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With the dust having settled on yet another excruciating transfer window, agonisingly extended on two occasions and with Arsenal having bagged a creative midfielder that they so desperately need, the Premier League say they are considering bringing to an end the January transfer window. I`m not sure I have heard a single manager in favour of the window idea, whilst your own estimations of the transfer window are probably informed by club bias. (If you support Arsenal, you probably don`t want the window to open even in the summer!) Wigan fans will rue and regret the asset stripping of a side that Steve Bruce has brilliantly constructed on a shoestring with a fire sale, whilst fans of Citeh and Spurs will welcome the chance to perfidiously spray cash around. But how fair is the idea of a mid season window? How desirable is it? How legal is it?

The argument of our own manager is that the window is disruptive to managers as focus for the whole month inevitably removes focus away from a team`s efforts and its existing players and onto possible exterior targets. (He might be thankful that the dross served up against West Ham on Saturday was largely forgotten amongst the Arshavin saga). However, football is as much about fans as it is the players and if it generates excitement for them is that not a trade off worth making? I`m not privy to the actual statistics, but I`m willing to bet Vital Arsenal has had more hits and more new members this week than during any other week since August. I largely doubt that was due to a flurry of people desperate to know of the rearranged date for the Cardiff cup replay. The window undoubtedly creates excitement and generates opinion and discussion amongst fans, it also seems to encourage insanity and despair in some of us. But these are the very things that make following football such an addictive and strangely compelling lifestyle. However, it could reasonably be argued that simply keeping the window open all season will safeguard this sacred sense of innuendo and gossip, but merely serve it in more digestible proportions and restore some kind of sanity to the game. The window as it stands is a quick fire sale which is detrimental for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it encourages players- through a mixture of agent manipulation and sheer avarice- to behave like mercenaries when they know they only have 30 days to agitate for a move to their dream (i.e. stupidly wealthy) club. If Charles Insomnia had six months to find an excuse to leave, he probably wouldn`t spend 30 days crying and crying and crying until he gets he wants and we would be spared the indignity of a grown man behaving like a litigious little child. This is apparently the source of the Premier League`s ire, that and morally bankrupt, bonky eyed, baggy faced twat merchants like Harry Redknapp deliberately unsettling players. With such a short space of time to do business, it is argued that clubs are more likely to behave capriciously in order to push through transfers. With a more staggered timescale, the chances of Harry telling everyone on Sky Sports, "so and so is a good player and I`d love to have him here, but he belongs to club x so it would be amiss of me to talk about their player. I mean, can you imagine? Publicly unsettling a player to force through a transfer? Not me guv, it`s not my style. Just because I`d double his wages, that doesn`t mean he`s gonna come and you certainly won`t hear me talking about another club`s player. Me? Harry Redknapp? The Third Earl of Winchester? Never."

Keeping the window open all season also appears to make sense from a player point of view. Firstly, the richer, bigger clubs tend to have big squads to cover all positions. That dictates that a lot of good footballers aren`t playing a lot of football. Instead of wasting away in the stands at Chelsea last season, Steve Sidwell might well have put his obvious ability to use elsewhere. Similarly, Robbie Keane might have got a few more chances to shine at Liverpool had the Reds not been in a "now or never" position with regards to his disposal back to the Marshlands. But then again, perhaps we write this off as one of the interesting variables in football management and with management of transfers. It`s correctly opined that the window creates a false economy as the panic created by the limited window drives prices up as clubs` desperation increases. It is said that this favours the richer clubs who can afford to spunk £14m on the gene pool vandals such as Craig Bellamy and decent but not worth that sort of money journeymen like Wilson Palacios. However, less affluent clubs are just as complicit in this phoney market, Wigan may well have been asset stripped in the window, but they were recompensed well with a £13m profit on a player they bought twelve months ago and £4m for a 30 year old whose contract is up in the summer. What is clear is that a one month window creates an unstable market and a surreal and unsettling situation for a great many clubs.

At this point, I am with Mr. Wenger, either shut the window for the whole season, or keep it open for the whole season. There seems little sense in a half way house. Either tell a club that what you have in September you hold and if it`s not good enough then that`s down to your poor management. Or keep it open and legitimise clubs being able to buy their way out of any pickles they might get themselves into in the hope that the market will be more realistic and that players, agents and clubs might behave in a less polemic manner. There is also the issue of clubs enduring fiduciary troubles. Taking Southampton or Portsmouth as an example of quarrelling brothers in parsimonious arms. It would be easier for them to manage any money troubles with slow steady sales. For instance, they can hold onto their best players a little way into the season to ensure the threat of relegation is not so great and then steadily auction players throughout the season to balance the books, enabling the managers and the money men to co operate to better manage their clubs. At the moment, clubs in compromising financial situations have to endure a month long fire sale with inadequate time to purchase reasonably priced replacements. Keeping the window open all season encourages greater financial responsibility and tests how well a club is run by manager and board in a more realistic and sustainable fashion. The upshot might well be clubs stave off administration without being forced to jeopardise their league status.

There is also an argument that the window creates the potential for unequal competition in conjunction with the fixture list. For instance, we played both of our league fixtures with Aston Villa before January 1st. Had Villa been more solicitous in the window, they might have added six or seven players of £10m+ during the window, meaning that the rest of our league opponents would be facing a much improved Villa side. However, this is an argument that I don`t think has a great deal of gravity. Injuries, form and other such variables could equally be claimed to create unequal competition, for instance if Ashley Young and Gabby Agbonlahor were to be injured at the same time. The loan system does however create an avenue for mischief, Manchester United have loaned Hull City their striker Manucho, under Premier League rules, Manucho is contraband from playing against United, but would be fully able to play against their title rivals Liverpool. Similarly, Jay Simpson was able to line up against Villa very recently and nearly scored an equaliser, but he won`t be able to line up against us on March 3rd. This is a situation that desperately needs to be reviewed and it`s farcical that a regulatory body could allow it without properly assessing the loopholes.

Personally, I am in favour of keeping the window open all season. One might argue that this might enable richer clubs to merely buy their way to glory, but I don`t think with a January transfer window there they are overly deterred from doing so anyway. Tighter rules and regulations regarding club ownership, player eligibility and club/ player misconduct would circumnavigate most potential problems. The argument about richer clubs being able to buy their way into a more favourable league position (though spending lots of money doesn`t guarantee anything- ask Tottenham) is balanced out by the potential for financially troubled clubs being able to sell their way out of trouble. I think we should accept transfers and "financial doping" as one of the variables that makes football so exciting and unpredictable. It`s not as if the transfer window has broken any of the cartels at football`s top table. The sense in creating a compressed and frankly fabricated market by cramming it all into a month escapes me; I don`t recall anybody complaining about the old system anyhow. The risk of upsetting the rest of Europe by stepping out of sync with their system seems negligible as Bladder and Pratini make no attempt to disguise their thinly veiled distaste for the Premier League in any case. In any case, nobody has offered me a convincing argument as to how the transfer window does not contravene EU Law on Restriction of Trade. Keeping the window open makes sense for players, fans, managers and money men in a way that a January window frankly doesn`t. After all, we chose a free market economy did we not? Why renege in the case of football? No other industry seeks to abolish the free market, just ask the banks.LD.

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The Journalist

Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 4 2009

Time: 3:45PM

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Yes I'm in favour of keeping the window open, Fantasy Football style, where we can buy and sell players on a weekly basis lol.. Seriously, thought-provoking article, I'm initially for an entirely open window for some of the reasons stated here. But I'd like to read and think just a bit more to have a more considered point of view.
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04/02/2009 16:36:00

My initial opinion is that you have an off season window and that's it. If you find yourself short in one position or another then that' bad squad management. There may be a case for allowing loan's in extreme situations where you have 3 or 4 injuries. Also it would encourage managers to actually manage their team's. If you are the 2nd highest spenders in the Prem but still find yourself in a relegation battle then you better pull up your sock's and man manage that team to get the very best possible out of them as you can't simply buy your way clear. If you survive you damn well better address those deficiencies next window to enable you to effectively challenge next year. If you have injuries you may have to change your formation to deal with it and not just buy the next best player available. The last point is I think it may allow youngsters a better chance. If you get a few injuries then maybe you have to thrown the young cover player and he'll actually get some experience. Who know, he could be great!! However, as mentioned above I'm not sure that the EU would allow this.
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04/02/2009 17:45:00

Concerning the younger players, and the youth development systems, I'd go for a one window only as well. There are clubs that don't have a youth system to speak of in the first place and with just one period of trading, they would probably come to the conclusion that it would be better to develop one. So, "Bladder and Pratini", if you are as concerned about football development as you say you are, close the window and youth systems will follow.
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04/02/2009 18:03:00

Totally off topic but just read in the news that the FA have decided to charge SWP for his retaliatory kick. The whole world saw Bosingwa put his foot on Benayoun's back intentionally and yet they do nothing. Last year they banned Aliadiere for 4 games for a brush. Riley and his assistant were blatant cowards. Bosingwa's actions were just as bad as RvP body-check on Sorensen if not worse. Is the FA just a joke? A bit of common sense would help.
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04/02/2009 19:33:00

Feckin made a mockery of the "window" was MORE LIKE A BARN DOOR!.....thanks to uncle David no doubt!
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04/02/2009 20:03:00

I don't know if anyone has seen this yet, off topic, but trust me you'll laugh your as off at this spuds mickey take.
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04/02/2009 20:06:00

Just heard that some transfer involding Stoke, has been announced today!!!! Let's close the Jan transfer window forever!!!
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04/02/2009 21:13:00

Hey mutters, you idiot, the transfer involving Stoke has just been announced today. Last season the Benjani deal was FIVE DAYS late! And you say "WE" made a mockery of the window?? Have anything intelligent to say about this at all? Twit.
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04/02/2009 21:19:00

I prefer keeping the current system. I dislike these transfer windows, as it gives slimy football agents an opportunity to pollute the atmosphere. Imagine hearing from agents on a daily basis!! Keeping the window open all season will be a dream for the media coz they fill their pages with reams of transfer gossip, and it will also offer more opportunity to unsettle players. Closing only the Jan window is not feasible, as the Russian league (for example) has a calendar year duration, and you cannot ask them to recruit mid way through their season.
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04/02/2009 23:00:00

Great article as always LD. I always look out for your articles and wish you had time to write a few more. Best arsenal blogger on the net in my humble opinion. Anyway... a few comments.. First up, never have i heard a better description of Redknapp than a "morally bankrupt, bonky eyed, baggy faced ***** merchant". Priceless. I am still aghast as to how Redknapp can get away with so blatantly unsettling players. It's completely bent and scandalous. He says "I like Kenwyne Jones, and i'd love to have him in my team, but he's a Sunderland player. If Sunderland don't want to sell him, all they have to do is ring me up and say "he's not for sale" and the case is closed. Oh yeh? Really 'Arry? Cos i'm pretty sure that EXACT situation happened with Defoe- Pompey said he wasn't for sale, but your incessant cockney come-hither advances managed to turn his head. He's tapping up players and he's doing it live on Sky Sports ffs. Unbelievable. But he's so bent, and the whole system is so bent that nothing will ever happen to him. Baggy-faced ***** merchant! Just a point about the loan players playing against their parent clubs. There is a clear reason why this doesn't (and shouldn't) happen- to avoid accusations of fixing (a player misses a penalty/open goal etc. against his own club) and to protect the player from his home fans' anger if he plays a blinder and wins the game for the opposing team. It's an impossible situation for a player to be in, and IMO the rules are correct ro prevent it. Rant over! Amazing news about Arshavin, can't wait to see him in action (though it won't be against the spuds unfortunately. hey ho. we'll stuff em anyway) Good work LD.
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04/02/2009 23:29:00

If there is no January window, clubs will have no chance to replace injured players, so this is what will happen: Chelsea and the other ultra-rich players will buy up all the decent talent from the lower league teams, just as cover in case their top players get injured. Just think of Sidwell -he was Reading's best player; Chelsea nabbed him; he played about 3 games the whole season; Reading got relegated without him. What a waste of talent. Yet, that is why we need a window. The other reason we need a window - has anyone been watching Arsenal play recently? Yuck. Hopefully Arshavin will rectify our injury-enforced lack of creativity.
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05/02/2009 00:41:00

* I meant ultra rich team, not players
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05/02/2009 00:41:00

I have an idea, let's see what you guys think. Maybe the Jan window would work better if we get a winter break. Yes the agents will be working like mad, rumours flying around, however we won't be playing, like summer. It's still madness but at least that wouldn't take the focus away from the proper games. Kind of like what happens in other European countries, but it'd be more streamlined if the window coincides with the winter break, which it doesn't as things stand. From a cultural perspective, I don't see it happening in England though.
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05/02/2009 03:10:00

Despite having signed Emil Heskey, MON sees little point in the winter window:,17033,8690_4893777,00.html
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05/02/2009 03:59:00

On prits' point, I don't think the whole agents and tapping scenario would be nearly so bad if the window stayed open. Transfers are made into a massive deal by only opening the window for a month, staggering transfers I think calsm the situation down. After all, it's not long ago the window was open right up until March and it was never much of a problem. On Chipo's point re: loans. I think loans between Premiership clubs shouldn't be allowed because it's impossible to create fair competition and there's too much potential for exploitation. Krimson 1, if you keep the window open all season players like Sidwell will have a greater chance of leaving and I don't think richer clubs would stockpile players if they knew that they could go out and buy at any point. And Chipo, the reason Redknapp gets away with it is because he gives the press good copy and the media are the ones who run the game ultimately.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
05/02/2009 08:46:00

A good topic for an article which poses many questions about the transfer system so well done for putting up forward. My own opinion is that whatever happens there will be little change to the position of clubs. If you have the window closed during the season then teams will stock pile players in a just in case mentality but if you have it open all the time then teams will constantly change playing squads so i suppose it is a matter of opinion and what you think is the lesser of two evils really. As for all the comments about HR and Spurs, i think people are a little naive to think that arsenal, villa, blackburn and every other team do similar things. Agents are constantly working to have their players moved so they can get that fat pay check. With regards to HR i think he is a little too open when asked questions by reporters and that is his mistake. He gets asked about specific players and is honest ie yes i like him and would want him in my team but... I dont really think that is tapping up but again it is a matter of opinion. Spurs have been treated much worse in the past. Just look at what man utd did with Berbatov for 2 years as a prime example. Every club does it (not that it makes it right) so i think you need to be a little realistic with it all. Apologies for such a long response by the way guys
Report Abuse
05/02/2009 13:31:00

P.S. the journeyman palacios you mention has actually only had 5 clubs (including Birmingham for his trial) so i personally wouldn't class that as many. Keane was a journeyman when he first joined Spurs
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05/02/2009 15:39:00 - "All 20 Premier League clubs are satisfied Andrey Arshavin's transfer to Arsenal was above board."
Report Abuse
05/02/2009 18:30:00

sf4e - not saying that Arsenal & Wenger are perfect in this regard, but 'Arry seems to have something to say about players he's interested in way too often, when compared to 19 other managers in the Premiership. Its not tapping up as no approach has been made through an agent or to the player, but its unsettling the player and thats terribly unfair, although not illegal.
Report Abuse
05/02/2009 22:20:00

LD, I think you under-estimate the greed of the agents out there. Things were not so bad pre-2003, coz there wasnt this much money in the game. Agents will constantly be on the look out for better deals for their players and another payday for them. It will lead to far greater instability.
Report Abuse
05/02/2009 23:00:00

all 20 premiership teams. But not 1 championship team. and on a seperate note, look ath this idiot
Report Abuse
06/02/2009 09:45:00

Saw the Coppell thing too Paul. Apparently none of the press could find any inflammable quotes from any of the PL managers. They're just too excited when they found Coppell whose quotes aren't wrong either to be fair. That Man City, lol, muppet. He must be glad it's so cold and his body's all well covered now.
Report Abuse
06/02/2009 10:30:00

Lou, how are Coppell's comments fair? He calls the transfer a "sham" and blames it all on separate rules for top clubs. Well I guess Stoke are a top PL club and their Kelly transfer with a TWO DAY delay is also a sham.
Report Abuse
06/02/2009 14:47:00

The kelly transfer has nothing to do with the transfer window. Loan signings are allowed throughout the season.
Report Abuse
07/02/2009 12:56:00


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