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PL: Arshavin Deal Was Completed In Time

The signing of Andrey (not Andrei apparently) Arshavin had not been without it's controversy, and just when you thought it was safe to back into the water, it reared it's ugly head again.

Or should I say the tabloids reared their hideous vizogs.

Due to 'adverse weather conditions' the new year transfer window was thrown into turmoil as conducting business was made more difficult by the horrendous conditions, indeed only one member of the Premier League administrative staff made it in to work on Monday.

Confusion reigned supreme on Monday evening as no one on god's green earth could tell you if Andrey had indeed signed for the Gunners, despite reports claiming the PL had received Arshavin's registration papers .... long before the 5pm deadline.

The Premier League issued a statement saying Arsenal fans would have to wait till the day after to hear if the deal had be ratified .... which happened in due course.

However as always, those awesome investigative journalists in the tabloids saw that the official announcement that the Russian play-maker had signed for the North London club had come 24 hours after the deadline and deduced that that was when the transfer was completed.

This morning, the back pages of most of the rags were up in arms that Arsenal had bent the rules to capture their man, and practically urged our rivals to be enraged at the cheating Gooners.

Seemingly not happy with the accusations that they had been generous towards Arsenal, the Premier League have issued a statement to counter the tabloid rubbish insisting the deal WAS done on time.

A PL spokesman said, 'Substantively, the deal was done before the deadline, it was lodged with us prior to the transfer window closing and we were satisfied that the deal was done in time."

Case closed.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 4 2009

Time: 12:57PM

Your Comments

It can't be closed, there's so much opportunity to have a pop at Arsenal.
Professor Calculus
Probably the most unnecessary "statement" of all time. It was only put out for the benefit of all those Arsenal-hating hacks who are absolutely sick that we've catptured another world class player.The next paper to print something so libelous and unsubstantiated should have the bum sued off them.Meantime, up yours, he is OURSHAVIN!!!
Another newspaper, the mail i think stated that Oneil is annoyed ta the transfer and will use tonights match against doncaster to show his disatisfaction. Basically some gimp will ask him what he thinks of Arshavin to try and stir it up a bit.
Already Villa fans are crying FOUL and CORRUPTION, hinting that this is just part of a conspiracy to steal their 4th spot so Arsenal can finish 4th, the way we supposedly conspired to "steal" in an equally corrupt fashion Spurs' 4th place spot in 05-06.
The media today is a complete farse. They print what they want and answer to no one. They continually print rubbish about pompey being in financial dire and needed to sell all our top players...yet we brought in 5 new players and made belhadj into a permanent... And now they print this rubbish about Arshavin and claim the entire world is up in arms.... do they even look out of their offices to find out what the general public feel?! no one i've spoken to was up in arms about it... People need to stop buying and reading this trash in the papers and maybe we'll get some real journalism done... PUP!
Well-said, Bowlsey, I've been shaking my head at the hyseria in the media about Pompey -- got the impression you guys were paupers and then suddenly I see these new players coming in. Yet they don't address this apparent contradiction in their coverage.
i was watching SSN and this hack was spouting loads of hot air about the fact that it may by dodgy......i was saying out loud to myself.."shut up you fool" you dont know what your talking about...and low and behold the FA turn round and say "hush your noise"...go and do some proper work for a change,instead of stiring $h1te
fran merida
But Adrian Durham (Talk Sport) has "FACTS" about the deal and every club should lodge a complaint, aspecially Villa.
Is it true that O'Neill's been bitching about this and wants to lodge a complaint? What, he doesn't feel his team is good enuf to withstand pressure from us French southern pansies now that we've got a little Russian?
No Jaelle it doesn't appear to be true (that I can see anyway). A number of papers are saying Martin O'Neil is set to complain at their FA Cup match tonight, but their claims are completely unfounded and is a transparent attempt to ***** stir.
just some info on who arsehavin really wanted to join, club 1 = "My dream is Barça," Arshavin said. "But to say that isn't new. The whole world knows that I have dreamed forever about going to Barça. Messi, Arshavin, Henry? Messi is very, very good and to play with him must be a marvel, and the same goes for Henry. What more can I say? I would love it. Barça is a team that can win 7-0 or lose 4-3 because their style of football is going on the attack. As long as I remember it's been like that and all that fills me with enthusiasm. "For that reason I've followed Barça closely for a long time."
club 2 spurs 8th August 2008: “My desire to leave is still as strong, but there is nothing more to do now other than hope for a miracle."
"I also like the way Tottenham play, so I agreed in principle to join. A short while later a representative from Spurs arrived to discuss my personal terms and contract. The discussion didn’t take long and we agreed on everything quickly."
club 4 real madrid "I can confirm that officials from Zenit have begun preliminary negotiations with Real Madrid about my transfer."
club 3 Playing for Bayern is a dream."
club 5 urs I am happy to be [here] at Arsenal. It was my dream. “[I chose Arsenal] because I like their style and I like Arsene Wenger as a coach.”
Arshavin, finally achieving his dream at the 5th time of asking. Thank God we only have players who genuinely want to wear the shirt. You know, like Robbie Keane. And Pascal Chimbonda. And Jermain Defoe.
"It's all about the money for me, I don't care about the Cup Final, I want to leave." From Pascal Chimbonda last January.
Little Dutch
Or Arshavin signing for Arsenal today.
Hold on, then why did they leave in the first place? They thought they were better than a relegation fighting team, but it turns out that their quality is that of the bottom half of the table.
123, you're not being clever. We all know about Arshavin's previous statements about his dream moves to various big clubs in Europe. You really think we are that naive to believe that Arsenal were his #1 target to move into a big European league? I think Barca's always been his preference but in the summer they weren't willing to deal with his club. I think his main target was a big club in a big European league that plays good, positive, attacking football, so there were a few names with those criteria. His preference would've been Spain but that didn't work out for him.
" I would specifically like to thank chairman Daniel Levy for understanding, that, as a fan, joining Liverpool is a lifelong dream of mine and one I couldn't let pass me by". Your new club captain 123
Here, here, TPowell, that's exactly it.... Once you've been in touch with sp*rs, you either get allergy (e.g. Sol), or full time mediocracy
First of he said "Playing for Bayern is a dream". A dream as in a dream move. Not like he was dreaming about bayern since he was a boy. For madrid he didnt say anything about a dream he just said talks were on the way. For Spurs he only said he liked ur style of play. Playing for Barcelona, Real Madrid, Ac Milan, Juventus, Arsenal, Man United would be a dream, and i would be thanking my lucky stars if it came true. It would be slightly different if he said, i always wanted to play for bayern then madrid, then barcelona etc. looking like a mug i.e Robbie Keane.
But i also realise you are here to stoke the fire before our north London derby match on sunday + your lack of inteligence = cr*p coming out your gob.
In other words, Spurs can only sign players that want out, fail and then get accepted at the home of mediocrity.
"i always wanted to play for a team that had ambitions to win a major trophy like the fa cup and not a mickey mouse tin pot like the carling cup,thats why i joined portsmouth" J. defoe
fran merida
Dont be too hard on my fellow Spurs compatriot - it was a silly thing to say and open to considerable retaliation - I certainly saw the cracks when I read the beginning of his statements. Anyway - Spurs fan in peace! Generally interested in knowing what you boys feel about Arshavin? A few of my Gooner mates are obvioulsy happy, but some feel the money could have been better spent on beefing up the pretty football playing midfield with a real ball winner to compliment them. Does that ring true on here?
hey i ment nothin bad at this i was just pointing out what an the player was linked to over past year. and i wasnt havin a go at anyone, sorry if it came out the wrong way
Shut up you fiddling muddler.
there's always one
Its always Amos.
Woodstaworld its always nice to have good banter with reasonable Tottenham fans. The ball winning midfielder is something that will need to be addressed in the summer, but anyone who has watched our recent run of games has seen what a dearth of creativity we have right now, with all of our players out. To get 4th place, a creative midfielder was a must. And about his quality, I watched him in the UEFA cup last season as well as the Euros, and I think its clear we have a world class player on our hands. He won't have much trouble at all adjusting to the way Arsenal plays. It will be mainly just getting back up to match fitness.
I hope there's no chance of any problems with this transfer, as there are some in the media who would love to have a pop at The Arsenal at any opportunity.
Woodstaworld, I for one meant no insult to 123, just wanted to disabuse him of the notion that we gooners are not as naive about Arshavin's comments as he thought we were. As to your other question, of course our defense needs improvement. However, I don't think many gooners (or others watching Arsenal lately) have fully recognized what AW has done in addressing our defensive frailties since the start of the season. We are certainly not at the level of a back four like Man Utd - however, we are comparatively more solid than we were. Even the problematic Kolo/Gallas pair v. West Ham were absolutely solid. They're working hard in training on this and it shows. Granted, this solidity has been against teams who create very little (compared to Everton and WHam, they'll be tested harder against you guys on Sunday because I expect you to create more chances). Still, recently I have been COMPARATIVELY less worried about the defense than I was in Sept.-Nov. I certainly would love to see us get a strong, tough DM but at the moment I agree with AW's priority for a creative midfielder. Teams have figured us out. We are having more trouble attacking teams who put 10 men behind the ball than defending. Our strikers are getting poor service -- and unfortunately our manager insists on starting a striker who needs a zillion chances to score 1 or 2 goals. We need to create a lot more chances to score goals, we're not doing that right now, that's the priority. So Arshavin's the kind of player we need the most right now.
Woody, we don't need a DM at all. Pointless observation that is just Media bile.
cheers gunnerkid - I was of the opinion Arsenal needed a ball winner too, so wanted a more general opinon than mates agreeing in the pub. A Petit or Viera could be the difference. That said, I think Arshavin will be a good signing and will fill the space left by Hgleb he's probably a better player too. The only immediate concern is the fact that he lacks fitness - which hopefully means he wont be blooded on Sunday ;-) As far as the transfer is concerned, the Premier League stated both prior to and after the window closed that Arshavin's registration was received in time and it was only the number of transfers received that meant they couldnt register him that evening. The only problem would be if the documents werent in order and I cant see that happening personally. Its not like Arsenal were busy in the market.
Woodstaworld, Tom speaks for a small minority of Arsenal fans. Most believe a midfielder is needed.
No worries Jaelle - Im sure 123 can handle it! But on the point that you raised (whilst Im still avoiding any hatred!), what went wrong with Toure this season? He seemed to be one of the most composed centre backs in the league (and a bl00dy good footballer) and then suddenly lost the plot. My mate is a season ticket holder in the heavens at the emrirates, and even he smiles and shrugs his shoulders when I ask.
Tom I wouldnt say a "defensive" midfielder as such - but a real ball winner. Someone with a bit of bite who could take the pressure off Fabregas a bit.
*sigh* Woody, believe me, many gooners like me despair at the decline of our great lionhearted Kolo. Tho I have to say that in his recent games he looks like he may be slowly getting back to his old self. Some gooners say he hasn't been himself since the ANC last season. He's also gained weight and many of us think he hadn't fully recovered from malaria (which you never really get rid of, it tends to return periodically). Little Dutch on this blog recently wrote a great piece examining Kolo's form since Gallas arrived, pointing to the arrival of Gallas as the actual start of Kolo's decline. I think there's a lot of merit in that. Kolo was fantastic alongside Senderos before Gallas came along. I also think that Kolo was at his best alongside strong, commanding, experienced players like Vieira and Campbell.
Woodstaworld, most football fans are foolish (I don't include GK in that list) so listening to the majority would be suicide. If we listened to the majority we would have sold Gallas, our best center half, had Gilberto at the club as captain, brought in Stephen Appian, an injury-prone player who nobody wants and we would sell Adebayor, Bendtner, Denilson, Diaby, Song, Eboue, Silvestre and Almunia. I understand the argument regarding a new midfielder, but I think it is rubbish.
Woody, isn't that a DM? A ball-winner? Somebody like Denilson? 65 completed tackles this season, more than Barry, Palacios, Parker, Butt, Mikel and Mascherano. As for Toure, everyone knows that I have never really rated his that highly. He is not as good as Gallas and I don't see how he is so special that we have to consider him above anyone else when thinking of a partnership. I would rather concentrate on partnering Djourou.
Woody, I have to concede and agree with Tom14 about Denilson, who is very underrated by gooners and other fans. He's done incredibly well in midfield and I think is capable of becoming one of the world's best DMs in a season or two. That said, he's still a work in progress, he's not the finished product. Like AW said, people don't notice him because he does things simply and quietly. His positioning at times is almost psychic in terms of stopping an opponent's attack. His stats this season are startling for a player every one ignores.
Ah, so this where little Dutch is from! He put me right on a piece I wrote a while back when I mis-quoted Wenger. Well, Jaelle, if you cant take on as many French players as Arsenal and only have one who suffers from the old Gallic Temperament, then you must be doing something right. Toure was great alongside Campbell, but I think Campbell complimented his composed footballing style with his own physical, combative approach. Ot works the same with Terry and Carvaleho at Chelsea and Ferdinand and Vidic at Utd. As for yor views Tom, I woundt say I disagree with you - and Im not going to begin to list the players that my lot would hang given the chance. As for Appiah - even we didnt sign him! Thanks for the responses people - obviously I wish you no luck at all on Sunday, but I have appreciated the opportunity to have a decent chat about football.
Woody, I always welcome having a decent chat about football with a spurs fan. :-)
trust me on this one...we have a very good ball winning midfielder his name is amaury bishcoff...and next year when he becomes a regular it will be mat flaminwho
fran merida
well you could add Francis Coquelin to that who is slightly more of a covering midfielder than bishcoff
fran merida
Coquelin's fantastic in midfield, wish he were older!
well if your good enough your old enough
fran merida
Fran, I think Coquelin's looked fantastic every single time I've watched him play in midfield. And he didn't only do the ball-winning bit with good energy, he also seemed naturally more gifted than Flamini with better passing and reading of the game. We're literally just waiting for him to grow up and stay fit, I think we've got a good DM on our hands like 2-3 years later! Sorry, back on topic, it seems like the Mail and Telegraph are really set on claiming Villa/MON are furious with our Arshavin deal. Say they're angry first, then ask MON and try to spin that quote with sensationalised headlines even if he says nothing. That's how they work obviously.
Ivan Gazidis explains everything, I think it's clear enough:,23791,12606_4894694,00.html
Dead and buried as far as the PL and club chairmen are concerned:
"You know, like Robbie Keane. And Pascal Chimbonda. And Jermain Defoe." Yeah what like players who couldnt wait to leave? Didnt all of them want to leave your club ASAP and onlycame back because their lack of quality was shown up at the respective clubs cept defoe, who won a more important trophy in 11 months at Portsmouth than he has won in 6 years at your shower of a club? OUCH! Ah yes thats right, so why don't you run along to the you sad pathetic little man.

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