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What Bendtner ACTUALLY Said

What Bendtner ACTUALLY Said

You will probably be aware of quotes attributed to Nicklas Bendtner this week by the most august publication, the Daily Mirror. (To see how trustworthy they are, go and look up why Piers Morgan, ahem, stepped down as editor). For those of you with faulty short term memories, here is what the Mirror quoted Bendtner as saying under the udnerstated headline, 'I Am Arsenal's Best Striker.'

'I should start every game, I should be playing every minute of every match and always be in the team.'

On new signing Andrey Arshavin, the Mirror responsibly quoted Bendtner as saying;

'I've never seen Arshavin. I did not watch Euro 2008. I've no idea what sort of player he is.'

Stern stuff indeed, of course The Mirror were reporting responsibly, not at all trying to play on his plummeting popularity amongst Arsenal fans. Of course, football fans being the level headed, media savy and entirely rational creatures they are, Arsenal fans with a transparent distaste for the Young Dane did not use it as an excuse to verbally lampoon him. But what's this? Bendtner denied the quotes in ernest immediately after the Cardiff game.

'None of it was said like that. I did a long interview for the Danish press recently, they asked me a lot of questions and the press over here have taken my answers and twisted them out of proportion. I was happy with the article in the Danish magazine and if you saw it you would realise that what was reported over here was not true.'

So just what DID Bendtner say in this Danish magazine.

'I still believe that when I play to my best, I will play from the start no matter who is ready or injured and each time I try to show that I should play from the start.'

Hmmmm, pretty tame really. As for Arshavin;

'I was not at the European Championships so I did not see him play but I have heard that he is a good player and if Arsenal are paying £12m, and other top clubs were after him, then it is because he can do something.'

Well smack my arse and call me Sally, what a boastful revelation. Usually, I'm not moved to comment on media teacup storms such as these, I believe most of the contributors of this site are smart enough to see media deception for themselves. Plus, I'm not in the business of drawing blood from turnips. If you're gullible enough to be deceived by basic shenanigans such as these, you're probably beyond help anyway. But what really disappoints me is that on Monday, I saw the Mirror quotes attributed to Bendtner splashed across nearly every Arsenal blog going. Come Tuesday, very few printed Bendtner's retraction and even fewer have bothered to find out what Nicklas actually said. I'm not sure if that's because a few keyboard warriors out there are afraid of looking a bit silly or whether they are using their webspace as a hobby horse for their own dislikes and gleefully trashing a player they don't like, but it really smacks of indignity to me. I don't expect the Mirror to print Bendtner's retraction, nor the actual quotes, the media are despicable and their modus operandi is likewise. But for sites written by Arsenal 'fans' reporting on their own club, not to set the record straight in the interests of one of our own players is really rather sad indeed. It confirms what I've long thought, that most Arsenal fans prize their egos over their football team. The guilty parties reading will know exactly who they are.LD.

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Writer:Tim Stillman
Date:Wednesday February 18 2009
Time: 1:12PM


Here's a thought...Read a proper paper.
18/02/2009 13:22:00
In all serious though, the tabloid media are a nightmare over here. everything is sensationalised to the point of lunacy. I reserve massive hatred for misleading headlines as they impart a perceived tone that sticks in your head as you read. I read the Times, which although is not innocent, it's a damn sight better. /rant
18/02/2009 13:37:00
Here's another thought... Don't quote any paper (tabloids or broadsheets, they're the same in terms of football reporting).
18/02/2009 13:37:00
Well said LD. It is an absolute disgrace some so called "gooners" were all to happy to report what he supposedly "said" yet were not prepared to report what he actually said. Oliver Holt in the mirror wrote a piece today claiming NB doesn't do his job properly after the so caled quotes came out. well i wrote to holt and informed him the only person not doing their job properly was him as he did no research into his article and did not even mention what NB actually said.
18/02/2009 13:40:00
Fair point Gunnerman, hmm, in terms of news, nobody is really reliable when it comes to quoting players/managers except the clubs themselves. But in terms of comments/columns, I enjoy some of the stuff from the Guardian, the Times and the Independent. Everyone else has crap columns, not to mention reports. Rant over.
18/02/2009 13:41:00
To be fair, the bit where Bendtner said if he's doing his best, he should get maximum playing time regardless of injuries of other strikers, we have actually seen before. I thought someone's just recycling the old quotes and added that Arshavin bit of late. Regardless, something was deliberately lost in translation and taken out of context, terribly.
18/02/2009 13:44:00
Agreed LD. I wrote an article on the website i write for, about wenger on his attacking options and bendtner, i made reference to the comments in the papers but gave nik the benefit of the doubt as i dont trust papers and the way they alter comments etc. And then in a follow up article on the match against cardiff I mentioned that Nik fully denied the comments were his as well. Could I or should I have wrote another article? For me no, as I never lambasted him for it unlike some sites, but agreed they should perhaps. I like Bendtner and feel given more time and a bit more support from the majority of arsenal fans he will suceed at the Arsenal. I felt he had a good game the other night despite that miss, but some fans will never warm to him. But overall there is some good sites out there, we all know which ones to trust, but fair play to you for sticking up for him.
18/02/2009 13:58:00
You know another example I find quite amusing is that the Sun recycled Eduardo's quotes about not having seen Martin Taylor after the incident and not recalling his apology (Taylor said he visited Eduardo when he's still under the influence of drugs, painkillers and stuff). Now all media outlets are crying out loud oh Eduardo's still "awaiting" Taylor's apology. That's not just shameless but downright idiotic.
18/02/2009 14:08:00
Since Sunday, online and on the phone or in-person conversations with gooners, I've been doing my level best to correct the deliberately twisted translation of Nik's words. LD and the guy at goonertalk are the only two blogs I've seen so far that have posted articles refuting the media coverage of Nik's words. The guy at goonertalk provided this interesting piece on Nik's words: Check it out. The important point here for every gooner to remember is that this happens almost every single time one of our players does an interview IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE. In the last 3-4 years, I've paid particular attention to every instance when the English football media report on an interview with any PL player in a foreign language. Almost every single time, the player in question (who's always a non-English player) winds up having to deny what the media reported, explaining that his words were misinterpreted. The media always report these denials (that is, when they DO report them) in a derisive manner, in a backhanded way, deliberately setting out to make the player look like a liar. Our players are not the only ones who they do this to -- and the media doesn't get it wrong in every single instance. Some of the translations of the comments in Gallas' book were pretty accurate, e.g. However, for the most part, it is remarkable how papers like the Mirror, the Sun, the Mail, etc. deliberately and with malice set out to publish a selective translation of a player's comments calculated to make him look very bad. It's utterly malicious on their part. But what makes it worse is that they genuinely believe they have it right and the player's lying when he denies it. I saw a discussion on skysports some months ago about Hleb's wrongly interpreted comments in which he supposedly called Cesc "selfish." The columnist sneered at Hleb's denial, saying how ridiculous it is for these players to deny their comments when it's so easy for the English media to get good translations of these interviews. Well, Hleb never attacked Cesc for being "selfish," he praised Cesc for being more "selfish" in front of goal whereas he himself was not selfish enuf. Hleb was criticizing himself. The same maliciousness happened last season with Gallas' wrongly interpreted comments about not having any friends at Arsenal. The comments that both Hleb and Gallas made were in FOREIGN LANGUAGE INTERVIEWS. The media in England know that they can put forth any lazy, twisted translation to their public and the public will buy it. What's worse is that columnists at decent newspapers like the Independent don't question these reports--James Lawton, e.g., attacked Hleb for calling Cesc selfish. Someone should ask a Danish gooner to translate the original interview. From what I've read so far, Nik's comments were far less sensationalistic than the media is portraying.
18/02/2009 14:30:00
Sorry for the very long post but this latest example of deliberate media maliciousness against one of our players just really got to me.
18/02/2009 14:31:00
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