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Arsenal 1 Liverpool 1

Well it was another day another must win blockbuster at the Grove. Having foolishly imbibed a fair bit of absinthe the evening before, it was with bleary eyes and putrid breath that I made my way to the Olive Tree restaurant for a Gooner Christmas lunch before heading back to the Tavern to punish my liver further. Arsenal v Liverpool matches have been tightly fought affairs in recent years, particularly when we are at home. Liverpool set up very effectively away from home and are difficult to beat; the Gunners are very evidently low on confidence this season. We began the match tentatively, with Nasri, Adebayor and van Persie effectively marshalled by Liverpool. The first chance of note fell to Liverpool when Daniel Agger`s long ball caught Arsenal napping, pregnantly pausing for an offside flag that never came, Keane laid the ball back to Gerrard, but his shot rolled harmlessly at Almunia. Arsenal were finding it difficult to establish any rhythm, but sparked briefly into left when Sagna surged down the right and flighted in a precise cross which Adebayor flicked his head at, but he couldn`t summon up the requisite power to unduly trouble Reina.

What was clear was that it was probably going to take something special to break through. That something special arrived somewhat out of the blue. Nasri picked up possession on the left flank, spotted van Persie running from deep and picked him out with an exquisite flighted ball. What followed was a work of genius as van Persie took the ball down and somehow turned and squirmed into a tiny pocket of space in the area, under great pressure from Carragher he then kept a cool head to slam the ball past Reina on his right foot, or his "chocolate leg" as he referred to it an interview last week. Well it was certainly sweet like chocolate, van Persie has seemingly worked very hard on his weaker foot and it has borne fruit on several occasions of late. His two goal salvo at Stamford Bridge three weeks ago seems to have really invigorated his season and he has begun to show the sort of form of which we all know he is capable. It is also notable that he has been working much harder for the team of recent weeks; I wonder whether Arsene has had words in recent weeks. When Adebayor was sent off in the second half, his work rate was particularly commendable. Long may it continue.

The Gunners could not consolidate their advantage, as Liverpool continued to enervate our attacks, Nasri struggled to get involved from the left and did not really look fit to me, whilst van Persie and Adebayor weren`t receiving much in the way of service. Adebayor would then receive his first booking as he attempted to get his body between the ball and Insua, I felt the booking was harsh, but could understand it as Adebayor`s leg was raised though the malice was non existent. With Arsenal not looking as though they could extend their lead, Liverpool applied the hammer blow when Agger hit another long ball from the left back position which sailed straight over Djourou`s head and into the path of the onrushing Robbie Keane who excellently smashed the ball into the roof of the net. Considering the ball was rising when he hit it, you have to commend the technique and control of the shot. His celebration was less classy and the sort of thing I`ve always thought that footballers on massive wages should be able to rise above. Even David Bentley didn`t celebrate in that manner when he scored at the Grove.

Unlike Arsenal after their goal, Liverpool pushed on and looked to assume ascendancy, Keane arced a diagonal ball over towards Kuyt on Liverpool`s right, Clichy slipped as he looked to intercept, leaving Kuyt time and space to send a low cross into the path of Steven Gerrard who just arrived a fraction too late and could only steer the ball over the bar. Kuyt was again at the heart of the attack when he sent a low diagonals hot goalwards which was smartly tipped round the post by Almunia. Half time was most welcome for the home side but the sight of the captain hobbling off after a 50 50 challenge with Alonso was less welcome. The fact that he failed to re-emerge for the second period in a game where Arsenal were struggling to create chances hardly filled us with confidence.

Liverpool looked to push on at the beginning of the second half, Insua swung in a left footed cross which was headed only to the edge of the area by Gallas, Lucas controlled the clearance and hit a firm shot which was well beaten away by Almunia. The fact that one of Liverpool`s shielding midfielders was camped on the edge of our penalty area told its own story. However, it was a refereeing intervention that would cause howls of derision and intrinsically ruin the contest. Adebayor again looked to shield the ball away from Arbeloa, in order to get his body between ball and man he simply had to lift his foot, which he did for a second before withdrawing. Arbeloa lamentably collapsed in theatrical fashion and Webb sent Adebayor off for his second foul of the game. Had Arbeloa performed the same action on Adebayor in the penalty area I very much doubt he would have given a penalty. Had Arbeloa performed the same action on Adebayor shepherding the ball out for a goal kick, I doubt so much as a foul would have been given. Lucas committed eight fouls in the match, only being cautioned for his final offence, yet Adebayor was clearly treated differently by a referee who sent the same player off in Cardiff and refused to admit that it was a case of mistaken identity and retrospectively award the red card to Eboue. Instead he lied about a phantom punch and given that previous, I find it difficult to believe that did not play a part in Webb`s poor decision. It was also symptomatic of an official who cannot have played the game in any capacity, as he clearly could not judge the level of intent or malice in either of Adebayor`s challenges. Webb fundamentally and systematically failed in his decision and at this level of the game, it is clear he is out of his depth. It was a needless decision that effectively spoiled the contest. Wenger is usually over zealous in his appraisal of red cards against his own players but he was absolutely correct to make the connection between the kind of treatment dished out to Arsenal players away from home and the leniency afforded to offenders. Think of Ryan Shawcross` tackle on Adebayor on the Stoke game which put Ade out of action for three weeks and you`ll start to get the drift.

Conversely though, the man advantage did not do Liverpool many favours. They are a team that set up brilliantly and solidly away from home, but their home results against Fulham, Hull City, Stoke City and West Ham show they struggle when the onus is on them. They had the incentive but did not really know what to do with it. Steven Gerrard was very quiet, save for a pathetic dive in the penalty area that is fast becoming his trademark. Don`t expect much in the way of rebuke for Stevie Me in the media however, particularly as some of football`s foremost journalists are currently drafting his second autobiography. I think they call it knowing where your bread is buttered. Arsenal looked fairly dangerous on the counter, with Diaby pushing up as a supporting striker when we had possession. Nasri fired a shot over the bar, but the Gunners worked very hard and Liverpool did not seem able to apply the pressure in a sustained manner. Agger let fly with a thirty yard exorset which flew narrowly wide and another fine Insua in swinger saw El Zhar head narrowly wide. Given the circumstances, a point was not a result we can grumble about and Liverpool were the better side prior to the sending off. Shorn of Adebayor and Fabregas we are going to have to pull something special out of the bag at Villa Park on Boxing Day and van Persie will have to carry our most potent threat, given the job he did in this game I think it is not beyond him by any means. A circumspect referee will take the headlines but it doesn`t mask the fact that the team don`t look particularly confident in one another`s abilities and the net result is that the passing is not slick enough or purposeful enough to cause enough trouble for teams. This team has a massive Alex Hleb shaped hole in it if you ask me, somebody with the ability to unlock tight defences and begin the sort of moves which bring us goals. The defence will also have to ensure they don`t play as high a line on Boxing Day as they did against Liverpool, or lese Agbonlahor and Young will have a field day.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 22 2008

Time: 11:32AM

Your Comments

Sorry, but Liverpool players and Howard Webb are cheats. Plain and simple, the diving and acting from the bin dippers was embarrassing and the referee was an utter disgrace. I don't care if people say I’m moaning, they obviously didn't watch that shambolic display of refereeing. The FA says there is no corruption, yet, again we find ourselves losing points and having awful decisions go against us against Liverpool. It happened twice last season and now. That’s 3 awful key decisions in the last 3 meetings. What is going on?
Webb needs to be brought to book and explain his actions especially after lying to the FA about Ade in the cup final and then letting Lucas say on the pitch whilst sending Ade off for his second tackle FFS! Unbelievable! If that went against Chelsea, Man Utd or Liverpool the papers would of gone mental, hardly a mention of it today if you have a look!
Arbeloa and Gerrard should of both been booked for play actinbg and diving as Eboue has in the past.
Van Persie... People in glass houses and all that...
You're quite right Aamir, RvP did make a meal of a challenge on our right hand side. He certainly has a tendency to exaggerate contact and sometimes out and out dive. But Liverpool fans, who can ordinarily be a decent bunch in my experiecne, have this fundamental flaw that means they phyiscally cannot admit any wrongdoing by Gerrard. Sometimes it's like talking to fundamentalist religious nutters, every time he dives we're met with the same volley of "well everyone ekse does it" style excuses. It blows my mind at times.
Little Dutch
I don't think Gerrard dived and that's not a 'fundmaental flaw' speaking. As this picture shows ( there is contact between the two. While it wasn't a penalty, I'm pretty sure a free-kick would have been given if it were outside the box.
Ah yes, Gerrard falling on someone's back, that proves beyond reason that it's not a dive. It was embarrassing, he's untouchable (along with Terry), impossible of any wrongdoing.
Great write up Tim. i sympathise. They've got so many breaks from the officials this season it just isnt funny. They dont cheat any more than any of us (Chelsea, United etc) do, but they seem to get sanctioned a lot less for what they do. I thought Lucas was a disgrace yesterday - how he stayed on the pitch is beyond me. He had about six bookings! If that had been one of your lot, he'd have gone in the first half. The standard of reffing this season is shambolic. There was the RVP goal which was about three yards offside at ours, then the following week, we get a nailed on penalty which they dont give us. Makes you wonder.
Aamir stop making excuses it is really pathetic! And the fact you have perfectly and ironically proved LD's point shows you don't even have the rationale to understand what he was saying or you just chose to fit into the stereo type he laid out. Gerrard dived, Arbeloa dived and the ref was crap. Yes RVP does exaggerate his falls but not a blatant dive of the pathetic variety that Gerrard employs and we can a tleast admit it, you clearly don’t have that ability!
Shewore - I freely admit, as a diehard Chelsea fan - that JT gets away with a lot. He is physical but sometimes overly so, but it is the arguing with the Ref and the appealing for daft decisions that were never ours in a million years etc - always chatting to the Ref, as well as the shirtpulling thing - he gets away with a lot.
OLASAL howsit mate? That i agree with, we don't cheat anymore than the others or any less, but they always, ALWAYS seem to get away with it. Why is this? Answers on a post card please.
Aamir - I'm sorry mate but how Gallas can foul Gerrard from there is beyond me. Gerrards foot is clearly planted on the floor. If anything Gerrard is kneeing Gallas in the back of the leg and has his arms all over him. There's no way that is a foul in a million years. Just like I've seen him do a hundred times, that was a dive. We have had our fair share of cheats in the past (and still have them) but we recognised them as cheats, as did the rest of the spectators, however it grates more than a little when Gerrard is presented as some kind of saint and footballing god when he's just as bad as the rest of them. He also threw himself to the ground in the first half to win a freekick that was convinently in Gerrard range.
Rocky dont waste your breathe mate, whats the point!
Yeah, Gerrard gets away with a lot. As does Terry, like you've said. And so does Van Persie, also like you've said. It's a part of football we don't like but it's there. Rocky, don't give me any of that crap about how Gerrard is seen as a saint. That's a view which has been made up by Chelsea and Man Utd fans.
Of course he is. Steven Gerrard, winner of matches, saviour of English football, wrong doer of none. How many times have you seen Arsenal & Chelsea players lambasted in the newspapers and on tv? All the time. When have you ever seen any of Gerrards dives even mentioned? It barely got talked about when he did it against lowly Andora I think it was. I know diving is in football, and I hate it as much as the next man, but each diver should be treated the same, which clearly isn't the case where Gerrard is concerned. It's a shame really because Gerrard is a fine player and probably one of the best strikers of the ball I've seen in recent years.
and he is also a cheat, along with the defender yesterday!
Aamir - and Match of the Day didn't even show Gerrard's dive coz they knew it was a dive and that twit Hansen was on and he wouldn't have it.
I wonder what the reaction from the media would have been if that had been Eboue who fell over theatrically like Arbeloa and got Gerrad sent off or if Eboue dived like Gerrard...
Gooner_Vin, and Match of the Day didn't even show Van Persie's dive coz they knew it was a dive and the twit Dixon was on and he wouldn't have it.
LG hullo mate - things cool here. Bit nervy about tonight - big game for us. Think anything other than three points tonight is going to leave us in serious problems, but then I've been saying that all season. It started off as just me who was D&G on the site, but i've got a growing band of followers now! You all set for Xmas?
Vin - spot on. If it had been Eboue he would have got slaughtered. Drogba is the same - everything he does is castigated. He isnt innocent but he gets more than his fair share. When Eboue, Drogba, Deco, Van Persie etc dive its a dive, but when Gerrard or Torres does it its "being a bit clever" or "making the most of the contact" - its the double standards that bother me, and why I despise Liverpool as much as i do. Rant over! :)
OLASAL - you'll find a load of Chelsea players cheating on YouTube as well, and i imagine some Arsenal as well. Its part of the modern game unfortunately, but if you can watch that video Aamir and tell me Gerrard isnt every bit as bad as Drogba, Ronaldo, Eboue, Van Persie, Deco, or even our own Joey Cole, then I'll call you a liar.
All good mate, enjoying the Xmas break with my feet up and a few beverages!!! At least we can agree Gerrard is a cheat and the bin dippers cannot admit it. You want D&G mate, try this site lol I am as guilty as the next one. What did you make of Coward Webbs shambolic performance yesterday?
If you just type "Gerrard" into the youtube search bar, one of the suggestions it gives you is "Gerrard dive" yet it doesn't do the same for RvP or Eboue!!!! LOL
Rocky7 There is a great picture halfway down of Carragher doing his "best" to stop RVP!!!! I remember that part and there wasn't a yellow card for Liverpool’s "finest" trying to swap shirts when Arsenal are on the attack. There was a joke and the Mickey’s didn't help by cheating also. Draw was a fair result though.
Aamir your myopia and blinkeredness are embarrassing mate, we've admitted that RvP's been guilty, you can't see that Gerrard is a cheat. And this St Stevie Mee thing IS perpetuated by scousers, i'm talking about real scousers here, not plastics...
London Gooner, you obviously don't remember it cos Carra was booked! And you call us blinkered...
LG - i have to say i thought the sending off was a nothing decision. Seemed innocuous enough, but the hear the Scousers in the pub bleating on about how it could have been a red all on its own just boiled my pee, it really did. From an unbiased perspective as i wanted you both to lose yeterday, Webb was indeed shambolic. I'd be livid this morning, although i should say that I didnt think Liverpool did much with the advantage. Would have been harsh if El-Zohan or whatever his name is had scored at the death.
I missed that one ten Aamir apologies! I didnt see it! DOH!
El-Zohan! You make him sound like a cross between something from Star Trek and Lindsay Lohan! :) It's El Zhar. :)
OLASAL - How can anyone with half a brain say it was a sending off on its own. That is just a moronic bunch of deluded fans. But not untypical of the as there were similar bleatings after the match at the triangle from a few Mickies. Webb should be comitted or arrested as he is either clearly mental or taking bribes.
What particularly grates with Gerrard's dive is not just the act itself, but as soon as the referee doesn't award it, he waves his arms around screaming at the ref. He should have been grateful that he wasn't booked. I'm not sure if that's embarrassment or arrogance that makes him do that. I had this argument over on Vital Liverpool after the Madrid game when Gerrard intervened in the 95th minute, now they seem a decent lot to me over there, but not one person could bring themselves to type the words 'Gerrard dived.' It was just a list of excuses and bizarre justifications. I just want one Liverpoo,fan to say it, 'Gerrard dived' no caveats, no excuses. Admitting it is the first step.
Little Dutch
Gerrard made the most of contact. Diving is what Ronaldo does. Making the most of contact is what Gerrard and Van Persie have occasionaly done.
See ya later Aamir, you're undermining your opinions on anything with this drivel. What i'd like to say though is how depressing it is to see a team of that quality at the top of the prem, fair play to em, they're up there on merit. But the other 3 appear (esp us) to have got a lot worse.
Aamir, you should be a Tory MP, top dodging. I feel a bit like David Dimbleby here. That answer has to rank alongside, "but darling, the only reason I was staring at her arse was because I thought it was on fire."
Little Dutch
Tory? No way. Vote Green Party!
you lot make me laugh! no matter how much you debate about this it will never change the result or the decisions that were made during the game. theres a fine line between diving and making the most of a chellenge which doesnt goes to say they are the same thing. as much as we dont like people rolling on ther floor about 7 times after a foul, its still not considerd cheating but play acting which sadly is part of football. my point is go and complain to the FA if you dont like it but even then i can bet my life on it that nothing can or will be done.
There are a lot of things people talk about that we can't influence. In fact, I can think of very, very few things in the game of football that I am able to influence, or anyone else here. There are a lot of things that happen in the world that we can't influence, politically for example, but we still talk about them because it's human nature. It's what separates us from the animals. Jesus, the desire to absolve Gerrard or furnish him with ever more creative excuses is reaching astronomical levels.
Little Dutch
van Persie has made the most of contact on occassion? Not for me mate, he took dives. Just as Gerrard did yesterday. I hate all this, "well there was contact" bull ****. Football is a contact sport, and unless the contact is sufficient enough to knock a player over or unfairly gain advantage, then it's clearly a dive and it's clearly cheating. It's another one of those things invented by the Sky Sports morons along with "get in Arsenal's face" and that hand balls have to be deliberate.
These 2 incidents (Ade red card & the Gerrard dive) is diverting the attention from a poor arsenal performance. For the past 3 seasons, even during our poor performances when we couldnt win or struggled to score goals, there would always be some offensive action, the slick passing game where moves would be attempted to be built up. That part of our game has gone, and thats down to the quality of our mid field. The ideas arent there. It disappoints me greatly as a gooner, as the slick passing was one attribute I could take for granted. Not any more. We were lucky to come away with a point, and its down to how poor Pool were after the sending off. They showed NO urgency, NO commitment, nothing, in the last 20 mins of the game and they certainly arent champion material.
Gerrard not a diver? wtach the video ... .... Judge for yourself
Prits, I broadly agree, as I've alluded to before, the passing game only works when executed at pace and the current side can't and won't do that. But I thought Denilson and Song had very good games yesterday, we miss Hleb and Rosicky massively for someone to make the difference. I wouldn't say it was a poor performance though, we lacked imagination in the final third, but the goal apart, I thought we defended pretty solidly and the midfield did its job discipline wise. I think Liverpool just didn't know how to handle being in position of being the side with the onus to attack. They had set up excellently for the counter attack, but after the red card the roles were reversed because we had to sit a little deeper and look to hit them on the break. Once you enter a game with a gameplan and a decent one at that, it's very difficult to change. Liverpool looked to introduce a bit of pace by replacing Keane with El Zhar and Rieira with Babel, but ultimately it is very difficult to change your mentality in an instant in a game. We did that better than Liverpool did yesterday.
Little Dutch
I feel proud of our team after yesterday. True they were a bit nervy at the start which is hardly a surprise given recent previous results and the referee was pathetic and definitely wasn't a homer. Our team responded magnificently after the sending off with Song, Denilson and RVP in particular outstanding. They have shown that they do have the passion, the work rate, the energy, the commitment and the enthusiasm I often thought was lacking in some previous rather limp performances. If they can continue in this vein then I think we will be OK, the players are talented but they still lack maturity and experience but this kind of commitment will make up for it whilst they continue to learn and improve. The fans were great as well yesterday!
norfolk dumpling
Another excellent match summary Timbo. Firstly, Gerrard is a diver. Nothing will change my mind no matter how Liverpool fans argue otherwise. Secondly I agree with you Tim that we missed Rosicky and Hleb, as with the loss of Cesc we didn't really have any creativity in the second half and having them both in the team would have offset that. Finally the sending off. The standard of refereeing in this country is absolutely appalling in my opinion. Case example. Adebayor gets two yellow cards where he hasn't made any contact with the players in question and gets sent off. Julio Arca almost breaks Andy Johnson's leg and only gets a yellow card? Eh? How does that work?! With this inconsistant refereeing the FA wonder why the players and the fans don't really respect the referees. Perhaps we should clone Pierlugi Collina a dozen times!!
Oh but on the bright side RVP deserved his MOTM award and, Song and Denilson had fantastic games, especially after Ade got sent off. Now why cant they do that for 90mins week in week out?!!
OK Chopstah. What would you rather we talk about? The colour of the boxers I'll wear tomorrow? Coz that is one thing I can have an influence on, you know? Or what's the best time for taking a *****? Before or after a meal? Before a meal creates space for the meal. After the meal creates space for digestion!
Someone tell Song to keep that Flamini impression throughout all games, that whole running thing, being at the right place at the right time. It often makes a team appear to be playing with 12 men, coz you're in defense when needed, midfield, even attacking, and you become a complete nuisance to deal with.
I hope someone at Arsenal shows our defenders this article, and I hope they give it some thought, even if not at the behest of Arsene Who?, coz I agree with it rather wholeheartedly.
Not sure if anyone has commented on this but Ade and Arsenal on a whole handled the unfair red card with pure class. We can aslo be be proud of that fact. LETS GO ARSENAL!!
Agreed LD. Song & Denilson did have good games although that was largely after the sending off. I dont have a problem with Denilson, as there is a certain basic minimum standard that he delivers every game, game after game. Diaby was poor, and he needs to show us all why he was offered a long term contract. Nasri is still settling, so we shouldnt judge him too harshly.
Hehe LD is this the first time you put up the straightforward scoreline instead of creating a good headline?
Thought Diaby had a few nice touches and played hard. Overall I thought we played well and it seemed as if we had settled a bit and were starting to control the match when Ade was wrongly given a second yellow. We are missing our pacy players so it seems as if we have lost our style but the players are a little slower and to me are not totally confident. I think they can do much more and am hoping that a game like this will cause them to grow in confidence. A man down and played the better football. I think that is something to be proud of.
Here we go again an Arsenal campaign against another referee. Everyone knows it was a harsh decision, but you can see why he gave it. He wrongly thought Adebayor went over the top of the ball and then elbowed him. Its human error. You call him "coward webb" like a bunch of schoolboys well if you think about it it actually took alot of steel to send of an Arsenal player in a fixture like that where you know Le W@nker is gonna moan into the next century about it.
put it like this : ***** ref , no fabregas, no adebayor - liverpool still couldnt beat us shows how ***** them scouse ****s really r
And here we go again with a spuds fan coming on to our site to say something about a game which had nothing to do with his team. I don't know what spurs fans are saying about their loss this weekend. Know why? Because I don't care enough about their pathetic club to waste time looking at their site.
Arsenal #1, you sound seriously bitter mate, i wasnt aware that Fabregas played a defensive role for you? Him going off made it harder for us to score, a more physical, defensive player came on for him in Diaby. A man getting sent off, makes it harder to score, the opposition close ranks and play for a point (most of the time) And having a striker sent off hardly makes it easier. The ref does effect both teams aswell mate. So stop being so bitter, don't you have some revising to do over the school hols??
a comment on youtube video gerrard dive "someone needs to kick him in his vagina" too funny
Adebayor, Nasri, and Van Persi did what you slate Gerrard for doing, yet all you righteous indignation is directed at Gerrard, and you call us blinkered!!!!!!
You are very dense. We admit that our players will on occasion dive. All we're asking is for one Liverpool fan to say the sentence, "Steven Gerrard dives." It's so funny to us because you all seem incapable of saying it.
I've said several times that Gerrard dives, and I've also said that he's a hypocrite. Arsenal players also dived in the same game, yet all of you are only focusing on Gerrard's dive. You're accusing me of something that you are doing your self. Focus on the diving of your own players before mentioning ours.
John doe we are not focusing on gerrards dive we are focusing on the double standards and inconsistency...we want to know why we are called soft in the EPL and yet we recieve more cards per foul than any other in point ade commits 2 fouls the entire game, he recieves 2 cards and is sent off? Lucas commits 8 fouls and recieves a card only for his final foul...EXPLAIN. gerrard rvp and nasri all dive but gerrard will never ever get slated in the media for it. Discuss that issue johndoe tell us why it is so!!!
when did Adebayor, Van Persi and Nasri got slated by the media for their diving? Or Fabregas for that matter? The only Arsenal player that gets slated for diving is Eboue.
good result for the gunners
gaga you muppet, i did not say at anytime what should or shouldnt be talked about. my point was simple for even the smallest of brain to understand which obviously you dont. if i wanted to know about your life then i would ask what your mum's arse smells like? but i dont because its irrelevent to what we are talking about. sorry to everyone reading this but i just hate those who take people's opinion's too personal.
back to the convo.....its been mentioned before that the ref does not have the luxury of replays or different angles, he simply has to make the decision which he think is right at that very time. maybe gerrard does dive sometimes but doesnt make it obvious as others do which for that reason hes not branded a typical diver. like i say before theres a fine line between diving and making the most of a challenge. i agree its unfair for players to hold their heads like its going to fall off and i personally hate it, but you cant change the fact that its part of modern football and EVERY player does it.
Forget about Stevie Me's dive, he was dreadful all game, worst player on the pitch. Aside from Webb.
Wasn't Ade on 4 yellows when he got his second. does he now get a 2 game ban, 1 for the red and 1 for the 5 yellows or only 1 game for the red?
I just read on another site that Cesc is out for three months. :-(
But Bendtner, who has been linked with Bayern Munich, remains determined to prove he should be one of the first names on Arsene Wenger's team sheet. The striker said: "It is quite clear that my priority is to play football. "I know what I want. If it doesn't happen at Arsenal, I will move away from the club. "I want to spend the whole remainder of my career playing, wherever I am — I want to play solid." Please dont leave Bendtner, we need you and your ineffective play to remain at the Emriates
Chopstah, there's plenty of examples you could have given to illustrate your point without bringing up the smell of my mother's arse. And you call me a muppet? If you come out and say that debating something doesn't change it, what is your point then?
And what would make you think I know how my mother's arse smells like? Is that something you do or something??
its something called sarcasm son if you hadnt noticed reflecting to your reply about my comments. yes i called you a muppet and yes my point was debating something doesnt change it and not what i'd rather have everyone talk about instead. i agree i could have illustrated my point without bring up the smell of your mothers arse but seeing as all you come up with is bullsh it, it clearly sums up to what you have to say. again im sorry to everyone who has to read this.
If this was a group of 13 year olds trying to see who has the best "your mama" insults, then this would be right up your alley. Seeing as it' s forum with mostly mature people, some old enough to be grandfathers, then clearly people's mama's arses have no place.
It's very bad form when you feel compelled to apologize for a comment you make even before you have posted it. That's like dropping your pants at someone, telling them "kiss my arse", then apologizing to those around who saw you do it. But I'm the muppet, right? What's your definition of a muppet, btw?
Me? Muppet? personal? Look who is talking.
give up son, if you're trying to wind me up then im sorry to say its not working. not going to waste anymore of my breath on arrogant people like you who mock other peoples opinions just because you dont agree to it.
If I wanted to wind you up, I'd have asked how your mother's arse smells like.

And telling people that debating an incident in football doesn't change the decision made by the ref is a bit, not arrogant, more like condescending.

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7. Little Dutch 12
8. Wyn Mills 12
9. Nwankwo25 11
10. alwaysgunner 10

League Results (view all)

Latest Results
Liverpool 2 - 2 Arsenal
Arsenal 4 - 1 Newcastle
Stoke 3 - 2 Arsenal
Arsenal 1 - 0 Southampton
WBA 0 - 1 Arsenal
Arsenal 1 - 2 Man Utd

League Table (view table)

Team P W D L GD Pts
3. Man Utd 17 9 5 3 12 32
4. West Ham 17 9 4 4 10 31
5. Southampton 17 9 2 6 15 29
6. Arsenal 17 7 6 4 9 27
7. Spurs 17 8 3 6 -1 27
8. Swansea 17 7 4 6 3 25
9. Newcastle 17 6 5 6 -5 23

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Szczesny 20%
Chambers 0%
Debuchy 20%
Mertesacker 0%
Gibbs 0%
Oxlade-Chamberlain 0%
Flamini 0%
Cazorla 60%
Sánchez 0%
Giroud 0%
Welbeck 0%
Sub:-Coquelin 0%
Sub:-Campbell 0%
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