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Arshavin: 'I Am Gooner'

A grinning Andrei Arshavin gave an interview to Sky Sports reporter Brian Swanson outside Ashburton Grove today in which he exclaimed 'I am Gooner'.

The epic transfer was made official today after a tense wait as the Premier League ratified the £blah Million transfer.

Speaking with reporters in, let's be honest, better English than mine, Arshavin was clearly delighted with his transfer and that the horrors of the past month were now behind him now that he is 'Gooner'.

Speaking of his ordeal the Russian said 'I am happy to be here. I became Gooner some time ago and I'm happy now. I will do my best.'

'It was very hard days for me, but now it doesn't matter, now I am Gooner, that is what is important.'

When asked about the possibility of making his debut in the North London derby this weekend he said: 'I must be ready by Friday or Saturday, but I am not fit now. It will be decided by Arsene if I can play or not.'

I think I speak for almost every Arsenal fan when I say we're as happy as Andrei is that he 'is Gooner'.


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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 3 2009

Time: 6:46PM

Your Comments

Spot on Rocky. I didnt see this interview, but I see watch the one on the Arsenal site, and his final words to the Arsenal fans were "Trust in me, and trust in Arsenal". A nice touch to the interview I thought. Also, he said "I am not friends with Pavlyuchenko" one week before the NLD and he knows which side his bread is buttered. Smart lad.
* but I did watch the one on the Arsenal site
The second best quote of this interview is as follows. Andrei have you spoke to Pavlyuchenko since you've been in London..."No he is not my friend"! Hahahhah
He's ours. At long last. Welcome Arshavin. Finally, asigh of relief. Hopefully he'll provide the creative spark we need.
looks like eufa cup football for him next season forward to see him in prem an see what he can do an live up to all the hype. ye def needed this signing to freshing up yer squad up.
Very Smart Lad, saying that out loud just before the NLD! Well Done Arshavin, lets hope he does some of those smart moves on the pitch.
better uefa cup then championship in my opinion! lookin forward to see what Arsh has in store for us over the coming months!
Yeah he's Gooner! :D Also love that Pavlyuchenko bit, he didn't mean to be rude or anything, so cute he didn't blink lol..
I'm Gooner too... feels nice to sign a proven player for a change... no offence Samir, Theo, Diaby etc....
123spurs, better uefa cup football next season than championship football, which is where you bunch of spanners are heading!!!!!
cornish gooner
the Russian invasion has started! Seriously, he'll be a gem you'll soon see!
Yeah, Lou, I thought he was adorable in that interview. Can't believe he's 27 and has a wife and kid, he looks like he's 14!
This interview makes me laugh so hard it's rediculous!
gees cornish gooner u lowerin ur standard there mate, an there more chance of ye makin eufa cup then us in championship, an 15 mil big risk, gael force proven he has been playin in russin league hardly top league, also with pav for us, hes after more less full season an also euros, cant wait for derby.
Yeah Rob lovely isn't he! I keep imagining how he talks to his teammates, everyone has a slightly different lovely accent. :>
123 zenit did win the uefa cup beating Bayern Munich on the way so they can't be that bad. Arshavin was also instrumental at Euro 2008 and showed enough talent for me to think he could walk into the first XI of any squad present there.
luckily sp*rs aren't taking any big risks with their signings this january... they already know how bad they are with them having just left.
Gotta love the marketing men at Arsenal. No respect for the fans and yet Front page 'ORDER YOUR Arshavin 23 SHIRT NOW!'. Ok boss but Sorry i already got a Fabregas, an henry and a RvP so I will wait a while while the credit crunch lasts. Maybe we need the money to finance the transfer? WHy don't they say so?
i agree he has but prem is a diff ball game. probably need a few game sto settle, our signings bad that ur opinion they all left for diff reasons, an proven in the prem cant be a bad thing.
"15 mil big risk" lool have you already forgotten the 16 mil for Darren Bent.
Good signing for you. He's a creative player and one who suits your style of play.
Fan of Blues
Yeah, Robbie Keane has proven that, even with talented teammates, he's still horrible
Yeah Gael lol but that happens everywhere. You know at least we're not Spuds (to be fair, this journalist is a Gooner so pardon his bias hehehe): And for those outside of the UK or didn't watch the SSN interview, here's a quick one:,23791,12606_4891859,00.html
Zenit also beat Man Utd in the UEFA Supercup. Arshavin played in the second half.
ammm 12 mil for bent rest add on an id say he has just as much goals as arse top scorer so cant be that bad :D, last time ye spent over that much was on reyas,
Lou, thanks so much for that link! I couldn't watch the setanta video here in the US. Great video with the fans there.
just as many goals but less than half the player :D
no u mean less then half the games played, well if he was half the player an still has same more goals, hahahah
we aint in champioship just yet, but on other hand how wud it feel to for arsenal to be playin thurday not footy for a change, how will ye cope, now thats a possabilty instead of worryin about us, thanks for caring though
Darren Bent = 22 appearances Robin Van Persie = 20 appearances HAHAHAHA
123, please try to speak English here.
Good signing for you lot, may need time to settle but will be quality of that im sure. Hope he plays Sunday against Pavlyuchenkgoal. Can't WAIT for Sunday now.
try an learn sms txin, and how many minutes on the pitch for each player
i can't wait for a full squad of fit players.. we just need a stronger defensive backbone, Ade to pull his finger out and we are sorted... this squad has suffered from knowing the first 11 week in week out.. Ade knows he'll play so he stopped trying. I knew his 30 goals last season were a flash in the pan.
i think ye are lackin experience all round to help push on the youngsters, hard to replace helb henry pires etc
LATEST.........WE JUST RE-SIGNED LAUREN, GILBERTO AND HENRY what you yids think about it?
... and more importantly, Sol Campbell. :D
you wish
KingGunner, I would kill myself and hope that Arsenal sold them within seconds.
123 your trying to argue at the fact Van Persie is better than Bent woow you spuds are deluded.
and dont forget jens lehman of course
did i say that i said he has as much goals.
Nah sorry KingGunner they've outdone us again, they just re-signed Greaves and Ardiles.
Hey, I'd take Jens back!
as many goals mate not as much :D
jaelle, i loved the keane an jens battles for corners they were very funny
ok lets call it quits on this one wait till end of season.
nahh lets just wait till the end of Sunday where he'll probably get a hat-trick against you lot :)
an off course Arshavin grabbing a couple :D
(if he plays)
gjonelezaj dont put a hex on it.
lol its good to dream, ur on mate.
come on guys if ye cant beat us on sunday def somnething wrong
OK "mate".
lol gjonelezaj that "mate" is like Arsh and Pav "aren't friends" lol
see friendly rivalry for
lool that's a good one
123, I enjoyed the Jens and Robbie Show too -- also loved the Jens and Didier Show and all the Jens and _____ Shows. Jens just made me happy to be a gooner, he was massively hated by rival fans, he had such an obnoxious, arrogant attitude and was basically insane. Loved him!
i think that's the best statement he's made since euro 2008 lol
Jaelle, that Jens and _____ show usually meant Jens and (any teammate, especially the defence) show. :D
jaelle that's so true but i miss the vieira and keane heroics lol
oh that was hilarous aswell, easily annoyed which was great, ya he was a bit mad an even with oliver kahn aswell,
great change of topic.........ya one of best battles in prem
that was what i call "friendly" rivalry
on another topic of importance game called of hmmmmm sound suspisious with NLD coming up, did ye forget to turn on the undersoil heating
that's what i call high hopes lol
Arshavin bets 5/1 Arsenal Player of the Season 11/4 February Player of the Month 33/1 Arsenal top Premier League Scorer this season 10/1 Nominated in Premier League Team of the Year 80/1 PFA Player for the Year 8/1 First goalscorer against Spurs 11/4 Score against Spurs this weekend
Ok, so the Premier league got special dispensation from UEFA to extend the transfer window deadline up until midnight to allow for delays in players travelling to medicals etc. in light of the bad weather. So can someone please tell me why Arsenal only signed Arshavin this afternoon? Don't mean to be overly picky, but the Premier league stipulated that to qualify for the extension to the deadline that the clubs involved with the transfer had to provide proof that A) the deal was agreed in principle, and B) The delay was caused by the inclement weather. Now I have no doubt whatsoever that Arsenal and Zenit both e-mailed the FA to say that they had agreed a deal; my quibble is that Arshavin flew into London yesterday morning on a private jet (to avoid any cancelled commercial flights), and was therefore within easy travelling distance of a medical, the Emirates etc. So can someone please tell me how Arsenal managed to delay signing him until today? What were there reasons for the delay, and most importantly - why have none of our esteemed press thought to ask this question?
fifthcolumnblue, ARSENAL DID NOT SIGN ARSHAVIN THIS AFTERNOON!!!! There's this new theme in the media now: Arsenal broke the rules, etc. All the paperwork and signatures were sent to the FA by 4:30 in the afternoon yesterday.
Is that probably bcos all the paperwork had been faxed to the PL at 4.30pm and it's only that the PL didn't have enough manpower to work overtime to process it due to the snow? That's what we've read online. If you're so unhappy about it, why don't you write to the league/FA, and also attach Bosingwa's kick on Benayoun which went unpished and 1000 other things while you're at it? Thanks.
Get your facts straight. The delay was caused by the Russian FA's lateness in sending their info to the English FA. I wish people would stop casually blaming Arsenal for all this without getting their facts straight.
Yeah, we signed a deal yesterday with all parties involved AND sent the papers in on time. From what we gather, due to the weather, they did not have enough people in the office to properly approve it, so that approval had to wait until today.
Fithcoloumnblue, When did City Sign Benjani last Season during the transfer window? About 4 days after January 31st I believe.
fantastic news, welcome andrei!
So what's the song gonna be guys? Similar to the Sol's A Gooner one? i.e. Andrei's a Gooner, de de de de, Andrei's a Gooner!! (apologies for the inability to get this tune across!)
Vin that's grammatically wrong, it should be "Andrei's Gooner, de de de de, Andrei's Gooner!" :) Ah btw, I also notice spells his name as Andrey, kind of like Hleb's name, they have diff spellings.
No wonder his English is better than Hleb's or Pavlyuchenko's (last paragraph):
Iceman, thanks for reminding me of the reasons for Benjani's deal going through late. Unfortunately, this is in the news on Wednesday the 4th Feb.
It was reported yesterday that the papers were received by the FA and PL before the deadline yesterday, by all the news channels. And this article says it was approved after a review by the FA.
Of course Fergie is going to bitch about it, that's just what he does
123 You paid 12m and ad ons for Bent, we paid 10m and ad ons for Arshavin. So same difference really
how about this song for the lad: "There lived a certain man in Russia long ago, He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow Most people looked at him with terror and with fear But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear RA RA ARSHAVIN Lover of the English queen There was a cat that really was gone RA RA ARSHAVIN Russia's greatest love machine It was a shame how he carried on" FEEL FREE TO EDIT!!!
btw, its Boney M - Rasputin for those who dont listen to disco hahahaha
Er but 'big and strong'? He's 1.72m. :D
Fifthcolumnblue, a number of deals weren't ratified until yesterday. In fact, I think Stoke are still waiting to hear if they've signed Stephen Kelly from Birmingham or not. The PL didn't have enough staff to ratify all transfers, all papers were faxed over at 4.30pm deadline day. On the subject of Arshavin being from a weak league a) the Russian league isn't so weak anymore and b) it's no worse than the Frnehc league which we've plundered to devastating effect and it's certainly better than the Croatian league, from which we signed a chap called Eduardo.
Little Dutch
Fifthcolumnblue, that Independent article is the most substanceless piece I think I've ever read in my whole life. A lot of words that really say nothing other than, "phewy, that transfer was a bit close to the wire wasn't it?" Together with the usual newspaper trick of "this is sure to outrage blah, blah, blah etc" even though it hasn't done anything of the sort, but the Indie are crossing their fingers and desperately hoping it does. This is why I fail to understand why people dellude themsleves into thinking broadsheets are any better than tabloids. They use all the same tricks, just with bigger words and longer headlines.
Little Dutch
Lou - you're right, how could I have got the grammer wrong, and your version sounds much better! de de de de Andrei's Gooner, de de de de Andrei's Gooner!!
Great respect for Wenger on sticking to a price of take it or leave it. Fifthcolumn blue is right in what he says. Is it true what the papers say about Manchester City and not Arsenal. Makes a change for the hacks in the media to get off our backs for 5 minutes, join the club.As the rules stated the delay had to be because of the weather situation not a haggle over money. Anyway it is done and ratified, Its just like we all saw the penalty but it wasn't given and no matter how much you bleat about it, it won't change a thing. Move on it's history, next!!!
Buzz Lightyear
Brilliant stuff, Arshavin singing on TV lol:
OK ssl thought they wanted full payment,for that price asu say isa good deal, they cud of gottin 20mill off us 6 months ago
Check this out, even funnier!!!
Vin believe me, these are far far worse lol:
123spurs is just sore that Arshavin joined you guys instead of Spurs, who coveted him all summer! Good buy, fellas. Hope he is a hit.

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