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Kolo Urges Eboue Support

Arsenal veteran, Kolo Toure has urged Arsenal fans to get behind Gunners whipping boy Emmanuel Eboue the next time he turns out for the team .... which could be as early as Wednesday.

Eboue suffered quite horrendously at the hands of the home fans on Saturday when his substitution was actually cheered (which I think was worse than the actual booing) and was followed up with a chorus of boos.

However his friend and fellow countryman, Kolo Toure has lept to the defence of the rightwinger (central midfielder, rightback, left back) asking Gooners to provide some positive support and assuring us all that Eboue wants to do well for the club.

'Eboue had an injury for six weeks and this was his first game," said the centre back.

"We had some injuries and that is why the boss put him on and he played well. At the end he had a difficult time but we need to give him credit because he was not 100 per cent however he had to play because of our injuries and he did well.'

"The fans gave him a hard time and that is unusual at Arsenal. I was surprised because normally our fans are [always] nice. I think the tension was really high and that is why they were hard. In the end we had three points and that is good. He will have a chat with the boss and I think he will come back.'

"We need him and he is a strong boy. I`ll call him, he will also have a chat with the manager on Monday and then he will be fine.'

"I just want to tell the fans that he is a great lad, he loves the Club and wants to do his best for the Club. Sometimes, when you come back from a six-week injury you cannot give 200 per cent. We hope that next time they will help him to come back. That is the only way to behave."

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 8 2008

Time: 1:07PM

Your Comments

I actually think his saving grace will be the game is away, and our away support, for the most part, is brilliant. It's a shame there isn't a Vital Arsenal section of the stadium, because judging by the 47% that have voted Eboue MOTM, he certainly wouldn't get boo'ed. Lol
Alan Hansen in talking sense shocker -
I read that article earlier Rock and it’s unusual to agree with the bigot, but I did! I think the manager has to take a massive slice of the blame for this whole situation. We get charged some of the highest amounts for tickets in world football, we don’t spend money on players yet have a massive wage bill, we have played utterly crap this season and when we are struggling for pace and width, what does Wenger do? Bring on a RB after a 6 week injury then put him on the left wing!!! Honestly, WTF was Wenger thinking? If Wiltshire is as good as he constantly harps on about him then why not play the lad? He’s quick, works hard loves a tackle and can play that position. But no, plumps for Eboue that was an inexcusable cock up from a manager who rightly so, has had questions asked of his often extreme tactical naivety this season. I love the manager and he is the best man us, but he has no doubt had his worst season up till now in this season.....
LG, I can only think that AW put on Eboue because he was so worried about out losing the game, Wigan looked like scoring and our defense was wobbling? I don't know, I'm just trying to understand why he kept Ramsey, Vela, Wilshere on the bench -- or why he didn't put on Silvestre who's had more match time than Eboue has had. Eboue clearly was not ready to play, he's just back from injury. The so-called "gooners" on Saturday who put on that disgraceful performance make me sick. Gooners like me all over the world would kill to be in their shoes, we consider it an incredible fortune to be able to watch Arsenal play live just ONCE and these scumbag idiots behave like that. F---ing disgrace.
Strange wasn't it? He had Sylvestre for left back and clichy to provide cover infront of Sylvestre yet no Eboue comes on (toa hiding to nothing) on the left wing. I just cannot understand that decision and see it as a huge mistake by Wenger. Jaelle, I ain't getting into this with you but Iwas one of those "scumbags" who booed......although not cheering him off.
You can read all the other posts about it just below this one for my opinion on the Wigan game.
It's a shame that people boo, but it's a part of the game. If I see a player cock up and lose possession in a dangerous area my natural reaction is to scream "what the **** was that?" not cheer him on. LG makes some valid points regarding fan frustration this season. I think prof may have mentioned that the reaction was as much at Arsene as it was Eboue.
But aside from all that - Eboue needs all the support he can get in order to rebuild his confidence. Nice one Kolo for coming out and defending his buddy.
Thanks mate, Kolo does appear to be the senior man in the squad, captain or not. I will give Eboue my full support when I next watch him live, unless he saunters round the pitch not giving a toss AND having a mare, ala Saturday. The same as any Arsenal player, i don't have any whipping boys just players who don't play well or show the wrong application...............except Adepaymemore lol
With hindsight I guess Wenger might or might not regret putting Eboue on but looking at what we had on the bench and knowing that he had used Eboue on the left succesfully in a similar situation against Bolton this season it probably seemed a good bet. It was certainly the one I would have taken rather than disrupting the defensive line up to accomodate Silvestre or risking a largely untried Wilshere in an important game or playing Ramsey out of position. Nothing was guaranteed to work. I bet Eboue wishes Wenger had made another choice though.
bad form guys bad form
LG, I realise that you don't particuarly want to get into this and to be honest I don't really either... but I can't help but wonder. The reason that Eboue was booed off was because he seemed to lack passion, as though he didn't care for the club. What I don't understand is how booing is going to help this. One of the greatest things as a football fan is to see a player playing for your club who genuinely loves a club. What I want to know is which player is going to love a club that boos them and, perhaps more importantly, their team-mates. For me the whole buissness of paying money to watch the match is irrelevant. I believe the match would have been a much more enjoyable experience for the fans had we not bood and had gone away with 3 points. Casting concern over a players ability is one thing, but putting the player down is only going to detract from the teams performance.
Amos, i make you right about not disrupting the defence, but Wilshire is built up every week by Wenger - he should of used him. He says the kids get a chance at Arsenal, well clearly he would rather play an average RB on the left wing after a 6 week injury, when we are 1-0 up at home against a very poor Wigan side that he starred in a few weeks earlier helping to stuff them 3-0, which to me shows that Wenger made a mistake IMO, but then that is only an opinion.
ArsenalRob - Read my first post on this thread mate, should explain more elaborately why I think it happened and in other posts just below this one about why I booed and was happy to do so because in my opinion it was justified. Not the cheering him of the pitch ironically, that was OTT from the fans. As you see, others disagree with me also, but then it would be boring if all just sat around nodding in agreement. The only thing that could of detracted from the performance (was that interaction between Ebue and the crowd) which was ***** poor anyway mate. We were one dimensional, narrow, lacked pace and width and played like pooh!
"We were one dimensional, narrow, lacked pace and width and played like pooh!" -- have to agree. But wasn't it only in the last 10 mins. that Eboue started to falter? Didn't he help create two of our chances we didn't take? I'll go and read the previous thread.
Eboue was booed off because 1) He had a nightmare game in the last 20 odd minutes. 2) When making mistakes he made little to no effort to rectify them, chase back, or harry the opposition. 3) He has not endeared himself to fans since his arrival, indeed, even here on the VA forums there was a time when we were sick of the sight of him.
I think these 3 factors, combined with the game literally on a knife edge, and fans general frustration at the poor start to the season contributed to the explosion of hostility towards Eboue.
Has Wenger built up Wilshere every week? I have heard him say not to expect much of him at the age of 16. He has one sub appearance against Blackburn 10 minutes from the end of game which we were leading 3-0. That's the right time to use him. To bring him on with a hour to play in a game that we needed maximum points in from while holding the narrowest of leads would have been brave but possibly very foolish. He is a precociously talented kid - but only a kid. He has been little tested against in truly meaningful games and in fact performed pretty poorly in his last outing against Burnley. Right or wrong Wenger's decision made sense.
The only reason we are in 4th is because the rest of the league is pretty s**t this year and lets face it, our squad isn't up to scratch, too many are always injured our defence has been criminally ignored, we lack experience, size and pace in midfield and we have no true captain out there, this is all down to Wenger who has disassembled arguably the greatest Arsenal side ever and replaced them with sub standard and average youngsters who actually earn more than those greats of the game. He is the reason for this frustration and he is the one that should of been booed, but Eboue stepped and made it easy for us....Yes he has kept us semi competitive, but when Man Utd won the double they strengthened and kept their best player, when we went unbeaten what did we do, broke the squad up within 2 seasons, that’s really clever eh? We were weaker than the others this close season and yet sold players, go figure!!! Someone tell me I am wrong.
Bad form indeed 123 but please dont forget how many managers have been hounded out of matchbox lane in recent years including your very own Hoddle and Ardiles. Dont forget the 2 that actually won you trophies either Graham and Ramos were subject to boo's and worse.
LG, I don't think you're wrong, I just don't understand how fans think it's helpful to the team's results in any way to attack our own players. I don't get it. How do you think it affects his teammates? I just don't understand how fans who are rightly frustrated that the team isn't performing believe that abusing their own players will somehow help them improve.
Stupidest thing about this whole situation is that not only will booing Eboue make him not want to play for Arsenal, it willmake other footballers like Kolo, Cesc, Yaya, and others think why should I stay (or come to) a club where the fans are gonna treat me like ***** for a little mistake.
Ozi Gooner
I dont think it did make sense to bring on a Eboue instead of Wilshire when you think Wilshere played a major role in the destruction of the same Wigan side just a few weeks ago. Im not saying the kid should be starting every week but Wenger has built this squad and he needs to start using the players at his disposal or buy replacements.
I don't think anyone thinks it helps the team, occasionally people at the club, managers, fans, players and the board need to know that the fans aren't happy. They most certainly do now and Wenger is under no illusion a lot of that was directed at him as I think the club has taken us fans for granted over the last 3-4 years. It may not of been the right way to let them know of our frustrations, but it did get the message across that we aren't best chuffed at the minute. Iceman, nicely done mate, good to put a spud in "it's" place when the myopia kicks in.
Amos I agree that Wilshere was not the man (if you can call him that) to come on, but Ramsey or Vela could have perhaps done a better job, with Eboue out of his position and not at full fitness.
Wilshere played on the right in the CC cup and did well but so did the whole team. He played against a robust Burnley side and was pretty anonymous. That's the sort of variable performance you expect from kids. Really we have seen next to nothing of him while Wenger sees him daily in training. It shouldn't be different but a premier league fixture is. Were it not for the 7 subs rule this season he probably wouldn't even have been on the bench. Eboue wasn't an ideal choice but he was the common sense one at the time.
By bringing Eboue on, Wenger acknowledged the deficiencies in his squad. Amos is right about Wilshere, but it begs the question that if he is not ready to come on in that situation, why don't we have someone who is? Eboue is a lot of things, a left winger he absolutely is not. Take one left winger out of the team in Nasri (please nobody use the 'what about Rosicky' line, relying on his fitness is futile and foolish, he isn't an Arsenal player anymore in my eyes) and we have to put on an unfit right back in his place?
Little Dutch
I haven't seen anything from Ramsey or Vela that makes me think either would have been a better choice playing left midfield than the more experienced Eboue who played the role quite well when called upon against Bolton.
I have been claiming for some time that our problems are in wide midfield and not in central midfield which has been the predominant argument for most of this season. Having said that Denilson had a good game out on the right.
I think Vela could have done a decent job on the left, and Ramsey could have done so on the right, with Denilson on the left. It's not ideal, but a better solution than Eboue on the left. Denilson's played on the left before, and although he hasn't been brilliant he at least has some experience of playing there before, why didn't Eboue go on the right. I realise it is a bit pointless to discuss now, but perhaps that would've been better in hindsight...
Amos, personally I think are predicament is everywhere except up front and at the full backs.
I think it would of been more obvious to switch Denilson on the left if he wanted to bring Eboue on. I personally would of but Silvestre as left back & push Clichy in to LM. Ramsey, Vela or Wislhere on the left would of also been an option.
DISGRACE really what your fans did to your OWN player! It'll take a while for him to get his confidence back again. Every game he plays at the Emirates, he'll be feeling intense pressure to perform and might rseult in even more mistakes!
I think wide midfield AND centre midfield AND defence are issues. I don't think they are mutually exclusive when it comes to determining the clubs poor start to this season. We are deficient in key positions all over the pitch - hence the lack of success over the last couple of years.
Like booing Ronaldo eh ForeverUnited?
Rosicky, 27, underwent surgery in Germany in November and he will return to London before Christmas. But boss Arsene Wenger is refusing to rush him back He said: "He's doing rehab at the moment. "He's back here on December 17 and then hopefully we can start to work with him. "But it's a long-term prospect, maybe March at the earliest.” March earlierst? So basically out for the season.
Didnt you lot boo Ronaldo for ages?
Off topic but Rocky, can you whack a next 5 fixtures widget on the VA article pages and home page? It would be useful as it's the only key bit of info that I have to bugger off elsewhere for! Unless it's already here somewhere and I'm being very stupid. I wouldn't rule that out.
If you were Xabi Alonso, how keen would you be (especially now) to swap Anfield for the emirates?
Depends - Xabi Alonso = World class all round midfield playmaker and workhorse. Eboue = Eboue. Admittedly I'd be a bit shocked but you show me a set of fans in the top flight that hasn't booed it's manager or players and I'll show you the biggest congregation of liars the world has seen!
ChaosTeaCup - It wouldnt affect my thinking at all.
Fair enough. I agree to a point. Just curious. I think the treatment of Eboue was harsh - considering he's just come back from injury, and was played out of position. Wenger dropped a b*****k, but I suppose he didn't have many options. I agree with the posters who say Wilshere might be too inexperienced to play in that kind of 'must win or title's gone' environment, but I also agree with the gist that no way could/would Wilshere have played as badly as Eboue did. Just hearing those boos through my living room windows sent a chill down my spine (perhaps it was just too cold to have the windows open?).
Since Rosicky is never coming back i think we should remember our top Roskicy moments. My top 3 in no order 1. his first goal for the club against hamburg. 25 yard smash in to the top corner. 2. His double against Liverpool in the FA cup at Anfield. 3............
I reckon I could make it three, Paul. 1. His World cup screamer against USA shortly after we'd announed him as a new signing 2. his first g....
Leave it out Rosicky scored countless important goals when we'd already had the match won and coasting! 3. Getting caught with 17brasses in an Amshterdam hotel room
Even though he broke way too easily, and made only a fleeting impact on the side, I miss Rosicky.
He was our luxury goal scorer, always scored when the game was won, usually!!!
yes ramos won us a trophy look what happened then was takin us nowhere, as this seaon started, so like other managers they had to go, i thikng wenger shud get boos for takin ye nowehere, but then again wegner is (was) genius.
A gamble on an injury prone player that didn't pay off.
He's taken us to the Champion's league every season, which, seeing as it's what all the loer down clubs in the Premier league would love, is hardly 'nowhere'.
I'm pretty sure Wenger has more english league titles than the whole of THFC 123spurs, and you guys were 20th in the league when Ramos was fired, I'm pretty sure there's a difference, though probably not one you could comprehend I'm sure. And about Rosicky, I feel so bad for him, he really is a quality player, but we have got to start finding him a replacement in January, and hope some Italian team will overpay for him in the summer...
shewore, was Rosicky injury prone at Dortmund? I can't remember.
He had started to suffer from tendinitis in his hamdstrings or whatever the term is in his final season there.
Ooops. *hamstrings & Tendonitis
im what ur saying, but some fan are loosing patience, i think wenger has done great, be he seems to stubburn. true champions league, fin 3rd or 4th which means ye have to quaiflyier first. jus sayin that all ye need is some exp, building for future u can do that every season.
I would love to see the lists of pre prepared "chirps" that Spuddies have at home. There is nothing footballing, financial or club wise that they can take the mickey out of us with so they end up jumping on the back or our discussions and it is quite pitiful really!
Rosicky, really good player for ye pity he has awful injuries, never replaced either.
i feel sorry for Rosicky, but many players have come back from such career threatening injuries, so i'd give Tommy all the chance he needs, and even if he comes back next season fully fit, i'll be more than happy. Clichy, Van Persie have had injuries which have kept them out for the entire season, same here wid Rosicky, although his is a lot more worse, but the club & Rosicky himself is taking it slowly and doesent want to rush back, fair enough. all the best Tommy, hope yu comeback in march or next season, whenever fully fit..
Gunnerman - You HEARD the majority of 75000 boo Ronaldo at Old Trafford. I rarely miss home games and I'm sorry but that just isnt true! It even looks like you're trying to justify it!
Whatever chap - you know the truth - the world heard it. Ronaldo got slated. There is no justification from me - merely and attempt at rationalising the issue and exploring the reason why it happened.
The world? What world? Your world? He was slated in the summer but when he got on the field, no.
I remember hearing him get jeered by united fans
"I certainly heard it all the way here in New York." -- LOL! :-) On the TV of course!
So do I, TP. Sorry, ForeverUnited, but it happened. I certainly heard it all the way here in New York.
It was NOT a career threatening injury, Luckys. In fact, no one really knows what the problem is with Rosicky. Who would be surprised if someone turned around and told us in Feb, that he needed ANOTHER operation? Rosicky has already played his last game for Arsenal.
As for Eboue, the fans will now be forced to cheer him on in a show of support, which will be as (un)deserving as the booing. He put in a *****e performance, shouldnt have been booed, but to right that wrong, another wrong will need to be done. Strange. Anyway, if cheering him on makes him feel and perform better, then so be it. As far as the concept of booing is concerned, IF it has to be done, surely it can be done AFTER the game. Then the fans can get their discontent across, and it will not impact the players' performance on the day. Just a compromise between both schools of thought.
speaking of rosicky, i happen to be in my second last year of medschool, muscle problems would not require this 14 months to return norm, unless what rosicky have, is a muscle disorder. Muscle disorder, wether he has it or not, and unquestionably, is a career ending injury, especially if its something like sarcopenia, which could happen to mid aged people, it doesnt have to be the elderly. the point is, muscle disorder brings the loss of muscle mass, and have major detrimental effects to senescence. but in all positiveness, lets hope he is ok!
Also speaking of Rosicky, do we think that Wenger will sign a replacement in a similar mold, i.e. a creative midfield player? As for the Eboue debate, he could have player van Persie on the left and put Bendtner or Vela up front. All easy in hindsight.
I don't expect to see Rosicky play for Arsenal ever again -- maybe even for anyone ever again. Poor thing. Let's hope the away fans give Eboue a very warm welcome. He'll be playing.
The treatment of Eboue was absolutely disgraceful - embarrassing stuff. I for one was surprised when we signed Sagna as I thought we had one of the best right backs in the league - part of our record breaking defence in the run to the CL final in 06 - and how he is now subjected to this is thoroughly disappointing. One of my favourite Tomas Rosicky moments was his header against Wigan in '07 (think it was his first league goal for us) and his reaction. Great player but like most of you I think he's finished - start of the season Wenger said he would be back in Sept, now it's March and will keep on being put back. Even if he does come back got to ask how long it would be before he suffers another career threatening injury. Hope I'm proved wrong...
... ps I'm delighted we did Sagna as we DEFINITELY have the best right back in the league now :-)
* did sign Sagna
yoan gourcuff anyone?
yoann gourcuff perhaps?
I do like this guy GTID, Arshavin could also be available but price could be an issue with the him. In the summer im quite sure we will go after Ben Arfa.
i like ben arfa too, arshavin could indeed be available, but i think slapping a 30 million price tag on a 28 year old is over the top
on the topic of ben arfa, theres a vid of ben arfa and abou diaby fighting, it looks pretty serious, but it was way back in clairefontaine
gooner_till_i_die just for forever united. Grow a pair and admit you're wrong. Cheers.
Booing him in some pre-season matches is quite different to battering him in a Premier League match. He got a couple of boos in his first match(es?) in PL, but nothing like Eboue got.
The boo-boys and the wink of the WC is part of what made Ronaldo the best player in the world, but with Eboue I just do not see that happening.
Anyone who thinks Arshavin would be a good signing needs their head checked! He's a big mouthed, disloyal, money grabbing, glory hound and we already have enough of those in England and oone plays upfront for us already.......Ben Arfa, maybe, but again his size willmean our midfield again lacks power and strength.
BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THAT YOU DO NOT WANT BEN ARFA AT OUR CLUB. Fantastic, incredibly talented player but anyone who's followed his saga at Lyon (and now at Marseille) knows that it will be impossible to create a unified dressing room. Guys like Gallas, Henry, Bendtner, Ade are SAINTS compared to Ben Arfa. Benzema's difficult too but he's nothing like Ben Arfa. Lyon never ever wanted to get rid of him because he's such a good player but they HAD to because relations between him and ALL his teammates, manager and staff had broken down irreparably. You have to understand French football politics to grasp how shocking it was to see Lyon willingly sell one of France's most talented players (one of 4 who the French consider their future golden generation--Nasri, Benzema and Gourcuff being the other 3) over to the hated Marseille. Lyon and Marseille despise each other to a degree not even matched by Liverpool and Man Utd. Ben Arfa is a very very difficult player, in a separate category all his own. I'd love to see him at Arsenal for his talent and skill--but I'd be very worried about his affect on his teammates, as well as the strong possibility that his relationship with Wenger and staff would inevitably break down to poisonous levels. He's been at Marseille for only 3 months and already they're having problems with him.
Sounds like a bit of a knobhead jaelle? lol

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