Arsenal - I Know What You Did This Summer
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I Know What You Did This Summer

Summer is often a trying and vexing time to be an Arsenal fan, particularly for those Arsenal fans that still insist on reading newspapers and absorb their vituperative untruths, whilst bland idiot pundits like Redknapp cluck their tongues with honeyed words of deceit. Personally, my advice would be ignore it and just go with the flow, que sera sera, whatever will be, will be. But just to prepare you, here are twenty things you can guarantee will happen at our beloved club this summer.

1. Arsene Wenger says he is happy with his squad but will make one or two additions, "if I can be arsed." Arsenal fan site Le Grove organises a mass dirty protest demanding Wenger sign that Uruguayan fella from You Tube that can do ten kick ups with a tortoise lest they all stop bathing for a week.

2. The Daily Mail write an article claiming Peter Hill Wood and the current Arsenal board have been fiddling expenses MP style and transferring the pot marked "transfers" into a special Cuban cigar fund. A day later, they will pen a completely unrelated article on how Usmanov is spearheading a worldwide initiative on making Cuban cigars illegal. Chief writers on Arsenal fan site Le Grove pledge to deliberately shit themselves on the Clock End Bridge and not move until Usmanov is installed.

3. Completely neutral Spanish rag AS attempts to run a story on how Cesc Fabregas has been spotted wearing white y fronts. This is interpreted as an explicit come and get me plea to the chief purveyors of white sartorial garments Real Madrid. However, their story is foiled as Cesc Fabregas releases a statement denying it before AS`s chief scribe could even load up his laptop.

4. Emmanuel Adebayor turns up at the Emirates Cup wearing an A.C. Milan tracksuit top whilst clutching an Italian phrase book. He then looks aghast as he is booed by Arsenal fans. Linesmen in Serie A instantly request pay rises and threaten industrial action, citing the increased workload and the likelihood of repetitive strain injury Adebayor`s arrival will give them.

5. Adebayor then gives an interview to Sky Sports News, in which he compares A.C. Milan to Angelina Jolie whilst comparing Arsenal to Renee Zelwegger. "She`s kind of famous and you`d probably give her one if you`d had a few." Three hours later he demands a pay rise from the Arsenal board. Wenger`s patience snaps and he promptly kidnaps Adebayor. The club release a press statement to Silvio Berlusconi, in which they pledge to remove one of Adebayor`s fingers for every day a £30m cheque from Milan is not forthcoming.

6. Arsene Wenger is seen falling out of Faces night club with his trousers down and a bloodied fist with his new drinking pals Ledley King and Nicklas Bendtner. Apparently, Wenger was commandeered and asked to leave by a bouncer after being caught waving his todger at Danielle Lloyd. Lloyd is seen chasing Wenger`s car screaming "Call me! Call me!"

7. Barcelona supremo Joan Laporta makes a typically diplomatic comment along the lines of; "Of course, a club like Barcelona would love players of the calibre of van Persie, Fabregas, Adebayor, Clichy and Arshavin. But it would be disrespectful for me to talk about Fabregas, van Persie, Adebayor, Clichy and Arshavin, so I`m not going to talk about being interested in Fabregas, van Persie, Adebayor, Clichy and Arshavin because they`re Arsenal players…..for now….mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha." Adebayor promptly compares Barcelona to Jessica Alba before getting their club logo inked onto his testicles. He looks confused when booed at Arsenal`s first game of the season. Cesc Fabregas meanwhile issues a firm rebuttal by tattooing "I`m staying at Arsenal" to his forehead.

8. It reaches August 31st, Arsenal still have not offloaded Adebayor, Robin van Persie`s contract negotiations are at an impasse following an odd request from the Dutchman`s agent demanding Arsenal pay a £50k instant bonus for every ten minutes he stays fit and the only transfer business has been to buy a sperm bank in Belgium. Arsenal supporters reach boiling point, readers of fan site Le Grove all surgically remove their penises and send them to Arsene Wenger first class recorded delivery. Arsene Wenger releases a press statement saying, "cheeeeel Winston."

9. Meanwhile, in response to another report from Spain, Cesc Fabregas publicly removes his tongue with a carving knife and presents it to Peter Hill Wood to prove his commitment to Arsenal. Laporta says he thinks "Fabregas is wavering."

10. Nicklas Bendtner scores a hat trick in every Arsenal pre season friendly before scoring a last gasp winner in the Champions League qualifier against Olympique Lyonnais. The home support boo his goal celebration citing his "tangerine and cerise pink boots, which just like, so clash with that new blue kit."

11. As United, Chelsea, Villa, Liverpool and Spurs spend a combined total of £300,337,339,000,000 on transfers (around 80% of that sum is spent by Spurs on Stewart Drowning), Arsene assures the fans that it`s o.k. because, "Rosicky will be like a new signing once we get his hips replaced."

12. The transfer deadline passes, Adebayor, now six fingers and three toes down, joins A.C Milan for £30m, Gallas rejoins Chelsea, van Persie is sold to Bayern Munchen and Cesc Fabregas joins Barcelona amidst controversy as he has a suspicious six inch scar on his frontal lobe and is seen dribbling a great deal at his unveiling press conference. Gary Neville is signed along with a 15 year old Guadeloupe international named Adebayo Fandango. Eboue is awarded a new life time £500k a week contract and made captain. runs with the story, "Silvestre can be a pass master." Le Grove website promptly renames itself "Le Bridge."

13. Aliaksandr Hleb leaves Barcelona citing the city`s noisy and rumbustuous surroundings. He promptly signs for the New York Red Bulls.

14. The Arsenal merchandising department releases a commemorative "2007 Emirates Cup winners" DVD. Tottenham sue on the grounds of plagiarism. "DVDs commemorating scarcely meaningful events is a market we already have cornered."

15. Ashley Cole swerves his Land Rover off the road upon hearing that Chelsea have "only offered me £110k a week" killing a pedestrian and two cyclists. An unrepentant Cole tells the grieving families, "You should be grateful Ashley Cole`s car hit your kids, innit."

16. As the battle for ownership of Arsenal intensifies, Lady Nina Bracewell, tired of the daily deliveries of flowers, chocolates, dildos and sports cars, orders Usmanov and Kroenke to fight to the death for her shares. The fight takes place behind a betting shop in Peckham. The only rules for the brawl are "no shirt, no shoes, no problem." Kroenke militarises space in preparation, whilst Usmanov places one hundred thousand ballistic plutonium missiles a few miles outside of Denver. The Daily Mail runs a completely unrelated story in which they claim militarising space is "kind of gay", whilst plutonium ballistic missiles are described as "the fashion statement the nation is dying to make."

17. After only losing by one goal in a pre season friendly against Barcelona at Wembley, Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy pre empts his supporters by declaring that "This is the year Tottenham break the top four." He then promises to bear his naked posterior in the Armoury window if Spurs finish below Arsenal in 2009-10. He promptly retracts his comments after Spurs lose their first three games and sack Harry Redknapp, appointing a joint management team of David Pleat, Glenn Hoddle and Jamie Redknapp in his stead. Chas 'n` Dave are appointed joint Directors of Football.

18. Relations between Manchester United and Arsenal cool further as Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson announce their shock engagement. A love struck Wenger swoons, "He always loved me, I just didn`t see it." Whilst Ferguson told shocked reporters, "Until recently I thought I had the prettiest wife at home, but then I saw Arsene and realised I could have an even prettier one." Jose Mourinho is ordained on the internet and will conduct the marriage ceremony. Nicklas Bendtner and Ledley King organise Arsene`s stag do, a beleaguered Danielle Lloyd begins dating David Pleat, though their relationship stalls as Pleat insists on calling her "Lloyd Daniels." Danielle is also perturbed by Pleat`s disturbing habit of yelling "back of the net!" at the moment of climax.

19. Arsene Wenger asks Michel Platini if he thinks Ukrainian football is setting a bad trend for the rest of Europe after two Ukrainian sides contest one UEFA Cup Semi Final, a Ukrainian side wins the tournament outright with more Brazilians in the side than Ukrainians (24 of Shakthar`s 30 goals in the tournament were scored by Brazilians), a Croatian captain and a Romanian manager. Platini responds with, "Yeah, but, you smell!"

20. Tomas Rosicky is fit to play for a first team fixture. (Well I had to put one really surreal one in there).LD.

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Writer: Tim Stillman Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 21 2009

Time: 4:15PM

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******** hell LD what ever you are smoking, give me some.
Report Abuse
21/05/2009 17:58:00

Report Abuse
21/05/2009 18:13:00

Brilliant stuff!! "Lloyd Daniels" it's funny because it's true!!!
Report Abuse
21/05/2009 18:25:00

wow, absolutely hilarious!
Report Abuse
21/05/2009 20:04:00

Re #8 - I don't think Wenger is the type to say 'cheel Winston'. He's much more a 'chillax' kind of guy. I have to say, though, I think you're very rude to Miss Lloyd. You should use her full name at all times. That's Spurs Bike Danielle Lloyd, to you.
Report Abuse
21/05/2009 21:16:00

Whew! I thought this was serious until I got to number 20. Scary stuff that is.
Report Abuse
21/05/2009 21:49:00

#4 was the best for me, ade-effin-bayor the offside king!!!
Report Abuse
21/05/2009 22:04:00

I was agreeing with you profusely until the last one, and then you had to ruin it. Keep trying
Report Abuse
21/05/2009 23:36:00

Cesc Fabregas has been cleared by the Football Association of all charges in relation to the spitting row with Hull City. Hopefully they have enough evidence to suggest Brown was lying and he gets punished
Report Abuse
21/05/2009 23:40:00

Nothing new happening this summer then?
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 01:09:00

number 18 is the funniest thing i;v read in a while
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 02:44:00

lol especially Lloyd Daniels! lol
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 06:41:00

There is nothing here about Wenger shagging goats.
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 07:30:00

This is brilliant (as well as painfully realistic at times). I've forwarded it to all my gooner mates, so I'm sure it's brightned up their day too!
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 11:51:00

"Linesmen in Serie A instantly request pay rises and threaten industrial action, citing the increased workload and the likelihood of repetitive strain injury Adebayor`s arrival will give them." LOL Total classic!
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 13:39:00

"There is nothing here about Wenger shagging goats." TeddyLyon -or Spuds like you getting any unfunnier, although this is supposed to be a realistic list i guess......
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 13:41:00

Arshavin talks back to Wenger, shocks everybody By Myles Palmer It happened like this, I gather. The French messiah gathered his disciples around him in a circle and told them how they would play. The conversation was : "Andrej, I want you to do this, this and this." "But that's stupid, boss !" said the Russian ace. There was a gasp from the other players. They were deeply shocked when the new guy talked back to the manager. In a report today, Arshavin reckons Wenger is not as receptive to his input as Dick Advocaat and Guus Hiddink. He said: "I've never had a lengthy personal conversation with him, the way I did with Dick Advocaat. My conversations with Guus Hiddink were not too long either but we did exchange our views on football. For me, it's important to explain to my manager what I want to do on the pitch. Then he will realise that I make one or another move in a game not because I misinterpreted his instructions but because of my own vision of football." Arshavin speaks his mind. He tells people what he thinks, including the manager. And that's good. That's really good. That is what Wenger needs - more opinions, more challenges, somebody to tell him where he is going wrong. Arshavin says : We need more players like me. Exactly ! We need some men who are not as pampered and precious as the millionaire toddlers at Le Colney Creche. The Russian is a beacon, an exceptional talent who is in his prime. He will be 28 next Friday. He someone to build round, someone with personality. He has enough bottle to ignore a forearm smash in the face and carry on playing as if nothing has happened. He knows he is good enough to star for Man United, Liverpool, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, any team in the world. He could be the European Footballer of the Year in the right team. He wanted to play for Arsenal, and the deal was going to be a last-minute compromise, so he hired a private jet, flew to London, and checked into a hotel in St Albans, so he was available to put his squiggle at the bottom of the page. AA is a leader with the confidence to speak his mind. He knows he was bought by Gazidis, not by Wenger. He realises he has signed a four-year contract that takes him beyond the end of Wenger's contract in 2011. Five years ago I was talking to fellow author Alex Fynn and he said, "There are a lot of precious people at Arsenal." It's true. Since Arsenal do not have a British dressing-room spirit, Wenger has had to create his own unique culture behind the remote-controlled gates of his high-tech French kindergarden . Players who have won nothing give interviews saying : I've improved, I'm a better player this season. Adebayor actually said : I'm scoring with left foot, right foot, headers - I'm a complete player. Bendtner talks in the press about his pink boots ! It took me a while to figure out why Arsenal was the only team in UK who could concede a winning goal to Wayne Rooney at Goodison and then lose the next three games. One goal lost them four games. How could that be possible ? Because Arsenal's French philosophers refused to let the game go, preferring to dwell on the injustice, discussing it in a Hampstead cafe, keeping the trauma alive, so that it crippled them. Arshavin would never do that. That's why he is priceless. He is a diamond. If The Professor tries to build round his Putin's favourite footballer by signing more teenagers from St Etienne, there will be crowd mayhem that makes the booing of Eboue look like a primary school picnic. May 22, 2009
Orange Quadrant
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 21:08:00

I get it every player should play the way they want to play! That should work pretty well.
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 23:53:00

Anything Myles Palmer says should a) ne regarded as a self serving lie and b) probably be sealed in concrete and dumped in the North Sea. I don't doubt he is a player of charisma and personality, but to believe Palmer has that much of an inside track is as deluded as Spurs constant claims of imminent top four supremacy.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
23/05/2009 02:25:00

It's clear that Palmer has invented most of it - as he does much of his stuff. In any event it's not that though players disagreeing with him are unique. There have been a number of them, Wiltord perhaps amongst the most heated of discontents about his role. In the summer Hleb mentioned that there were times when he questioned his role. Henry had some fall-outs late in his time here. Gallas hasn't exactly been coy either. Arshavin might feel more confident at challenging plans - he should do at his age - but if he wants to improve as a player he needs to be ready to take on new thinking too. Most players leave with an enhanced reputation under Wengers tutelage.
Report Abuse
23/05/2009 08:08:00


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