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All in the mind

In many ways 2008 has been a stormy year for Arsenal Football Club. Perhaps mirroring the volatility of the economy this year. We came into the year looking like strong candidates for the title. Much to the surprise of pundits and those inside and outside the club who were predicting our demise following the previous summer`s departures and board room wrangles. This resurgence was partly based on a sense of release following the departure of the, by then, preening, pouting, posturing presence of Henry. Who could have imagined that the departure of the clubs greatest ever striker would have such a positive impact on team psychology? By February the impressive new signing Eduardo had his leg broken in a reckless challenge, and Gallas had made his sentiments known too publicly for the tastes of media hyenas after we tossed away 2 very important points, in the same game, at a critical stage of the season. With youthful confidence undermined and further injuries our challenge stuttered and what would have been an acceptable 4 points behind the title winners at the beginning of the season had an air of anti-climax at the end. Sandwiched in between were cup defeats of a nature that we had experienced before in those competitions that we have tended not to take too seriously though the opponents made them less palatable than would usually have been the case.

Come the summer and the feeling was that provided we could keep the team together and maybe add where we could we should be more confident in mounting a challenge this season. The addition of Nasri was a positive move, as, despite palpable disappointment amongst many fans, was the addition of an experienced defender in Silvestre. Sadly though, ever looser contract laws and the fall in sterling made it much easier for European clubs to entice our players away and both Flamini and Hleb, who had previously made positive noises about their future at the club were on their way. Along with the unanticipated prolonged injury to Rosicky, and a failure to find a midfielder to genuinely strengthen the squad, the effect on our midfield as we have tried to adapt our play has made it difficult to sustain the consistency that a settled midfield had given us. So much so that we have had the Jekyll and Hyde experience of good wins against ManU and Chelsea together with the embarrassment of defeats against teams like Hull and Stoke.

This frustration, expressed volubly by many fans, has surfaced among the players. A lack of self control combined with the passion of ambitious players feeling the need to explain far too much led to the removal of Gallas as captain. This could only have happened if the majority of the team had failed to back their captain and assuming that was the case it was a boil that had to be lanced at some stage.

As we approach the end of the year the pound has fallen more than 10% further against the Euro, already sharply down in the previous 12 months, since the summer and those salaries on offer in Spanish and Italian clubs automatically look more attractive than would have been the case in the last transfer window. At the same time it makes the wages on offer in the UK market less attractive than hitherto and therefore not quite so easy to attract players of the level we would seek. From press reports it appears that Gallas, who has kept his counsel so far since having his stripes removed, is humiliated enough to want out with Milan supposedly a possible destination. We have the advantage of offering CL football which maybe enough to keep him on board for a little longer but financially it could be a convenient time for both him and Milan. If he feels his nose has been put out of joint his obstinate pride may make him feel more comfortable amongst the old men of Italian football than the uppity youngsters at Arsenal despite Wengers` assurances.

With one month to go 2008 has left more of a feeling of 'paradise postponed` than 'paradise lost` but it`s time to put it behind us. We need to clean up any disaffection that threatens team morale. While I am a great admirer of Gallas` talents as a footballer and believe that he has not had the understanding that his actions, mistaken as they may have been, should have received for the passionate and committed sportsman that he is, if his departure, as Henry`s did, serves to put the teams heads in the right place then it is a price we`ll have to pay. But Gallas is an intelligent man. He understands the value of acknowledging the crowd after every game irrespective of the result. It was he who sent Lehmann back to the centre circle at the end of last season to receive the acclaim that pleased both Lehmann and the crowd. He could just as easily turn that psychological appreciation inwards and, free of the artificial trappings of captaincy, command the respect of the other players in a different way.

What is important is that we get the players, young and old(er), concentrating on results and performances rather than any internal issues. Getting the psychological atmosphere right is a greater team building challenge than buying players and in many ways more important. Success tends to breed success and a good run of results in December would have a great healing effect on any tensions that still exist. While Wenger may well take advantage of the transfer window, I hope to add to the creative side of midfield, maybe he will have to take the opportunity to purge the team of any lingering disruptive influences, should they still exist too.

Whatever needs to be done will have to be done. Get it right and while we will still end the year with title aspirations looking someway less realistic than they did at the end of the 2007 it could yet set us up for a confidence building second half of the season. Given the treatment meted out to Eboue in the Wigan game some fans might wish to examine their own role in affecting team psychology.

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday December 7 2008

Time: 3:58PM

Your Comments

Great stuff, it's been nothing if not eventful in 2008. There is a bit of a cloud hanging over the club right now, if the players have moved someway to removing it with two very hard fought victories, the supporters put us right back to square one yesterday. Once again there is an air of negativity and we are under the spotlight again for the wrong reasons. When I was on the tube to Finsbury Park yesterday I saw a gentleman reading the sun and i saw the backpage screaming about player mutiny at Chelsea. I pointed it out to my friends, "they're picking on someone else now." Now, we're going to be on the receiving end of negative publicity once more. Gallas is a player who clearly recognises that, good support can give a player an extra yard of pace just as bad support can rob you of a yard. One issue with the article though, "the unanticipated prolonged injury to Rosicky." Relying on that guy being fit is extraordinarily naive. What was that bible verse about building your house on sand?
Little Dutch
'the effect on our midfield as we have tried to adapt our play has made it difficult to sustain the consistency that a settled midfield had given us' My sentiments exactly Amos, I've come to the realisation that our wildly inconsistent midfield is the reason why our strikers don't seem as involved this year, and our defence is always under pressure. Good piece, I find that I often agree with you.
The people booing yesterday are the self same fans demanding to know why Wenger couldn't keep hold of Flamini. Is there any wonder with all the ******** whinging, booing, and let's face it, silence that goes on at our stadium?
Hey, what happened to Wingston?
Nice Article Amos, it sums up our season so far very well.
Good piece, Amos. You make a lot of good points. One of them, however, I hope doesnt happen, and that is the departure of Gallas. He has impressed me in the last 2 games, and life is all about second chances. If he grabs his, it will be great. If you look at his comments that led to the stripping of his captaincy, I found myself nodding along in agreement to each and every one of them. (I dont think he should have aired them in public, but thats not the point) The Arsenal squad need to take a good look at themselves and do something. To aid that effort, I hope Wenger brings in 3 players to add competition in the squad.
Excellent read. Interesting that you mention that a creative midfielder is what you hope for most, I'm starting to think the same. I actually think this team is missing Hleb because all the creative responsibility ends up with Cesc, whereas last season he dovetailed nicely with Hleb. The way we play our passing game, we need another Hleb-type of player - or perhaps someone like a Messi or Ronaldo who can actually take on a player. Of course, they're few and far between.
Amos, you are a northerner who should support your local team. That you are allowed to be the editor on here is a disgrace. Go and support Preston, you probably watch more of their home games than Arsenal's so please do not give your armchair views, it's insulting to us TRUE LONDON ARSENAL fans !
Orange Quadrant
A+ for the article.Found myself nodding in agreement thruout. Balance,togetherness&single-minded determination are the most important attributes of a winning team but we need a few new signings in Jan,if for nothing but to increase competition for places so those players in the starting XI buck up their ideas.
Orange Quadrant you are a prize clown. I was born and bred within the sound of Bow Bells. In my teens I could and did regularly make the 2 mile walk to the stadium from my home. Also, I am not even the editor here who, as it happens, is more of an Arsenal man than your narrow, parochial mind will ever allow you to be.
Amos he is a spud in disguise, we all know that. we keep getting such morons on our site one after the other..
owen on a free anyone?
If we signed Michael Owen I'd really think that Wenger has totally lost it. If people think Adebayor's finishing is poor, Owen missing four sitters before managing a goal would really get on your tits.
Little Dutch
Oh dear, another thread bashing fans for expressing opinions, genuine ones at very dissapointing.
Where does this article bash fans for their opinions LG?
I said thread Amos, not article........
Little Dutch - Owen is just back again from another injury (rusty?) and his finishing is, has and always will be in a different league to Adepaymemore's, but at least we can rely on Ade to be fit most weeks. What is the point in being a good finisher if you only play 20 games a season, a crap finisher will still get more from his 50 odd games through sheer weight of numbers.
There is nothing wrong with the article Amos, it is a good piece of writing.
If by thread you mean the comments section here LG there is only one post that refers to the atmosphere in the stadium. It's a valid point as to whether crowd atmosphere plays a role in team psychology. The club spends time in trying to create that atmosphere what with the call and name response thing announcing the team, the 'Wonder of You' theme, Gunnersaurus et al. Do you think the atmosphere in the stadium contributes to team performance?
Oh I absolutely agree that the atmosphere effects the teams performance (sometimes) I was at the Hull game at home at screamed my lungs out for 90 minutes, but got sweet FA in return for it as did the majority of fans. It goes both ways and if any one is naive enough to think that the fans will cheer and shout when the team does nothing, with no energy and effort or commitment then I don't blame fans for getting on the teams back. We pay high prices to watch people who live lifestyles we could only dream of and if they can't even have the decency to show some effort I will boo along with the rest of the majority who expect on pitch effort and nothing more. Is that too much to ask of someone paid what they are for doing their job?
Who here has the right to tell anyone how they should and shouldn't support their team? Who here has the right to call someone a ******** and wa*****(along with many other names) for showing human emotion? All of you are both bang out of order for that regardless of wether you think it right or wrong to reduce yourselves to the levels of coating people for their views is wrong.
I whinge and groan along with the rest of the crowd when things aren't going well. Along with others I will also try, in my own small way, to shout encouragement when things are going tits up. Then I'll rip into them in the bar afterwards. It is a bit of a two way thing. The crowd will respond to the way the team are playing and the team will respond to the way the crowd are playing. It therefore follows that if the crowd are playing badly it won't help the team. Just depends on whether you feel you have a role to play or not and if so what it should be.
I agree we should support our team with cheering etc, but it is not unconditional and the players should also "earn" that support with effort and desire. Eboue was a case in point. Not only was it the worst performance since Stepanovs (who I did rate actually) at OT but there was no effort, no intelligence, no desire, no nothing and he thoroughly deserved to be slaughtered for it. If 40,000 people cheer your substitution, you might actually start to think that you deserved it and pull your finger out, if you disapear then that shows the sort of character we don't want at the club.
Amos, I agree all along that the crowd need to help the team and vice versa but for people to start getting personal over someone else's views and opinions is childish, immature and ironically, makes them no better than the people who are the target of their vitriol. That is what I disagree with.
Booing is the crowds way of showing displeasurea protest if you will. We are both customers AND fans and have every right to show dissatisfaction at a sub standard product (for want of a better term) Take animal rights protestors, they aren't going to go down and wave their banners at the local green grocers, it wouldn't do any good, neither does bitching about something in a pub. The only way to make youself heard is at the match and if that is what it takes, then so be it. That is my opinion and if anyone disagrees that is their want, but call me a **nt or **nker for it and your just as big a one yourself.
i dunno, i have this fantasy that maybe we can play 4-3-3 adebayor in the centre, RvP wide right, owen wide left, twin playmaker of fab and nasri with one holding, and the usual back
did you see the replay LG, eboue cried while walking off the pitch, as a normal human being, you should understand that human make mistakes, while you do make a good point that that fans pay a lot, and the players are living it up, you should understand that with the lifestyle they have, they have earned it, and its not just sweet diggity pie, with that kind of lifestyle and paycheck, comes great pressure, and we are afterall just human being. playing bad or not, he is still in arsenal player, winning or losing we all are arsenal fans, and its our job to support players not boo him. to boo eboue like a lot of people did is childish, its not gonna push him to be better, but in fact its just going to make him worse...before you say anything else, it is understandable to voice concerns, but i think saturday was over the line.
I have read enough of your views on these forums not to even begin to question you as a true committed supporter LG. You are right it is a two way thing and there is nothing wrong with expressing our disatisfaction if we feel the team aren't trying hard enough. There is nothing wrong with encouraging them to do better either and most of us do a little of both. There is a level though where we can go too far (just as some animal protestors do) to the point that it is counter-productive. My view is that fans, and I accept that they are still genuine fans, went too far on Saturday which did the team no good at all. It's one thing have a quiet atmosphere in the stadium quite another to have a hostile one. That is bound to have an impact on the team and players beyond the treatment of one individual. The fact that some supporters see that and wish to express their concern at the risk of creating this hostile environment for the team is understandable. But unlike Eboue no-one in the crowd is being attacked on a personal basis. It's the actions of a group that is being condemned. If it goes too far then that's a shame but if Eboue isn't expected to be sensitive to such public condemnation then why should those fans be? On the other hand if Eboue is expected to react positively to the criticism and up his game then so should the fans.
Putting in minimal effort is inexcusable regardless of what industry/job you are in, that is exactly what Eboue did. I do cut players some slack, but answer me this, do you agree that calling people c***s and w*****s for expressing their opinions and views is just as childish? I am not getting into a debate with you about whether footballers earn their money or not, that is for a different day mate. Eboue cried, yes, so what; there are millions of people round the world with real problems and real issues not just a few tears over playing like a total Muppet on a football pitch. (harsh, maybe) Letís get some perspective here please.
i think its hard to talk to you, because you rather one dimensional and obviously lacking in education and passion towards your own football club. there maybe many people with real issues, but you dont know whats going on with eboue, only the fact that anyone, would suffer from a massive personal attack like that.
I agree to a certain point. The fact is, I booed Eboue (i didn't cheer when he went off) and am perfectly happy to admit that, as he was a disgrace to the shirt and an embarressment to Arsenal players past and present. But i do not personally insult the bloke just booed him, so why should fans be subjected to extreme insults?? I might also add that I put more effort into cheering AND booing the bloke than he did for the 30 minutes or so he was on the pitch. It was over the top and yes it was uneccessary of the crowd to jeer him off, but they didn't do it for no reason.
Owen's chance converison rate is somewhere around 15%. Adebayor's last season was 23%. Owen has always been a poor finisher afforded lavish excuses by the media based on one outstanding moment he produced when he was 18. Away from the booing debate per se at the moment, I actually don't think Eboue played too badly until that nightmarish five minutes. You could say that the guy was played out of position (most of his mistakes were a result of trying to cut in on his right foot) and lacking fitness. That's not to mask a shocking few minutes, but if you watch the highlights again, you'll see Eboue was involved in much of our attacking play and Valencia played on the right for Wigan and I don't remember him doing much. The fact is though, what Eboue received crossed the line from dissatisfaction into out and out, ugly hatred. I don't want to hear the rubbish about his diving, because nobody complained when RvP dived to win a free kick against Spurs, or when Fabregas got Arteta sent off against Everton last season with some appalling theatrics. It was a personal vendetta exposed through snarling hatred. I'm not flying a flag for Eboue's abilities per se, I think he is an average right winger at the best of times and a decent back up right back. But even people I know who have a massive distaste for the bloke all admitted to feeling for him such was the extent of the all out abuse, you'd have to have a pretty hard heart not to have felt for the guy as he walked off. That level of abuse is usually reserved for reality TV contestants who wilfully put themselves up for that sort of ritualistic humiliation, they wantonly dehumanise themselves for that sort of notoriety. The booing for Eboue was as sustained and loud as when Joey Barton came on at the Emirates in August. Barton is a multiple fellon, Eboue was a footballer who mislaid three consecutive passes in three minutes. Not great but certainly not deserving of that show of hatred. The people that so venomously released that hatred got off on it as well, make no mistake.
Little Dutch
gooner_till_i_die - I think my knowledge on the club is comparable with anyone else's out there and you clearly do no know me well enough to make any judgement on my character or passion for Arsenal. I am often involved in intelligent conversation with plenty of people on here and am usually very reasoned. I find your inaccurate comments both ridiculous and bizarre.
Only someone suffering from a severe bout of naivety and ignorance would make a statement about a personís character based on one emotive thread. Step into the spotlight gooner_till_i_die.....
LD I am not defending what they did I'm defending peoples right to make their opinions known as fans AND may of been too much it may not of been but if people need to show their dissatisfaction to the club, players and manager what else are they going to do? Write a letter?
LD Shame he didn't display that 15% ratio in the FA cup final against
I genuinely thought Eboue had an awful game. The last 5 minutes he was on were sureal and during the rest of the game he just didnt do much at all, he didnt even maintain the shape of the side. Do I think he wasnt putting in the effort on purpose? No, could his percieved lack of effort be down to the fact he hadnt played for almost 6 weeks? Yes. By all means boo if you think you have the right but could the booers at least sing a few songs of support during games aswell as I heard none on saturday.
Ironically GTID is making your point for you LG by personalising the issue. I for one am pleased you have the balls to come and argue your view. Even if I don't entirely agree with it I can understand it. It's all down to the power of positive thinking though mate!
I know Amos, i know mate. Whether we agree or not isn't the point (that i agree with lol) it would be dull if we didn't. I am not going to agree with everyone here because everyone else does and spout platitudes over a subject I feel strongly about. But hey, atleast I can do it with out getting personal about people I don't know (unless insulted first). For what it is worth I thought the article was good, well written and summed up the current situation nicely....
Of course people have every right to boo, if they've paid their money they have every right to do it. I just think it lacks logic, like I say, we've won two league games on the spin since the horrible aberration at City which should see us back in a positive light, but now there is a negative feeling over the club again and that is solely down to the barracking of one of our own players. Like I say, if someone regards themselves as a consumer then behave like one, you don't like the product you don't buy it. Same reason I don't go to Starbucks, they served me the mankiest cup of tea I've ever had. But my response wasn't to boo and barrack the staff or the manager, I stopped going there. I totally see and respect your point LG, the crux is I don't agree with it. Such if life I guess.
Little Dutch
As Iceman rightly says, if anyone thinks Eboue WANTED to play like that then ...... Eboue has been out of action for a while, even Wenger said he didn't want to play him for that long, he was in an alien postion, and he isn't even that good a player as it is. It'd be like your boss making you do a job that you're not really familiar with and then everyone shouting at you for not know what to do. The more people shout at you, the less you feel able to do your job properly and the more resentment you feel. It doesn't make any sense.
Rocky7 My boss does that anyway! lol LD - I view myself as a customer AND a fan and as such the club has me as a captive customer and therefore my brand loyalty cannot and will not be changed. I'm sure the same can be said of most at the Grove. So the only way to achieve any semblance of change to a product you are not willing to give up is to try and get it altered. The clubs treat us like customers, but what they say when you ask for a refund for a sh***y performance. They have the best of both worlds, its consumers brand loyalty but can still offer a sub standard product that will be snapped up. Yeas LD, we do disagree on this as I have found out many others do also, but it is now in a more enlightened way, no?
Whether consumer or supporter, booing your own player for playing badly makes little sense to me. When it happened to Adebayor earlier this season, I didn't really mind too much, I didn't join in but I felt that was an acceptable gesture because he genuinely disrespected the football club and the supporters with his actions. But even then, it wasn't over the top and it ceased quickly enough that it didn't disturb the team, we let him know then we let it go. Eboue was a player that played badly and what happened was way over the top, for him to be met with the same reception Joey Barton got shows a real lack of proportion. A few boos would have annoyed me, the same way it did when it happened to Bendtner against Villa (yet Walcott played just as poorly and was given a standing ovation), but this was sustained and vitriolic in a way that went well beyond the boundaries for me.
Little Dutch
Bendtner is also a fans whipping boy. I think a lot of the players need to address this though as the ones that get ripped are generally the ones with poor body language and lack of application which immediately makes them a target. Walcott is clever in the fact that even if he has a bad game he gestures to the crowd and claps them off at the end etc which is enough to keep your average simpleton happy that the player is "performing" (I appreciate the gesture but it doesnít cover up a poor performance in my books) Eboue is neither a crowd favourite or a good player and his attitude over the years hasn't been particularly bad, its just it hasn't been that good and the fans after feeling ripped off so far this season probably needed a pantomime villain and up popped Eboue with the most inept display of football I have seen in years and bang, hey presto thereís the villain. I posted elsewhere that I thought it was harsh, but I can understand the timing and Eboue was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I now have this mental picture of Walcott taking Eboue around an empty stadium this afternoon practising the art of waving at the crowds. With Gallas folllowing demonstrating clenched fist salutes and the correct way to through a shirt into the crowd. Meanwhile Eboue is having panic attacks thinking that the first shirt he tosses into the crowd will get chucked back at him!
LOL Having a good PR person can do wonders for your career. Amos can you see the truth in what I said though about the crowd being placated by something so simple yet important and it is criminally overlooked by players as a great way to build bridges with a crowd. Lets face it, it is easier to change one person than it is 60,000!!!
LMAO!!! That would be a sight to behold!!
The irony here is that in Kyiv, only 3 players walked twenty yards over to the away fans whilst the rest trudged off. They were Toure, Walcott and....guess the other one?
Little Dutch
Eboue I gather? Which isn't his usually style as I have rarely seen him do this at home matches. I don't go to away matches so am not equipped to comment. The clapping comment wasn't just directed at Eboue, it was for players like Bendtner and others who also get grief that isn't always deserved.
William Gallas..
Let me ask you LD, how and whence would some 40,000 idiots develop some "personal vendetta" against a specific player? Why would anyone, as an Arsenal fan, especially like Fabregas but, you know,just like that, for no apparent reason, hate, say, Song??
The only reason we "interact" with the likes of Eboue, Song, Cesc, Clichy et. al. is simply the fact that they play for the club we support. Ronaldo is bloody good, but I don't like him. I simply acknowledge his skill and leave it at that. Same goes for Messi, Kaka, etc. On the other hand, that spurs defender is crap, but I don't moan about him, coz he's got nothing to do with me. He's just some crap football player in a world full of them.
My point is that no football fan goes out to unmitigatedly love or hate a player in the club he or she supports. The love or hatred directed to players by fans is a direct consequence of what you do for the club the fans support. There's no bias. Pires dived, but he also did a lot of fantabulous stuff. Henry, Llungbert were well capable of putting in spectator perfomance, but we also know what else they did. And fans' opinions of players don't develop over a game or two. And overall, I always find that fans' feelings towards players, especially when a player has been at a club as long as Eboue has been at Arsenal, fans' feelings are never too off the mark. Fans' feelings about Eboue are a consequence of what Eboue has done over the years as an Arsenal player. As you point, he has committed "sins" committed by other players as well, but then he hasn't done any of the good stuff done by the others. For instance, if he had built on that season he had at right back, I'm pretty sure that today he wouldn't be the hate figure that he is. That he didn't build on it is in my opinion largely his fault, and that he is suffering as a consequence,is again in my opinion his fault too.
Other players (Clichy and Toure easily come to mind) have made mistakes that cost us games, but then besides those mistakes, they've been fabulous in many a game. Sadly for Eboue, that is not the case, and I think his chicken has come home to roost, if that is the apt expression. Or rather, it came home on Saturday.
My two cents.
And before you accuse me, off all the Arsenal T-Shirts I've seen on this here interweb, my favourite remains the white Eboue one where the name "Eboue" is written a la Ebay's logo. And if you like the song "Before You Accuse me" (is it by Dylan?), I like it too. See, I'm not that bad really, in case you wanted to boo me!
I think that analysis is wrong Gaga. The reason Eboue was singled out was because he was deemed the weak point on which fans could focus their disatisfaction with the team. As someone else pointed out in the forums as a squad player Eboue is every bit as good as O'Shea or even Brown is for ManU. Not every player is going to be a Pires or Henry. We have always had our Grimandis and Cygans. On Saturday Eboue was just a convenient focal point for a herd like instinct to stone someone in order to sate their frustration. After all all Eboue did was misplace a couple of passes. Bad though it was they were no worse than the misplaced pass from Gerrard in the Liverpool game against Blackburn that almost cost a goal. And neither pass was a costly as Vieira's sloppy pass that enable Giggs to knock us out of the FAC in the semi-final against ManU a few seasons back. This wasn't a bad player getting his just desserts it was a nasty, unpleasant, spiteful mob like need to have someone to blame. In the home game before it was Bendtner. Eboue was just unfortunate to be on the pitch. Justifying this mob action as some sort of entitlement for buying a ticket doesn't excuse the fact that it was a senselessly hostile act directed towards a team we support. I hope somehow those behind it get to understand that it a hostile environment for their own team helps everyone except us. By the way 'Before you Accuse Me' was originally by Ellas Bates aka Bo Diddley.
By the way I don't expressely support the booind, and I wouldn't have done if I was at the ground. I'd just scream my head off, just as I do at Diaby when he keeps possession unnecessarily and ultimately loses it.
My general point is that how negatively fans react to a specific player's negative elements is essentially down to the player himself. Consistently honest effort will always sugarcoat your bad bits, and it will always make it easier for fans to forgive those bad bits. But when this consistent honesty is missing, and I would argue that it has by and large been missing from Eboue's Arsenal career, I will not be surprised when something like Saturday happens.
Gaga - Thatís spot on mate, great explanation. if Eboue hadn't acted like a complete Muppet throughout the latter part of his Arsenal career and had put in some spectacular performances then he probably wouldn't of been on the end of that outburst from the crowd. Iím not saying it was right or wrong, but it would never of happened to Toure who has had some shocking games this season, because he has had so many good games in the past and doesn't act like a little bitch when tackled (ala Porto last night!)

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Fonte & Alderweireld On Massive Everton Win
Ľ Southampton : 21/12/2014 17:18:00
Reed On First Start Against Everton
Ľ Southampton : 21/12/2014 17:09:00
Ľ Sunderland : 21/12/2014 16:43:00

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