Arsenal - Wenger Refutes Quit Claims
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Wenger Refutes Quit Claims

It seem like I write this article so often that I plan on making it a template to save the trouble of retyping it every 6 months ... but ... Arsene Wenger has denied reports that he may move to Real Madrid and insists he is staying with Arsenal.

The Arsenal gaffer has come in for some fierce criticism this year after another season passed without a trophy, making it four consecutively since our last piece of silverware. Wenger himself has blasted some of the more over the top comments and has seemed a little jaded. Coupled with his comments that working in Madrid would be 'interesting', it has led to mass media reports that the Frenchman will head for Spain in the summer.

Of course, it wasn't true and Wenger has issued a timely statement saying otherwise.

'There's nothing to worry about, it's not an issue for me. I'm staying here.If that changes I will let you know, but don't worry about that. It's not an issue.' confirmed Le Boss.

I never for one minute thought he'd leave, however I do feel that if relationships with (some of) the fans decline as they have this season that Wenger's current contract will be his final contract.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday May 20 2009

Time: 9:33AM

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I think that the shareholders should direct their anger at the board instead of Wenger, it is obvious that they have not come clean on how much money Wenger really has to spend. All we need in the summer IMO is a class central defender and possibly a good DM if one is available at a reasonable price.
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20/05/2009 10:43:00

As things stand I also think this would be Wenger's last contract. If he wins things he might feel that there isn't a better time to go. If he doesn't then he'll feel he should go. A couple of seasons is a long time in footie though.
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20/05/2009 12:01:00

Armory, it's interesting that the media has almost universally been arguing the same thing you have in the last few days -- blaming the Board for hanging Arsene out high and dry in front of the shareholders, and the media generally when they come out with statements claiming he has plenty of money to spend if he wants it, thus allowing the fans to blame Arsene wbecause he won't spend it. Lots of interesting commentary from the English media in the last few days on all this — most, if not all, amazingly complimentary toward Wenger. We’re so used to thinking the media is anti-Wenger, we forget a lot of these guys really do have enormous respect for him. Martin Samuel wrote this excellent piece: . Also in the Daily Mail, Hill-Wood and the Board are taken to task in a piece echoing Armory's comments: . And Geoff Shreeves also has a good piece on the skysports website:,25212,15196_5333480,00.html // On another subject entirely, did you all notice the way the English media reacted to Jamie Carragher assaulting a teammate and shouting at him in Liverpool’s game against West Brom? Alonso had to come over and calm him down. The media fawned all over Carragher, praising him for his passion and disappointment in his team not winning the league title. Now imagine if that had been Gallas assaulting Kolo and shouting at him in the middle of a game? The xenophobic English media would’ve had a field day.
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20/05/2009 14:50:00

Jaelle - agree 100%. The Samuel article is excellent, as is your Carragher/Gallas analogy!
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20/05/2009 16:00:00

Anything the Daily Mail write, particularly about the current board, should be ignored. They are very overtly and transparently Usmanov's mouthpiece. To think Wenger is surprised by the amount of money he currently does or does not have available is a little far fetched I think. He was the one who pushed the stadium idea forward and has been in on the ground floor throughout. In fact, I don't doubt there are times when he has been dictating to the board on the stadium matter. To think he suddenly is unpleasantly surprised by an apparent lack of funds does not ring true with me. I think these £13m stories are a plant from Usmanov who is the one that will be absolutely loving this "civil war" the press are whipping up around the club.
Little Dutch
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20/05/2009 16:08:00

LD I don't for a moment think Wenger has had any surprises in the last few years when it comes to transfer funds, he would have known exactly how the situation was. The problem I have with the board is that,in my opinion, they have constantly hinted that there were plenty of transfer funds available to the manager and the board would support him no matter who he wanted to sign, when they knew that to make these funds available to Wenger he would have to sell some of the family silver first. This has increasingly made Wenger look like a man hell bent of winning the league with under 12's when he was trying to hold on to what he had and bring in cheaper young players on lower salaries and selling some of the older players who where over thirty and were drawing huge salaries. All the time this has been happening the board has looked like it was giving Wenger plenty of money and letting him take the flak, for example why did none of them come to Wengers defence at the shareholders meeting in a manner that would have let no one in doubt that he was not to blame for the lack of star signings.
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20/05/2009 16:46:00

Jaelle we dont need to wonder how the media would react if 1 of our players had a Carragher moment, do you not remember how disgraceful Adebayor and Bendnter were or how they never talk to each other again after their little spat in the tin pot cup semi final?
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20/05/2009 17:23:00

Uniquely the shareholders have a perfect way to show their anger at the board. If more of than 50% of them are angry enough they can vote off the current incumbents of the board.
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20/05/2009 17:33:00

I don't think it was up to the board members to step in on AWs behalf at the Shareholders meeting. Firstly, Arsene is a big boy and perfectly adept at answering for himself. Secondly, it was billed as a Q and A session with the manager, not the board. Gazidis had a Q and A session 48 hours earlier in which, like Wenger, he didn't duck the difficult questions and Wenger didn't chip in for Gazidis when those questions came either. That nobody spoke up for Wenger shows there is a level of trust there. Had one of the board members suddenly piped up in the midst of the session, I might have been suspicious.
Little Dutch
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20/05/2009 18:05:00

every year we are subjected to the same old rhetoric about le boss or the board or anyone else who happens to be around lets get this into context re the real reason we havent won anything yet again, forget le boss forget the board the late great bill shankley summed it all up after liverpool had just lost a cup match to a then 3rd division club, he said and i quote, at 3pm on a saturday i sent out a team consisting of 11 international players, supposedly the best that money can buy, who should feel honoured to pull on a liverpool shirt. if at 3pm those 11 players decide that they dont want to play to the best of their ability, then there is nothing i or any one else can do about it . i think that says it all, the main reason we have not won anything, is our players innabillity to get results against the likes of hull, fulham, middlesborough etc etc etc its no use getting results against the top clubs if we play like a bunch of wallies against the lower clubs united didnt win the title by beating the top clubs, but by not dropping points against the smaller clubs lok back at our points dropped when we played these clubs and the reason we ended potless is obvious weve been 2 nil up, and drew (villa ) 4 2 up and drew (spurs )
cornish gooner
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20/05/2009 18:08:00

Bye bye Wenger, bye bye L'Arse, say goodbye to 4th spot...Hello Chelsea!
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21/05/2009 01:35:00

Dude, you are already above us. That's like me going over to the Villa site and telling them to move over because Arsenal are coming through. Or Fergie walking up to Rafa and telling him to step over, the new guy is in town. What a pleb.
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21/05/2009 01:43:00

Bye Bye Roman bye, bye bye entire club, bye bye fans, Blue square prem if your lucky.
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21/05/2009 07:15:00

Oh I see one of the TurboBolton lot have scuttled in. Go back to your own managerial swings and roundabouts. Who is it coming in next week again? Oh that's right, Carlo Goingtogetchewedupalotti. Fifth manager in 5 years is it?
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21/05/2009 12:19:00

..............or the fifth in 20 months!
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21/05/2009 12:55:00

I forgot the Daily Mail is the paper of record for RedandWhite, fair point LD. My main criticism is more along the lines of Armory's. I'm not asking the Board to come out publicly with any specific transfer budget figures, they shouldn't. My problem is misleading and sometimes contradictory comments to the press, like saying Arsene has as much money as he wants at his disposal and he's never been refused anything, or Arsene has 30m or 70m to spend, yadayadayada. Public comments like that put it all on Arsene's shoulders, allowing him to be blamed by fans for not spending and labelled by the media as stingy and stubborn. To hell with the media and the fans, the Board should establish a strict policy of SAYING NOTHING AT ALL, not releasing any exact figures at all, not even making any general references to the transfer budget, esp. if they're contradictory. The press will take any figure they give and just run with it. Speaking of which, today's Daily Mail has this latest on Arsene's supposed transfer budget:
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21/05/2009 13:29:00

Anyone else like the new kit. My first impression of this kit is better than the 2 previous away kits. I find it funny also how people are reporting that Adebayor was missing from the Photo shoot proves he is as good as gone when infact so were Van persie, Sagna, Gallas, Clichy, Bendtner, Denilson, Nasri etc were also not present. I guess they are all gone in the summer too then.
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21/05/2009 14:25:00

Hope that means they're not all off too.;-) Ade wasn't one of those pictured leaving a nightclub either, most of the others were. We've still got one game left and silly season has already started!
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21/05/2009 14:52:00

There's tons of transfer funds available for Arsenal - over 300mil..... plus managerial & fan ratings of 10/10. Arsenal has also gone unbeaten for three straight seasons and won the quadruple twice....and I'm their DM.......Ah, video games......
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21/05/2009 15:24:00

I'd seen that stuff about Ade not featuring. I'd say it's simple marketing sense. You use popular players to advertise kits, so Fabregas and Walcott are givens, along with Arshavin. Adebayor is about as popular as a fart in a lift right now. It would make more sense to use George Bush Jnr. to advertise green policy.
Little Dutch
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21/05/2009 15:27:00

I think all this posturing of the fans and the Manager has been good for us. Certain elements vocalising their dissatisfaction at another season without a trophy and daring to imply that Wenger had got it wrong, countered by Wenger taking “interest” in the position in Madrid and causing mild panic. This clearing of the air has reminded all of us that, as ever, the truth lies somewhere in between. Wenger is undoubtedly disappointed with his team and coupled with the dissent amongst the ranks (he’s not had that before at Arsenal), would almost certainly look to fix the problems. The inertia of last summer’s transfer activity (inbound) is simply not something that can be repeated. The adoration that Wenger commands, whilst understandable, is not healthy. The unveiling of his bust whilst still in tenure does not do much for his sense of perspective. I think he has regained a little of that now. The fans on the other hand vented their frustration and were suddenly brought back down to earth with the possibility that Wenger could walk whenever he chooses. His achievements with Arsenal should not be so quickly forgotten particularly when this current team is bubbling and waiting to burst into life. As in any relationship, the odd spat is not such a bad thing and with the right tweaking the future could be all Arsenal’s.
Sir Henry
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21/05/2009 17:17:00

All this is a bit silly and has really taken our attention from the real issues by muddying the waters. This aggressive posturing by the supporters has led a lot of other supporters to take the other exreme position. There are important questions that Wenger needs to answer - like how does he plan to deal with the problems that he can see? His solutions this season werent successful, so how does he plan to change that? Instead, we're left heaving a sigh of relief that he's not going to Madrid.
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21/05/2009 18:17:00

Of course, I want Weger around. He's still the best person to manage Arsenal.
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21/05/2009 18:18:00

fair points sir henry
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21/05/2009 20:22:00

Before Wenger's comments all the focus was on Pat Rice leaving. So who's next? I think Wenger only made those comments because he felt underappreciated and taken for granted (by the board and the fans) which is understandable because when he does retire, he's gonna leave the next manager with a great foundation to build open but in Arsenal's history it'll say that he won the trophies, not Wenger. But I can understand the fans' frustration as well, because he has made a fair few mistakes in the last few years.
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22/05/2009 13:40:00

I sort of agree with above comment, Arsene must have thought "Don't they realise that there's isn't any other manager around at the moment that could do what I've done except SAF" So now us, Fans and the Board need to support Arsene and in return Arsene needs to sort out the team's short falls and get The Arsenal in a position to win a trophy and or Premiership next season!
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 14:50:00

Arshavin talks back to Wenger, shocks everybody By Myles Palmer It happened like this, I gather. The French messiah gathered his disciples around him in a circle and told them how they would play. The conversation was : "Andrej, I want you to do this, this and this." "But that's stupid, boss !" said the Russian ace. There was a gasp from the other players. They were deeply shocked when the new guy talked back to the manager. In a report today, Arshavin reckons Wenger is not as receptive to his input as Dick Advocaat and Guus Hiddink. He said: "I've never had a lengthy personal conversation with him, the way I did with Dick Advocaat. My conversations with Guus Hiddink were not too long either but we did exchange our views on football. For me, it's important to explain to my manager what I want to do on the pitch. Then he will realise that I make one or another move in a game not because I misinterpreted his instructions but because of my own vision of football." Arshavin speaks his mind. He tells people what he thinks, including the manager. And that's good. That's really good. That is what Wenger needs - more opinions, more challenges, somebody to tell him where he is going wrong. Arshavin says : We need more players like me. Exactly ! We need some men who are not as pampered and precious as the millionaire toddlers at Le Colney Creche. The Russian is a beacon, an exceptional talent who is in his prime. He will be 28 next Friday. He someone to build round, someone with personality. He has enough bottle to ignore a forearm smash in the face and carry on playing as if nothing has happened. He knows he is good enough to star for Man United, Liverpool, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, any team in the world. He could be the European Footballer of the Year in the right team. He wanted to play for Arsenal, and the deal was going to be a last-minute compromise, so he hired a private jet, flew to London, and checked into a hotel in St Albans, so he was available to put his squiggle at the bottom of the page. AA is a leader with the confidence to speak his mind. He knows he was bought by Gazidis, not by Wenger. He realises he has signed a four-year contract that takes him beyond the end of Wenger's contract in 2011. Five years ago I was talking to fellow author Alex Fynn and he said, "There are a lot of precious people at Arsenal." It's true. Since Arsenal do not have a British dressing-room spirit, Wenger has had to create his own unique culture behind the remote-controlled gates of his high-tech French kindergarden . Players who have won nothing give interviews saying : I've improved, I'm a better player this season. Adebayor actually said : I'm scoring with left foot, right foot, headers - I'm a complete player. Bendtner talks in the press about his pink boots ! It took me a while to figure out why Arsenal was the only team in UK who could concede a winning goal to Wayne Rooney at Goodison and then lose the next three games. One goal lost them four games. How could that be possible ? Because Arsenal's French philosophers refused to let the game go, preferring to dwell on the injustice, discussing it in a Hampstead cafe, keeping the trauma alive, so that it crippled them. Arshavin would never do that. That's why he is priceless. He is a diamond. If The Professor tries to build round his Putin's favourite footballer by signing more teenagers from St Etienne, there will be crowd mayhem that makes the booing of Eboue look like a primary school picnic. May 22, 2009
Orange Quadrant
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22/05/2009 21:09:00


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