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Match Ratings v.Manchester United

1.Manuel ALMUNIA- After his early brain fart in picking up Silvestre's backpass, applied himself well, made the saves he needed to and literally put his body on the line for the cause. 7

2.Abou DIABY- Applied himself brilliantly and worked tirelessly all day closing down United in their own half and using his physicalpresence to full effect. If he works this hard in every game, he'll be some player yet. 7.5

3.Bacary SAGNA- Manfully played on through obvious discomfort, had Eboue been fit I am sure Banger would not have been placed in the firing line. He performed with a grit and determination befitting of an Arsenal player. Does suffer with having Walcott in front of him, but I don't think his ankle would have stood up to constant raids forwards anyway. 7.5

4.Francesc FABREGAS- His passing once again looked woefully out of sorts and for much of the game was completely overshadowed bu his partner Denilson (who we are led to believe is responsible for Cesc's average form). That said one pirouhette and pass to Nasri in the second half wins us the game. Big players, like big teams, produce even when they're not playing well. 6

8.Samir NASRI- His defensive output was woeful in the first half, which he corrected emphatically in the second. But on a day when our front two really needed support from midfield, Nasri responded with two goals and a performance that will increase his growing influence on the side. 7.5

10.William GALLAS(c)- Has been questioned more than most of late and responded with a top class performance, firstly by showing he is the world class centre half we all suspect he is, but also as a rallier and an organiser. Had much to do with the defensive resolve showed in the second half and grimaced with pain clutching his thigh throughout. Rightly criticised for his early season form, but I suspect I will be the lone Arsenal blogger to credit him for the turnaround. 8

14.Theo WALCOTT- Largely ineffective upfront, save for a good run which cleared the way for Nasri's second goal. Defensively poor and having allowed Evra to run past him unchecked for Ronaldo's goal in this fixture last season, it's galling that he had not learned that lesson. Before anyone bleats about 'naivety' or 'injuries', ask yourself honestly if you'd cut Eboue or Adebayor that sort of slack. 5

15.DENILSON Pereira de Neves- One of United's great strengths is their fluidity in attack, with Tevez, Giggs, Park, Rooney and Ronaldo all equally capable of swapping positions at any given time. That Denilson dealt with this threat so intelligently and had the confidence to play the ball out from the edge of our own area in a simple and unfussy fashion spoke volumes, an excellent performance. 8

18.Mikael SILVESTRE- Started somewhat shakily, but settled into the game to put in as composed an impressive performance as we have seen since his arrival. Another one who played through the pain barrier. 7.5

22.Gael CLICHY- His consistent, constant self. A harmonious mixture of composed defending and vibrant attacking. That Ronaldo had a very quiet second half tells you all you need to know. 7.5

26.Nicklas BENDTNER- Charged with the most thankless job in football and performed his duty impressively. He worked very, very hard and offered a goal threat, even if he couldn't provide the finish. Maybe not his most fulminating match, but to me, the biggest sign yet we have a player with special potential. 7


17.Alexandre Song Billong- Came on with a positive attitude and tried to protect his back four ernestly. Might have looked for the pass instead of the long clearance in the build up to United's goal. 6

21.Lukasz Fabianski- Thrown into the cauldron with twelve minutes left and left the game relatively unschathed. Took corsses impressively under pressure, nothing he could have done about Rafael's special goal. 7.5

5.Kolo Toure- Came on for the last five minutes and collapsed on the floor in front of me after his miniature run out. This man needs a couple of weeks doing some laps around the training pitch because he is completely unfit. 5

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday November 9 2008

Time: 6:32PM

Your Comments

If I were (still) a blogger I would join you in the appreciation of Gallas. And your comment about Eboue and Adebayor is well and truly justified.
It amazing how little people "bleated" about Robert Pires's defensive inabilities. I'm repeating myself here but if Wenger deems Walcott's talents more important to the team than having someone with more defensive capabilities, then it's down to him to compensate for that.
Answer on other thread, but Pires was defensively much cleverer than he was given credit for. He didn't need to slide headlong into tackles because he was positioned correctly. Walcott doesn't even try, I think we now have to play him upfront or else only use himf or the last twenty minutes. There'snothing to stop him being able to drift out wide and hurt teams out there if he was played as an auxillary striker. We had a srtiker who did that quite well once upon a time.
Little Dutch
Responded re Pires over there!!
On Gallas, I felt he'd usually up his game against big opponents and he did, despite coming back from injury. The other patched-up guys like Sagna and Silvestre also battled admirably. Theo didn't track back as much as perhaps necessary. But he did improve a bit in the second half. And had it been Eboue, we wouldn't be talking about a real lack of tracking back. While some Gooners might not cut him the same sort of slack, I would have, just for the record. In fact had he been available, I bet the boss would have started him and used THeo as an impact sub. Kolo's unfit, but he did okay playing out of position again, an improvement on the previous game. I would personally give Theo and Kolo just slightly more generous marking, maybe 5.5. Agreed otherwise.
Excellent ratings LD. Spot on with your assessment of Gallas. I just saw a repeat of the game, and my word, he was excellent. Excellent positioning, intercepted dangerous balls, won so many headers that I lost count. Good one on Bendtner, dont know why people arent rating that effort highly. He was consistenlty faster than Ferdinand, ran behind him and beat him with intelligence. His finishing will improve with more chances. Question though - will he start against Wigan ? He will also have to play against Villa which means 4 games in 2 weeks. I guess this is his chance and he needs to make the most of it.
As for Theo, he is a bit one dimensional. The only thing he does is makes runs and most of them are hasty and unintelligent. He does not know when to time his runs, and where to make them. If he makes one good run, its often after 6 bad ones. He does not hold onto the ball, doesnt go into positions to receive the ball, doesnt track back. I'm not writing him off, or criticising him excessively (rather, I hope I'm not), but I believe that is a fair assessment of what he brings to this team. He will get better, although I wonder how footballing intelligence can be taught. Its a catch 22 though, if Theo is played upfront now or if he is played for only 20 mins, he will never learn to improve his game. Its a balance between immediate impact and what he can offer to us in the long term.
The comparison of Theo with Pires is the wrong one. Pires was a genuine midfielder and while not a great tackler understood his wider role in terms of tracking back and filling the space that an opposing forward might target. The correct comparison is with Overmars who, if Parlour is to be believed, was less concerned with such responsibilities but played more as an auxiliary forward. Theo's game isn't as developed as Overmars was but it is true that he did try to track back more in the ManU game and with slightly greater effect than I had seen in other games. But he is never going to be a midlfielder. The benefit of playing Diaby is that he helps plug the reduced resources in midfield when Walcott is playing but it requires great understanding between the midfielders in order to cover the movement of players.
So when Eduardo returns...
I truly cannot wait when Eduardo comes back, that will be the happiest moment of my season!
When Eduardo returns we don't know how he will respond, we don't know how well the injury heals.
Pires closes down. Walcott doesn't end of.
Well thanks for that fantasic insight and repitition of Amos's and LD's comments Koro .... well apprecitaed, thanks!
samir's defending was NOT as bad as you make it sound LD, he deserves more than 7.5 i reckon. i remember him making tackles and WINNING possesion with utd players surrounding him. he is stronger than his "boy-like" frame suggest, and he is deceptively quick. The guy has excellent balance and is able to change direction as quickly as TH14, a sweet left AND right foot. Remember at the start of the season he told us he could play on the left, right or centre of midfield (proven bcos he plays on the right for France). At the end of the day, he made things happen for us in a tense match, was a constant menace on the left with his partner in crime clichy. he would have also got an assist had theo scored. so all in all it was a brilliant performance from a guy who is in his FIRST season with us. he will get better and be invaluable in his contributions to us as much as pires did IMO. not so sure about his "dumb and dumber" impression when celebrating his second goal tho.... but at least better than adebayor's stoopid goal celebrations. i like the henry "i dont give a f4rk" pout goal celebrations personally.
Can't agree with the Walcott bashing. Put Adebayor, Eduardo, Bendtner, Pires, Henry on the right wing and ask how many times players would have a free run at Sagna, plenty. That's what happens when you should be up front but end up on the right wing. Maybe because Sagna is limiting his runs forward and constantly staying back recently that is why walcott is being given licence to roam forwards and stay up there, close to the last defender........? Coating the bloke for maybe following instructions is not really fair and if he isn't following instructions, you soon see him get hauled off if it was a game threatening errors he was producing. As for Eboue/Adepaymemore, when Walcott starts trying to cheat and show gamesmanship whilste hoaring himself around to other clubs, whislte not being able to score in a brothel with a pocket full of 50's ....then and only then can you compare the two players, harsh and way off base!
He didn't have a great game, clearly. But as ever and very, very typical of Arsenal fans, someone hears something negative about players and then it is gospel and everyone is looking for the same angle to slaughter a player, especially one so young and professional. Not every player matures at the same speed and it is idiotic to not appreciate that fact and understand the factors that contribute to it rather than just say, well he can't defend (which I agree with) but look at the reason behind it, NOT just the fact someone doesnt do something...............
It isn't bashing Walcott to point out what he isn't good at. As for your examples I reckon Eduardo, Pires and Henry would all make a decent job of helping protect the right flank and Walcott will get better at it in time. Everyone recognises that he is still learning the game which is why he rarely completes much more than an hour in a game. But as with Overmars midfield will just have to learn to accomodate Walcott.
Rocky, my point about Eduardo was more to do with Walcott on the wing. If Eduardo comes back to reform his brilliant partnership with Adebayor, we then lose Diaby in the team, the player who allowed Walcott to stay forward and do little defensivley. And LondonGooner, you hardly cover yourself in glory by showing your obvious bias toward/against Walcott and Adebayor. How can we take your point seriously when you consider transfer rumours over footballing reasons?
It's not bashing the guy, I've just pointed out what he doesn't do well. The fact is, he is a bit of a golden child amongst our fans and can do no wrong. I can't take seriously the suggestion that Arsenal fans hate Eboue because of his diving because I haven't heard anyone moan about RvPs dive against Spurs which bought us Gallas' goal. The fact is, if most other players in our squad had put in an identical performance to that of Theo, it would have been laziness. It's not that Walcott isn't good at defending which marked his performance on Saturday, it's the fact that he didn't even try. How else is one to describe that but laziness?
Little Dutch
Tom14 - It is nothing to do with rumours, Adepaymemore hoared himself around all summer, (did you spend summer with your head in the sand or just didn't get out of the house often???) Eboue is not a fans favourite for very good, self inflicted reasons, diving, cheating, play acting etc. And as I clearly stated, walcott didn't have a good game and does have flaws in his game, now if that is showing a biased, then your opinion is so far left of field, biased wouldnt do it justice. Atleast I can see both sides rather than just slate someone without exploring the reasons why!!!
Im not in anyway saying he isn't lazy LD, but maybe he was asked to stay upfield? We don't know and as for RVP's dive that is one of very few he has done, unlike Eboue's 1 or 2 per game for a couple of years, to compare the two is taking the easy way out of making a valid point. Eboue is vilified and rightly so, because he is a cheat (Although it's creeping out of his game now) and doesn't listen to anyone but himself...........
Fact is, Walcott ha d apoor-ish game and is now being villified by all and sundry! Typical of Arsenal fans, there always needs to be a whipping boy after every game. Some blogs are even slating Clichy (rediculously so). As I said earlier, which hasn't been addressed yet, how would Sagna fair with Eduardo playing in front of him, or Bendtner, or any other striker we have being pushed to the left wing? Walcott made some effort occasionally to track back but could of done more, the lad isn't lazy by any means, well not compared to most strikers anyway (don't forget, thats what he is) Let me know when you see Berbatov tracking back for Man Utd (30 millions worth) you'd expect him to aswell wouldn't you. But Man Utd fans don't slaughter the bloke because they know what his job is. Now before anyone says "well he plays upfront" we played a 4-51 yestserday with Walcott acting as Overmars used to, an old fashioned outside right who doesn't do much tracking back as he provides an outlet for the play. To me, that was clearly what he had been asked to do yesterday, to others maybe not.
***pushed to the right wing I meant***
As a final comment Tom14 - I take into consideration the behaviour on AND off the field of the players who are at Arsenal. To consider one without the other would make us no better than Newcastle and Joe Kinnear letting scum bags like Bowyer and Barton play for them.
How can you honestly say that Arsenal fans are hard on Theo? The lad does one thing right and he is given an 8 out of 10, another player does is and they are just doing as well as they should do and we expect it on a more consistant basis. Nasriw as getting slated by some blogs for not doung enough this season! The lad has been a lot more influential than Theo! And saying Eboue dives is correct, but so does every other player in the game. And Adebayor may have wanted to leave, fair enough, the guy was in demand. I am not condoning the way he did it, but when we offered him the money his season deserved he stayed because he was appreciated. Had we done that for another player we would not be looking for a new DM. He is only human.
Not all criticism amounts to villification LG. You are right that Walcott is more of a forward than a wingback. That doesn't stop him from recognising his responsibilities to the rest of the team as the situation demands. As it happens I thought that he did much better against ManU in getting back and covering than in any of his recent games. It wasn't a great example of wingback play but I wouldn't expect that of him. In an attacking sense he didn't produce too much but still had his moments. Using the qualities that Walcott has means the rest of the midfield adapting their play to suit him just as they did to suit Overmars. Maybe some do expect too much of him but it is just as wrong to expect too little.
Im not talking about otehr blogs in respect to Theo - I think over praise is also wrong. But he is getting lambasted for having a below average game. Let's face, there wasn't much for him to run onto either was there? Ade acted like a total **** and Eboue did that EVERY game he used to play act in. RVP doesn't you can't say every player dives...they don't, fact so yes in my opinion they have to work harder than Theo in terms of effort and quality before they receive the same treatment as their behaviour has put them into that position, through no one's fault but there own.
Amos. - That was my point, he plays the Overmars role but on the opposite side of the pitch, why should he be expected to track everytime there was an opponent attack, those kind of players don't. Adn it isn't as if he stuck a token leg out and let someone sprint past him and gave up chasing. As for villifictaion you are right again, criticism doesn't malways mean that, but for every blog and poster I have read, you are the only on ethat has shown an inkling that maybe, just maybe that wasn't his job. No one else can has actually appeared to consider that!!!!
I considered it. I then thought, hey, Evra nearly created three goals in the last match and Sagna was clearly injured. On one of those occasions Theo came back and stopped the attack. the other two he did nothing and they enarly scored. Solution? Theo should defend more often. Nasri, Diaby, Fabregas and Denilson are no Vieira, Petit and Vieira in terms of defensive abilities so whilst the Overmars comparison is fair enough in terms of Theo's role, the rest of the team will not cope as well as those three players did. You are being foolish if you think that most fans out there do not gather their own opinions whilst considering every aspect of the game they are aware of.
Vieira, Petit and Parlour*
To use Walcott effectively means us finding a midfield balance. Diaby played the Bergkamp role which along with Petit, Vieira and Parlour enabled Overmars the freedom to do what he was good at. The midfield with Nasri, Cesc and Denilson is a more attacking/creative one, and less physically mature, than Overmars/Bergkamp had behind them. That means that Walcott has to do a little more when Nasri and Cesc are playing forward as they will do. There is a balance to be found there but none of the players, Walcott included, can afford to say 'that's not my job'. But I also agree that we should recognise that Walcott is learning a role that isn't his core strength - natural game if you like. He will much the better player for doing so though.
Some fans do consider opinions formulated by themselves, but the trend nowadays is to read something somewhere and just "go with the flow" so to speak. Sad, but true, how many rubbish comments do we hear from people that we have read elsewhere??? If people made there own opinions and considered things then how come it is only Amos and I that have voiced the slight possibility that he may have been instructed to stay up front and stretch their back line (wether it worked or not is a different matter! lol) I looked at it from both sides and said "that may of been his job" but he was lazy (see above) everyone else said "he was lazy" now who has the balanced opinion and who is "going with the flow"????
LG you are correct we don't know what brief Theo has, you maybe 100% correct his job maybe to remain up field as apposed to backing up. But all people on this bog are saying is it appears to be failing when required to defend. He is still learning the trade and will be an Arsenal great there is no doubt of that IMO. He just seems all at sea when he defends. As for Eboue i agree in the past he did put on the act but he is no alone in that department. Nevertheless he has come on in leaps and bounds this season. I feel Eboue does offer a player who is prepared to run at the defense which we lack at times. Ade I think has gone missing this season, and like you I do question his loyalty to the team. But that may all turn round when he has a player like Edourd to link up with. IMO he does not have apply the same effort that he did last year.
Firstly, I wouldn't say RvPs dive against Spurs was his first, he's just a lot better at it than Eboue is. Fabregas is another player who doesn't mind clutching his face in agony at the slightest touch, but that they attract no criticism for it whatsoever whilst Eboue cops the lot proves that it's not our players diving we hate, it's Eboue. If you hate diving, you criticise everyone for it every time it happens. I would be majorly surprised if Theo was told not to track back given how high United play their wingers and the propensity to swap positions all the time, but you could use that justification for any sort of performance. Maybe Almunia was told to stray miles off his line against Spurs? Maybe Gallas was told not to attack corners we are defending and to leave it to Toure early in the season? On these ratings, past performances and reputations will not be taken into account. Walcott did not play well and his marking reflects that, on the occasions he has played well this season, he has been given a mark to reflect that. You go the Grove a fair bit LG, can you honestly say Eboue would not have had at least a few jeers were it him being subbed on Saturday? That's not Theo's fault of course and I'm not suggesting he should not have been given the ovation he was, but had I given Eboue a 5 for a similar display, I doubt it would have been met with much protest.
Little Dutch
And LG, I was the first one on the forum to say that it is possible that Wenger has told him to stay forward, and if that is the case, fair enough. but that would never be the case because Wenger is not stupid enough to do so, especially considering the limited effect Theo has in the higher parts of the pitch (he ususally make an impact on the counter).
I criticise anyone I perceive as cheating, be it Eboue, Fabregas or RVP, what other people do is there own want, nothing to do with me mate. I didn't say he WAS told to not track back, just that it was a possibility, one of many to consider (his age, played out of position, learning the game, instructions), I think your Almunia remark is totally unrelated and very tongue in cheek. Eboue would of been jerered, of course, we all go often enough to know that. But then Theo has been nothing but a model professional since he has joined us, both on and off the pitch. Eboue off the pitch also, but on it his histrionics have given him a deserved reputation. Fair enough Walcott is an English lad and will get more of a break than the others. But he is miles younger than both Eboue and Adebayor and conducts himself with more dignity and decorum (sp?) than either of those two put together. So maybe his natinonality has something to do with it, but to use those two as comparison isn't quite right as they have brought most of the dark clouds around them, upon themselves, haven't they?
LD i also agree with your rating, he didn't have a great game, but for reasons different to your own!
And LG, I was the first one on the forum to say that it is possible that Wenger has told him to stay forward--------------- I hadn't read that part/missed it, if so then fair enough Tom14 you join the minority who did consider that. Wenger asked Overmars to play that game and it wasn't considered stupid then.....?
I think Amos has a good balanced view on this. Theo needs to learn his responsibilites, but at the same time we have to remember he is still very young and is learning this role on a game to game basis, and that he wasn't completely void of tracking back on Saturday, I saw it with my own two eyes.
Rocky7 - Atleast someone else saw exactly what I did on Saturday lunchtime then!
I can only say what I saw. It wasn't a complete defensive display by any strech of the imagination .... but it certainly wasn;t the case that he made no effort at all to track back.
Oh agreed, his performance was far from perfect, but he was not utter sloth when it came to defence.
Was this the first time since he has been at Arsenal that we have seen Gallas turn in the complete captains performance, solid aggressive defending and actual leadership on the pitch? I can't remember any other, maybe the last gasp 2-2 draw at The Grove against Man Utd last season was the only one that comes close!
I'd say it was Gallas' first outstanding captain's performance this season, but not in an Arsenal shirt. Off the top of my head, last season, Wigan at home, Villa away, Bolton away (starting the fightback), Chelsea at home, Everton away, Fulham away, Liverpool away (in particular the last minute block when Gerrard was through on goal), Man City away, West Ham away, that's just in the league.
Little Dutch
lol anymore spring to mind?? I just think although he has had good games for us, he hasn't performed the whole package in one match, ie: performance, leadership vocally and leadership through driving the team forwards. If he can play lik ethat regularly and in games where the team really need a kick up the bum he could well regain the faith of the Arsenal masses who have, so far, unfairly slaughtered the guy on a regular basis. He hasn't been anywhere near as bad as media and fans have made him out to be!
LG, I think you're being a bit harsh there. Its not like there is criticism of Theo in the ratings, so we are all jumping on his back. There has been criticism of Theo in previous games as well. Amos has made the point about Theo contributing to the lack of midfield balance several times before, and I (along with others) have criticised his poor ball retention skills in previous games. So its not only his lack of tracking back that has come in for criticism. You've been around in the forum long enough mate, so I'm a little surprised by your comments.
LG - "Wenger asked Overmars to play that game and it wasn't considered stupid then.....?" No, as I said before, he had Veiera, Petit and Parlour. Now Theo has Nasri, Diaby, Cesc and Denilson. Hardly the same deensive cover.
Prits, Theo can have a first touch like hes got iron boots on and his runs leave a lot to be desired, but I felt it was harsh and a bit over the top so said it how I saw it also. I ain't coating anyone over it mate, just saying ewase up a little, he does good thngs aswell, but gets less credit for them on here than the attention he gets when things aren't going so well for him. Just trying to redress the balance as I saw it! AS much as it may look like that I am not on a Theo crusade lol Tom I know that's what you said mate and it is a valid point, my thinking was that he may of asked him to do that now, we don't know, none of us do. Not unless there is an insider in our midst???
Good one on Gallas LD. People's memories are way too short for my liking. According to us, he was an excellent captain till Feb, and then overnight, became a rubbish captain. The truth is somewhere in between. This season, he has struggled to motivate the team because of his poor form. He is capable of turning it around, both as a defender and as a captain, and I hope he does. Gallas deserves some credit for this performance, as it wouldnt have been easy to motivate this team and improve morale, both of which happened.
Two new posts on Arseblogger since the match, no mention of Gallas.
Shock horror ;)
Another reason Gallas had such a confident game was that he was paired with Silvestre -- the two know each other very well personally and professionally. France never lost when they played in CD together. They're very familiar with each other, know what to expect from each other. I think our best CD pairings are Gallas and Silvestre; and Djourou with any one of the others. Worst? Kolo and Silvestre.
Someone tell me will van persie start against wigan or is he banned for carling cup matches aswell
He is banned,which is just as well because he wouldn't have played anyway.
Little Dutch
I am impressed with RVP's level of fitness this season (fingers crossed etc) Without trying to add any pressure. What do you think would be a reasonable goal tally to expect from our players this season? I think any other names will not get as many games or be garaunteed a start! Adebayor - 25 RVP - 25 Brendtner - 12 Nasri - 12 Walcott - 10 Fabregas - 10
Two new posts on Arseblogger since the match, no mention of Gallas. Tom14-----Something tells me he isn't a massive fan of Gallas......?!
LG, I really don't expect van persie to score more than 13 this season in the PL. I doubt he will play much after Eduardo returns (if he is fully fit and raring to go) and he will not play much from now on I think because Wenger has seen how brilliant Diaby can be in that role in behind a striker. I think that is the way to go, with or without van persie. Although I expect 25 from Ade, 10 from Eduardo, 10 for Nasri, 6 for Fabregas and a few here and there from Walcott and Bendtner.
I don't know, RVP can be as infuritating as Adebayor, we all know that. BUt when it comes to goals, think all competitions included Tom and yes i believe if Eduardo fully recovers and proves it he will be first choice alongside Adepaymemore. Wenger will save the 4-5-1 for difficult games against so called top 4 and euro giant teams, otherwise, the standard 4-4-2 will be our normal formation!
LG from your post on this site its obvious that you have always disliked Adebayor,did Ronaldo whore himself during the summer...will you chase him out of the club if he was playing for arsenal..get real he wanted more money & got it just like you will demand from your employers if you got better offers elswhere
I actually starte dto enjoy Adebayors game last season then he messed it all up for me with his pathetic actions during the summer, some real, some made up by the media no doubt. But as you see from my post above I still rate his ability to score goals hence my 25 prediction. The fact is, if Ronaldo was at Arsenal and acted like he had all summer whilste at Man Utd, i would gladly see the back of him. I want the people who play for Arsenal to want to play for Arsenal, not just more money, on top of massive salaries already. Whilste we are it cool_obed, do you think we should be paying someone in the region of 70k per weeek who can't even understand the offside rule??? Even the ferkin tea lady knows that! lol So to recap, I haven't always disliked Adepaymemore, just when his ego outgrew his ability and Arsenal (according to him), i have faith in his abilities but would gladly see him sold next summer for someone else who appreciate s the opportunity they have been given. I was an Arsenal fan before he was even born and if because he has had one good season you think that means anything in the grand scheme of things you and he are badly mistaken mate! Adebayor is, currently just a speck in the history of Arsenal as it stands.
I'm totally with LG re Ade. I'm happy if he keeps performing for us, scoring the goals and working hard. But he's a player who has the league's worst offside record (consistently) and consistently misses so many chances -- he's no Henry. But clearly he thinks he is because he refused the club's offer of doubling his salary, wanting Henry-like wages. It was only when he saw that no big club had any intention of paying big money for him did he realize his mistake. And what did the media "make up" exactly??? It was Ade who blatantly LIED to everyone at the close of the season by saying he didn't know anything about all the speculation that had gone on during the summer, laughably claiming that he hadn't been near a phone or the internet or a TV during all summer. I lost any remaining respect for him when he said this because we all SAW with our own eyes his press conference during the Euros and his contradictory statements to the press. We all saw it. That was a blatant, pathetic LIE he told. It was insulting to the fans that he thinks we're all just a bunch of idiots that we'd believe such a cynical, easy-to-disprove LIE. More than that, it was ADE who went on the pitch during that humiliation at WHL last season and deliberately chose to start a fight with a teammate by insulting him. It wasn't Bendtner who caused that incident, it was Ade. The official site found it necessary to publish a public apology from Ade, not Nicky. That incident told a lot about Ade's massive ego. We're losing badly on the enemy's home ground, we have to rescue our pride, and what does he do? Does he go out there and rally the troops, tell them to buck up that they all have work together and save something from this thrashing? No, he goes out on the pitch THINKING ONLY OF HIMSELF to insult a teammate DURING the game, telling his teammate that the Boss obviously thinks better of him than of his teammate. What other Arsenal player has ever done anything like that?
I thought we had moved on from Ade's summer shenanigans.
I have moved on prits -- that is, as long as Ade puts in the work to earn his payraise. I only posted that long post in response to the discussion going on with LG and his defense of his position re Ade.
I did get a bit of stick for sayng how I felt about Adepaymemore. Prits i think we have all moved on but that doesn't mean we should forget about players dispicable actions. Jaelle, clearly you feel the same about him as I do and no amount of goals he scores will erase the poor decisions he made over the summer and the complete lack of respect he showed the club, manager, players and especially the fans.....Would you be happy/sad/indifferent if he was sold in the summer Jaelle?
cool_obed - Just for you information, Adepaymemore didn't get any better offers elsewhere and simply blackmailed the club into giving him a pay raise way above his level.
LG, if Ade left, I'd be of two minds. On one hand I agree with LD in that we do miss him when he's absent. Yes the team managed a great win v. the mancs without him but I do think Ade brings us strength, power and workrate (when he cares to exert it) against defenders that none of our other players do. He's also rarely injured, a valuable commodity in our squad. On the other hand I frankly wouldn't miss so much of everything else about him -- attitude, offside count, ego, etc. He's even beginning to dive now, which he's not known for.
I spose it's all about the balance of what can someone bring to the table in both the positive and negative. Right now I think it is finely balanced, but tipping toward snegative as his form this season can be described as patchy at best...

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