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As regular readers of Vital Arsenal will know, we're not one to comment on unfounded transfer rumours, but this one is not going away ...... no smoke without fire and all that.

According to Sky Sports News, Zenit St Petersburg have told them that they are holding talks with the North London outfit over the possible transfer of Russian play maker Andrei Arshavin.

Arsene Wenger, normally one to completely dismiss rumours regarding players whether he is trying to sign them or not, has been unusually coy over the Arshavin rumours, indeed he confirmed at the weekend that there was 'no progress' in the transfer talks, hinting that talks had begun.

The current rumours are creating a buzz around Arsenal's blogosphere and fan forums, the possibility of bringing in, not only a fairly big name, but a player who seems to be exactly what we need, has temporarily lifted the air of gloom around the club, indeed if Wenger can pull the transfer off, that air could be lifted permanently.

Arsenal have been shorn of their creativity after losing Alex Hleb to Barcelona in the summer and Cesc Fabregas to injury in the Liverpool match last month. Arshavin could be the perfect replacement for the short and long term.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 6 2009

Time: 5:08PM

Your Comments

I think Nasri has replaced Hleb in creativity and shooting!!! Arshavin will be a decent addition although not going to solve our defensive midfield problems. Shouldn't we just try and get flamini back and pay more, just as the spuds did with Defoe?
49er - I personally have done more shooting at goal in an Arsenal shirt than Hleb did!! Flamini can rot for all I care, he could have been great for us, but he made a bad choice.
Wenger's always said he'll never re-sign an old player though.
Im a bit concerned as to why Zenit released this news. Seems like they are sniffing around the Man City dollars, hopefully we can push this deal through asap.
Im not excited! What you chattin?! Rocky gettin all excited and thinkin we are all bothered about this! Its just news, nowt special! calm it down rocky!
Agree with Rocky (let's start that loop again lol) on both counts. Nasri and Arshavin would be like having proper replacements for Bobby and Freddie at long last! (Instead of someone who shot less than Rocky - due respect for Hleb's creativity though.)
The Spuds are a ******** joke. I'm still laughing at them for re-signing Defoe for 15M, one year after selling him to 7.5M (He certainly hasnt become twice the player he was). I dont want Flamini to come back now - lets look ahead to other targets. As for Arshavin, Zenit need to wake up to reality. Not many clubs will have the money to offer during this window - Arsenal's one of them. They should quit screwing around. But if Citeh comes in and makes a higher bid which Arshavin takes, then I wouldnt lose any sleep over it. If his ambition is to move to a relegation fight, perhaps, it wouldnt be that bad if we didnt sign him.
Say Tom as he pops out to the tattoo parlour so he can get Arshavin's face inked on his bare arse!!
Yeah prits, imagine spurs going to a bank to look for funding for the Lidls arena and trying to convince them they could pay back a £300m loan! The bank would take 1 look at the Defoe deal and tell them in no uncertain terms to F*@k off! incompetent fools.
Hold on, so sp*rs really ended up paying 15M for Defoe? Well I suppose if you're an over-rated English striker, you know where you can go to make the most money!
Yeeeeeesss :D
Its somat!..not done deal..but its somethin`
Its somat!..not a done deal..but its somethin`
love the headline Rocky..
4-2 vs Spuds - 2 mins to go. Stupid mistakes. 1-0 vs Liverpool - schoolboy defending. 2-0 vs Villa - Gallas (say no more). Arshavin talks progressing well. Let's hope the Board do a better job of closing the deal than our team has this year. I can't stand too many more disapointments.
More quotes from Zenit coach Advocaat, looks to me like another tormenting saga for us, only a bit shorter than the Nasri one:
i would honestly rather have anatoly timoschuk
Remind me again, why does caps lock turn me off people's opinions?
and whilst that guy is a DM, we need a winger a LOT more.
I really don't see it happening, but of course would love to be proved wrong. Could he play in the CL if it did happen though?
I don't wish to sound curmudgeonly but the only reason that Zenit would go public with this, at this stage, is to flush other bidders out. I hope that Arshavin isn't the only target. We might be one of the few able to pay cash if the price is right though.
They are not reporting interest from anyone else. The only other clubs he would sign for are Man Utd, Liverpool, Barca and Chelsea. We are currently his only option if none of them come in.
I'm going to be so gutted if this doesn't happen now coz if it does it would give us such a lift.
At no less than 18 mil, he won't come cheap but all the same, a fantastic player in my book!
Surely rival bidders could be made aware of the situation privately - mainly via Arshavin's agent. I don't believe it is a specific ploy by Zenit to start a bidding war but just clumsy statements. If a club wants to attract bids they don't do it through the papers.
bring back limpar
I guess if there's not a relatively swift denial on tomorrow, we can think that it's very much brewing.
Apparently we had shown interest in Allessandro Rossina from Torino aswell until our efforts were turned down. Wer seem to be active in finding quality players, which is very encouraging.
Arshavins agent seems to have rubbished the story He said: "People at Sky Sports had been trying to get an interview with me all day. After I refused they made the story up from their own imagination. I don't know where they got this from. If there is a bid, then it's one I don't know about." Maybe something is going on maybe not but I wouldn't trust a word coming out of Zenit, Arshavin or his agent.
Even if we are talking to them, I can't get my hopes up because Zenit were so stubborn with their price over the summer, that even a club like Barcelona, with their ridiculously deep pockets, couldn't reach an agreement with them.
good buy only if he can be purchased for under 15mil and not at the expense of a defensive mf and c
they will sell and get what they can for him, arshavin wont sign a new contract with them and they no it ...
According to the Mail, 'Arshavin confirmed Arsenal and Zenit were in talks and told Sportsmail: "I hope the clubs can come to an agreement." '
again, id rather have anatoly timoschuk, defense should be our highest priority.
Oh diddums, I don't think this is likely now after reading Amos' comments. It doesn't seem like a Wenger type signing because of age and price but in terms of ability and type of player he's exactly what we need right now (along with a DM and CD).
Lets sell Eboue, Bendtner & toure and bring in Upson, Arshavin, Villa & Hangelland or whatever his name is. Maybe Ashely young too, but im not sure if he is good enough and then we might win the league
paul_ownz,17033,8652_4758414,00.html Basically, nobody knows what's going on.
Little Dutch
We won't get bent over for transfer fee or wages. In the summer his agent said "if Arshavin had lowered his wage demands, he would be an Arsenal player at the moment". Wonder which side had folded. I'm personally a bit apprehensive due to his age and the fact he's unproven in a quality league. Internationals and Uefa Cup isn't the same as week in week out PL action.
There is no doubt that he is a quality player and I do think he could cut it in the EPL. I'm just a little bit concerned about all the contradicting stories coming out at the moment. They are indeed Nasri-esque but I honestly don't think we could afford any more than £15m. I wouldn't be surprised if Wenger came out on in the next couple of days and refuted the stories. However, if he doesn't, then there must be a strong possibility of this going through.
If the guy is good enough for Wenger then I have little reservation about his quality. The French league is no better than the Russian league and we've mined from there to devastating results on several occasions, Eduardo came from the Croatian league too, which is hardly the strongest, Shevchenko made light of the jump from the Ukranian league to Serie A.
Little Dutch
Im just waiting for the links with other clubs, but none are appearing. It seems that its ours to balls up.
Anyone think the Mirror story is true? That he was in London with his wife yesterday and that a deal will be completed today? I doubt it, but you never know.
Agree with Lou, we should start this loop again.
Ozi Gooner
I wouldn'y have thought wages would be too much of a problem as we pay quite well. Would be a good signing if the price is right and at least he want to go home because of the weather. Unless he's really fond of snow!!
More cold water poured on the deal by Arshavin's agent "There is no news, no negotiations yet. I represent the player and I can assure you I would know if something had been discussed. It is the people of Zenit trying to initiate some kind of interest. They are trying to use the media to make the price of Arshavin £20million - I would not take it seriously." We may have made an enquiry but it doesn't appear to be anymore than that.
Yes, but in places he's also quoted as saying: "I may hear tomorrow morning that something has been done. In that case I will come over to represent my client." I'm not saying it's true - just highlighting the various different quotes being attributed to him at the moment. On another website, someone has just said a reporter on SSN has claimed he's just spoken to the General Director of Zenit and that he's confirmed Arsenal are the only ones in negotiations and that other avenues, besides the £20m, including installments etc, are being explored. Anyone see this?
I found that quote from Arshavin's agent really quite funny, articulating his dismay of Zenit's use of the the Evening Standard. There's a lot of smoke, a lot of mirrors, but I'm yet to see a fire.
Little Dutch
Yeah, me too LD. To quote Family Guy, 'Well, I guess that's what you call the definition of the word, Irony!'
Here we go. Just found what I was talking about.,19528,11661_4759126,00.html
Im in the - "We will sign Arshavin" mood just about now. Give me an hour or so and it will be - "Those b**tard Media t**ts p**sing me off all the f****ng time!"
Heh. Tell me about it Tom. I'm constantly yo-yoing like that!
paul_ownz, 'Maybe Ashely young too, but im not sure if he is good enough and then we might win the league' ?? Are you for real? There's two points in that sentence which I find hilariously funny. Firstly, that you think you are capable of not only being able to convince Ashley Young to sign for Arsenal, but also that you can afford him. Secondly that you're not sure if he is good enough?! What? good enough for Arsenal? Ashley Young? Don't make me laugh. And then not to mention, you reckon you can bring in Upson, Arshavin, Villa, Hangelland and Young. You're in dreamland mate. Fabio Capello has practically got a season ticket at the Villa, why in god's name would he want to go to Arsenal?
Maybe England is not the holy grail for most people. I think 70% of footballers would rather play for their supported club rather than the country they come from.
Obviously sarcasm is lost on villa fans. Point 1, i would love to have Ashley Young but realise we would never spend the money on him(25 mil must be his valuation). Point 2, i know we have no chance of winning the league. I am not even in dream land, i gave a list of things that will never happen to take the p***. In actual fact my ambitions for this season is to scrape 4th as close to the top 3 as possible, next round of the CL and perhaps win the FA cup
You're right Villan-in-Cyprus, why would Ashley Young want to go to the club he supported growing up that actually has a good chance of winning the prem at some point in his career?
On the Arshavin story, it seems like it will be another Nasri, Baptista situation that will drag on and on until you couldnt care less if you had him or not
I'm already getting there Paul. Damn media.
Internet Media is the worst. You read about 16 articles from different sources saying basically the same thing every day. Lets see the timeline so far. Arsenal interested in Arshavin---> Zenit willing to sell---> Arsenal dont agree on price---> Manager accepts he will lose player---> Zenit agree lower price---> Agent does not know anything about it---> Arshavins pet monkey does not like chavs and refuses to come to capital---> Arshavin is torn betwen monkey & Arsenal---> Add anything you like, it could be true
Arshevin has a Chav-hating pet monkey?
smart monkey!
Prits you dumb****,we had to sell Defoe as his contract was running out,he was 3rd choice and would have left for free.we sold him at a substantial profit to what we bought him for so all Defoe related transactions have cancelled themselves out.
Let's see, sp*rs have paid 6M and 15M for Defoe, that totals 21M. They have sold him once for 7.5M. 21-7.5= 13.5M net spent on Defoe. Now how is that canceling out? Or do spuddies not understand that concept?
Apparently, spurs fans are also a ******** joke.
"Apparently..." slight understatement there?
With all of the Will he/Won't he buy someone big being thrown about for so long, every time I log on I expect to the front page to show our newest signing. A fifteen year old striker from Angola, of course.
TP get ur fact right be u comment , dont belive everything u ways arseshavin.....20 mil.......1 he is a risk 2 not wengers types to bu a players like that... just wait an see i guess
prits thanks for shud worry about ur own probs in stayin in cl ....looks like eufa cup for ye next season
maybe ye shud concider signing sol campbell
TPowell, now you've made paul_ownz sound actually quite educated. The club that actually has a good chance of winning the prem at some point in his career? This gets better and better. Wow, at this rate you'll be lifting the European Cup. Pathetic.
Nono, we're not that dumb. It would really take a moron to resign a player... Ooh wait, that was YOU!! Only retards try to make fun of mistakes that their own club is making.
Infact you made yourself look stupid by first not seeing blatant sarcasm on my point and secondly avoiding to read my post.
My 1st comment was in response to an earlier post which suggested that we re-sign Flamini in the same way that the Spuds re-signed Defoe. Doing that would only confer upon us the status of being a joke. That would make it another problem for Arsenal FC.
Signing back a striker who wasn't good enough for you a year ago for an inflated sum doesn't exactly scream progress, it screams panic. It would be like us signing Aliadiere for £10m.
Little Dutch
Only Defoe was good enough for us, is a really good little player and should never been sold in the first place. Its like you buying Diarra for 15million which wouldnt of been such a bad thing for you guys would it.
He obviously wasnt good enough at the time as he found himself 4th choice. I think he is a good player and will do well, but to buy a player back for 2x the amount you sold him for the year before seems.... strange at best
Signing Diarra for £15m would be an awful bit of business and a terrible signing at this point. Firstly, because he couldn't get into the team a year ago and it would really be an admission we've gone backwards, secondly, he's a flaky character and one we had no compunction getting rid of. If Spurs are relegated, Defoe will be off again. He's treated Charlton, West Ham and now Pompey shabbily. If he was an alice band clad Italian, cries of mercenary would be heard up and down the gutter press. Besides, Redknapp said the team needed more height and power?
Little Dutch
Now what is it they say about sarcasm and wit again, anyone remember? I've had the pleasure of reading all of your posts paul_ownz, you obviously know what you're talking about. I'd even go as far as to say that you could be a pundit.
They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Heaven knows what that says of people who can't detect it……...
Little Dutch,17033,8652_4763508,00.html How funny would it be if Pompey pulled the plug and refused to sell just to spite Spurs.
Little Dutch
You have to spend big to save your season (we should too, no dinero available though).When is Eduardo coming back?No new news about him on the media.
LD, why are you so concerned about spurs and defoe when this is an arsenal forum talking about an arsenal transfer target? surely your time would be better spent talking about something you care about ie arsenal. The merits of defoe and the transfer deal have been widely discussed on the spurs forums and although i agree that forums are for banter and chat i would have thought you would want to keep this to a minimum when it has little to do with the original topic of the article.
I felt it was amusing and worth mentioning given that I read the story seconds after responding to HY about Defoe. Nothing more nothing less. Your complaint sounds a bit hollow considering you came onto an Arsenal forum to make it.
Little Dutch
So true LD, funny how I have no idea what sp*rs supporters are discussing because I don't waste my time on their site. Although I'm willing to bet they talk about Arsenal in some capacity there. And Villan-in-Cypurs, are you suggesting that Villa will win a league title before Arsenal does? And I'm the uneducated one?
Wow, Villain-in-cyprus, you might want to check in the back of your brain for your sense of humour mate. I have a feeling it's deserted you.
LD, i often look at other clubs vital sites just to have a read as i am a football fan and enjoy the sport so like to know some of the rumours doing the rounds. Spurs were heavily linked to Arshavin awhile back so that was my draw into this article. I tend to read most posts so caught all the comments on defoe and spurs. Sometimes i even post on other forums if i think i have a valid point or can add a different perspective to things. As for making a complaint, it was merely an ovservation as opposed to a complaint. By all means talk about what you want as it is a free world and this is a forum after all. All i said was that surely you have better things to talk about. Things like arsenal or the topic of this article.
spursfan4eva There is a world of difference between making a point and sounding pompous and up yourself, the fact you came across as the latter didn't help you when making your suggestion. The fact it was also initially a Spurs fan who commented and LD responded and added the Defoe comment for the sake of conversation is a good thing. Do Spurs threads never deviate from the original topic, well aside from slaughtering Arsenal???
LondonGooner, i certainly didnt mean to sound pompous or up myself and dont think a spurs fan woud have much reason to be like that at present when you see the league table. All i tried to do was make a point that in my own opinion there was no need to discuss the merits of Defoe moving back to spurs as this is something that had been discussed in depth on the spurs forums. I mentuoned this because i didnt even see a need to slate spurs over this when considering the mass upheaval we have had yet again by changing manager and going for his targets which happen to include someone we sold less than 12 months ago for a vastly lower fee than we have paid to pompy. I am certain that arsenal have been mentioned on the vital spurs site and slaughtered by many but that does not include me as unfortunately for me most of my family are arsenal fans. I have seen your team play several times although i am a spurs fan and appreciate the football you play sometimes and the ethic of bringing through youth. So you could call it a mutual respect
Did the editor of not see the self defeating irony of putting 'All Quiet On The Arshavin Front'- The Perspective From Our Situation Is To Keep Everything Quiet' as the banner headline on the club's website?
Little Dutch
sf4e - the whole Defoe situation came into the thread, as the 1st post suggested that we 'do a Spurs' by re-signing Flamini. In that context, we would be a joke if that happened.
spursfan4eva, I think we all understand why Harry wanted Defoe back, considering he was the man who bought him to Portsmouth its understandable he also wants him at Spurs. What the joke is, is that your board and Levy actually allowed Redknapp to bid twice as much for a player as what you sold him for a year ago. It just shows the absolute shamble of business management your club actually is. Are you Leeds, are you Leeds, are you Leeds in Disguise!?!
Ozi Gooner
Spursfan4eva - I appreciate your eloquence and response, the mere fact that Defoe was discussed was purely because someone mentioned that we should resign Flamini and Defoe was used as a comparison (and fairly so) being a recent and topical subject. If we had resigned Flamini we would of been slaughtered by all and sundry and the fact that Spurs signed Defoe for that amount after selling him for half as much within a year earlier is an opportunity that rival fans should and could not turn down. I suppose thats rivalry and thats the way it would be from both sides...

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