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Stalemate Prevails In Wales

Having clocked up 50 hours in the office this week and with plans afoot to move house this coming weekend, the last thing I wanted was a lunch time kick off on a Sunday. But Setanta duly obliged and slammed the final nail in the coffin of my subscription. Both Sky and Setanta will fall by the wayside, there really is no reason I should keep paying these solicitous fucksticks to extract the Michael in this way. I say let the online revolution bring these horrible bastards down in the same way the internet has given record companies a deserved kick in the guts in the music industry. Well, that and my rent is about to go up! Nevertheless, it was with no small amount of excitement that I made my way to the game through engineering works at a ridiculous hour, for supporters as young as me it was something of a fillip to be able to watch a first team game on old style terracing, whilst for supporters old enough to remember standing, it was an afternoon of nostalgia. It was also another ground to tick off the list as Ninian Park enters its final season. Nostalgia was evident in the match day programme which contained a reprint of the 1927 Cup Final programme, including an amusing Marlboro advert informing us, "Trainer approved! The players know what`s good for them." The thought of Arsene Wenger handing crumpled packs of rizla and Cutter`s Choice around the dressing room was quite amusing. As we made our way to the retro Ninian Park, Cardiff`s new stadium was visible from the away terrace; it looked almost like it had been made out of stacked plastic boxes, with a confusing pattern on the outside that put one in mind of a roll of wallpaper samples. Safe to say I wouldn`t be quite as excited by a trip to Cardiff away in next year`s competition.

We were promised an intimidating cauldron of atmosphere from the Bob Bank to our left and beyond, which never really materialised. But we did get the tough, demanding game we were promised and the home side were quick out of the traps. In the opening minutes, Joe Ledley pinged in a left wing cross which evaded Toure, but Ross McCormack headed over. Toure was again susceptible in the air some two minutes later, Gyepes hooked a long ball over the top of the Arsenal defence, which Toure misjudged, leaving the ball to set itself nicely for McCormack on the edge of the area, but his volley bounced just wide. Arsenal`s inability to deal with the long ball was exposed once more, but fortunately, it was a hubris Cardiff did not look to explore again, preferring instead to probe with the ball on the floor. Admirable you might say, but possibly quite naïve. It was then Joe Ledley`s turn to head a McNaughton cross over the bar, and when Fabianski`s subsequent goal kick fell limply to Paul Parry, Bacary Sagna`s slip enabled the winger an avenue for goal but once again, Cardiff were wasteful as he blasted over. Arsenal were on the back foot and you felt with greater sang froid in front of goal, Cardiff might well have been in the lead.

But Cardiff began to run out of steam after a rumbustuous start and Arsenal ambled their way into the game, the industrious Bendtner began a move from the right and found van Persie in the centre, he turned and found Nasri in space in the left hand side of the box, but the ball wouldn`t sit down on a tumultuous surface and he fired straight at Enckelman with McNaughton having covered the goal line. It could have been a carbon copy of Nasri`s clincher at Hull last week. The away side were getting a foothold; Kieran Gibbs began a move and then punctuated it with a left foot drive which bobbled just wide. Gibbs put in an impressive shift at left back; he grew into the game and showed a lot of promise for that position. Once again, Arsenal produced a flowing move which ended in calamity, Bendtner once again began the move, van Persie once again provided the killer ball to Eboue, but he fell on the tricky surface with the ball begging to be struck. Minutes later, Eboue would tumble in the area again only to be met with a yellow card for "simulation." I have to do an almighty Wenger impression here and plead compromised vision, peering on from the Grange End terrace on the West side, Eboue`s tumble took place on the only tiny amount of the pitch that I couldn`t see, so I can`t pass comment on the severity of the dive or whether we had just claims for a penalty. Suffice to say that if he was tripped, hopefully it`s taught him a lesson on the perils of gaining a reputation for crying wolf, as Pires constantly found to his cost during his Arsenal career. The game reached something of an impasse at that point, but exploded back into life for the final sixty seconds. Cardiff poured forward and Paul Parry`s cross was fumbled by Fabianski, manchild Chris Burke hooked the ball back towards goal only to be blocked by fellow infant look alike Kieran Gibbs. From there, Arsenal roared forwards on the counter attack, van Persie slipped a neat ball into the area for Bendtner, but once again the surface proved troublesome as the Dane could not bring the ball under his spell to shoot, his attempted pull back was blocked by the imposing presence of Roger Johnson. Half time and it had been by no means a classic, but an absorbing typical cup tie.

The second half was something of a damp squib (what is a squib? I`ve never fully understood that expression). Cardiff were pretty much spent as an offensive force and the Gunners lacked the imagination or penetration to break the Bluebirds` resolute defence down. McCormack tested Fabianski with a range finder from outside the box, but the Gunners replaced Ramsey with Diaby and Eboue with Adebayor in an attempt to increase their physical presence. The decision to pick Ramsey was a poor one I felt, a kid of that age going back to his boyhood club was always going to try too hard and overplay, his scattergun passing was exacerbated by the surface and it seemed a rare instance of Wenger allowing sentiment to rule the roost. Adebayor`s introduction almost reaped instant dividends. Gibbs` searching ball was flicked on by the Togonator with his first touch; van Persie controlled smartly in the area and turned only to find his shot closed down excellently by Enckelman on the angle. However, Adebayor`s next involvement was less flattering, when van Persie turned a left wing cross over to the back post with Adebayor unmarked, but once again the surface compromised his balance and the result was that the shot was scuffed straight at Enckelman. A touch more composure would surely have seen the deadlock broken. Arsenal quickly ran out of ideas, Wilshere being introduced on the right with three minutes remaining. But the last chance fell ominously to the home side when the lively McCormack`s free kick clipped the top of the crossbar on 88 minutes. The home side then showed a bizarre lack of ambition in the final seconds of stoppage time, when Ledley enervated an attack to hold the ball in the corner flag. Had he swung even an unsuccessful cross in, Arsenal would not have had time to clear the ball and mount an attack.

Stalemate it was and we replay in eight days time; we created some threatening opportunities but were not clinical enough to claim we deserved to win the game. Cardiff put up an impressive fight and showed stamina to keep us at bay for the entire game. The creative spark was still missing, as Nasri and van Persie faded as City defended deeper. Diaby and Adebayor briefly showed signs of re energising us, but they too faded into the soporific stupour that appeared to permeate the team in the second half. Cardiff deserve credit for their efforts and nobody can deny they have earned another shot at us at the Grove. All in all, what promised to be a fun day out petered out into something less spectacular. But Cardiff are a good side and a draw is not a result we should be overly despondent about in the circumstances, I would be confident of progression in the replay and that is the ultimate aim. Any successful cup run will have its replays, that`s something you have to accept. The incentive of another home tie in the next round should give us all the appetite we need to progress and all in all, I would rather have drawn this game and settled for a cup replay at home as oppose to dropping precious league points.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 26 2009

Time: 11:34AM

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A squib i do believe is something along the lines of a firestarter? Re Eboue, it was a ridciulous decision, i think he trod on the ball, the ref booked him for being crap! A much more blatant dive from a Cardiff player in the second half didn't summount to a booking, would be nice for Atkinson to explain why.
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26/01/2009 11:53:00

Can someone tell Eboue to wear football boots instead of Callaway 9-irons for the next match? I've never seen a player control the ball so high!
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26/01/2009 12:15:00

Eboue was just pants in general. I had to suffer the agony of listening to it on the radio for the first half and it seemed almost everytime I heard Eboue's name mentioned an ironic cheer would go up from the Cardiff fans when he screwed up. A few positives though, I thought Song didn't have a bad game, Diaby showed glimpses into what he can do and Gibbs seemed more assured at left back. And a clean sheet!
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26/01/2009 12:29:00

Eboue was a tad unlucky being booked as an Cardiff player went down even more easily in the box. I thought Nicky had a good game and so did Song but Nasri disappeared for long periods.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 12:29:00

I dont particularly think Song had a good game. I thought he looked lethargic with his passing slowing our overall play down.
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26/01/2009 12:49:00

It was a harsh booking for Eboue who didn't have great game but wasn't the worst of our midfield - especially in the first half. I was impressed with Gibbs though he seemed to have more freedom than Sagna was allowed. A squib is one of those firework things they use in military exercises to simulate explosions. I guess damp ones don't work. Certainly very little in the way of explosions in Cardiff yesterday. Wenger didn't do Ramsey any favours at all. Bringing him on for the last half hour against a tiring side would have done more for his confidence than being subbed after an hour against his hometown club.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 12:51:00

Agreed, think the Ramsey one really was a gamble that backfired..although he probably would have played him at any other Championship ground? And what's the point of bringing Wilshere on with 2minutes left.. he was warming up the whole of the 2nd half!
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 12:57:00

Armory... On the contrary, I thought that Nasri played a pretty decent game and his work rate was up there too. I'm not 100 percent convinced that Eboue dived although the contact was minor. All in all i dont think a draw was too bad a result. Cardiff are a big strong side and do tend to play well in their home games. The best news is that generally, they're crap when they play away.
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26/01/2009 13:00:00

KB it's not that he did much wrong in my opinion just tht he did not influence the game in the way he usually does. gibbs was also good and I agree wit Amos Ramsey should have started on the bench and brought on later in the game.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 14:13:00

The circus continues at the lane as Spurs resign another former player in the shape of Chimbonda. Maybe they can resign Anderton too.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 15:27:00

They'd probably be better off going whole hog and reappointing Jol.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 15:35:00

I don't wanna seem obsessed, but it's so funny, they truly are a laughing stock.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 15:38:00

While Eboue was useless, I don't think it was clear that he dived. And then of course a Cardiff player dives later on and it's perfectly ok. Typical racist thinking among officials, commentators and rival fans (who kept booing Eboue when he had the ball after that). Re Ramsey -- I figured AW started him because he started at the Plymouth game, where he played very well. He was MOTM for me in that game. AW has apparently decided that Ramsey will be the starting attacking CM in the FA cup. He's usually so good at mentally preparing his players for these tough away ties but this time it didn't work on Ramsey. We were absolutely pathetic in the final third. In the 2nd half, I was impressed with how Song and Diaby dictated play. I wanted to see Nasri in the center and Bendtner on the wing, where he's excelled lately. BTW, does anyone know the details of Bothroyd's fallout with Arsenal? AW referred to in his press conference. I liked how AW and Jones get along so well.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 16:19:00

Racism? Got eff all to do with it.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 16:28:00

Dont know where your coming from at all with that statement. " racist thinking among officials, commentators and rival fans (who kept booing Eboue when he had the ball after that". It has more to do with the fact he has a history of going down easily an moaning that he has built up an unfortunate repuation. A bit like the boy who called wolf.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 16:34:00

cried wolf*. A bit like Pires
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 16:35:00

Hello??? Of course it's racist when players of non-English nationality get consistently booked for diving while British players don't!
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 16:37:00

What, this is news to you???
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 16:38:00

Talking out your a**e there Jaelle, it was just **** refereeing.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 16:40:00

Fine, shewore, English referees have consistently shown fairminded bookings to British v. foreign players in the PL, guess I've been watching a different league all these years.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 16:47:00

Guess I missed it when Gerrard and Rooney got all those bookings for diving and abuse of refs.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 16:48:00

It's hardly racism is it?! You are talking absolute BS mate, why bring up an argument that is pretty much consigned to decades past? Richard Dunne is the most sent off player the Premiership's ever seen, guess what, he's from the UK! And who is behind him? None other than Alan Shearer... remind me where he's from again Jaelle? It was poor refereeing that's for sure and inconsistent refereeing at that, but racism? Naaaa
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 16:53:00

Shewore is'nt Dunne Irish?
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 17:04:00

You have a point that some English players get away with more than others and/or more protected(namely Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney), but to call it racism is a step too far.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 17:05:00

Err, yeah good point Armory - same difference! Or is that racism...
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 17:07:00

Well I would'nt walk into a pub in Dublin and decleare Ireland a part of UK.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 17:11:00

Fine, not racism. Double standards, then? Fair enuf, Dunne is the most booked player. But I've seen far too many of our foreign players booked while young Brits get away with the same conduct. Vieira's famous ban for spitting being the most notorious. I know Eboue gets more attention than most because of his reputation but I believe the ref would have booked him if he'd been, say, Ade or Sagna. He's a foreign Arsenal player (which to them means the same thing), of course they dive, book him. Cardiff boys are good Welshmen, they don't dive, don't book them when they do. Enuf already, I didn't mean to make this into a huge issue, back to talking about the game, ffs.
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 17:17:00

Something else that winds me up is when commentators will have seen an opportunity to have dived but the player's stayed on their feet and give it the old 'ooh he did well to stay on his feet there' or 'he could have easily gone down'. So in some ways they're saying he's less of a player because he decided not to cheat!
Report Abuse
26/01/2009 17:21:00

Oh dear LD you are showing your age - or rather lack of it. A "Squib" is a firework that when it is nice and dry goes off with a loud "Bang" when it is damp it tends to just go "Phut" or alternatively doesn't do anything at all. So something going off "Like a damp squib" is a failure or a flop. Cheers - good article, poor game. Let's make sure we do it in the next round.
norfolk dumpling
Report Abuse
27/01/2009 09:16:00

That's cleared that up! I understood the context of the expression, but just realised I've probably used that phrase hundreds of times in my life without actually knowing what a squib is. You learn something new every day!
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
27/01/2009 09:30:00

(what is a squib? I`ve never fully understood that expression). Isn't a squib also those explosive charges placed on people in films to imitate the impact of a bullet??
Report Abuse
27/01/2009 13:54:00


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