Surprised to see Kolo's performance last night trashed like this. He did fade, like they all did (except for Clichy of course) but he surprised me with a far better RB performance than I expected. He really seemed up for it. Agree about his weight and overall form, tho. I just think Kolo needs to be in a team with tough, strong, commanding personalities, which is why he did so well with the Invincibles. He thrives on that. He's not leadership material.
Jaelle - totally agree, Kolo did brilliantly alongside Campbell and Vieira etc. I also thought Kolo did quite well, at least in terms of effort and drive, and certainly didn't merit the same mark as Bendtner who I thought was very poor overall. Denilson does seem to be improving, the experience he is gaining from this season is really going to hold him in good stead. The one that disappoints me the most is Diaby: so much potential but seems to mostly play for himself. Perhaps that's what happens when you don't play enough and then try to do too much in order to impress.
Diaby needs to play centrally or not at all. If Cesc is either tired or out of form then Arsene should be 'resting' him and playing Diaby. It concerns me because it shows a lack of faith in a squad that he built, He highlighted our lack of 2nd half drive and put it down to tiredness? Well if the squad quality and numbers are sufficient we shouldnt be suffering from fatigue 16 games into a season.
Iceman - I agree, yesterday was a good day to give Diaby a run-out in the middle and rest Cesc (at least until the second half). I think a Diaby/Song or Diaby/Denilson combination could work quite well. God we could be doing with Diarra now!
Amen Rocky! I was honestly a bit worried when I saw Kolo at RB. But I was pleased to see him track his guy well and he looked fat, true, and not as quick as before, but he did way better than he had done earlier this season. I'm just wondering if he's more comfortable doing the running, happily letting Djourou and Silvestre do the jumping, heading and stuff in the air. Best game I've seen him play at RB this season. While Den also did well in a slightly more defensive role in midfield, in fairness, he didn't have a hell of a lot to do. So for me, the outstanding ones were Djourou, Clichy and RvP.
Toure was good in the easiest role to play in Football. Sagna and Clichy are consistently excellent. Denilson has always been good at that role. But he does not always do what you want. Hoe does not physically dominate but he can tackle and mark a man, adding the attacking attributes to it. That is why I would like to see Ramsey played there in a three against Man Utd. He is a lot more physical and more dominating. But, again, he does not defend by nature.
I would love to know what really happend with Diarra. If it was just games he needed so he could impress for the euros why didnt we just loan him out?
iceman, the only thing I can think of is that relations between Diarra and AW had deteriorated. AW did not like his attitude and thought him unreachable while maybe Diarra was adamant in his decision to leave, closing down any possibility of a compromise or negotiation with AW.
Ratings are bit harsh on Toure and generous to RvP. His finishing has been average so far this season as this is not the 1st game where he has missed such chances. Although he is involved and instrumental in creating our chances, he needs to learn to put them away consistently.
how do you rate yer pussy cat dolls..joking
What gives us the right to win 5-0 every game? all ihear on tv radio papers is arsenal not firing arsenal not playing arsenal not performing wenger has lost it we need to spend 50m to compete....were any of you guys following in the eighties and nineties when we used to lose 5 games a season and we would cheer??? this country and fans have been spoiled things need to change. the boos yesterday sounded like england were playing. lets get behind the team and laugh at crap results. ARSENAL TILL I DIE!
sorry guys just fed up with the media.
Boo Hoo The big boys are playing too rough. We trounced Dynamo zagreb(top of their league which see to our national team). What was the score against Fernabache?........Pussies. especially London Gooner.
5-2 was it? I cannot remember because of all the pot.
Mouville - and your position in the Premier League is...?
I dont want to look in case the scary boys come out to beat me up.
OK Gooners, you dont want to play in case it gets too wuff. Tuck in you incontinence sheets. Nighty night, dont let the bed bugs bite, or tackle too hard.
Mouville I dont know what we are all complaining about. This looks like a good old english challenge to me. If anything Adebayor makes a meal out of it rolling around like a girl. Embarassing
....The RSPCA have reacted to the events at the heammorioids stadium, if you see an a*****l fan walking his dog give him the following number 0800 42 43 44 for advice on keeping hold of a lead!
lol 123 you laughing at people's ability to keep hold of a lead lol?!
Ahem, 20th place. Good night.
Little Dutch
Toure's low marking was well deserved because, even though he's not injured, he's not fit enough to play for 90 minutes. The team needed driving on in the last fifteen minutes and he could not do it. It's an embarrassing state for a Premiership athlete to be in, I don't remember him breaking into a run in the second half and I think he needs a few weeks out to get his shape and fitness back. On RvP, I can only echo iceman's sentiments, bad strikers are the ones that get no chances, van Persie was the only player who looked even vaguely like threatening Fenerbahce.
Little Dutch
Anyway, enough of the oxygen wasters, check out this well thought out article and osme of the cretins who have responded to it.....
Mouville - You are the biggest example of what a total c*ck Spurs fans can be. Boasting about results in the UEFA cup is like saying you are the prettiest at an ugly competition.............Still, could be worse team could be bottom of the league, oh.
Tuck in you incontinence sheets. - Mouville Would that be the same sheets your team used before they actually shat their collective pants before playing Wet Spam a few seasons back? How short your memory and how easy a target you make yourself!
well ye could not do it against a team bottom twice in one game an it was 89 min, pmsl
LG ye had an 8 point lead last season an shat yer pants it all went pear shaped when ye lost 5-1 enough said
I think you will find there was no soiling of undergarments or any material involved unlike yourselves, and we didn't cry about wanting any games replayed, how sad! Losing a match is different to bottling it, i think you will find! we lost 5-1 and probably will lose another game 5-1 in the future, results happen, i mean look at you guys your flying right now and still bottom of the league.............
I suppose losing a 2 nil lkead in a game like that is bad, but imagine being 3-0 up against BOTH Manchester teams then LOSING, now that would be truly bottling it and truly sad wouldn't
You are a mug. We only ever had a 5 point lead max with the same games played. When we played you we were behind Man united on goal difference. We then went on to win the next 3 league games and went 5 points clear. It went down hill after the Man united loss in the F.A cup and the draw to Birmingham.
Next time make sure you can back up your ramblings with facts or evidence. If you were investigating a murder by screwdriver, your only suspect would be a man called Mr Phillips. Now jog on
nah id use flathead like most of the fans on here (not all) warped by wengers comments tryin to shift the blame off hes players, just like fergie

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