Arsenal - Gibson Points Finger At Wrong Club
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Gibson Points Finger At Wrong Club

When Sven McClaren gained victory in his first game in charge of England, many England fans thought that the change in manager was the change for better.

However 6 months down the line and it's same old same old from the England set up, but according to Boro chairmen, Steve Gibson, the manager is not to blame....oh no, it's Arsenal and Liverpool.

'There's many, many other reasons why the English football team isn't working. It hasn't worked successfully since 1966.' said Gibson.

'The Liverpools and the Arsenals, what do they contribute at national level? If we're going to improve our game at the national level, we need to involve the clubs - the clubs have got to have a willingness.'

'We've got to start looking at not just the head coach, but at the whole structure.'

'We do have an enormously successful Premiership. It is exciting, it's great to watch, it's great to be involved in.'

'But I see this march we've had over the past five or 10 years of clubs appointing foreign coaches, foreign assistants.'

'What chances are English footballers getting at our major clubs?'

Now I'm not here to defend Liverpool, that's their business but what I must take issue with is Gibson's comments about the Gunners.

Much has been made about the lack of English first teamers in the Arsenal line up, whilst everyone convienently forgets to look behind the scenes.

What you need to remember is that if a player plays, or receives his football education at Arsenal, then by and large the club has contributed to the national side.

Lets look at the first team. Over the past 12 months Arsenal have had 3 players in the England squad, Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole and Theo Walcott. Two of those players are not at Arsenal anymore, but learning their skills at our club has contributed to the national side.

Looking back over 5 years say, we've have David Seaman, Tony Adams, Lee Dixon, Ray Parlour amongst others in the many have Boro given in that time.

Some may argue that we aren't doing anything for the current national set up at the minute, and with the exception of Ashley Cole, they'd be right (sort of).

But as Arsene Wenger has proved over the last ten years, football is not about 'the now' but there is a bigger picture, a future, and if you're going to slag off a club for a lack of contribution to the national game, you may want to cast an eye in the general direction of the rest of the teams.

In the under 16's we have Thomas Cruise, Sanchez Watt & Jack Wilshire, in the under 17's there is Moses Barnett, Rhys Murphy & Henri Lansbury, in the under 19's we have Fabrice Muamba & Kerrea Gilbert, and in the under 21's we now have Theo Walcott, Justin Hoyte and former Gunner David Bentley.

I just wonder how many clubs can boast having contributed 12 players to the England set up at any one time?

I know that a few people would prefer it if Arsenal had more English players in the first team (personally I couldn't care less) but to single out Arsenal for their lack of contribution is quite frankly disgusting, and Gibson owes Mr Wenger a huge apology.

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Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 9 2007

Time: 10:34AM

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the fact that wenger has changed the face of english football,just goes to show how much arsenal has contributed to english football,if it wasnt for him,they(the english players) would still be drinking pints after matches and eating steaks and eggs before,and collapsing after 75 minutes!!anyway who gives a 4x about engerlund
fran merida
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09/02/2007 10:46:00

who give a 4x about gibson?!
kenny lunt
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09/02/2007 10:58:00

Middlesborough contributed a s*** ex manager, Real Madrid's centre back and the worst left winger ever to play for England. At least if we don't have any players playing you can turn the telly over when England are as poor as Wed night. I only watched 20 minutes (and that was only because I was eating my dinner and couldn't be bothered to fetch the remote).
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09/02/2007 11:04:00

Why is it arsenal's responsibility to do anything for the national game?? Gibson is a d*** of the highest proportions. Which club is it riding over FA rules & appointing a manager who isn't even qualified when there are plenty of english managers out of work?? I would love to know just how many players boro have contributed to the national team in the past 40 years!!
Ashburton Gooner
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09/02/2007 11:13:00

we shouldnt even bother responding anymore. his comments border on.....AAAAGHHHH I DON KNOW some people just dont think.
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09/02/2007 11:18:00

Arsenal have helped so many teams by loaning & selling players (especially english players) well under their true worth eg 1 million for bentley. Yes we insist on sell on clauses to safeguard our own club but so many teams have benefitted from arsenal's superb youth development. Charlton, Blackburn, Reading, Norwich & Leicester to name just a few, we are giving the players such a great education & are the helping the national game in that respect. Boro on the other hand put 15million plus price tags on rubbish like downing, so who is it exactly thats stopping players development??
Ashburton Gooner
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 11:18:00

Before i go.......if any of the pc brigade are on stop reading now. "First the prostitutes, now the turkeys. The chances of getting a gobble in Suffolk are getting quite remote".
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 11:20:00

You know how much I like a quote, this one from Charles Baudelaire, "the whole dream of democracy is to raise everybody to the level of stupidity enjoyed by the bougeoise." Gibson= bougeoise. Gibson= stooopid.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 11:33:00

Robinson, Lampard, Crouch, Dyer....Tell's it's own story really.
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 11:43:00

Haha LD you're priceless!!! What other club's blogs have Baudelaire quoted on them??? Not only the best team in the world, but the most intelligent haha
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 11:46:00

Most intelligent fans that is.... Tho I've obviously just proved myself wrong by not being able to complete my sentence haha
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 11:48:00

they just need a reason to blame someone else for their failures. if a english kid is good enough, he will get a chance here..
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 12:15:00

I can safely tell you that most of the gunners I know are intelligent right in my own country here so its no surprise that all accross the world its the same. We play Intelligent Footy so thats no great news wither that we are well aprreciated by intelligent people
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 12:25:00

Scooch. No we understood what you meant cos we are intelligent... :)
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 12:27:00

Lucky_10, if the kids were good enough they'd play in foreign leagues... the really damning thing about the english game is that I can count the number of truely successful english exports on 1 hand.
kenny lunt
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 13:14:00

Arsenal are doing right by their fans (customers) and share holders like any good company would... ...what are arsenal doing for the national side? how about letting them use our physio gary lewin? are arsenal also to blame for england underperforming at the olympics, at cricket, rugby and so on?
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 14:52:00

kenny why wud any english kid want to leave the best league in the world and go abroad. he would aspire to play for arsenal, united or liverpool and be a huge success here. how many sucessful italians play outside italy? you just need one finger to count dem, and the same with spain..
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 15:35:00

Ahhh that well known conveyor belt of English talent that is middlesborough. Remember when they produced, Ravanelli, Emerson and Juninho from their academy all in the same season and got relegated? who can forget that great youth talent maccarone or perhaps alan Boksic. Viduka and Yakubu were unearthed playing for pub side 'english grit' and in goal Aussie mark schwarzer surely counts as an englishman? Frank quedrue and Julio Arca make the finest 'real English gravy' in England do they? Manu Pogatetz can always be found Pigeon shooting in the forests of boro with prince harry. I wonder what finishing school Joseph desire Job went to? perhaps the same one as George Boateng?
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 15:52:00

Obviously, people like Steve Gibson are completely STUPID, and I write this in capital letters because writing just 'stupid' won't do for this man. Nice one Iceman, there are a few others, like the reserve Englishman from Oz - Jones, Abel Xavier, Huth, Rochembach and the latest addition bound to make a name for the three lions: Lee Dong Gook. Hypocrites and liars.
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 17:05:00

I forgot Xavier. What a fine example to the young English lads at boro he is.
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 17:16:00

Le Boss has come out and spoken about the same issue in his press conferene ahead of Wigan's game; see this
Barnet Gooner
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 17:46:00

Is Xavier english? :P I realised the joke lmao. ***People like Gibson ***** me off. It is actually a form of dicrimination what he is doing now. Equal oppurtunity should be provided too players of diffrent nationalities and that's how it is now. ***Ever bleeding time England loose they need to come with an excuse as too why they aren't good enough. Now it is Arsenal and Liverpools fault. Charming.
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 19:00:00

Someone should have asked him what England won in the mid 80's early 90's when there was hardly a 'johnny foreighner' in the premiership. I remember an england midfield that contained Carlton palmer, Andy gray (of crystal palace, not the sky guy!) and Geoff Thomas. Those 3 are not better than say Gerrard, Hargreaves or Carrick. strange we have better players now than when old johnny hadnt set foot in the country!
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 19:12:00

Don't know what everybody's moaning about. I'm Welsh and we have the crapiest national team in the universe. You guys have the second crapiest. Look on the bright side of things, at least your team doesn't consist of 3 men, 4 sheep, 3 daffodils and a leek, though in all honesty those daffs ain't half bad. They're very pretty! Anyway, real football again on the weekend. Let's hope we get a good result against Umpa Lumpa and his elfs. 2-0 to the Arsenal me thinks!
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 19:48:00

i like it when this foreign player english player debate comes up. It always centers on arsenal and the jealousy grows. No club had the balls to take away a very important foreign player to replace him with a conference english player. Take boateng out and put in any leyton lorient english player and see how it feels. no disrespect
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 21:19:00

A somewhat surprising rant from Mr Gibson!
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 23:04:00

Sand, if you check out the picture at the top, you'll be able to see the two girls having a game of, 'blowing the ping pong ball through the lads ears, so he could've easily been distracted enough to blurt out any old nonsense, espescially if the ball was dancing around his ear drum.
Report Abuse
09/02/2007 23:18:00

I am totally baffled by the claims of some fans and ex footballers, that Arsenal should have done more to have some more english talent in the club. First of all do we have some kind of duty to bring in some English talent and that is when it is not good enough? Or is it the duty of the club to play for all the prizes available, disregarding the nationality of the players, by playing the strongest XI. Secondly does FA or English government provide Arsenal with some extra cash to bring in some English talent for the future of English football? I think the answer is a big NO. Then why do they all expect Arsenal to just bring in some English players just for the sake of it. AW said a million times that I only look at players abilities not at their passports. So for me Arsenal has no obligation of bringing in some English players just because they are English. Arsenal will only bring in players who are capable of playing for the club irrespective of their nationality. Our academy is already producing some of the best young English talent on show. And if a ******r like that bl**dy Gibson cant see it then he needs to get his screws thightened up. And thanks to Iceman who has already spotted so many Englishmen in his team, we are very embaressed.
Report Abuse
10/02/2007 00:44:00

I think the perception is that overeas youth players within the Arsenal set up are more likely to be given the opportunity in the 1st team. The argument increasingly put forward by UEFA/FIFA and grudgingly agreed to by the EC, is that sport is not a normal career and therefore excemptions need to be made to European labour law. If you play in a national league where prize money is awarded and teams then 'represents' a country in a pan-European tournament, then that team should have a minimum number of players able to represent that national association. After all, the Champions League isn't made up of the best 32 teams in Europe, its the top 4 English, Spanish, Italian sides etc. Whether it is right or wrong, increasingly it is felt that there need to be exceptions to every rule. We all admire your top players. What irritates non-Arsenal fans is the suggestion that the likes of Pascal Cygan is better than Matt Upson, or Alumina is better than Stewart Taylor etc. And the more teams try to get around the spirit of the rules, the more the rules will be tightened. This is not an anti-gunners post. It is a look at the perception that others have of Arsenal.
Report Abuse
10/02/2007 17:02:00

I have to say Arsenal are one of the few prem teams who go out of their way to loan their youngers/fringe players out to us in the lower leagues and often do so with them still paying the player as oppsoed to the loan club doing so. They are also one of the few clubs the minions want to get in the cup because we know we get such a favourable deal from them moneywise. If more clubs looked out better for the minions football below prem level wouldn't be as much of a mess as it is.
Report Abuse
10/02/2007 22:57:00

Dont buy any of that wine they produce up in Middlesboro, it has been made with sour grapes...... He appointed Southgate so England dont have to look far for a new manager (soon)
Report Abuse
11/02/2007 17:58:00


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