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Cesc To Miss Most Of The Season


The 50/50 challenge that put Arsenal legend Cesc Fabregas out of the game against Liverpool on Sunday is now set to see him sidelined for a further four months, which is practically the rest of the season.

Ah shit.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday December 23 2008

Time: 1:37PM

Your Comments

Thats the worst possible news right now. Now Wenger has to definitely make a move for 2 players minimum.
Great news! Can things get any worse? I really really hope not.
Plus with our medical department's 'excellent' record in predicting comeback times, I would be surprised if he's actually fit before Aug next year.
Oh things can get worse...Ade injured...what a season!!!
Sigh. When asked if it'd make him more inclined to sign someone in Jan, the boss said 'More likely yes, but we have internal solutions. We are not desperate because of that (Fabregas’ injury).' I can imagine a guy with playmaking ability and can also play out wide in the Hleb/Nasri/Rosicky mould coming in then..
Arshavin is looking like a pretty good option now? Wenger is going to have to break the transfer record to get anyone decent in january.
So we now need Arshavin and a central midfielder (possibly two). In comes RAMSEY!!!!!
I wasn't overly fussed about Arshavin, but now he looks rather appealing. He could certainly fill in in the centre and the push out wide when Cesc returns. That said I really hope Ramsey is given a chance!!
Wenger Wenger Wenger...internal solutions my *****...hope he isnt looking to using Denlson/Ramsey?
What a blow, we really need a bit of faith now.
Its waaaaay too much responsiblity for Ramsey to handle..
No, it's okay, cos we haven't 'killed' any of the youngsters coming in they'll all bear fruit now eh? So glad we've balanced the books though! Phew!!!
AG---faith doesnt count here.
Strap yourselves in kids, we're in for a bumpy ride. Make no mistake, this has probably curtailed any chance of involvement in next year's Champions League. If that does turn out to be the case, I'd wager we won't see much more of Cesc in an Arsenal shirt. The only saving grace is that this has happened before the window, when the chequebook will really need to be dusted off, otherwise it's Channel 5 for us next year. This really is horrible news.
Little Dutch
Was it too much responsibiity for Cesc to hande number14?
The fallout from this is going to be massive, we all knew it could happen, and alas, it has. No coincidence that he hasn't had a true break since the pre season last year either.
We WILL see signngs at last. But at a cost...
Merry F***ing Christmas Gooners :(
Cesc has been playing with a knee injury for a month. I hate to say I told you so, but back in the summer I said several times I felt he would get injured due to our over reliance on him. We were put in a position where we had to play him when he wasn't fit and off the back of no rest this summer, injuries are always likely. Wenger says his biggest regret as our manager is that he didn't rest Robert Pires just prior to his cruciate injury, explaining that when players are tired, their muscles are less braced for impact and they make incorrect calculations at crucial times. It appears that lesson hasn't been learned because Wenger tried to rush him back for a CL Qualifier in August due to his reluctance to sign a midfielder and he got injured then too. We cannot afford to be as reluctant in the transfer market again, Wenger has a big decision now because if he overly baulks at prices in January and not making necessary reinforcements and we will not qualify for the CL. That will be much more damaging financially and 'footballistically' than paying an extra £2m for a quality midfielder. I'm afraid its needs must now and that's the enormously misjudged gamble Wenger took in the summer. I have to say the prospect of a punt for Barry has to look attractive now, if only to significantly weaken Villa!
Little Dutch
I have faith we will still make top 4 if we purchase a couple of players. If we lose to villa though it could be a different story. I might be drowning my sorrows somewher ein Birmingham at 7.30 boxing day. Anyone want to join me?
I wouldnt worry to much about Wenger saying we are not desperate. If he came out and said we really need to bring people in, prices would increase by about 50 percent.
I would be up there, but i've broken my leg, merry effin xmas indeed.
Paul has hit the nail on the head. Wenger needs to play this one cool otherwise he'll be paying well over the odds!!
Does anybody think this will cause teams to take us too lightly? Maybe not pressure our midfield as much, allowing our strikers to get more involved and players like Den and Nasri the chance to be more creative.
It doesnt take a genius to figure out that we're desperate. Wenger's words mean nothing, lets see some action.
shewore - Sorry to hear that mate. Recovery time? 3-4 weeks or 3-4 weeks (arsenal time)
We need an (almost) entire mid field.
Rocky...playing it cool will not change anything..any prospective "seller" would take a brief look at Arsenal and realize we are caught between a rock and a hard place. I agree he shouldnt say the wrong things in th press but Wenger will have to spend and he knows fear is he might just get adamant and rely on Ramsey...ouch
prits - my point exactly, we are deperate..unless Wenger still has a trick up the ol sleeves..some unknown cheap wonder buy from brazil maybe eh...otherwise we are going to have to break the bank. as it is we need a minimum of 2 players - quality ones that is.
Diaby has to play central midfield now. He has been at Arsenal for nearly 4 years and Wenger said only last week that he is a attacking central midfielder. If he isnt given a chance now Wenger may aswell sell him because he is never going to play in his preffered position. If he is going to sign somebody for me the best and most logical option is Mikel Arteta and I would go as far as using Bendtner as a make weight in any deal to bring him in.
Arteta makes sense but only as a winger. We have Ramsey, Nasri, Denilson and Diaby in attacking central midfield. Arteta would be an awesome right midfielder for us. As would Arshavin. It is still DM where we need to sign a player.
That of course is the other massive difficulty, it simply has to be someone with Premiership experience, we are not in a position to bed anybody in at this stage. Again, that's the gamble the manager took in the summer and it's one that has backfired absolutely spectacularly. Barry and Arteta are capable of playing central and wide, but who knows what we'll do? Probably wait until tranfer deadline day and lose out again for the sake of £2m. The reluctance to meet that price on Alonso in August now must wrankle in Wenger's guts. Not least because Alonso (unwittingly I might add) was the one Cesc went into the tackle with!
Little Dutch
Alonso would not have been good enough for me (as a defensive midfielder), but of course I would have had him in a heartbeat.
i bet hes gonna sign appiah, cheap ********.
This is a very unfortunate situation and any team in the world would miss Cesc but Wenger is playing his cards right, stay cool and lets see. Please people stop saying if we loose to Villa our ttrying to stay in the top four looks doubtful, there is still 19 matches to be played after that, many things will change. You would think the PL is about ten matches the way how most of us think. We will get players back, Arsene will buy (which I thought he would do before the Cesc injury) and we will do great. Faith is ALWAYS necessary, even if you have your full squad. Iceman 10 thats a good Idea, playing Diaby in the middle. God Bless!!
The thing with Arteta is he can play anywhere across the midfield, has premiership experience and I believe is a realistic target.
I am actually scared he will stick to his gunz and use the "internal solutions" he mentioned in the interview. Everyone has said we are in need of a more capale midfield and yet wenger insists we a fine. I dont know what to think anymore. Channel 5 next year anyone?
you know what i think we need right now a strong physical leader and the player that fits this is lorik cana of marseille. what do you lot think?
Start of 2008 Hleb, Fabregas, Flamini, Rosicky with walcott on bench. End of 2008 Nasri, Song, Denilson, Diaby with eboue on the bench.
Its a bit unfair to exclude Fabregas from that list at the end of 2008. He is injured, that is hardly our fault. In that case we have to take Rosicky out of the first list.
This is EXACTLY what I've been predicting since the beginning of the season. You can't rush a player back from injury after a major summer tournament, play them in every possible game, and then not expect a major injury. Henry RvP Cesc :(
smithdj74 PERFECT exactly what we need
Its just a comparison of the MF that lined up in january & december in the same year. The fact he is injured makes no difference. But the difference in quality of the lineups in a 12 month period is considerable
Xabi Alonso came in with an unnecesarily hard challenge. He was trying to hurt the guy it seemed!
Let's all watch Wenger not buy anyone this transfer window. Will Arsenal fans be calling for his head or is it still follow without question?
Why is everyone saying Fab was hurt previous to this injury? is this factual that he was still injured and are you saying that Arsene is the biggest idiot going to knowingly risk his best player for months when he could have taken a few weeks and got healthy? I cant see it and especially not after the way he was so cautious with RVP coming back. Makes no sense to me. If this is the case it must have been Cesc saying he could go and not Wenger knowingly putting an injured player on the field.
is arshavin CL "cup tied"? we also keep getting linked to Gökhan Inler. how do you guy feel about him?
ForeverUnited, that makes no sense at all, there are a lot of Arsenal fans who are quite upset at the fact that Arsene didnt buy. If you read this thread it is easy to get that feling. Dont just say something to be sarcastic but bring the facts. Anyway calling for Wenger to be sacked is way off (go and Ask Fergie and see his response) but that does not mean fans are following blindly.
Paulsito this is what we neeeddd
I wasnt implying that you asked him to be asked, I was just ASKING if that would be your response to him to not buying.
Great, the main reason for our success last season have disintegrated - Rosicky, Hleb, Flamini and now Cesc. Talk about regressing. As has been mentioned on other threads in the past, it seems like Arsene could do with a better assistant because he surely needs consider alternative views. We're almost starting from scratch again in the rebuilding job. But I'm pretty sure about one thing: Wenger will always be aware of players in the world that he likes and could bring in if he needed a Plan B. Well, now is time for Plan B and he just better use it otherwise forget top 4, we may even struggle for top 6 this season.
Just saw Wenger's interview on the club website. He seemed tetchy and it would appear that he's feeling the pressure. You have to think this is a pivotal point in his Arsenal career because for him not to buy now would be a hugely risky decision in my opinion but it will also go against his philosophy/strategy of bringing in and developing young players.
it's hard not to sound pessimistic as we are indeed completey screwed. Ploughing through captains like sp*rs through managers. You'd imagine that there must be some action in January, but deep down there is a chilling fear that is closer to the truth than I'd like. He might do ***** all in the transfer window.
Wenger won't buy.
Why would he?
After last season ended, I think it was fair to say our squad needed a bit of strengthening and deepening. As it happened, it got weakened by the departures of Hleb and Flamini, and got "shallowed" by the departures of Gilberto and Lehman, more so the former than the latter, coz I'm thinking Gilberto would be a shoo in in this Arsenal side. Wenger did buy Nasri (to replace Hleb), and 17 year old Ramsey, but I would say that fell short in the replacement stakes alone, never mind the strengthening/deepening business. On top of that, he mentioned our defensive weaknesses, weaknesses that were neither addressed in the transfer market, and as our "against" column would show, nor in training.
Given that Wenger didn't budge in the above scenario (or didn't find the right player/price combo for those of us who are won't to defend the great man), what makes you think he is going to budge now/find the right players? What gives you any optimism? Naturally, logic dictates he buys, but logic has sounded like a broken record to Wenger in the last 2-3 seasons.
I have no logical reason to assume or expect that we will see any signings. All I can hope for is that the likes of Diaby, Song, Denilson and Ramsey will behave like the oldest child in a family that is orphaned suddenly; the tragedy forces the oldest kids to mature rather quickly in order to fend for their younger siblings, and it makes them take on tasks and achieve things they wouldn't have taken on or achieved if it wasn't for the tragedy.
It may sound rather naive to put my hopes for the season on Ramsey et. al., but naive is expecting Wenger to sign experienced first team players when logic tells him to. If he was wont to listen to logic, he'd have done it already, I think.
Brace yourselves people. This is going to be ugly.
Injuries are unfortunate and losing Cesc in a season when we have already lost Rosicky is a major blow but it isn't yet a fatal one. It leaves an already thin midfield thinner but realistically there is little we can do before the home game against Bolton so we had better hope that the combination of Nasri, Song, Denilson, Eboue and Diaby remain untroubled by injuries or suspensions for the next two or three PL games. I believe that Wenger has always intended to bring someone in in January ever since he learnt that Rosicky would not make it back. Cesc's enforced absence just makes it more certain. To read some of the comments here you'd imagine Wenger has never bought a player. Realistically he has always done so where he can get what he needs.
Tbh i rate Denilson and think he wont make that much of a difference. Fabregas was awful in the last few NLD's where Denilson i thought has been good.
I still don't think Arshavin is the answer, but i'm willing to be proved wrong (although I don't think arsene will make a bid)
"This is EXACTLY what I've been predicting since the beginning of the season. You can't rush a player back from injury after a major summer tournament, play them in every possible game, and then not expect a major injury. Henry RvP Cesc :(" And this is utter rubbish because Cesc's injury is just one of those things that can happen regardless. Trying to blame Wenger is ridiculous.
this is some bad news however combined with losing Walcott to injury its for sure guaranteed we're going to be getting some talented players in the january window
this could be blessing in disguise.
im with gooner_till_i_die let the vieira in diaby come out...out i say.
Sorry to hear about Cesc's injury. He's a great player and any team would miss him, even us neutrals will miss him. Good luck the rest of the season.
i know this is probably the least of your worries at the moment but im just curious who is going to captain arsenal now that fabregas is out? back to gallas?
Funny, everyone is saying manager's are living in fear of the sack constantly these days - but look what is happening now Wenger has no fear of the sack - completely self-indulging with this team. He's far too loyal to people like Diaby - Fergie ships those players out (Kleberson, Djemba-Djemba, Veron to name just 3) and replaces them with better. going to go from almost winning the league to the UEFA cup in one season - that is terrifyingly bad. Mad thing is Villa will outspend us in Jan too...
We are being linked with Inler again. YES PLEASE! 1st choice for me!
Wenger is deluding himself if he thinks his team can maintain a challenge without Fabregas and no replacement. We can hardly call ourselves as being in the title race, let alone without Cesc. Flamini, Diarra, Bert have all left us and now Cesc is injured we risk being run over. As I said before on this blog, your first team does not win you the league, but the quality of your second team. Our second team: a bunch of kids.
Its far too early to be accusing Wenger of delusions. He still remains pragmatic and good enough to get us out of this. You dont even have to be a gooner for a long time to know better than to listen to Wenger's transfer talk.
thats life. thats football at least we will sign a few players and when we do have a full squad we will be stronger (more or less a blessing in disguise) as if fabregas wasnt injured he wouldnt dip into the market
I am not really worried about the midfield...its the defence that I worry many silly mistakes that give away goals. Bad marking, messing about with the ball instead of solid clearences, sloppy tackling in dangerous positions, no outright ball-winner on crosses and corners and defending too high up the pitch.If It was my money I would start building from the back. I think this is one of the worst back four I can remember. The abiity is there....but the brains aint !!....
One solid defensive midfielder will make little difference to us....We have lost games this season ( Hull,Stoke,Fulham) down to our defences inability to deal with set-pieces and our strikers inability to finish teams off. We have some wonderfully gifted midfield players who i am sure can step up and do a good job, but on the other hand if the defence are falling asleep and letting stupid goals in then we will get nowhere fast. Its a very simplistic view but to give an example...Robbie Keane at The Emirates ??...
i dont worry much about transfers, theres no point debating whether this player or that will be brought in becos the likelyhood is quite minimal going by wenger's historical buying pattern (esp in jan). i believe we still have talent in abundance, maybe not the depth to win trophies but certainly to give us a strong shout for the top honours in all competitions. i may be a bit delusional here but i believe rvp will play the season of his life to get us over the line, like henry has carried us in the past, its rvp's chance now, and i believe he will take it. players like nasri and vela will play a huge role as well. maybe eduardo too for the close of the season who knows. the way i see it, we are okay, we still have options, any purchases will be a bonus.
You know, it's not that I don't rate or believe in Wenger or anything like, but optimism can only take you so far, you know? All I look at is our goal difference (and it tells a story with nearly half the season played), and I can't help feel a little dejected. Last season we could say we were a bit unlucky with all those draws, but what excuse can we give for us this time round? Then you add this Fabregas business, and the general attitude Wenger appears to have about his team's current ability vis a vis buying players, and it makes for a gloomy sight for me. Who knows what will happen. Maybe Wenger will buy players, maybe Diaby will play like we've seen him before (CC final, the Man U game, Fenerbahce) for the rest of the season, maybe Eboue will shock as all and do a Flamini, maybe Song will play like he did in afer Adebayor's sending off for the rest of the season, maybe Djourou will now get a run in the team and put in a second half of the season that;ll make him contender for Player of The Season, maybe maybe maybe. All these maybes are known, but the knowns don't lift my spirits at all.
I'm hoping we give Villa a nice proper tonking. See, more optimism.
Speaking of the goal difference, I've just had a look at it again. When was the last time we had a goal difference of only 9 having played 17 games? I'm guessing not once in the Wenger era. I don't know for a fact, but is what I'm guessing.
Amaury Bischoff anyone? What the hell was the point of that? I'm sorry to say but as many on here predicted at the end of last summer (nay the end of last season!) Wenger needs some serious help in the recruiting department. I'm not David Dein's greatest fan but since he left its been a calamitous mess at our club, and is all entirely consistent with the arrogant way the board have been treating players, fans and even fellow board members of late.
Wyn Mills
Long ago, England was ruled by a king named Canute. Like many leaders and men of power, Canute was surrounded by people who were always praising him. Every time he walked into a room, the flattery began. "You are the greatest man that ever lived," one would say. "O king, there can never be another as mighty as you," another would insist. "Your highness, there is nothing you cannot do," someone would smile. "Great Canute, you are the monarch of all," another would sing. "Nothing in this world dares to disobey you." The king was a man of sense, and he grew tired of hearing such foolish speeches. One day he was walking by the seashore, and his officers and courtiers were with him, praising him as usual. Canute decided to teach them a lesson. "So you say I am the greatest man in the world?" he asked them. "O king," they cried, "there never has been anyone as mighty as you, and there never be anyone so great, ever again!" "And you say all things obey me?" Canute asked. "Absolutely!" they said. "The world bows before you, and gives you honor." "I see," the king answered. "In that case, bring me my chair, and we will go down to the water." "At once, your majesty!" They scrambled to carry his royal chair over the sands. "Bring it closer to the sea," Canute called. "Put it right here, right at the water's edge." He sat down and surveyed the ocean before him. "I notice the tide is coming in. Do you think it will stop if I give the command?" His officers were puzzled, but they did not dare say no. "Give the order, O great king, and it will obey," one of then assured him. "Very well. Sea," cried Canute, "I command you to come no further! Waves, stop your rolling!. Surf, stop your pounding! Do not dare touch my feet!" He waited a moment, quietly, and a tiny wave rushed up the sand and lapped at his feet. "How dare you!" Canute shouted. "Ocean, turn back now! I have ordered you to retreat before me, and now you must obey! Go back!" And in answer another wave swept forward and curled around the king's feet. The tide came in, just as it always did. The water rose higher and higher. It came up around the king's chair, and wet not only his feet, but also his robe. His officers stood before him, alarmed, and wondering whether he was not mad. "Well, my friends," Canute said, "it seems I do not have quite so much power as you would have me believe. Perhaps you have learned something today. Perhaps now you will remember there is only one King who is all-powerful, and it is he who rules the sea, and holds the ocean in the hollow of his hand. I suggest you reserve your praises for him." The royal officers and courtiers hung their heads and looked foolish. And some say Canute took off his crown soon afterward, and never wore it again.
Wyn Mills

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