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Today Arsenal Made Me Proud

Every single player, coach, and fan in the Emirates Stadium made me proud today to be an Arsenal fan. First off, despite the result, Arsenal played fantastic. I can not find a single fault with any Arsenal player because they all played their heart out against all the odds that injuries and Coward Webb laid in their paths. After Adebayor was cheated off the field, Arsenal didn't miss a beat defensively and in the midfield. The players took it upon themselves to protect the result they had already achieved and we even looked to score another one. If the boot was on the other foot, we all know that Liverpool would of given up in the attacking third and concentrated even more than usual on defense.

Another thing that made me happy to be an Arsenal fan today was watching how Liverpool played their football. Basically they are a technically gifted Bolton. Even though they have players of great quality, Sammy Lee chose to have his players belittle their talent by lumping the ball up the pitch every chance they got. Credit to them it worked once, but the rest of the time it was all for not. Liverpool fans shouldn't take this as a swipe, but instead I just want to ask why is it that your manager chooses to depreciate the talent that he has finally built up by playing such primitive football? Also, Robbie Keane, good finish but that is all it was. Please do not kid yourself by thinking it was a great goal. Robin van Persie showed you how to score a fantastic goal. If you switched the two players, Keane would never of scored the goal Robin did, while van Persie would of easily put away the long ball over the top. Thirdly, the fans at the Emirates were wonderful in their support. From the cheers when Eboue came onto the pitch to the songs directed at Coward Webb, the supporters made the club proud today.

It was a superb game of football at hand today, but it is a shame that in modern day English football, you still have such poor quality in the referees. This has become one of the most overused phrases in football but how has Webb kept his job? This is another game that he has diabolically destroyed. From Ronaldo's sending off in the Manchester Derby to today with Adebayor. I think even Liverpool fans will admit that both yellow cards were wrongly given. This red card ruined the game for both teams because it took the spark out of the match that had been exponentially brewing since the opening whistle. Now Adebayor is out for the even more important game at Villa on Boxing Day.

Even though we did not take our last chance to get back in the title race today, lift that head up Gooners. Your team did you proud today.

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday December 21 2008

Time: 7:03PM

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Just another case of Howard the Coward not know how football is played. The guy has no clue. Even Andy Gray said it wasn't a sending off, and that's saying something. A great effort today by the lads and the gooners ..... but the fans should be doing this every week. I hope they watch the game back and see how the players responded positively to the cheering and to the booing. Liverpool were affected by the noise and it was plain to see, everytime they got a touch the Arsenal fans had at it, and it made them nervous on the ball. Let's do this every week!!
Good piece Brice, but brace yourself for some bashing. I'm indeed proud, just struggling to swallow that bitterness while I try not to be the whinger that people say we are. Is it just us? I still can't figure it out!
any news re Fab ?
I heard an interview from the sideline during the broadcast that they thought it was the medial collateral ligament. You could tell it was serious when he was helped off the field and he took his jersey and covered his teary face from the fans.
I reckon it's gunna be a pretty hefty stint on the treatment table. Just what we need going into the Villa game eh!! :(
1-3 weeks out for Fab. fantastic efforts by the lads. i remember the 2-1 win at anfield back in Dec, 01 when we went down to ten men. that game changed our season & we went on a rampagin run since to clinch the title. hope this game provides a similar tonic for the team, the boss & the club in whole. love yu gunners, yu really did us proud today, and made me realise yet again that being Arsenal is the best thing in the whole world. love yu..
Ah well, I was also wondering how Tomas and Eduardo were feeling watching the team today. Now they have Cesc (oh and Bendtner) for company.. I'm just wondering if we should use Diaby behind RvP, Nasri and Eboue in LM and RM respectively (Vela as sub LW), so both Diaby and Denilson could do their natural jobs better in the middle. What do you guys think? I just really really hope our back 4 could build on the decent performance cos Villa are pacy and very effective up front.
Tell you what, I was half-expecting Babel to go down in the box and get a dodgy penalty towards the end, the bad memories of the CL game at Anfield all painfully back in my head. That's how my expectations kept sinking with Coward Webb officiating the game.
I was at the game and thought it was a pretty even game up until the sending off. I didn't think Liverpool were that bad but they did lose their way after the sending off. Seeing us having played the 'top 3' makes me feel even more that if we could add 2-3 quality players to this team, we could be better than all 3. It will now be a massive test to see how the team functions without Cesc.
And Howard Webb's performace was abject.
i think the first yellow was the right decision but the second one wasn't at all i think he was just trying to pretect the ball so no i agree he shouldn't of been sent off. i think in the end the draw was the right result, we controlled the first half and up until the sending off but half that if any team lost a game playing the way you did after the sending off would be injustice...... i cant believe the way the player responed to the sending off they were unbelieveable and thats a understatement....... well worth the draw.... good luck for the rest of the season....
"Another thing that made me happy to be an Arsenal fan today was watching how Liverpool played their football. Basically they are a technically gifted Bolton. Even though they have players of great quality, Sammy Lee chose to have his players belittle their talent by lumping the ball up the pitch every chance they got" What game were you watching? Yes we played it long on occasion but we also played it on the ground through the middle and the wings. How many times did Insua and kuyt played dangerous crosses from the wings? We had more of the possession of the ball even before the sending off, what long ball team does that away from home? You talk about our style of play, what about yours? Your goal came from a long ball also, and that was your only chance of note the whole game, and you were playing at home. While we on the other hand had several other chances to score, even before Adebayor's sending off. His sending off was harsh admittedly but we were the better team on the night, even before he was sent off.
oh and by the way hope cesc gets back soon..... but its always the silly little 50/50 challeges that make the most damage....
Rewatch the game mate. Chants of hoooff rang throughout the Emirates many, many times. I have never seen a team that is top of the table just lump the ball up as aimlessly as Liverpool did on tonight. It will be your downfall.
to be fair here no has taken the chances to go above us yet..... and if you look at our season so far we haven't even hit second gear yet where has chelsea and man u have so that says alot for the rest dont you think.... when we get torres and mascherano back then watch us and judge us because at the moment we are no where near our best an still top of the league...... oh and the best thing is that we have in the last few season been the best form team in the second half of the season so it will be interesting what happens...... wont it..........
Yes the boyz did us proud, with this effort week in and week out we will do somehing this season.I like Wenger feel we would have won with 11, but again the ref helps liverpool, what a surprise!
We also have players to ge back so lets see.
Arsenal played with a high back line, we tried to take advantage of it with long balls, and we did. We scored a goal from a long ball and could've scored another, when Keane laid the ball for Gerrard to shoot early in the first half. It wasn't the only way we played however, we tried to play it through the wings also. Gerrard shoul've scored from a Kuyt cross, as should Alzahar from Insua's. While Arsenal, with their more cultured style of play!!!! created only one chance of note the whole game, from a long ball ironically, and scored from it.
It was an even contest that was shaping up to bea fascinating game before Howard the Coward grabbed all the attention. He'll be incfedibly happy that all the talk is of him tonight. Once we went down to ten,Liverpool didn't really know how to use that initiative. They set up excellently away from home and I admire how solid and difficult they are to beat on the road. But their home draws with Stoke, Hull, Fulham and West Ham show they suffer a little when the onus is on them. The sending off was awful from the same referee that lied through his teeth to send Adebayor off in Cardiff rather than admitting it was mistaken identity and it had been Eboue he intended to red card. We were solid once Webb intervened, but I have to ask why Gerrard wasn't carded for yet another callous dive minutes after Ade's sending off. But it was a decent game for about an hour between two very well matched sides. I also have to agree with John Doe that you do Liverpool a slight disservice, they are tactically an impressive team and played some very good stuff at times.
Little Dutch
LD, If Gerrard should've been carded for that then Adebayor, Van Persie, and Nasri should've been carded also for they did the same thing.
I remember van Persie diving on the touchline, I don't recall Adebayor or Nasri doing it and certainly not to the appalling extent Gerrard did.
Little Dutch
if anything the red card helped arsenal, we were comfortably on top before that, still should have won considering we missed 2 absolute sitters.
Adebayor did it minutes before he was sent off, and it was similar to Gerrard's, the defender running in front of him and he dived, Nasri in the last ten minutes of the game.
Watching the game, it looks like Adebayor has gone into both challenges with studs up and in both cases connected with the leg with little intent for the ball. The incident has been shown in slow motion and its quite clear that Adebayor did connect with studs up. Though neither challenge had much force, that sort of tackle is not known as a leg breaker for nothing as Eduardo will testify. The fact that the ref spotted it shouldn't be a reason to condemn him for actually having his eye open. Whilst diving is ungentlemanly conduct and fully deserves a booking, it will not get a player seriously injured or potentially risk is career
A couple of observations, van Persie's goal was a technically stunning strike and after the red card we showed that we can create an atmosphere that is hostile to the opposition and beneficial to the side at home games. Shows what a bit of righteous indignation can do for the vocal chords! Keane took his goal well but the celebration was classless, I don't like it when players do that, including the likes of Henry. Unless the abuse is relentless, players paid such vast sums should be able to rise above it. Wenger is of course absolutely right in one respect re: the red card. Ryan Shawcross' tackle on Ade at Stoke compared to what Ade was dismissed for today. I ask you.
Little Dutch
"it looks like Adebayor has gone into both challenges with studs up and in both cases connected with the leg with little intent for the ball." That's odd, because after the second challenge, Ade won the ball, ran towards goal and had a shot. I guess it was just lucky he ended up with the ball as he tried tomaim his opponent. Not really a leg breaker when the player takes his studs away from the opponent and sticks his backside out to protect the ball. If Arbeloa does that to Ade in the area are you seriously saying a penalty would have been awarded?
Little Dutch
Kernowboy obviously does not play football
To even compare that challenge with the one on Eduardo is comical
It's not as much a comparison, I don't think. THey were 'similar' challenges in that the offenders leg went over the ball. THe difference was that Taylor connected and Adebayor didn't.
Adebayor never left his feet. How can you even compare Adebayor to Martin Taylor. And LD, I understand that Liverpool's set up tactically was very good, but the real question I was trying to provoke was that should a team that is leading the table play tactics like that against a team they need to beat?
I wasn't comparing, as I said in the first sentence of my last post. I was saying that they were similar in one way, you can't deny that. Aside from that, they were obviously very different.
And yes, we should have played them tactics cos they bloody worked. And like Hanson said on MOTD2, you better not play them tactics against Villa cos Young and Agbonlahor are a lot faster than Keane.
We didn't need to beat Arsenal gunnerkid107, we were playing away. You needed to beat us to get back into the title race, and to stay close with Aston Villa for the fourth spot. So what did you do in more than 60 minuets of football when each had 11 players on the field, created one chance of note in that time, from a long ball, and scored. Instead of slating our style of play you should look closer to home.
yes very similar. Similiar to Keanes challenge on haaland that left him crippled. Both players went over the ball.....
I haven't seen that so I won't comment on it.
Oh wait, you mean ROY Keane's challenge? Like I said, there is one similarity but that's where they stop.
About all this long ball nonsense, balls over the top are a clear weakness for your team. We played some good stuff at times, but don;t focus on that. Look where all this 'beautiful football' crap has got you, fifth.
Its a pointless exercise be critical of Liverpools style of play, they havent won the league for 20 years so its a case of by any means neccesary for them. They do mix it up but they didnt do it enough today to get the 2nd goal after we went down to 10. Also JD it pointless having a go at the way we play, check our stats and they will show you we score most of our goals after 60 minutes, the goal we scored was from a long pass, very much different to a long ball hoof. Coward is an appaling ref, we know this....Vidic penalty and sending off against united which he "missed" and his pitiful performance today. The atmosphere was fantastic today, we really were the 11th man after ade got red, shame liverpool had 12 men.
And how many titles has this style of play won you Robbie?......That would be zero then would it? In fact this style we play helped us finish above you last year and there is still a long way to go this season. When you have actually won the premiership your criticism of our style will be worth a lot more.
the roy keane challege is totally different as if i remember correctly keane said that he wanted to break leg..... to be fair to martin taylor (and you probably wont like this) but i really think it was just a complete mistake he mistimed the tackle by a faction of a second and the poor bloke got hammered for it. i know edoardo was hurt really bad but can you really say taylor did that on perpose..... i dont just look at his reaction after it, and that tells you it all. adebayor's challege was nothing like to me he stepped over the ball and tried to pretect it there was nothing init at all. the first 1 was a yellow but the 2nd not a chance in hell. if it was a liverpool player being sent off for that i would probably be kicking my TV screen in from where i would be so pi$$ed off from it lol.....
Like you said it's by any means necessary for us to try and win a league, if that means to play *****e football (which i don't think we do) then so be it. But when your lot are criticizing our style of play that has got us to top of the league and actually in with a genuine shout at xmas for the first time in ages, then that does ***** me off. Your criticism of our play would be worth a lot more if you we're up there with us. I'm not ruling you out the title race by any means, and I'm taking nothing for granted after all the false dawns for us over the years. But we can mix our play up to suit the opposition weaknesesses, and not many teams in the league can say that.
as for the style of play let be fair here and say yes we are top and played the long ball today but that was your weakness and part of the game is to take advantage of your oppoistion weakness and thats what we tried to do and yes it did work once so we tried again and again....... but we did try other ways its not like we played like wimbledon of the 80's and 90's we did attack the wings through the middle ect.... tell me one thing here how many times do arsenal play that pass that helps RVP score and dont tell me hardly ever i know you lot are known for your attracive football but you do play alot of long balls as well and most of the times its adebayor so he can bring it down or lay it off to RVP so dont just say we do it. if anything we have played completely different this year we have been more open and attacking and haven't been given enough credit for doing so. just take a look at last weekends games against hull and the games against wigan, man city and man u ect..... we played fast attacking football what we haven't done under rafa, which lead to the boring tag given to us so i think people really need to start giving us alot more credit for the way we play now we can mix it up just as much as anyone else now.
Don't be fooled. You will drop points, admittedly like us, against lesser teams, and Man U and Chelsea will take advantage. You NEEDED to win. By this time tomorrow you will be in 2nd. And I think iceman pretty much said it all when it comes to style of play here.
iceman10, It's the same for us, we score most of our goals late in games, and since Rafa became our manager, we finished ahead of Arsenal twice and behind you twice, with a poorer squad, especially in his first two seasons. I have no problem with the way you play, but don't be calling our style of play primitive. like the article author did, when we created many scoring chances in the game. While Arsenal, with their more stylish brand of football, created one chance only, via the long ball, and scored from it. If you battered us than you're entitled to slate us, but with having only one chance of note the whole game doesn't give you the right to criticize us.
I have no problem with Liverpool's style of play, I thought they were good at times and bad at others (as were we) but the long ball tactic works when you're playing a high line and we had no really quick CB's on so they did the right thing. To all the knobs though, who are coming on here claiming that rither of Adeabyors tackles warranted a yellow card, or comparing them to a studs up challenge, seriously you lot either need to play a game of football or take a class in objectivity as neither of those challenges were anything more than a foul, the second probably wasnt even a foul, it was very much a 50/50. Webb is a cockjockey, Lucas did nothing the whole game except foul Arsenal players, I counted 9 of them, and it took to the 75th minute for him to even get a booking. What a joke.
Ozi Gooner
I certainly do play football and have for several years. A 'leg breaker' does not require a player to leave the ground. It requires the player to reach so far over the ball with his non-standing foot in a non-horizontal position (i.e. studs up) as to connect or aim to connect with the leg of the opponent. The fact that Adebayor is able to turn and try to shoot is irrelevant - players often do so as to try to imply no foul. It was not as bad a challenge as Adebayor's first booking but a sensible professional would realise it was a risky challenge to make. Webb had already booked Keane for a challenge on Clichy in which Keane won the ball but was booked because the challenge looked bad, so Wenger should have warned your players about getting themselves in such a situation. It was however clear that Adebayor, whilst maybe trying to shield the ball, over-exaggerated the reach of his non-standing leg, to the point he risked connecting with an opponent in a studs up manner and really the pathetic comments made against the ref for seeing it as such are just another representation of fan bias. If someone had made the challenge in the work 5-a-side they'd have gotten a slap for it. Nice to see that Arsenal fans are encouraging people to become match officials - I can see why its a struggle to find people willing to officiate games.
You have just proved how much of an idiot you are by trying to compare Keane's tackle on Clichy to Adebayor's ball shield. Yes Keane got the ball, after clearly scissoring Clichy's leg so he could no longer protect it. That challenge was also done at high speed and was high impact, Adebayor was barely contact. If people were arguing there was a booking based on his accidental bump with the elbow at the same time I could almost understand it but to argue that that 'challenge' was a risk of being a leg breaker is just ******** idiotic.
Ozi Gooner
I'm sorry but Keane's challenge on Clichy was a fantastic tackle. It shows how much the game is becoming a non-contact sport when a tackle like that gets you a yellow.
I never said it was a yellow, it was a foul, nothing more, but it was not a fantastic tackle. If he had of gone completely around or between his legs and got the ball before making contact, it would've been fantastuc. But he didnt, he went on both sides of clichy's leading leg (which was covering the ball) and made contact with his leg before the ball. Scissor tackles are freekicks for a reason, they're dangerous. What Adebayor did never gets cards given for a reason, it was not dangerous.
Ozi Gooner
What Adebayor did DOES get yellows. His studs were slightly high which made it dangerous. I think it should have been just a foul, not a yellow. But like I said, challenges like that are always going to get a look from the ref and this time, Webb decided it was a booking.
But that's just my view.
You cant say in one sentence, the fact that challenges like Keane's get a yellow shows that the sport is getting soft and then in the next claim that what Adebayor did can be worthy of a yellow and claim not to be biased. Anybody with a brain knows that what Adebayor and what Keane did are not even comparable beside eachother. Yes Adebayors foot was high but he hardly kicked in to him, he actually hardly made contact. Keane clearly went straight around Clichy's leg in a scisor action. If people cant look at this with some objecticity its not an argument worth having.
Ozi Gooner
Come on mate, you want me to look at it with objectivity but you're hardly doing that yourself. Yes, Adebayor's challenge probably wasn't a yellow but his foot had no need to be where it was. Look at it again, and you'll see that his foot goes well past where it should be if he's 'shielding the ball'. I don't think you'd have been comlaining if the card given to him was a first yellow and not a second yellow.
JohnDoe - Nasri played a precise pass to VP for the goal, it was a great spot and a brilliant pass - it was not an aimless punt up the park which happened to catch the opposition off guard
I would have taken 1-1 before the game against Arsenal away, but im very disappointed the way we played when we had the man advantage. And "liverpool are a technically gifted bolton" come on out of that. We outplayed you for 60/90 mins, your goal was against the run of play, Reina hadn't a save to make all game, so thats one shot of note. So instead of saying Liverpool lumped the ball etc is trying to cover your own problems. I hate that about arrogant supporters, you lot were the home team, you were crap
Funny how predictably biased Match of the Day was last night. Hansen is a muppet.
The first thing to say is that I thought Liverpool played intelligently until the red card and I don't think they adopted long ball tactics due to a lack of imagination. They saw our weak spot and went for it, nothing wrong with that and I thought they played some good stuff at times. If you look at the stats Amos provides on the article above, Liverpool passed the ball faster and more accurately than we did. Secondly, Nasri's ball to RvP was not a long hoof, it was a brilliantly flighted ball. Thirdly, I think we Arsenal fans are in real danger of being overly pretentious about our style of football. I don't think we've played much entertaining stuff this year anyway, but I don't see the problem with long ball tactics, it's attacking, purposeful and if it gets goals so much the better. It's stifling stuff that gets on my nerves, running the clock down, players feigning injury to gain time and hold on for a draw. But sides such as Wimbledon in the 80s and Bolton shouldn't be derided for playing long balls when it clearly got them results and as long as they play within the rules of the game, I don't see the issue. Lastly, if the ball is drifting out for a goal kick and Arbeloa performs an identical action on Adebayor to see the ball out, does Webb book him? Does he *********.
Little Dutch
I am not sure that the sending off changed the result of this game. We weren't creating much even with 11 men on the pitch. If anything we have relied a little too much on the long ball and hopeful crosses into the box ourselves this year. That form of percentage football can work in your favour for a period but there is always a time when the percentages don't go your way. We need to get back to playing the ball along the deck and moving it a little quicker and more creatively. The long ball can work of course and having the ability to vary our play is valuable. If anything I thought that Liverpool mixed their game up pretty well yesterday even if it was only the percentage ball that paid off for them.
I would still be complaining if it was a first yellow card Aamir, it WAS NOT AND NEVER WAS A YELLOW CARD. His leg was a bit higher than it should've been for shielding, if it wasnt it would've been game in, bit it was so it's a foul, yes, I can except that. But even if that happens to Wayne Rooney or Ronaldo for me that is never, ever, ever a card. I've spoken to many Pool fans today, not one of them thinks either of Ade's 'cards' were fair, so its clear some Liverpool fans can see things with objectivity.
Ozi Gooner
Yet it's clear this Arsenal fan can't see things with objectivity. It shouldn't have been a card but his foot was higher than it should have been. If you can't see that, you need to take the blinkers off.
Amos - we do need to get playing the ball on the deck more creatively, but we've lost Hleb and we don't have the creativity in the final third anymore. Cesc is having to do far too much, you can see that, and he isn't playing as advanced as he was last season.
Read the best Aamir you feckin' mongoloid, I just wrote his foot was high. Unblinkered enough for you???
Ozi Gooner
lol, meant to type read the post, but was listening to somebody talking to me while writing.
Ozi Gooner
So his foot was high but it wasn't a foul?! Read the rules sir, I think you'll find if the foot is high, it is a foul!
Just to prove your illiteracy, from my previous post you responded to "His leg was a bit higher than it should've been for shielding, if it wasnt it would've been game on, bit it was so it's a foul, yes, I can except that."
Ozi Gooner
OK, I'm not quite sure if I've lost you or if you've lost me but if you're acknowledging it was a foul, then what are we arguing about again?
"I don't think you'd have been comlaining if the card given to him was a first yellow and not a second yellow." That is your argument that I'm debating. It was never a card, first or second.
Ozi Gooner
OK. As i've said, I don't think it warranted a card. My argument here is that if it was only a first yellow, it wouldn't have been that much of an issue and not many people would have seen a lot wrong with Webb's decision.
I wouldnt be having an argument spanning over 2 hours about, you're right there, but I still would've taken issue with the decision, especially when Lucas got away with 8 worse tackles/challenges before getting cautioned.
Ozi Gooner
Fair enough. I'm getting a bit bored of this - it's a petty argument really from both of us!
Agreed, andd its nearly 12pm here. I'm watching Conan and then going to bed.
Ozi Gooner
JohnDoe You are the most rose tinted, blind bin dippers fan I have ever seen. Your excuses for your teams cheating when only RVP exaggerated his fall (not Ade and Nasri as you wrongly claim) Gerrard is a cheat, Arbeloa is a cheat. Your team only play long balls against high back lines? Then every team you play must have a high backline because a team as expensive as yours can only play hoof ball, congratulations.
Do you think we really care about your 'hoof' insults? I couldn't care less if we play long balls or short passes as long as we win. And you know what? We've been doing that this season.
Thanks for the congratualations LG, that style of play has got us top. I couldn't give two *****s about how we play if it gets us results, and it clearly has because we are top. I admit you play some good stuff, but at the expense of getting results? I don't think so mate. As for the diving debate, I don't care about that either, I can admit that Gerrard has taken more than his fair share of tumbles but it doesn't bother me, because as sad as it is, I have grown used to players diving to gain an advantage.
West Brom play great football, look where they are though, maybe if they played like Bolton they wouldnt be where they are. Them insults of Liverpool hoofing the ball dont annoy me, i only get annoyed when teams use it to cover their own cracks. Blame Liverpool cos they scored from 60 yard punt!!! You lot fanny fart around the box and that gets you nowhere, i would be very aware of Aston Villa come May, you lot could finish 5th. And if that what your style of football gets you, no thanks!
LondonGooner, Look at Amos article, we've completed more passes, 150 passes more in fact, more accurate passes, created much more and better chances. Even allowing for you playing 30 minuets with a man down that's a big difference. Adebayor and Nasri dived also, look at the game again and see. Yet you say we're a long ball team. You're the rose tinted, blind one.
LondonGooner, If you taped the game then watch it again. Adebayor's dive came in the 50th minute, Nasri's in the 76th minute. Even one as blind as you will be able to see it.
By the way, RVP " exaggerated his fall" yet Arbeloa is a cheat, didn't he exaggerate his fall also? And you call us blinkered!!!!!!

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Flamini 0%
Cazorla 0%
Sánchez 0%
Giroud 0%
Welbeck 0%
Sub:-Coquelin 0%
Sub:-Campbell 0%
Sub:-Monreal 0%