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Cesc Named New Arsenal Captain

Arsene Wenger has named Cesc Fabregas Arsenal skipper after William Gallas was stripped of it following some rather questionable comments last week.

Gallas enraged the squad, manager and fans after publicly slating (which wasn't far off the mark, you just can't do these things) Wenger's team.

Gallas was left out of the side that lost 3-0 to Man City at the weekend and stripped of the captaincy (or quit, you make your own minds up), and now fan favorite Cesc Fabregas is the latest player to try an become the skipper we've craved since Tony Adams.

Good luck Cesc, here's to a brighter tomorrow.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday November 24 2008

Time: 2:02PM

Your Comments

At this point in time...i dont envy the young man. Too bad Gallas never made the cut...making Gallas captain instead of Gilberto has turned out to be one of Wengers worst choices...lets hope we get someone to replace Gallas in January and salvage the season
I think we've all had our say on this issue over the last few days and our candidates and preferences. But that's done with now and the only thing to say is best of luck Cesc Fabregas, we're all behind you.
Little Dutch
Well said LD, and we need to get behind the team on the whole if we want to pull ourselves out of this ***** heap!
I don't think Cesc is a natural captain, but then again I don't think we've got one at Arsenal at the moment. I just hope the decision isn't an attempt to keep Cesc at Arsenal like it was for Henry.
If Fabregas doesn't improve his form soon the media will be onto it as though it is down to the captaincy. Hopefully this will give him more to play for. Good luck Cesc.
LD, and Rocky, I totally agree. The fans need to get behind the team when we're struggling (like we are at the moment). The attitude of the fans at the last couple of games couldn't have helped the players.
Good news but lets not get on his back everytime arsenal play bad. What i means is that we will have more bad games but we shouldnt put pressure on him and use him as a scapegoat. I hope that doesn't happen. But really good news
The Arsenal fans have been worse than the team. If they want a response from the team we should look at our own "performance" first. Some of the comments I've heard recently have been nothing short of disgraceful. (And not just on this site, but everywhere)
I hate the fact that Cesc's captaincy had to arrive in such a fashion, instead of awarding him rightfully from the beginning in a proper way. the whole thing was dealt in a poor way from the start, with keeping faith in the immature Gallas, and I'd hate the fact if it had anything to do with him being French. 1 good thin though is Cesc had the backing of a number of players b4 he got it, which shows the team is behind him.
Again, totally agree with LD and Rocky, get behind Cesc and the team and inspire them out of this slump. Hopefully Cec being made captain is another step in the right direction. The players respect him way more than Gallas who can now concentrate on his football and the other lads have a player they respect to look up to.
Cesc is captain, and Gallas is back in the team. Personally I think that's the best we could make of this situation; Gallas needing to be punished for his dressing-room related comments, but Arsenal desperately needing his attributes as a player. I firmly believe that Cesc will view Gallas as a leading influence on the pitch still, and will encourage Gallas to be as vocal in command as he was with the armband. I hope Gallas stays and this works out. I might be in the minority, but anyone who thinks we can do without him, or find a player in January that is equal or better than Gallas as a footballer is kidding themselves. IMO, of course.
I think this will be hard for Gallas. He is the kind of guy who has a lot of pride in himself, which can be very beneficial to the team. But I have a feeling that having seen the likes of Lehmann, Hleb, Flamini and most of all Gilberto leave this summer, Gallas may have felt a bit isolated at that end of the age spectrum. I think it must have been frustrating for him to witness the team slump to so many defeats and his pride may have got the better of him, with nobody other than Kolo really to talk to about it all (Almunia is that age, but, as nice a guy though he is I don't seem him as the man to provide the greates help to him in that situation). I just hope that now that he is playing 'under' a 21 year old he doesn't get distressed even further.
¡Enhorabuena capitán Cesc! :)
I'm in 100% agreement with ChaosTeacup here, this team can't just have one monolithic leader, we need as many as we can get and Gallas is a leader on the pitch. I think Chaos is right, Cesc will look to Gallas for help on the pitch as he should do. In fact, not having the armband might take a bit of the scrutiny away from Gallas and allow him to keep cajoling and arse kicking in the way that he always has. My inkling is that Wenger didn't want to bring Gallas back, but when we went 2 goals down on Saturday the mood was of abject surrender. I don't think Gallas would have stood for that, he would have at least tried to raise his voice and push the team forward. Time will tell if Gallas accepts this though. The reports suggest that Wenger told Gallas he could only come back into the team if he apologised, if those reports are true we can only assume he has done that. Rocky, you're right about the fans in general, but Saturday was a bit of an exception. But the travelling fans did not cover themselves in glory at Stoke so us travellers shouldn't be too quick to part our bumcheeks in self congratulation.
Little Dutch
It's not so much the away support, over the years in general it has been excellent, one of the best infact. Every away game I have attended (admittedly that hasn't been for a year or so) there has been singing from first to last even when we're losing, but the home support, and just as importntly, the support away from the pitch has been shocking. Infact it's been demoralisingly bad, for other fans as well as the players.
the way i see it, this could have 2 is that the armband will give pride to cesc, and push him to play better, or he will buckle under the pressure and his game deteriorates even further, however, as some people mentioned before, he has the backing of most if not all of the squad...which should be good...and like LD says,, gallas not having the armband might actually propel him to play better, seeing as how the spotlight is not on him anymore...all in all...lets all get behind the squad, tough times we are heading to these days eh?
i just hope no one will boo Gallas now & the fans will be totally behind him. He might leave in the summer, but he is a very proud man & a committed pro, & i'm sure he wants to win a big medal in his time at Arsenal..
The mentalists are on the rampage. GALLAS PLAYING FOR ARSENAL AGAIN!!!??? How is this possibly humanly possible within humanity? Its funny because they even sound stupid over the phone (talkSPORT).
In the circumstances the only realistic option - Fabregas as captain and Gallas back in the team; he is the best central defender we have and we need him. I hope that there is no lingering bitterness or rancour from anyone including the supporters. I am sure that Wenger doesn't need us to keep reminding him of his mistakes (all managers make them from time to time) and time will tell if they can be rectified well enough to salvage something from this season which still has an awful long way to go. So come on the Arsenal!
norfolk dumpling
We haven't had a decent captain since Viera. Here's hoping Cesc pulls it out of the bag. Despite what Arsene says, a team *needs* a leader. Here's hoping Gallas gets over it and plays out of his skin, the sulky berk.
norfolf, Gallas will be heckled by the same idiots who dislike Eboue but love van Persie and Walcott
I think all football fans are no better or worse than they have ever been, the only difference now is that round the clock digital media and the internet allows every idiot to have a voice, so it seems like there is more of them. All the Arsenal fans I personally know have been very realistic and supportive of the team, just gutted about the hole Wenger seems to have dug for himself, there has been no hysterical outbursts form the fans I know. The internet requires big, loud, hysterical outbursts to gain attention. Anyway, Cesc is captain and it's about damn time, we have a chance now folks, we have a chance.
Professor Calculus
I think this will raise cesc's game ... he has matured alot as a player and i feel it is the right time for him to be our captain ... theres still plenty more leaders in the team that will look to give a helping hand too ...
Let's just hope we haven't got to find yet another captain at the end of the season
Orange Quadrant
Does anyone think is Cesc is inspirational, as an individual ? I havent seen any sign of that. I hope we do see that now that he has the armband, but I'm not convinced that Cesc has leadership ability. I hope I'm wrong.
good choice... not much more you can add really. I think (from outside the club) I viewed him as practicly the captain anyway - the way how he plays reflects on the team is incredible... although not quite in the same legue as liverpool with gerrard (i.e. if he doesnt play, they loose)
Congrats Cesc,if anybody deserves it,its you.So make yourself heard as well as seen. u shld have less of a problem dealing with the younger players by relating better with them. Gallas is a pro,he will be fine and will even bet on him stayng beyond this season before some other players.
Liverpool did just fine without Gerrard against Man United I seem to remember.....
Little Dutch
Pompeycarpet I actually really hope you're right but as LD says, Liverpool can seem to play a bit without Gerrard. This season we have faltered as Fabregas is off form, and our 3-0 loss at City was, of course, without Fabregas (although there were obviously many other factors going into that defeat).
Little Dutch - true but Liverpool had that extra incentive, they had lived in our shadow for too long. We just lacked that focus and that incentive. But you do have to admit, without Cesc your midfield is lost and void of any ideas
I guess it's always a risk to make a 21yr old captain but Fabregas is up for it. He'll thrive in the responsibility and no doubt Wenger has the hush-hush motive of trying to keep the boy at Arsenal and away from Spain. It may work for a couple of years. Gallas has the temperament of a preteen anyway, so Fabregas will do better.
I am so glad that we made that Gallas-A.Cole deal.Personally I believe Gallas has past his best & putting Cesc in Captaincy job will not help u I guess.It can work both ways.Either he will perform or it will be a burden.Already he is trying too hard to perform in ur team with no one to help hin in mid field.U R MISSSING FLAMINI VFERY BADLY.
Saimon I disagree - we haven't missed Cashley for a second since summer 2006. We don't mind receiving 5m either. The only question mark is that while Gallas is our best CB for now, we're only finding his best partner now that Silvestre has come. But that's not gonna last as they aren't getting any younger. If he/they are here to fill the gap before the likes of Djourou, Song or even Senderos step up, just as he's there before Cesc's ready, so be it.
Tom14 - Those same "idiots" you keep referring to, who heckle players pay their money and although it may not be constructive, there are no rules or regulations about why, who and how you should cheer as a fan. For someone such as yourself to continually coat fans that spend more money following this team than a lot of people could hope to or afford to is way off base and you should keep those snide comments to yourself! If you don't like it, say so, but less of the insults, we are past that on here aren't we? At least Theo goes out of his way to walk round the pitch after games and thank us fans for our support, please show me a time when Gallas/Eboue/Adebayor has done that. It isn't about how you perform it is about the relationship with the fans that gets most of the relevant responses, whether that right or wrong I am not arguing or saying either way, but that is the way it is from my seat!
Saimon_blues - I couldn't be happier to get rid of that disloyal, lying, greedy, chav probably the same as many other gooners also. Still "if the coat fits and all that".............
to be fair Gallas acknowledges the fans every game.
Little Dutch
I dunno about that LD, i must seem to miss that part, the odd clap above the head for 2 seconds doesn't constitute that in my books. Maybe I'm too demanding?? Well thats what the missus says anyway...........!
I've always felt Gallas, as well as Walcott, makes the most sustained effort of all our players. Denilson does too in fairness. Gallas wanders over to the red section after every match, win or lose. He certainly does away from home too.
Little Dutch
And no jokes about me leaving early either thank you very much!!!! ;o)
LG, I could not care less how much you spend on Arsenal. You are lucky enough to have that money,available (wheather or not you can truly afford it) but booing is a disgrace. before, during or even after a game. And booing individual players is the biggest crime in football. Forget diving, to literally boo one of your own players is vile. I hate it. You can sit on your high horse and state to the world how much money you spend per season on Arsenal, but think yourself lucky for that privelage.
Oh dear, clearly you didn’t read my post correctly or just decided to vent immediately! I’m not sitting on any high horse and didn't use myself as an example of spending anything regardless of the amount, I know I am fortunate to be able to go to nearly every home game. But then I don't sit there slaughtering people for doing what is their right (I didn't say I agreed with it either, yet again something else you appear to of overlooked in your post) but that is down to them. It is also down to the players to show effort, commitment and skill to deserve our applause. They crave it when they play well don't they? The difference is when I discuss it; I don't continually slate people calling them names, that displays a lack of maturity IMO! That is almost, ironically, what you are saying about others…………..
The only players I boo during a game are the opposition players! As for booing your own, if they have played crap, shown no effort, but still managed the full game and then just walk straight off, then they can only blame themselves if they get heckled. Again (for that sake of not being accused of something else I am not guilty of) I’m not saying either way I agree with it, but that IS the way it is!
I have now realised playing devil's advocate nowadays is almost as dangerous as choosing a particular side or view point!
When did i say you boo players? I said i hate booing and the fact that you say "Its up to them, they pay the money" because paying for a ticket does not give you the right to boo players.
You accused me of using the money "I" spend as an excuse e.g. "LG, I could not care less how much you spend on Arsenal" check your own post! I clearly didn't and never commented on my expenditure and you insinuated by way of accusing me of boasting about how much I spend that I can sit on my "high horse"! Well if that isn't insinuating something, I don't know what is?? I'm afraid you are the one who got on your high horse and you are the one who accusing people of doing "stupid things" so it is YOU that is taking the moral high ground!
keep digging...........................!
I was arguing against the booers LG, not that you boo. My argument with you (and many like you) was that you say that you go to matches and therefore have a right to boo players because you "pay their wages". That is where the "high horse" comment came from, even if you are not doing the act yourself. I have no problem with people stating how often they go and watch matches, but I do not like your comments that they are "doing what is their right " even if you do not agree. I do not believe that is is within a fans right to boo. You pay money to watch Arsenal, not to verbally assault our players. I apologise for sounding as if I was more angry with you than I am (I am not at all to be honest) but I really don't like the "But then I don't sit there slaughtering people for doing what is their right but that is down to them" comment.
Mate you pay your money you take your chances! Its an old over used phrase. But as i mentioned earlier, if you have a player who has played sh**, shown no effort and just sulks off the pitch at the end wihtout even a thank you, then personally yes i think that player deserves to be heckled by the people that help contribute towards the fabulus lifestyle he enjoys!
Gallas goes over to the red section cos his family have their box above them. Booing does wind me up, i rarely get onto a player's back, and if most the people around me are getting on to him, it makes me wanna cut him some slack. Up at Citeh i went full circle with Bendtner, first off you think he could do a job, then you wanna tell him exactly what you think of his effort/performance, and towards the end he look directly at a few fellas in the front couple of rows pointing and letting him know exactly what they thought of him, you end up feeling sorry for the lad!
Tom14 the fact is you accused me of several things I hadn't/didn't/don't do. Nuff said you don't have to justify it!
Those things were? I never said you boo players. But I did accuse you of saying something that I did not agree with. It is there in your post. "But then I don't sit there slaughtering people for doing what is their right (I didn't say I agreed with it either, yet again something else you appear to of overlooked in your post) but that is down to them." That was my only issue with you.
fabregas - excellent choice! he's the one guy i would want in my team, except that we have the best midfield squad in the world (mikel-essien-ballack-lampard-deco-joey... eat this!!). cesc is my favourite in the premiership outside chelsea, so am really happy with the selection. when the gallas-cashley swap happened, i groaned that we came out the worse for it. but a lot of water has since flowed under the bridge. i think we've won in the end. as we're gonna do sunday at the bridge ;) 2-0 anelka, joey.
johnny come lately
But then when the chavs have all that money to spend you should have the best players. I wouldn't include Mikel on any list of quality midfielders as he is nothing but a poor immitation of Makelele.

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