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Chelsea have no Respect

News broke yesterday night after Arsenal's glorious 3-0 demolition of Wigan, that Chelsea's number two, Ray Wilkins, thought Arsenal disrespects the Carling Cup by playing a vibrant and entertaining youth side.

Wilkins told The Sun: "It`s all about winning trophies when you`re a big club.

'The fact we`ve won the Carling Cup twice in the last four years and Arsenal have won none justifies our policy'

"You enter a competition to win the competition. Why go into it if you`re not concerned whether you win it?'

"Playing a young or weakened team undermines the value of the competition."

"And we have not and will not do that. We want to win it, big time."

At first I felt that a little jealously was deeply rooted in Rays comments, but tonight I can do nothing but laugh at the wanker. Chelsea played a pretty much full strength side at home to the Mighty Burnley and lost 5-4 on penalties. So much for winning big. I hope he feels proud of his comments now because while Arsenal fans left the stadium last night ecstatic about the young players they just witnessed, Chelsea fans will leave the Bridge tonight in disappointment. Wilkins comments were out of line and completely disrespectful, and now he just looks like a fool. Well done Ray!

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday November 12 2008

Time: 10:46PM

Your Comments

Not forgetting Keith Harris (who brokered the deal to sell Chelsea to Abramovich) commenting on Liverpool's financial situation. Coincidentally issuing the comments the exact moment Liverpool began to look like title contenders.
Little Dutch
Hahaha, well done GK. Boy, that was quick. *****er, indeed, and a few other choice words reserved for him.
What are the chances of Uncle Fester whacking a bit of Aretha on the ipod tonight? "R-E-S-P-E-C-T found out what it means to me!"
Little Dutch
that lad is a *****er!we watch our young ones destroy a pl side while his full strength chelsea go down in the hands of the mighty burnley!!aint that bout a B.I.T.C.H!!
the arsenal
Strange , when Scolari says nice words about Wenger, I don't see a "Chelsea have respect" headline. Wilkins was wrong, Wilkins.
He looks like uncle fester.
I knew this was waiting in the wings!! LOL
True LD, I also found the timing of Keith Harris's comments suspicious. Funny thing is, I didn't see Ray Wilkins commenting on Manu's line up, didn't they play with a mostly reserve side?
The headline was a response to the title of the Sun article 'Arsenal have no respect', and not about Chelsea as a whole, though some might argue otherwise. By the way I like Scolari, good man unless your a fourth official of course.
Of course he did not comment on utd, he used to play for them. And what is this comment that R Harris made? I seem to have missed it.
Here you go Armory.
Great to see them go out to Burnley after a statement like that....silly chav, cups are for kids.
I think the concerns about the re-financing of Pool's debt was aired quite a few weeks ago, and not by R Harris. I dont find a conspiratorial angle to his latest comments, to be honest.
Thanks JohnDoe Interesting article and even though it might by true to some extent a bit out of order exspecially if his brokers are in the buisniss of selling clubs. And if liverpool are in trouble what about UTD if I remember correctly they owe over £600 million and on higher intrests than most of our loans.
It's Keith Harris prits, the guy who brokered Chelsea's sale to Abramovich, and they were aired yesterday, not a few weeks ago.
No JD, I've heard the same concerns being expressed by Pool fans a few weeks ago on another footie forum. When I heard these latest comments from Keith Harris, it wasnt news to me.
prits, There were an article in the Times a few weeks ago saying that we might have to sell Torres and Babel because of our debt, no quotes though. This is the first time some one actually quoted saying that we might need to sell our player assets to pay the debt.
Didn't Keith Harris used to insert his arm in a green bird?
Don't worry JohnDoe you always have your reserves to fall back on.....ahem :). Is this the same Keith Harris that used to make a living with his hand up the arse of a giant green duck?
damn you Rocky 7! *waves fist at editor*
That's cruel nikolaijns. :(
Ahh yes JD, that Times article must have been the one. Cant rule out the chavs hand in that eh. Or you really have big financial problems.
think Chelsea could have done with some of our English grit and determination!
Might finally force the two idiots we currently have as owners to sell if we did prits, there is always a silver lining. :)
Only kidding you JD! :) c*ck me we were 5-1 with our kids against the white flag lane mob last year, when Oneday Vamos was the new saviour and the flaccid cock crowed loudly heralding a new false dawn. Guaranteed this time next year bulldog features will have done one and we'll still be here laughing at the numps, and c'mon at least you lost to a (barely) prem side - Chelski on the other hand lol
So was I niko. :)
Why you sly old dog....:)
I'm so glad everyone picked up on Wilkin's idiot comments, do these idiots understand the football Gods? You shut your gob or face their in losing to Burnley after claiming Arsenal are lowering the tone of the Carling Cup. So funny.
Professor Calculus
Listened to the pen shoot out on 5 live (couldn't bring myself to watch it - sounded dire) after every Burnley pen Cech was thumping the hell out of the floor or kicking the post - sounded like comedy gold - any links appreciated!
You couldnt have seen it live Niko, game wasnt on TV anywhere - just as well eh :). Btw, Cech didnt play, it was Cudicini.
Fu@kin' hilarious.
Ah my mistake Cud it was prits- no streams either anywhere which was a bit weird. I did try and look admittedly when it was apparant it was heading for pens.
It'll surely be on Chelsea tv. it's available in Moscow for sure!!! *****ers.
Anyway, how does he know "it's about winning trophies when you're a big club"? Oh yeah, he played for Man Utd didn't he.
This CC IS a bit weird in terms of streaming links. There were none for our game against Sheffield, none for the ManU game last night, and none for the Chelsea game tonight. The absence of tonight's stream was felt the least, in all likelihood :).
Its not "Chelsea". who has no respect. I am sure most true blues (chelsea fans) dun give a *****e if we put up under-14s it would be interesting, but they won't be philosiphical about it. meanwhile, Ray Wikins is paid...
You're the second person to mention this Koro but as an employee of the club when he talks to the media then Chelsea talks to the media.
Respect the Carling Cup? Arsenal beat a full strength(nearly) Wigan side and Chelsea lose to Burnley with superstars like Drogba in the team. Sorry, whos disrespecting the cup. Not the team that can still win it, thats for sure.
Chelsea Top Premier Team...You having a laugh !!!.. BURNLEY gave them on hell of a battering !!
No streaming? Both the Sheffield and Wigan games were shown live on Setanta Canada. Funny, because the CC is a Sky property.
That's weird elbondo because the Sheffield game wasn't shown live here on Setanta US. I always thought we had the same programming.
I thought that too, but we don't, GK, not exactly. Didn't you guys get the Emirates cup? We didn't.
The Emirates cup was on Goltv here.
OMG i cant believe this ahha.. who are we facing next round?
My mistake, I knew it was on Goltv there and not here. I would have subscribed had it been, at least for that weekend. Pull up the skeds for Setanta US and Setanta Canada for Saturday- at 12:15 we get WBA vs Chelsea, you get Doncaster vs Ipswich. I think I'd rather see the match you get- who wants to watch the disrespectful Chavs? Unless it's in the next round of the CC. Oh, right.
The draw is this Saturday morning.
ok, so we are going to face either Manure or Spuds?
Here's a bit of disrespect- you've won nothing if four years. Oh wait, that isn't disrespectful because it's a fact.
Stunning contribution to the argument rslack. Thanks for completely avoiding the main topic at hand, and deviating to nonsensical taunt that is completely overused. Yawwnnn!
Actually, Wenger brought new respect and worldwide attention to this Carling cup which has been losing its appeal to the Big teams. Who actually cares if Chelsea plays the finals against a weaker team in the final and win it? More people, fans, Neutrals and even opposing fans will get up and watch the game to have a glimps of this kids playing total football. The Fa should actually applaud Wenger for the contribution he has done and attention he has brought to this dieing tournament by presenting him a Carling cup without playing in the final.. :D Wenger's approach is also being adopted by other big teams like MU hence bringing more prominence and importance to this cup. So pls Chelsea, just STFU. Perhaps they should ask their 1st team players weather they respect the cup enough to play it.
lol well done Brice! Serves the disrespectful idiot right! Er, I actually saw those you-know-what links online for all CC games. My Goal TV package also includes Chelsea TV hahahhaha I MUST watch the re-run!! :D
And agree with Nevi - by fielding an exciting young side, Wenger changed the face of the competition. We charge 10 pounds for CC games ffs! Slightly different (younger) crowd, different squad, great atmosphere, it'll bode very well for the club's future. I think it's a very clever strategy born out of necessity - assembling a cheaper but ver strong team and building the new stadium. Don't mean to sound conceited or anything, but I doubt if it could have been done any better as a club. Let's see if Liverpool, Spurs, Pompey, Everton and all the clubs that want new stadiums can repeat the feat, albeit in different circumstances now.
I have a question: If the Villa fans who threw missiles at 'Arry Redknapp and accidentally hitting an official were supposed to be identified, caught and thrown out of the ground, how do you punish a player who does the same back, after making an obscene hand gesture, at the crowd? Let's see if the FA cowards will do anything this time:
Do all or most of your kids play for the reserves or are they also scattered among the youth and academy teams as they seemed to have a good understanding of each others game.Well done to them and Arsene for having the guts to expose them.You only get experience by playing.
Ray Wilkins- idiot.That was just so funny. Serves the pea-brain right! Arsene knows and Wilkins blows!!! BTW how did Drogba get off with a yellow card? I know it was a scumbag who threw the coin in the first place but what is the difference between what Drogba did and what Cantona did? He could have taken someone's eye out, or hurt a child.
Hey slack .... it's only three seasons buddy :P cockaduddle, now we're able to have a bench of 7 a few of these lads get to "be" in the first team. Rarely get in on the action but I guess the experience of bonding with the first team can only be positive.
That pic of Wilkins is so funny- dudududuh dudududuh dudududuh click click - They're creepy and they're ******y, mysterious and kooky, they're altogether ooky, the Chelsea Family. Their house is a mus-eum, where eejits pay to see-em, they really are a screa-um, the Chelsea family...
He was asking for it by having an uneccessary dig at us and now he look slike acomplete prat, poetic justice if ever there was any! Rocky mentioned yesterday he hoped something like that would happen, well done mate! I would pay £10 to see our kids rather than the dross served up by Chelski and The Bin dippers last night, both were bloody awful. God help Liverpool if they get any injuries as their reserves are terrible. Chelski have the depth but last night, not the desire. Drogba should be facing a lengthy ban of atleast 10 games as should any player who throws an object into the crowd after an abusive hand gesture aswell!!! Silly boy!
At least our young players can play, and conduct themselves properly on a football pitch. Ray should talk about his own players and his own team.
LoondonGooner ! You again ...!! dammit get a grip and stop hating on Liverpool when youve got the Mancs & Chelski to spit venom at.
I Bling Red
Was gonna say , Out of Liverpols big 4 rivals the only team i dont really mind is you gooners. If Liverpool dont win the title then id rather Arsenal won it as correctly so you play the best football.
I Bling Red
But wil all that said dammit i blame Arsenal for Tottenhams resurgence. All you had to do is hold a 4-2 lead and you couldnt do that !! why?????...i cant stand Spurs...Liverpool fan...
I Bling Red
Back to the topic "Ray Wilikins"...what a**** he has made himself look couldnt have planned it better if you had tried.
I Bling Red
LOL I bling Red - Liverpool are actually my preferred choice out of our rival teams in the league. But I have mates that post here who are scousers so I cannot resist ripping on them! No offence mate, there is never anything nasty behind it. BUt despite Rafa spending millions on players the Liverpool squad is looking a little thin on the ground, typified by an awful performance at Spu*s last night! What happened there mate?
It'll get worse I Bling Red, a DVD commemorating this historic victory will soon be released in the White Heart Lane gift shop, right next to their 'Best Draws of 2008' DVD.
Amen to that! Those spuds sure are fond of their dvds of dubious "achievements." I guess it's a little mean-spirited to deny them this because they have so little to brag about, poor babies.
... yeah together with the mug and towel in a special box set, just in time for their lillywhite Christmas. No, seriously, I Bling Red.
I Bling Red, believe me, nobody is more furious at our team for throwing away a 4-point lead against the spuddies than the Nation of Gooners. Nobody! / Actually, what makes Wilkins' even more of an idiot is that Chelsea did NOT in fact put out a "full-strength" team against Burnley. The only first team players they had out there were Drogba, Deco, Kalou and Malouda. The rest were all benchwarmers. And I am SOOOOO loving not only the fact that Chelsea are out of the CC, but more so because they lost to BURNLEY AT THE BRIDGE!!! I'm sick and tired of year after year Chelsea dominating the CC, constantly reaching the final. THANK YOU BURNLEY!!!!!!!!!!
"a 4-point lead against the spuddies" -- oops, I meant a 2 goal lead of course.
"Here's a bit of disrespect- you've won nothing if four years. Oh wait, that isn't disrespectful because it's a fact. rslack" Stupid ******** chav cant count eh. Its only been 3 years since 2005. And you pass that off as fact ?!! Idiot.
I Bling red, I was watching the game of lpool and spurs and I couldnt believe it. I was *****ed at Rafa for fielding a weaker side and going out to a Spur side. You guys should have used the opportunity to the max to get your revenge, but Rafa just did it again. Now you make it look like thier form is a real resurgence by going out twice. I blame Rafa I say!
nevidimka - We started the swamp dwellers from shoe-box-lane on their way with some kamikaze defending in injury time. Have they released the dvd of that "draw" yet? I wonder how many fans would buy a commemerative dvd of their team drawing a league match whilste bottom of the table
Well you see, Those at SFL have to make money as much and as quickly as they could. They have very little opportunity to do other times. SO they might as well s**k their fans dry with every single opportunity they get. Coz things might not look so pretty for long.
Hehehhehe: And hehhehhehehe:
I honestly thought the apparent DVD Spurs put out was a joke, until I went on to their site and saw that they were actually selling it for real. LondoGooner Ė yes, when two powers collide you defend your team & I defend mine so every so often I will take a pop at Arsenal when I feel the need to but the natural order of the Top 4 must be maintained if all is to stay right in the Universe. Itís that simple, so if smaller clubs like Spurs get too big for their boots they have to be put back back in the rightful place of mediocrity.
I Bling Red
That said Benitez must share some of the blame too for trying to be too smart. I just hope that a team beats Tottenham soon because they`ve had their "in form period" & have now won enough games, they need to get back to their basement position because I have already accepted the Facebook "Tottenham Relegation Party" invite and am looking forward to the party. I donít want it cancelled at any cost.
I Bling Red
Think you may be dissapointed with Spu*s getting relegated mate! Just can't see it happening, even when they were poorer than they already are now! Love digging me scouser mates though, best sport since spud bashing.
Check this link out , its currently doin` the rounds on a Man Utd Forum*****er-ian-wright-you-cant-blame-players-225066/ . Stuff like this is why i cant stand Man U.
I Bling Red
The missing word in the link above is another word for havin` a toss, If you didnít already know
I Bling Red
LG, you are correct that Spurs will not be relegated. We have picked up our form and are gelling as a team and i believe will only get better and better. This doesn't mean that i think we will do much this year but if we manage to get back into europe next year then i and the majority of spurs fans will be over the moon. As for the DVD's that are released, spurs fans accept that this happens and are never shocked but it is just another way the club makes money out of the fans. I Bling Red, i have read a number of posts from you that clearly show how upset you are that your team were played off the pitch for large portions of the game. Spurs have beaten you twice albeit one of those times riding their luck for most of the game. Is that not what teams like manchester utd have done for years against teams? scoring a goal in the last minute ect? winning when you play poorly is supposed to be the sign of a good team. Now i am in now way saying spurs are anything special at the moment but credit where credit is due, we have performed well and got results. We have turned a corner and regardless of when we get beat we will come back stronger. I just think you are bitter over the fact that your supposed superior team got beat by a team that are in the bottom half of the league. As for the topic of this actual article.................... I think ray is stupid to say what he did and it has nothing to do with him. Arsenal have some quality young players and they are getting a chance to get game time which can only ever benefit the PL in the long run so congratulations to arsenal and arsene for having the balls to do it.
No respect? Oh please, why would we respect you in the first place? No secret Chelsea supporters dislike Arsenal. If it's reciprocated, that's par for the course. No miscommunication, I hope. Anyway, we at Chelsea were humbled by Burnley. It was an embarrassing loss, especially considering the comments made by Wilkins. Foot in mouth. That said, here's your time to gloat. Take it, embrace it, flaunt it, etc etc. Can't wait to play you. It will be gratifying to offer a lesson to you in humility.
Another chav who misses the point. Its ok for the fans to say such things, but when garbage is spouted by your coach, RadioactiveD, then there is a problem, whether you choose to recognise it or not.
Yes thanks prits, how is it possible to completely miss the point?
You know how I was saying we'd get our chance to gloat? Well, I never imagined it would come so soon. You must be awfully embarrassed. We dismantled Villa and yet you were crap today. Garbage. No fight whatsoever. Maybe Arsenal should play all the toddlers in the league since your senior squad can't get it done.

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