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Since the repulsive actions on Saturday that Emmanuel Eboue was unfortunately on the end of, a breath of fresh air has swept over Vital Arsenal, as Gooner members from all around the globe logged onto the Vital network bearing their support and condolences for the midfielder from the Ivory Coast. This support has currently earned him 60% of the MOTM vote for the game against Wigan. When I added this poll to the site, I had no idea there would be such overwhelming support for Eboue, but instead I thought that I would be questioned for even putting his name into the mixing pot. But I think this goes to say that the members on this site see him as the pivotal element, that he is, to this Arsenal squad. His versatility, attitude, and team popularity makes him indispensable. So here`s to you Eboue, and from all of us at Vital Arsenal, I hope you have a blinder today against F.C. Porto.

P.S. If your up for a good laugh scroll through the few pages of hilarious pictures that various VA members have posted to glorify our Eboue. The Legendary Eboue

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 10 2008

Time: 6:38AM

Your Comments

He certainly wasn't Man of the Match, but having him leading the poll says a lot about what the fine people on this site think of Eboue.
gunnerkid107 (my own hero worship)
I think Eboue is a squad player and not much more, but he's going to be playing for us, like it or not because of all the injuries we get, and he should be supported. As should all the rest of the players. Let's just hope that this support for Eboue doesn't come at the expense of someone else.
He is totally symbolic of the malaise in quality that has swept through our team since the invincibles (although part of it, not integral) and the lack of investment in top quality talent this club has suffered from. Although a useful squad player and fairly handy to have around, that is about it and I for one prefer more from the players at my club. Feel free to slaughter me for it, Iím used to it on here now but that is my opinion and until we get players like Diaby, Denilson, Eboue and several others replaced with actual talent that has achieved something already or has some semblance of winning and experience we will continue to rely on the top teams slipping up to grab hold of their coat tails. Make no mistake, none of the above would get anywhere near Liverpool, Man Utd or Chelseaís first 11 yet they are all over ours and we continue to be paying the highest of all in terms of tickets etc. When will we start getting treated with a little respect by the club? Wenger thinks we are foolish enough to be swayed by the media opinion (Not me sir) and I find it insulting as do many others that go to home games/season ticket holders that he thinks we are gullible/stupid enough to allow down market rags to dictate what we think.
I think the bubble could begin to not so much 'burst' but slowly deflate... more and more Arsenal are condsidering the £1k+ renewal on their ST for next season.
Will people be happy t pay £1200 to watch a team of youngsters acting as our first 11 next season if we don't win anything again? Personally I don't care if we win or don't I will go regardless, but it isn't people like me the club care about........People will get tired of paying £8 for burger and chips or whatever it is and as you mentioned shewore, we will see a slight down turn in our attendances due to the lack of team investment and extortionate prices.
Yep, and the slight increase this year was down to 'inflation'... what happens if we do experience deflation...? Put the prices up?!?! The board also bang on about our long waiting list, but you can bet your b0llox to a barndance they won't all take up the £1k+ prices...
Will they take the VAT off next years tickets and any that will be sold afte rthe decrease this year?
Doubt it! I read that only the mickeys were doing that at the moment, £1 each per ticket, although i think some of our tickets are down £1 each, not sure though. In the scheme of things it means eff all really.
I know overall it makes no difference or little difference to us financially as fans, but the gesture would mean an awful lot more. Funnily enough Im surprised that ANY club has done it!!!
The support for Eboue here shows that the concept of 'supporter' is not entirely dead. Many of those virulently opposing the treatment Eboue received are not fans of the player but can see the stupidity in creating a hostile environment for their own team. We can all have different ideas about what is top quality talent. Frankly I think some of the names suggested as possible recruits are laughable but should they wear the teams colours I would seek to encourage them as part of the team on matchdays. It's bizarre how grievances can be invented. What actions of the club/Wenger could lead anyone to believe that they think Arsenal fans are swayed or dictated to by media opinion anymore than the fans of any other club?
I don't know Amos, but that is what Wenger said yesterday evening? IN his pre match interview. A truly strange thing for the manager to say and fairly condescending also towards our fans if he thinks that is their simple mentality...
Can someone e-mail me when this Eboue thing's over please!
LOL took the words out of my mouth mate.....!
I don't see anything strange if we are talking about the same comments. He simply said that the media condemnation of the treatment of Eboue accords with his own view that fans had gone too far. That pretty well matches my own view and those of many that have agreed on these and other forums even if they are not exactly fans of the player. Expressing frustration with the clubs policies in the way some did is clearly counterproductive. If fans stop turning up that might force a change of direction but they are as likely to be dissuaded from attending by a hostile environment as they are by what is or isn't going on on the pitch.
No, I think you OR I may of got the wrong end of the stick. From what I gather he said "you the media must take some of the blame for the treatment that Eboue received"? (in other words) Let me go and find it and have a read again.
Amos - I cannot find it anywhere! Can you post a quick link please mate?
These are challenging times for the club and Arsene Ė Itís all about getting the balance right and at the moment that just isnít happening. True supporters will never turn their back on the club, yet the club should never even seem to be turning its back on true supporters! ---- Prophetic words from another gooners article.
The quote made at the conference seems to be 'The media stood behind him and that was very positive. That means the fans had gone a bit too far. We do not accept it. We do not want it, but we have to live with it. Without fans you cannot play football. We have to turn the fans in our favour, even if sometimes we say: "You have gone a bit too far and that is not right".' This link is just one carrying the quote
It always seems the same to me. Guys come on here and speak a lot of sense, but there were 10,000+ people at the ground on Saturday who were a disgrace. Unfortunately I feel these are the ones who will be renewing their ST and more and more proper supporters will not. Whether this is a financial thing or a disillusion (with football and its supporters) thing. I'm not sure how many more seasons I can put up with it. At least a few more, but who knows.
LG, you raise a fair point, but I take umbrage in your assertion that none of those players would get near the Liverpool squad, in particular. Do you seriously rate Liverpool as an overall better squad? Every time I watch them I'm astounded at their league leading position. Their football is ghastly. Seriously. Horrible.
That article confirms your comments. The one I read this morning in the Metro on my way to work said he "blamed" the media for causing this situation.......? Which to me shows either shoddy reporting or poor use of the English language! Which is why I thought he blamed the media? lol I wondered what the hell you were talking about Amos?
--FOUND THE QUOTE--But Wenger, whose side have already qualified for the Champions League knockout stages, then insisted the media had to share the blame for Eboue's treatment, saying: 'They [the fans] have been swayed by the scepticism from the media which has affected their belief, which can have consequences on the team.
ChaosTeaCup - Denilson and Eboue definatly not. Where would Diaby play also mate? I agree with you Liverpool are over rated. But then Wenger has been pulling that same trick about us for years. When will he see we are not stupid, we can see this team is not up to scratch. He even had the cheek to call us Arsenal fans "lucky" yesterday. Lucky for what? Supporting a big club currently steeped in mediocrity. Yes, yes I know we weren't that great (football wise) before him, but we won shed loads of trophies before he came along and if entertaining football means we are "lucky" then id rather win playing ****** and not have to pay premier prices for the privilege!
If you're talking Liverpool first team, then perhaps Diaby would be a benchwarmer, but you said the whole squad, LG. Anyway, you are well within your rights to be p----d at the moment, we have had an inconsistent season. The season aint over yet though? Would you have predicted Portsmouth to win the FA cup last season? Still a lot of football to go, and I fear you may be carried away in your negativity.
Also, arent Arsenal the only club to include Home cup games in their season tickets? I think you'll find we are. Not saying that our Season tickets aren't ridiculously expensive, but we get more games than other ST holders.
I don't see much wrong with that quote LG. It seems undeniable to me. There is no doubt that many fans views of Gallas for example have been formed by the media treatment he received even if his own actions created the opportunity. In the example you gave it is the reporter who links Wengers statement with Eboue's treatment not Wenger himself. He is simply saying that the fans belief in the team has been undermined by a media eager to portray the club as riven with internal tensions and likely to collapse at any moment. He is saying that if fans don't have belief and support for the team when others are against them then that will have consequences for the team. In short booing the team is counter productive so have faith and get behind us.
The media hasn't influenced the way I view the team the seat I sit in and my eyes have formulated that view and Iím sure most of the 40,000 or how ever many that were in there paying for the "privilege" to watch Wenger's youngsters will have formulated their own views also. To think that has anything to do with the media I think is a bit insulting to peopleís ability to form their own opinions. Thatís how I see it those comments. Irony or ironies discussing a media quote whilst denying media has an influence lol
----In short booing the team is counter productive so have faith and get behind us----i sing my lungs out every game, I will ALSO let the players know (in my own way) if i think they are being lazy of not putting in the effort. If that means shouting at them or something similar, then that is what I will do.
Chaos, we get 6 free tickets (last count anyway) so it isn't too bad, but then you have to think well, only Spurs and Chelsea come close to us for prices. Including that it still doesn't make us cheap or averagely priced still mate.
I know they want the money there and then, but i would find it more comfortable if i could pay it back in 2 sums or monthly etc. I suppose they risk half way through the season people not paying for the rest of the ticket.
Personally, after each embarrising mistake our players make I make various loud noises that include multiple swear words. I do not, and have never, booed the player though. It is a shame that it happened, but then it's also a shame our squad hasn't been strong enough to carry the clubs lofty expectations.
Kolo Toure -----insists that his on-field partnership with William Gallas is as good, if not better, than Chelsea's partnership of Ricardo Carvalho and John Terry----- Who says Arsenal aren't living in a different realm of reality to the rest of its fans.
Gunnerman - Don't also forget it is Wenger that has helped those lofty expectations by claiming this squad is ready to win, but then asks for patience............go figure eh?
Yeah mate. It does seem a contradiction doesn't it? It's unfortunate but as fans what can we do but support the team? No matter the circumstances, the failures, the defeats or the heartaches we will be Arsenal through and through. We can do nothing but support the team and those that don the red shirt - even if they are rubbish. We can thank out lucky stars we're nothing like the circus down the road. Or at Newcastle. A fans revolt for *****s sake. For Kevin Keegan? They must all be completely mental.
LG, today there are 2 or 3 articles on the official site quoting AW on various issues, incl. the whole Eboue incident, fans' current mood, etc. He does praise the media for supporting Eboue. On another point you raised re the inadequacy of our players (some of them at least) and how they wouldn't get into any of the top sides... for me the worry and frustration is that, unlike you, I DO think these kids (again, some of them at least) can become world class one day. I don't think AW is wrong in believing in their talents and skills. You seem to believe they just don't have the quality and ability. I don't agree. My criticism is that these kids are not learning and developing alongside senior, experienced players. My other criticism is that AW seems intent on building a team without a strong, commanding leader or leaders. AW says he's afraid of killing the young players if he goes out and buys experienced players -- but my fear is that by rushing these kids out too soon against the tough, demanding 38-game season of the PL, with no wiser heads playing alongside them who can guide them and discipline them, AW is doing exactly what he says he doesn't want to do: "kill" them. I wonder if Cesc would've matured into the brilliant midfielder he is today had he not learned alongside Vieira, Henry, Lauren, Ljunberg, etc. For me this is the great flaw in AW's project. I'm not saying it's impossible for these kids to somehow gel and grow up and find that grit and heart and form that they need, or improve their skills and football intelligence into eventual champions -- I'm saying that it's a huge, HUGE expectation that has given them, fraught with all kinds of risk and the very real possibility that it will fail. It's something that will take a lot longer to bear fruit than we all hoped, much longer than if he'd not shorn the team of experience. It's also highly dependent on these young players sticking around long enuf to mature into a world-beating unit. And that's the ultimate question -- will they stick around once they come good?
I'm with LG for the most part on this. But I'll add this. Are we supposed to feel sorry for someone getting paid millions to play football when he got his feelings hurt? He's a grown man, I'm a grown man, I've had my feelings hurt when my boss insulted my work. Know what I did? I came back to work and proved I was good enough, and I don't get paid millions and I sure as ***** don't love my job like Eboue loves football. Are we supposed to be happy that in one year, we went from (arguably) the best midfield in Europe to one steeped in mediocrity and generally poor play. Like I said before, we have the same defenders, keeper, and strikers from last year (these are the ones people want to blame, yet we already have more losses than last year.
only true fans are on this site
I thought our entire team got Eboue'd after the first goal...
Jaelle, I think the kids have quality and potential, but the players above them don't have enough. Diaby, Bendtner, Song, Denilson, Eboue, Almunia these are the palyers I mean wouldn't get any where near a decent teams starting 11, but they are all over ours jaelle?
lol, you fellas lost 2-0 to Porto!!!! Fancy that, I though Arsenal never lose. Oh no, I'm dreaming again! :-)
Now back into the corner with you Johnny-Come-Lately and try and avoid sharp objects, there's a good boy eh........
Since you lost to us you cant help but keep coming back can you. The fact you struggled to beat a part time romanian team & lost to Burnley with your full team seems to have passed you by. Didnt you lose to Roma 3-1 aswell, a team who had won 3 games out of 15 or so before playing you.
that shut up Jt on ur bike kid
The website should of been renamed "Vital-Unsportsmanlike, cheating average squad player" LOL

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