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Sagna Out To Prove He's The Best

It was a marvelous game today, and you just had to know the equaliser was coming. All the players had good games, but in my eyes there was one especially that stood out above the rest, Bacary Sagna. His defending today was sheer brilliant. He won slide tackles left and right, he charged down Ashley Young's crosses, and he left the crowd in awe with his spectacular bicycle kick on the goal line to save Arsenal's halftime lead. Sagna had a blinding first season with the Gunners, but has naturally experienced a small sophomore slump this season. Though in this game he showed England and the world the talent he has, and I doubt you can find a better right back in the world. Well done Bacary!

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday December 26 2008

Time: 7:18PM

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Good shout GK. Fantastic show from Bacs, and he was our MOM tonight. He performs a lot better with support from Eboue down the right and that makes a huge difference to his attacking game as well. He joins in more attacks with Eboue around, coz of the defensive solidity and balance that Eboue lends to the side. I thought Eboue also had a good game overall (although if he hadnt been asleep for the cross that led to their 2nd goal, it would have been excellent).
Is it a coincidence that Sagna play's his best when he has Eboue in front of him? I think not
Best right back ever. But Diaby deserves a mention. He was class. van Persie...two games running any time soon? ;-)
Sagna plays better with Eboue in front of him? I don't think there is much doubt about that. RvP put in a great stint as a lone striker, offers more subtlety and carries a genuine goal threat in his game.
its not robins fault our midfielders can't even complete short passes that would support him
He missed that chance. That is what i am talking about lads. Not his ability. We all know he has it. But he always fails to score after he does it in one game.
He isn't the first striker to miss a chance and it's hardly a criticism if RvP only manages to score every other game. He does try to hit the ball too hard sometimes though.
Its a big criticism. If you have a striker on your hands who has some sort of mental block that does not allow himself to score two games running or produce something of genuine worth then we have a problem. Especially with one so talented. Fair enough if Ade fails to score, he is a bit rough round the edges. But van persie should gobble up the chances he is given. Too flakey I say.
Can't wait til we get Eduardo back up to full 1st team fitness.
RvP has scored in successive games against Newcastle and Blackburn this season. It has nothing to do with mental blocks - more to do the width of the woodwork. The things some people will invent to find fault can be quite incredible at times.
The things people will say to try and cover up what is glaringly obvious just so that they can try and please everyone with an honest and arsenal biased view...
There is nothing glaringly obvious about some spurious claim that unless RvP scores in successive games he somehow isn't performing. He has scored 10 in 20 starts this season which includes a couple of games playing wide left. He has scored in successive games this season and before he was injured last season scored in 4 consecutive games. He isn't without his failings, few players are, but inventing some dreamt up claim of 'flakiness' based on such a meaningless stat is neither honest or unbiased.
Last I checked, a goal every other game is a pretty damn good strike rate for a striker. That would be 19 goals in a prem season.
It is a good strike rate, but the whole "never gives you two games in a row" is more than just a stat, it is an observation that highlights the inconsistancy if one of our major players. Statements like "Song 89%, Ramsey 79%" are the ones that cover up the glaringly obvious. Yes, Song had a better success rate of passes, but it does not take into accouunt the types of passes and the fact that the team played much better with Ramsey on the field. Stating that (and this is a long while ago) playing Bendtner ahead of Adebayor would have made very little difference (positive or negative) to the outcome of a game when we all know that there would be a major difference both in the way we play and (possibly) the outcome of the match. We cannot just aim to give the sensible, easy option when analysing the game. Some deeper thought is needed at times.
better than boswinga??? do me a favour, take a sensible tablet!!
I agree that stats are misleading Tom, but you're the one that cited his lack of goals as being part of his poor performance. To me it looked like he tried hard today, it was the midfield's fault he didn't get many chances. You aren't going to score often when your mids can't pass it forwards. And Bosingwa only has one eyebrow, he can't be in the discussion
I never said he played badly. He played very well in my opinion. But the general idea that he rarely gives you two games in a row where he scores a goal highlights the inconsistant and mental nature of his game. We can blame the midfield but he had an easy chance to kill the game off and he missed it.
well, i'm not going to blame a lone striker playing in front of a horrendous midfield.
Ha Boswinga! Your having a ******** laugh mate
Did the team play better with Ramsey on the pitch? We were 1-0 up before he came on and our 2nd goal didn't involve Ramsey. I am not blaming Ramsey alone but we were weaker in midfield with Song off and Ramsey on. There is nothing 'glaringly obvious' covered up by the stats comparing Songs performance with Ramseys. It is a matter of fact that Ramsey gave the ball away more than Song as much as it is a fact that Song also won the ball more often than Ramsey. Whatever is involved in the analysis that RvP is 'flakey' you can be sure that it doesn't involve any deep thought whatsoever.
Tomf, what you said about Robin, geez can't believe it, just no way - for reasons Amos and TP mentioned above, won't repeat. As for Sagna, he's OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Yes, and 'this world' includes Bosingwa and Dani Alves. I also agree that Eboue had a good enough game, whether he helped Sagna or the other way around, I don't know. They're just fantastic playing together, especially considering that it's the strong Youngs he and Sagna were facing on that side.
rvp was unlucky eboue and sagna were quality toure ***** now (lack of fitness or lost his touch) ramsey didnt do bad either looks like hes startin as songs out
Sagna is the best RB in the league defensivly and is good going up front. Bosingwa is more dangerous going forward, but id take Sagna over him any day
Springy doesnt remember what Clichy did to Boswinga in the 2nd half at the bridge, Cashley must have looked over and thought...."thats the player I could have been"
Why are you lot just ignoring a fundamental problem with van Persie? The guy does not score two games in a row. Newcastle and Blackburn... Our two easiest wins of the season. if he scored today we would have won. It's as simple as that. You can ignore this and either class it as stupid mumblings that are trying to find fault, or you can just class it as unlucky, but this has happened too many times now. One on one against Boro after winning us the match against Chelsea and he missed them both. Scored a great goal against Liverpool and he hit the post against Villa that would have given us the three points. I will agree, it is unlucky. But to ignore this would be stupid. Some strikers have "luck" when they play. Others call it finishing ability, I don't know. The terminology "doesn't give you two games in a row" is not as literal as said, but it highlights his failure to produce sustained finishing form which, over the course of a season, will lose/draw games for us, just as much as it wins. Every player has their own fundamental problems. Ade can't finish to save his life some times. he will go weeks without scoring. Then he will his a bliner four games running. Toure is as fast as anyone, but the guy doesn't know what he is doing half the time. Song has great defensive nous but has so little desire and effort in his game that he often looks like a liability. Diaby is the same but in an attacking sense (awesome yesterday). van Persie's problem is that he does not finish with any sort of consistancy. For whatever reason, it happens. He did not individually cost us any game, but he could have won two or more games this season but finished poorly. Again, I repeat, this happens to many strikers, Ade included, but that does not make it any less true.
Still don't know what you're talking about Tomf. To accuse a striker of not scoring in 2 consecutive games sounds unreasonable to me. It's more unfair when he actually played well as a lone striker against Villa. Even worse is to say that about a striker who averages a goal every other game this season (every other 3 games in his Arsenal career).
Back on Sagna, do we have a song for him? Let's make one!
Sagna - what a class act. I tried him in my fantasy football team, but of course he gets marked down for the rest of the defences mistakes, so had to take him out. Great player - how much would it take to get him to Villa Park? Only joking!!!!
yes iceman" thats the player i could have been with" .............and lose 5times in the league already and fall in to 5th place..yeah right!!!!!!
And go backwards as a footballer yeah springy? once recognised as the best left back in the world but now not even in the top 2 in his own league (Clichy, Evra). This thread is about an individuals ability but as you arent the best of readers you want to take the argument a different direction.
You used a lot of words to say absolutely nothing there Tom. If RvP had scored we would have won and if Almunia had saved the penalty we would also have won. If a striker fails to score in consecutive games it is no more a fundamental flaw than if a keeper fails to keep a clean sheet in successive games. The individual performance in each game can be judged on the merits of each game but to create 'fundamental' flaws out of such a vacuous point is over the top.
On that penalty...what an idiot! Who dives that way against Barry? A left footed smasher?! And 10 in 20 is not good enough. One in two is not good enough. I said a lot of words that DO mean something Amos. All of your ramblings about the individual merits of each performance is bull crap if he misses a one on one chance to win the game. I rate him highly, he is a top player, but he is an Arsenal striker who should score more than a goal every other game (a stat that helps my (and Myles Palmer's :-) ) "never gives you two games in a row" theory). Its easy to dismiss these types of things. Our defenders concede more than Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd because a) they are not good enough, b) they do not work well together and c) the coaching is flawed. Almunia concedes more than Reina because Reina is a better goalkeeper. van Persie (69 shots, 19 on goal, 8 goals) misses more chances than Anelka (59 shots, 30 on goal, 14 goals) because Anelka is a better finisher. Its hard to believe, but maybe the players are not performing. van Persie is included in that list.
Anelka gets world class service, van Persie has to do everything himself. If Anelka played in front of Denilson, Diaby, and Eboue I can guarantee you he wouldn't have those kinds of numbers. It's all about midfield with us. We have the same defenders and keeper we had last year. The difference is there is no Flamini to help them out. We don't retain possession in the midfield at all so our defence is constantly under pressure as compared to last year. Our strikers are less effective this year because they get poorer service than they did last year, this includes RvP who to me tried just as hard as everyone on the pitch. And HeathfieldRoad1874, you can have Sagna, but we need to get Young, Barry, and Milner in return!!
That the players aren't performing isn't hard to believe at all - it is clear by the results. Whether your stats prove that Reina (39 saves) is a better keeper than Almunia (55 saves) or that Liverpool has a better defence is a moot point. Not that I would argue it anyway. This season Anelka has better finishing stats than RvP but the fact that Anelka has played 3 games more, and that RvP has made almost 3 times as many successful tackles and makes more passes per minute played might suggest he is putting greater effort into his team game than Anelka needs to. On the other hand as Anelka's stats in the 2 previous seasons aren't any better or even as good as RvP's in those seasons you might conclude that Anelka is getting a little more help from those around him now than RvP is receiving. Then again the fact that Anelka has only scored in successive PL matches twice this season might, on your terms, suggest that he is suffering from a similar 'fundamental' flaw to RvP. Seems you don't get 'two games in a row' from Anelka that often either.
I was using Anelka as an example to point out his finishing ability alone. I admire his efforts around the box and tracking back. But once a player has a one on one chance or any sort of shootong oppertunity, the facts is that he has it. Lots of service or little at all. van persie missed the chance against Villa because he missed the chance, not because Lampard is a better player than Denilson. Same goes for Anelka. He scored his tap ins because he finished it, not because Deco is better than Ramsey. Him having 10 more chances is a sign that maybe Chelsea have better midfield players, but the goals scored and attempts on target tell you that Anelka is a better finisher than van Persie. And if van Persie scores six goals in his next two games we can start talking about how many games each one has played.
And I also want to tell you that I am still a big fan of van Persie. He is just another player in the squad that seems unable to show consistant quality over a sustained period of time, even if they have a good game, they do nothing. Nasri, Denilson, Gallas, Toure, Clichy, Adebayor, Song, Walcott, Eboue, Djourou, Silvestre are very much in that brackes as well. Few players in our squad play well in 90% of our games. Even the great Fabregas has bad games, but on the whole, he is very consistant and shows great quality in every game. Tracking back and swiveling on the spot is not good enough if you constantly miss the chance to win the game for your team. Im sorry if you still don't agree with my arguments.
(Maybe not Clichy)
Now that I know you get your footballing insights from Myles Palmer I understand the difficulty you are labouring under. It seems that what you are saying is that the team is inconsistent and therefore the individuals are inconsistent and vice versa. I can agree with that argument insofar as it is one.
henry broke scoring records......was it 11 in a row or something like that...i cant quite remember...but rvp does miss a few ,he is someone who when he scores its seems like for me a surprise,where back in the day wrighty or henry you expected to score
fran merida
Myles has this opinion in a different way I guess. van Persie is a symbol for the inconsistancy just like Eboue is for the lack of reinforcement and fan hatred.
I haven't seen Sky Sports give anyone a mark of 10 especially when the player's team didn't win the game. Sagna made me agree with SS for once. :)

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