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Ro-sick-y & Edur-hard-o

Arsene Wenger says that Tomas Rosicky will not return to action before March, meaning the Czech international will have not played in over a year.

In one of the most bizarre injury sagas I can ever recall, the experienced midfielder limped out of action in a game against Newcastle last January and hasn't been seen since.

The boss now says Tommy has undergone further surgery and will be back at the club on the 17th of December, but won't play for the Gunners until at least March.

'He's doing rehab at the moment," said Wenger. "He's back here on December 17 and then hopefully we can start to work with him. But it's a long-term prospect - maybe March at the earliest."

In a completely contrasting tale, Arsenal ironman, Eduardo, is set to make an official comeback for Gunners reserves against Portsmouth the day before Rosicky returns to North London.

Dudu suffered what many considered to be a career ending injury earlier in the year and has made a miraculous recovery, especially when compared to the recovery of Tommy Gunn.

The match can be viewed by all Arsenal fans with an Arsenal TV and Arsenal TV Online subscription, and I suspect it will have the largest viewing figures of any reserve match, ever.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday December 9 2008

Time: 10:11AM

Your Comments

What’s up with the poll MOTM Eboue, come on. I know he had rough time last game but this is not gonna make it better. Like he is gonna come this page and all of sudden he will get his moral back. I hope that is the case. Since he is one of the best player in our team. But let’s be serious about the polls for a bit.
collow - There are plenty of Eboue articles to post on! See below :)
Rosicky has been an awful signing and probably one of Wengers biggest cock ups in the transfer market. Atleast Franny Jeffers scored more goals and he was utter dog ******!
I don't believe you can call this a cock up on Arsene's part. Tommy is an awesome player, real Arsenal quality, you just can't prepare for such a freak injury. It's just one of those things.
LG how you can blame the injuris on Wenger is beond me. surly Rosicky did not come with a helth warning and had he been fit last season we would have done a lot better, once he got a run in the team he looked a very good player.
Very good player for 6 million. He took a risk on him because he was injury prone at dortmund too with many hamstring and groin problems
True. Rosicky was awesome when he started for us - just the kind of player we need at Arsenal at the moment. Guile, Speed, tought tackler, hard worker - it's such a shame that he has been injured.
You're right Gunnerman, a fit Rosicky is just what we need at the moment. Nasri on the right an Tomas on the left would be spot on in my opinion.
With both Nsri and Walcott so injury prone and Rosicky still out we could do with a winger in the January window.
Agreed Armory. Of course the DM issue needs to be addressed but it seems we only have one natural winger when we should have at least 3 imo. If we look at strikers we have millions. Ade, RvP, Dudu, Bendy, Vela, Walcott, yet only Nasri who can really play out wide (I think we can all agree the we can't include Rosicky in there any more). Playing Denilson, Diaby, Eboue or Ramsey out there just doesn't cut it anymore.
Sorry, where did I blame the injuries on Wenger? If you bother to go back and check Rosicky's appearence record for Borrusia Dortmund you will see it tailed off quite dramatically towards the end of his career, due to hamstring injuries. Now if i can find that out using the internet, WTF was our scouting team, medical staff and manager doing atthe time. At the end of the day Armoury, The manager is repsponsible for all things to do with the playing staff especially sgings. As far as i am concerned, his cost, high wages and time spent onthe treatment table DO make him one of Wenger's worst signings. Argue with that and you argue with fact!
Gunnerman - How many games did you watch him make these tough tackles in? LOL i really have to laugh sometimes, I watched him live several times (not enough becoz he is a crock) and he was as powder puff in the tackle as Pires. I think you have the wrong player there. I also watche dhim in action for the Czech Republic as my other half is from there and have seen him live for them also and he rarely if ever puts his foot in....sometimes I really do wonder!
Lots of players overcome bouts of injuries to go on and have reletively successful, injury freee careers. I'm no medical expert, and unless I've tagged you completely wrong, neither are you ... lol ... and if Rosicky showed no signs of injury during his medical then I don't see how they could recommend not to sign the player on the basis that he may become injured in the future. Financially he looks like a bad signing, but it's certainly not something you could asign blame to in my opinion.
The fact is our whole team misses more playing days through injury than almost every other team in the league, consistently!!! You have to ask as to the quality of the medicals we put players through, the scouts and manager not paying enough attention to previous injuries perhaps, training methods, practise matches and of course crappy tackles from 2 bob players not fit to even lace our reserves boots.....there is something rotten at our club on that side of things and it needs sorting ASAP.
Rocky – I have little personal knowledge of matters relating to the athlete’s body, that much is obvious. But for a group of people who DO have this knowledge and to get it so pathetically wrong on many occasions is unforgiveable! The fact is he has been a poor signing, we have had him for 6 months over 2 years, regardless of who's fault directly, he IS a Wenger signing and there fore I believe my original statement about him being one of Wenger’s poorest signings holds true as he has been patchy at best when playing, expensive and injured all other times. Am I the only one seeing this or am I just making this up?? Must be something to do with all those "tough" tackles he goes in for!!!
LG - I agree with most things you say, but I feel you have it terribly wrong when you say Tommy rarely if ever puts his foot he. I remember putting in some great tackles in on many occassions. Indeed a quick watch of this video with prove it.
I'm not saying, in hindsight he isn't one of the poorer signings, but he certainly isn't a managerial cock up.
From whenever I watched him play I never saw him make any tough tackles Rock, maybe the odd foot got stuck out, but never ever tough tackles! As for the cock up, maybe the wrong word there, but the manager is responsible for ALL signings and lets face it, Rosicky hasn't been a success so far and we are over 2 years down the line with an experienced international. How long must someone be given? We agree on most things mate, but I think on the tackles side of things we will have to disagree, the guy was/is powder puff whenever I saw him (rare occasions) play.
I can only go on what I see (as I guess you can too) but that video shows him getting stuck in, winning tackles, protecting the ball and winning headers. He's a great player on his day. But the only reason Tomas hasn't been success is because of injury, which Wenger can't be blamed for, unless a glaring error had been made in the medical, but that is something we can only speculate about.
Rocky - agreed - LG - I don't know how you missed it all but from what I've seen of Rosicky he is a dynamo. Indeed, as Rocky puts it - he always seemed to get involved, stuck in, winning balls on the by-line. Bit of feedback - you can counter my claim without attempting to humiliate me. Just a thought. Cheers
Rosicky's tackling stats stand up pretty well with most PL midfielders of his type. He tackles frequently and pretty succesfully too. Is Rosicky any more of a managerial cock up than Saha was for ManU? Hasn't Drogba been out for long stretches? Presumably Rosicky's medical report was good enough and the insurers were happy to accept the liability. You can make all sorts of wise judgements after the event. Is it a 'fact' that our team misses more playing days than others? I seem to recall Chelsea and the Spuds having some pretty poor luck on that front recently and I am sure they are not alone. In any event there doesn't seem to be anything to back up that claim sufficiently to make it a 'fact'.
I'll say one thing for Rosicknote, at the beginning of last season when we had Him, Fabregas, Flamini, and Hleb all fit, he was a great part of a hugely dynamic and exciting midfield quartet, that looked as though they were capable (and would, if not for injuries at key points in the season) of bringing us some Silverware. To see those three (with Flam guarding the creatives) in harmony was truly a beautiful sight.
Simple question then people - Has Rosicky been a success? Yes or No? Gunnerman there was no attempt at humiliation, you will see I am not like that, i used quotes to highlight the fact they were your remarks and not mine. Viera was a tough tackler, keane was a tough tackle, hell Batty was a tough tackler, Rosicky isn't even close to that league, is he?
It seems we are not alone:
Amos - Saha was a waste of time signing also, but what does that have to do with Rosicky? I never said we miss more playing days than alkl opthers, but last season we were 3rd the season before we were 2nd it was on that physio's website that monitors clubs playing injuries. So please feel free to quote me, but quote me correctly at the very least. I will dig out the sight as soon as I can find it.....
LondonGooner There, you can find the rest from that link, but we are top 3 or 4 EVERY season for about the last 3 years, go figure!
And this website is valid as several managers and physio's quote this when making end o f season reports.....................!
Of course Rosicky won't compare with midfielders like Keane or Vieira that isn't a valid comparison at all. It doesn't mean that he is a 'powder puff' tackler though. As I said earlier his stats are good.
Rosicky's tackling stats stand up pretty well with most PL midfielders of his type. ---- Which doesn't say much at all when you consider players like Pederson, Pires, Nasri, Giggs et al rarely if ever make tackles. They are similar players and make more tackles on my way to the fridge for a beer than that bunch of tarts. I don't mind being proved wrong, but you can present anything in the right wording and try and make it look good. All I claimed is that he wasn't a tough tackler and rarely made many tackles at all, that was and is very obvious from watching him play live several times. Well, not unless he took tips from Martin Keown and Vinny Jones along the way?
Or a tough tackler either Amos?
Tough tackler - you are arguing semantics. I think it is blatently obvious that the meaning was more "enthusiastic, regular, successful and fair tacker" - Of course he's not the same as Viera or Keane, but in terms of wingers and attacking midfielders, he tracks back, works hard, and tackles diligently, succesfully, and without being bullied off the ball.
Which, from the wings at least, is what we are missing.
I was arguing as to whether he was a tough tackler, not whether there was any hidden meaning or missed sentences. I don't like arguing for the sake of arguing and I pointed out I thought your statement was incorrect, if that’s wrong then why are these places called "discussion" boards when according to you they should be called "thank you very much" boards.
Which, from the wings at least, is what we are missing. Gunnerman We are missing that through the middle more importantly lol
We were 4th in the link for the 05/06 season you gave LG. In the following season (06-07) we were 11th and in the season before (04-05) we were 10th. There doesn't seem to be any figures for last season available but RvP, Rosicky and Eduardo must have knocked up plenty of sick days. You can pick any time frame but the risk of injuries is carried by every team and it is just down to lady luck. Either way it clearly isn't a fact that 'our whole team misses more playing days through injury than almost every other team in the league'. The facts are quite different.
Enlightened discussion or atleast debate is based on what is written on screen, i take it literally (with in reason) because that way you don't end up putting words into peoples mouths. If i'd wanted an argument I'd go to Vital swampdwell....i mean spurs and practise typing my grunts and snarls on the keyboard with a clenched fist! *&!@% Ooogh ?<}+*^ GRNARF &$$$"! OOGA BOOGA etc blah yadda.
I must of misread it Amos because I am was sure we were an average of 4th overall for the last 5 season s and 3rd over the last 3???
I think your interpretation of a tough tackler is far more specific than mine LG - hence semantics. I can't be arsed to debate it - I'm bored enough at work as it is - I think he is a quality winger who's not afraid to get stuck in. Also - "if that’s wrong then why are these places called "discussion" boards when according to you they should be called "thank you very much" boards" no need for that mate - I'm well aware of what a discussion board is. No need to demean.
They only give detailed stats, so far, for the 3 seasons 04-05/05-06/06-07 it appears. But good stats site though.
I doubt we will see Rosicky play again for Arsenal, although I hope we do. It seemed like a good signing at 6M, and Rosicky ticked all the boxes for his position (LM). His injuries are a shame, coz he is undisputed quality. His defensive work and tackling skills were adequate for his role in the side. I will try to tune in on Dec 16th :). We shouldnt put too much pressure on Dudu to score goals. He only needs to be ready in time for the FA Cup, as his presence will only be a bonus for the PL.
Nice site London Gooner. From when he joined us Rosicky has had 9 seperate Thigh(1), Hamstring(5) and groin(3) injuries. Take away his latest injury and he has had 8 between may 2006 and november 2007. At Dortmund he played 27 games in 2005/6, 26 in 2004/5, 23 in 2003/4. He was always plagued with injuries
I think in hindsight Rosicky was a poor purchase - but with respect to the mans talent, and style, at the time he seemed like great value. He was firmly becoming one of my fave players until he crocked.
His injury record isn't brilliant but the Bundesliga only plays 34 games a season so it isn't quite as poor as it might look.
Whatever he is, good signing or not, we sorely miss him. Last year, when the whole world talked about how 'beautiful' we played, it was because of the fact that the four midfielders we had were all so comfortable on the ball and were always looking to make the right pass, and always moving well to support his teammates. Now, with Nasri always hurt and still learning both the Arsenal and Prem ways, only Cesc can make such a claim. This is the real reason why we're struggling, we had the same defence and strikers last year (whom it seems everyone wants to blame), yet we've already lost more games than last year.
^Great stuff. Cesc, Rosicky, Hleb and Flamini were a great combo, with each players skills complementing each other. Our current midfield quartet seems more slapdash inasmuch as we seem to be jamming square pegs in to round holes in the hope that they produce.
Well when you consider that we were playing Denilson and Eboue wide the other day and you look at Hleb and Rosicky. For all their faults they are in a different league to those 2. If you take Walcott and Nasri the potential is there but the experience and "big match" temperament isnt, so we are definatly weaker without them, especially when you consider that we have been beaten 5 times. 5 times ffs!
Dont know what your worrying for LG. Man United won the league last year with 5 losses. 22 games unbeaten and we can also win it. No let me rephrase that, we WILL win it
18 wins and 4 draws will get us 87 points.
That does include trips to Old Trafford, Anfield and Villa Park. I like you're optimism mate, top draw stuff!!
^Love your optimism Paul - more of that please Gooners! lol
Lots of Spurs fans in the office, nothing but optimism in here
Unbeaten till the end of the season?? Man that's a big ask. But screw, let's show a bit of the Spurs and say we can do it!! Watch Man Utd & Chelsea, you are in decline and we're on the way up!!!!! Now where's my pills??
Pfffft! No team can go unbeaten. Where have I heard that before?
Its a shame Rosicky being 1 of a few gooners i actually like. No seriously hes a good player so unlucky with injuries, we have the same with Ledders its soul destroying.
HY both excellent layers, all the talent in the world, but not the bodies of athletes. Happened to many a player and will again in the future. Gazza suffered terribly from it, could of been the worlds best......

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