Arsenal - Spit Spat Spoils go to Cesc
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Spit Spat Spoils go to Cesc

Cameras are everywhere in football. Television, press, club and the odd supporter are all able to record every minute of a game and much of the pre and post game goings on. Football programs frequently show footage of the minutest background happenings as a steward tumbles down the steps or a ball boy belly flops over advertising hoardings. But Phil Brown is likely to rue their existence. Firstly because the cameras were there to record for posterity his hasty damnation of Arsenal as a club, the referee, it`s manager and Cesc Fabregas. Secondly because with all those cameras available none were able to support his allegation against Cesc, strongly denied by the player, of spitting.

Outside of the Hull camp, and those with an interest in doing down Arsenal, it was pretty evident within 24 hours that despite the plethora of cameras of all types there was no evidence to support the heated post match claims of Hull manager Phil Brown that his assistant Brian Horton was spat at by Fabregas after the Cup game at the Emirates in March. Further rejection of his disparaging remarks emerged just as embarrassingly quickly with pictorial evidence that his claim that Wenger wouldn`t shake his hand just wasn`t true.

The most serious allegation was that of spitting as Brown claimed 'For their club captain Cesc Fabregas to spit at my assistant at the end of the game shows you what this club is all about. I was there and witnessed it, he spat at my assistant manager down the tunnel, that's their captain. Hopefully he's proud of himself. He spat at his feet.'

Brown`s hasty post match rant suffered under the ambiguity as to just what form the spitting took and a half hearted retraction and inability to explain what he meant by "shows you what this club is all about". Much was also made of the way Cesc was dressed as though that alone was worthy of condemnation.

In the event a 4 man panel at the FA has apparently concluded that Cesc was not guilty of the charge of spitting. The cameras seemed to have come back to haunt Brown for longer as one report claims that Arsenal produced video evidence that Fabregas was still on the pitch when Horton, and other Hull staff were in the tunnel.

It`s perhaps understandable after losing a match that looked to be going your way that comments made in haste lack the rationality that reflection would bring. Brown isn`t the first person to regret allowing his tongue to issue words that hadn`t first been processed through the brain. Some Arsenal shareholders have suffered the same affliction recently.

What is less forgivable is trying to justify those words when it is clear that the accusations they contain aren`t substantiated by any serious examination. How much better it would have been for Brown to admit, as he should have, that the heat and passion of the moment got to him. He could have offered to retract his words publicly and taken up any concerns he had directly with Arsenal as a matter between the clubs. Instead he tried to widen the complaint to include Cesc`s sartorial choice as though it somehow reinforced his claims.

Cameras haven`t focussed kindly on Phil Brown. I`d keep an extra cautious eye out when driving through speed restricted zones if I were him.

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 22 2009

Time: 8:17AM

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What a disgrace that Brown, Horton and the fitness coach were waiting in the Tunnel to verbally abuse a 23 year old. It shows what Phil Brown is all about. I wouldnt give a s*@t if they went down after watching their chairman on T.V every other week telling everyone that Cesc was guilty even though he clearly DID NOT SEE the incident. Their only evidence was a grainy 4 year old video of Cesc shouting at Michael Ballack. Id love to tell Phil Brown to go to hell but he would just use it as a tanning opportunity.
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22/05/2009 08:34:00

Well what a surprise!! If the newspaper reports are true that we submitted video evidence that Cesc was still on the pitch when Horton and Brown were in the tunnel then the book needs to be thrown at all of them. It's one thing maybe claiming Cesc spat at him maybe if Cesc was near them and shouting or whatever maybe a bit of gob flew out, but it's another thing entirely for them to completely fabricate this accusation with the sole intention of soiling a young player's reputation. If their plans would have worked Cesc would have been looked upon in a different light by everyone. These men are supposed to be custodians of the game, complete disgraces the lot of em. Come on Boro, and dare I say Newcastle, send these scumbags down.
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22/05/2009 08:44:00

I guess its too much to expect this guy to man up, apologise to all concerned and just move on. And its probably beyond the British press to expect a fair report of the FA finding and retractions of all the false stories based on Brown's lies.
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22/05/2009 08:44:00

Heard this morning too that Cesc was cleared on the spitting charge. HA! Now I fully expect the FA to come down hard on Brown and Hull for their lies and sordid little attempts to carry on a lengthy vendetta against our luv captain. As I said before I don't blame anybody for being angry at losing a big match but to vent your frustratration by going in front of the cameras to INSULT the other club and villify an individual on every possible level and THEN to carry on this tantrum for weeks after is a disgrace and totally unsporting. Whatever he gets from the FA (probably nothing- he is English after all), I hope PB gets the ultimate justice on Sunday for all his theatrics- RELEGATION. I suppose it would also be too much to expect from the papers to apologize to Cesc. Snowball's chance in he'll springs to mind.
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22/05/2009 08:46:00

julieloveshenry4ever could not agree with you more love but please not all English men are the same; some of us oldens are very nice .
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 09:09:00

Sorry AG,didn't mean to come down on all English blokes!! I just meant to point out that the FA will be more reluctant to crack down on an English manager than they would a foreign one. If Wenger had behaved as Brown did, you can only imagine the crucifixion that would have followed.
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22/05/2009 09:18:00

Perjury anyone? Firstly, I don't want Hull to go down because a) I hate Newcastle that much and b) Hull will go down next season anyway and the chance for revenge next season will be welcome. In closing, given Brown's rant against Wenger for getting the Hull keeper booked that night, I'd like to share this quote with you from Gary Megson after Hull's game against Bolton last weekend; ""I was getting a little bit annoyed with what was going on. I know a member of Hull's staff went into the referee's room and was moaning about Kevin Davies. He's as honest as the day is long and I don't take kindly to any bench, not just Hull's, trying to get him booked to gain an advantage"
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 09:27:00

Imagine if Hull and Newcastle went though! I reckon only Boro might win this sunday and the other 2 will lose. Last minute Own goal and Hull go down on Goal difference would be sweet.
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22/05/2009 09:42:00

The plot thickens, the Independent are claiming the F.A. panel cleared Cesc last week, but the F.A have been scared to release the news as it would obviously raise questions about their disciplinary procedures and why they go around charging people on the basis of hearsay. This of course means Brown and Horton are certain to get off, as any extra curricular charge attached to them for their lies will see the F.A. holding themselves in contempt. How much is too much? What has to happen for things to change? We have a lazy, spineless, amateur organisation running the country's biggest and most lucrative sport in the most powerful league association in the world. The wasters at the F.A, might as well join Parliament, because they're wasting our money and our time too.
Little Dutch
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22/05/2009 11:00:00

On a sidenote, just seen Arsene's interview on Arsenal TV Online and when asked about Adebayor's future, his body language and answer leads you to believe he ain't gonna be here next season, e.g. "he is under contract". It wasn't an unequivocal "he will be here next season" or "I'm very confident he'll be here next season". I think its the best outcome for all concerned. Ade can sod off to Milan and pretend he's Ronaldo there.
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22/05/2009 11:45:00

Hear hear to both LD and GV!!
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 11:53:00

In your face Brown, you horrendous orange t w a t buckle.
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22/05/2009 12:10:00

Not only have Brown, Horton, and their chairman disgraced themselves by lying and constantly, but they have tarnished the name of their club and lost many many neutral fans they have earnt with some solid football this season. I hope they go down and I hope they sack the manager for gross incompetence, how many games won since November? Lying staff should all be punished by the FA for wasting time and besmirching our Captains name aswell as coating our club when we had done nothing wrong. Phil Brown is an odious, obnoxious, lying, oompa loompa look-a-like Allardyce loving d**khead who needs to admit his massive failings and bugger off!
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 13:26:00

If Cesc was innocent, what makes Brown and Horton? LIARS!!!!
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 13:37:00

Typo: "what does that make" Brown and Horton... Was too p!ssed.
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 13:38:00

where is the media witch hunt to demand an apology from Hull?
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 14:01:00

I'm patiently waiting for an apology from everyone who made accusatory statements...
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 15:14:00

Much ado about nowt then as they say up norf!
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 19:32:00

Although no charges were made it doesn't completely validate his conduct, just a lack of evidence. There's a large element of Brown being a sore loser and Horton following his lead but Cesk should rein it in the future, it was a little bit vulgar to watch considering he’s captain. Not the best example imho
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 20:40:00

Arshavin talks back to Wenger, shocks everybody By Myles Palmer It happened like this, I gather. The French messiah gathered his disciples around him in a circle and told them how they would play. The conversation was : "Andrej, I want you to do this, this and this." "But that's stupid, boss !" said the Russian ace. There was a gasp from the other players. They were deeply shocked when the new guy talked back to the manager. In a report today, Arshavin reckons Wenger is not as receptive to his input as Dick Advocaat and Guus Hiddink. He said: "I've never had a lengthy personal conversation with him, the way I did with Dick Advocaat. My conversations with Guus Hiddink were not too long either but we did exchange our views on football. For me, it's important to explain to my manager what I want to do on the pitch. Then he will realise that I make one or another move in a game not because I misinterpreted his instructions but because of my own vision of football." Arshavin speaks his mind. He tells people what he thinks, including the manager. And that's good. That's really good. That is what Wenger needs - more opinions, more challenges, somebody to tell him where he is going wrong. Arshavin says : We need more players like me. Exactly ! We need some men who are not as pampered and precious as the millionaire toddlers at Le Colney Creche. The Russian is a beacon, an exceptional talent who is in his prime. He will be 28 next Friday. He someone to build round, someone with personality. He has enough bottle to ignore a forearm smash in the face and carry on playing as if nothing has happened. He knows he is good enough to star for Man United, Liverpool, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, any team in the world. He could be the European Footballer of the Year in the right team. He wanted to play for Arsenal, and the deal was going to be a last-minute compromise, so he hired a private jet, flew to London, and checked into a hotel in St Albans, so he was available to put his squiggle at the bottom of the page. AA is a leader with the confidence to speak his mind. He knows he was bought by Gazidis, not by Wenger. He realises he has signed a four-year contract that takes him beyond the end of Wenger's contract in 2011. Five years ago I was talking to fellow author Alex Fynn and he said, "There are a lot of precious people at Arsenal." It's true. Since Arsenal do not have a British dressing-room spirit, Wenger has had to create his own unique culture behind the remote-controlled gates of his high-tech French kindergarden . Players who have won nothing give interviews saying : I've improved, I'm a better player this season. Adebayor actually said : I'm scoring with left foot, right foot, headers - I'm a complete player. Bendtner talks in the press about his pink boots ! It took me a while to figure out why Arsenal was the only team in UK who could concede a winning goal to Wayne Rooney at Goodison and then lose the next three games. One goal lost them four games. How could that be possible ? Because Arsenal's French philosophers refused to let the game go, preferring to dwell on the injustice, discussing it in a Hampstead cafe, keeping the trauma alive, so that it crippled them. Arshavin would never do that. That's why he is priceless. He is a diamond. If The Professor tries to build round his Putin's favourite footballer by signing more teenagers from St Etienne, there will be crowd mayhem that makes the booing of Eboue look like a primary school picnic. May 22, 2009
Orange Quadrant
Report Abuse
22/05/2009 21:08:00

Normally i would not waste my time replying to this complete utter Richard Cranium OQ, but i feel I must ask you Rocky to not publish this clowns comments. He is as i have suspected the clown who keeps changing his name just to annoy fans on this blog. He is just plain stupid ignorant and would be better off writing on the Hull blog or on the scums bog where he comes from. I don't mind someone writing an opinion and yes sometimes I do disagree but this is just plain utter garbage and taking up space with fans having to comment back. Please advise the writer (child) to return to the scums blog where he belongs.
Report Abuse
23/05/2009 08:23:00

As long as the posts aren't abusive then we wouldn't look to ban opinion just because we disagree with it. Quite why the same post has to be made in more than one article neither of which it is relevant to proably tells you something about the motive. In any event we have already establsihed that anyone desperate to use Myles Palmer as a point of reference is on pretty weak ground anyway.
Report Abuse
23/05/2009 10:21:00

Amos I take your point however if you expect fans of the club and writers to this blog to behave in a reasonable fashion then you must also expect we we see such rubbish to respond in an non complementary manner. If you don't want a fire, then get rid of the matches.
Report Abuse
23/05/2009 13:26:00

The post by OQ is about the most hilarious thing I've ever read. Baffling, bizarre, and what's best--a tone of misguided and undeserved arrogance. Who dates their post?
Report Abuse
23/05/2009 14:20:00's a cut and paste...DOH!!!!!!!!!
Dorset Red
Report Abuse
24/05/2009 09:27:00


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