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Arsenal Confirm Arshavin Signing

Arsenal Football Club have at long last confirmed the signing of Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin.

I think all that needs to be said on this subject has been said, and those Gooners only satisfied with official Arsenal confirmation should visit ...... and smile.


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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 3 2009

Time: 4:57PM

Your Comments

If you can get on the site that is. I wonder if he is match fit to be able to play against Spurs.
paul_ownz,,12306~1543402,00.html Number 23
Can he play Sunday?
Hopefully see you Sunday rusky!
Thank God this saga is finally over! It's literally bad for all Gooners' health, what happened over the past month, especially yesterday. Eveyrone's feeling like 'This transfer made us suffer so much. He'd really better be bloody good.' Perhaps not entirely fair, expectation is weighing heavy on AA's shoulders already. No pressure then, just get fit asap and crush Spurs now! :D
Can't see why not. He surely can, the question is will AW play him so soon in a side that (tries to) pass and move as much as we do?
I was wondering where he was hiding today- now I know, having his pics taken!!! And how good he looks too in the Arsenal shirt. You are very, very welcome Andrei. THIS IS ARSENAL!!!!!!
julieloveshenry4ever posted that the paperwork was submitted on Monday, but ratified now... So, almost 23 hours of pure despair for all The Arsenal - hence the shirt number, hehehe!
Haha yeah Julie! There's even a picture special with 4 poses eh! :D They didn't do it with Nasri, etc. before. The people must know all Gooners in the whole world were pretty *****ed and they decided to appease us with a bigger package of webpages somehow lol.. And yeah PT, almost 1 day after the proper deadline until we actually see him in red and white! PHEW..!!
Thank **** for that!! Hello everyone, by the way
At least we should have buried the notion that we can't attract 'name' players. Hope he does well - he looks to be the creative force we have lacked for much of the season.
Hear, hear Lou, NOBODY could've predicted that the uncertainty would last 24 hours PAST the deadline. Cruelty to Gooners but the relief is palpable. Am now casting my mind back to to the fantastic Euros of 2008. I can't flippin' believe it, Wenger bought a NAME!!!
Of course, all this hype and incredible unlocking of the entire situation has put The Arsenal expecting him to usher an entire new era at the club, "a season saviour", at the least. Will he live up to this expectation?
I tell you what, he makes me feel old. He's 27 years old and he looks like a teenager. I've got 4 years on that geezer and look twice as old!! He's a fairly beefy character though, doesn't seem as though the physical apsect of the game bothers him too much.
So long as he performs better than those he's replacing, then he will save the season. I expect him to show flashes of brilliance, but he'll no doubt have to learn the ropes his first couple of months here. Interesting to hear him say he's not fit yet... granted he doesn't speak the language very well yet.
TP - it's been offseason in Russia, probably why he isn't fit. But the upside is he'll be fresh as a daisy and will be able to give his all for the rest of the season without needing a rest for fatigue.
I think we should really be proud of our club. Spurs, Barca, Madrid all wanted to purchase this player (and offered a lot more money) in the summer but quickly backed off once they saw how impossible Zenit were to deal with. WE STUCK IT OUT, PLAYED HARDBALL AND GOT THE PLAYER. Unlike Zenit, Arsenal have maintained class and dignity by refusing to use the media to carry out this extremely difficult negotiation. Arsenal’s silence is the only sane, honorable stance to take in this media-driven frenzy. Arsenal didn’t play politics the way Zenit did. The Telegraph has reported that Wenger has not worked so hard on another transfer deal as this one, it’s been a nightmare for him, Friar and Gazidis. There are a lot of gooners, rival fans and pundits trashing our club for the way this deal went — they’re too ignorant to know that Zenit were determined from Day 1 to play this miserable gamesmanship against ANY club who came in for Arshavin, regardless of how much money they offered, just in order to carry out their vendetta against the player. I just hope Arshavin can have an impact for us this season, let’s welcome him warmly and be patient with his progress. Remember that he’s been dealing with hate from zenit fans, accusations of treason from nationalist groups, death threats and open hostility from his employers for months.
ah ok, so we can expect him to play (if not start) against those relegation fighters this weekend?
I don't think he'll be fit to play this weekend. He hasn't played a single competitive game in 2009 yet!
Agreed Jaelle, what a great club!
Supposedly he's flying back to Russia to pack and collect his family this week, I don't think he'll have time to prepare for Saturday's game.
"Remember that he’s been dealing with hate from zenit fans, accusations of treason from nationalist groups, death threats and open hostility from his employers for months." Did we provide a Visa or political asylum? Let's just hope that come May he won't be complaining about the weather, or the size of London... I still recall him saying that The Arsenal "are my dream team, no...., no wait...., Barça are my dream team, no...., hang on, I'd love to play for Real Madrid"
PT - Arshavin is from Russia, the only reason he'd complain about the weather would be because it's too hot!
I know that, but the weather complain is the most ludicrous one I remeber ever being given for wanting to leave a football club (vd Reyes)
jaelle, that's quite a rant... I don't know, I live here in St.Pete, and the whole city supports Zenit and the players... I don't know a single person who hates Arshavin for his desire to join a bigger league. Maybe there are some fans who label him 'Judas', but I'm quite sure it's a very small minority. As for the negotiations, you've got to understand one thing - Zenit don't really need money, this whole saga was more about finding a way to somehow make Arshavin STAY and be CONTENT with it, as silly as that may sound. He's a local lad and the city adores him. As for that 'nationalist group', I've only heard a rather silly story about a local communist organization who accused him of betraying his country in the best traditions of USSR. Most of us just laughed it off, really. So don't believe everything you hear, we wish Andrei all the best, and the large Russian Gunner community is understandably delighted. :)
Now, don't get me wrong, I am just as excited as everyone else that AA will be plying his trade with us. And I agree that we lack a cutting edge that he may provide. He will, at the very least, provide some competition to Diaby who is just too lazy so I think he will have an absolutely positive effect on our season. Having said that, I do realise as well that we have to rely on Villa dropping more points than us...
Hey PT, what about desiring the pastoral surroundings of small town Barcelona?
Yeah, that was my second favourite of all times!
"I am Gooner" he said outside the stadium. Grammatically wrong but it sounds brilliant. Hopefully it will give us a lift out of this trough of despair we seem to have descended into of late. Good acknowledgement of the difficulty in making this deal jaelle. I said in an earlier comment that the deal would go to the eleventh hour if it were to be done. Zenit and others involved were never going to make this straightforward.
Speaking of which... does he even play there?
Yeah it's very obvious to me that Zenit were trying to ruin this guy's career simply bcos he wanted out after playing for them so long as a superstar there. For those who don't have ATVO or SSN, here's a free AA video:
I know how Reyes is fairing since he left us... from bad to worse, but of the bucolic belarusian, have no idea...
'I am not a friend of Pavlyuchenko' 'Trust in me, trust in Arsenal' - Arshavin He's speaking my language!
He massages Messi's feet for the most part, and play's in the King's Cup when the best player in the world needs a rest
Of course he's not a friend of Pavlyuchenko, that guy played for Spartak scum! :)
Finally :). He's still into his pre-season, so dont expect to see him in action for a while yet, perhaps 1-2 weeks. Buts its over now and we can all get back to the football.
Thanks TP, just to make sure the feeling I had wasn't wrong.
Not sure how he'll adapt, at least he doesn't have as big a language problem as Hleb did. It'd be nice to hear him speak English with Cesc, Nasri, RvP, Ade and Den in that front six, cute accents all over the place.
RussianHammer, I will take your word for it, but my comment was based on months of reading and hearing stuff not just in the UK media but the Russian media and also hearing Russian football/zenit fans in my area of Brooklyn (of which there are MANY -- lots of Russian and Eastern European immigrants here, I've learned a lot about Russian football since first moving here because of them, they're very loud and numerous in the local bars for football games -- and lots of fun!). There's a family of diehard zenit fans two streets from where I live and they really hate Arshavin. They've shown me websites calling for Arshavin's head for some time now, but I'll concede your point that these things may have been sensationalized.
Yeah PT, him and Flamini play so infrequently that I imagine there is a little bit of regret on how they handled things here.
Although I have the idea that Flamini still plays a little bit more than Hleb does. Here is a thought: let's run a series on "How did they do after The Arsenal": a comparative approach based on how they got out!!! "
Yeah, he does play a little bit more, but a little bit more than never is not much!!
"I am Gooner" - I'm get that on the back of a number 23 shirt!!!!
On Talk Sport, after he said "Im a Gooner" Wrighty jumoed in and shouted "GOOOOONNNEEEERRSSS! YEEEAAHHH MAAANN!"
Fair enough jaelle, there's a lot of different opinions, I'm just saying what I see and hear. :) Also, I'd like to say a couple of words about the reality of Russian football and why Zenit made it so difficult. One of the reasons is of course the fans who didn't want to see him leave, but there's more to that than just 'evil club trying to ruin a player's career'. First off, the Russian league is developing into a big force in European football, but it's a painful process. We don't have a lot of home-grown talent, and the foreign player quota is reduced each year. Arsenal, for example, can fill the team with French players who don't require a work permit and Wenger can play as many of them as he wants. In Russia this season teams can only field 6 foreigners, the rest must be Russian. Any club with European aspirations does its best to keep home-grown stars, because there's no one to replace them! Having said that, Russian league is obviously not the most desirable competition in Europe, so if a replacement must be bought, there's not a very big choice of top players. Clubs either have to find very talented and cheap youngsters from South America or Africa, or pay A LOT of money for an established footballer. Case in point - Arshavin went for 12 mil, his replacement Danny cost THIRTY MIL. Is Danny better than Arshavin? Hardly. Was there a chance to sign a good replacement cheaper? Not really. So all I'm asking is PLEASE stop demonizing Zenit, it was really a lose-lose situation for my hometown club. Yes, they handled the matters terribly, but it's not even like the people at the club had a lot of experience in transfers of top class footballers... Sorry for the long post, it's not really about Arsenal, so I'll shut up now. :)
Lets hope he fits in, very soon and starts to play the kind of football we've seen in the past. Welcome to The Arsenal!!!
RH, your explanation is well-argued and fair -- I and others may be going OTT in demonizing zenit. I don't offer this as an excuse but (for me anyway), it's not just been the incredibly frustrating drawn-out negotiations made in public, it's that the way zenit has handled this has given so much more fuel to the media, pundits and rival fans to insult our club and manager. We've already been on the receiving end of so much ridicule because of our season, the media keep linking our manager and best players to other clubs, we're in serious danger of losing our CL spot to a club that the media is openly supporting because they have "proper English/British" players and manager, yadayadayada. For my part, I resented zenit just giving them more material.
I just caught Arshavin's interview on the official site, I loved it: "Trust in me, trust in Arsenal."
the good news has even reached sunny cornwall i so hope that he lives up to expectations, but lets give the lad a chance to settle in and aadapt to a completely different lifestyle, and to be given time to intergrate into the Arsenal way of playing, he has just joined the greatest club the world has ever known,and im sure that given time and space, he will be all we excpect (hope he will be ready for sunday!!!! )
cornish gooner
Well done to the guys for pulling this one off. I'd said all along I felt it would be done at the last minute but must admit that conviction wavered yesterday. The football club feels a much more positive place now and I bet that will be reflected in the stadium on Sunday. Hopefully it will transmit onto the pitch. Shame tonight's game was cancelled because we could have been really dramatic and unveiled him on the pitch. That would have given the 30,000 or so people in the stadium a real lift.
Little Dutch
I am Gooner
Should be a great signing, lets hope he isnt another Hleb and be scared to shoot and plat to his true ability.

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