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Eduardo And Rosicky Like New Signings!

As soon as the Arsenal players completed their lap of honour around the Emirates pitch, the monotonous summer transfer rumour machine began oiling its gears and flipping on all its switches, in preparation for the long football hibernation ahead. The Arsenal blogosphere has erupted during the past month with speculation printed in the newspapers. For those who have developed the ability to ignore all the chaos, fair play to you. For the rest of us, separating the dross from the somewhat believable is how we occupy our June.

All the talks earlier in the summer pointed towards reinforcements arriving. Both the manager and the captain spoke of new faces. Wenger had this to say:

"The team is moving forward. The question we have to analyse now is, are we strong enough now to win the championship? If not, what do we need to add to the squad? There is some great quality here. The squad is very young, but what needs to be added for next year is to challenge for the championship."

Cesc Fabregas wants a midfielder to hold down the fort while he and the rest of the midfield goes forward.

'We have lost big players, but the boss knows what he is doing,' said Fabregas. The days of signing a new player aren't finished. We need someone in the middle to make competition and make a difference, plus give us a new dimension. The rest is perfect."

"We are used to playing with footballers like Vieira, Gilberto Silva or Flamini and for sure this year we've been a bit lame in such an important position. It's an undervalued role, but key, above all for teams like ours, that attack, that have a lot of the ball. To know there is someone behind you is fundamental."

According to She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, an Arsenal fan site that keeps track of every player linked to the club each summer, 48 players have been rumoured to be coming to Arsenal. Of these forty eight, one is all but completed, centre back Thomas Vermaelen, while only another two seem to have any substance to them, Mamadou Sakho and Felipe Melo.

While we never know if the Professor will decide to bring in players, we do know eight words that will come out of his mouth before the start of next season, Eduardo and Rosicky will be like new signings. Some fans, who want him to spend galactic amounts of money, will mock this, but he couldn't be more right. Neither has played in the Premiership since early 2008, but both returned to full training during the latter portions of last season and they will be ready to go come August, barring any new setbacks. Both are world class players that will boost the attacking talent at the club tenfold.

Picture this: its five past 3 o`clock on a Saturday afternoon in a sunny North London. The lush Emirates pitch is in immaculate condition like always and Arsenal is beginning an attack on their opponent`s goal. Sagna passes the ball inside to Cesc, who continues the switch of play by swinging it over to Arshavin on the left flank. There goes the blur of Gael Clichy bombing down the touchline, overlapping the artistic Russian. Andrey slots the ball between two defenders into the path of Clichy, who looks up and spots Eduardo in the box waiting to pounce. Instead, Gael plays a low ball into the feet of van Persie, who swivels around a helpless defender and chips the ball back post onto the onrushing Rosicky, who has ghosted past his marker to steal the ball right off of the toes of his opponent. The back of the net ripples violently and the home crowd erupts in jubilation.

This thought of an attacking lineup consisting of Sagna, Clichy, Fabregas, Arshavin, Rosicky, van Persie, and Eduardo gives me shivers. Add in the depth of Nasri, Walcott, Vela, Denilson and Bendtner, and you have on offense who matches any other in Europe. Arsenal aren`t far off from having another great Wenger team, and I don`t think I`m the only one who senses that Arsene will put together those final puzzle pieces in the coming weeks.

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday June 17 2009

Time: 6:32PM

Your Comments

I'm sorry - I've always hated the bull***** term "xyz will be like a new player". No they won't, they will be like a player we already had, coming back from injury - probably not quite as good as they were before. They won't be bringing anything 'new' to the table, they will be returning something we used to have, but have gone without - back to the table. It's more Wenger bull***** to gloss over the lack of quality signings to re-enforce areas we are deficient in. If you had 25M burning a hole in your pocket right now - would you buy a Rosicky and Eduardo ? or would you look to bring in a few experienced players in central defence and defensive midfield ? Right, new signings my arse. It's moronic to sell Diarra in Jan, lose Flamini on a free and then sell Gilberto all in one season - leaving yourself bereft of any experienced players in DM and hope to cope against the cream of Europe, the other top 3 - and in fact any or all of the journeymen teams that pack their midfields against us. Arsene knows - he knows how to dismantle a good unit for a few bob - that much is certain. In summary, and I apologize to the glass-half-full brigade, signing a new player would be like signing a new player. Getting Rosicky back will be like getting another (central midfielder who is being forced to play as a) winger that we can't accomodate with Arshavin, Nasri, Walcott, Vela, Traore & Eboue. Getting Eduardo back will allow Wenger to say "we don't need another striker - we already have AdeBarnDoor, Bendtner, van Persie, Vela (again), Simpson and Eduardo". When in fact, we need a new Thierry Henry, Ian Wright, Bergkamp. We need true winners and leaders down the spine. As good a finisher as Eduardo undoubtedly is, he has the pace of a snail on valium, and is easily knocked off the ball. He can't lead the line and isn't the link player that would fit in the 'hole' - so another round peg for a square hole.
Fully agree Coffer.We will have excellent attacking options next season, all we need now is a CB and possible DM though I think Denilson or Song can play that position quite well against any team we just need to cut out the silly mistakes at the back.
How you can say Eduardo and Rosicky won't be adding anything new to the team is beyond me.
I think the one thing lacking last season was a bit of attacking quality, so I can't agree with the first couple of posters. If I had 25 million to spend on this team, I'd spend 10 million on a defensive squad player like Vermaelen, and 15 million on another creative attacking player. If I only had 15 mill to spend, I'd buy the attacker over the defender. Arsenal won't win anything without the creative player, but if we're lucky with injuries, our first-choice centre-backs are good enough to do the job.
You are missing the point. They will be adding (back) only something we had and are currently missing because they are injured. They are not bringing anything "new". If your kids go away to university, then come home after a few years - is it like having new kids? no - it's like having your old kids back. I never said they don't bring anything to the table - only that they don't bring anything NEW to the table. Anyway - Rosicky and Eduardo can only bring what they have to the team if they are on the pitch. If Arshavin, Nasri and Walcott are fit - Rosicky won't get many games. If the lanky **** BarnDoor had the ebola virus, one leg and a 130m prosthetic tail that ensured he'd be flagged offside on ANY/EVERY attack - Wenger would still play him. Eduardo has more chance of playing wide left (where he'll be like a fish out of water and provide no cover for the LB) as he'll sit behind van Persie and Bendtner in pecking order to partner Ade. Conversely purchasing a Benzema or Aguero would (hopefully) push Ade into a taxi.. purchasing a Zhirkov (unlikely) would challenge Arshavin, Nasri and Walcott, purchasing a DM of any kind would push Song. These are signings that would bring something new to the team.. They aren't like new signings, they are old signings that are coming back after major injuries - probably not as good as they were.
I never mentioned Ade in this article. He will not be here. As for Eduardo and Rosicky, you are interpreting a metaphor as a literal statement. Of course they are already at the club but they did not feature last season.
Josh - we are missing a commanding goalscorer, but we're not lacking in attacking flair at all. for 2008/2009 Goals scored: Man Utd 68, Liverpool 77, Chelsea 68, Arsenal 68 Goals ceded: Man Utd 24, Liverpool 27, Cheslea 24, Arsenal 37 Chelsea have the same record as ManUtd in for/against, but the pts difference was 7. Conversely - we conceded 13 more goals than Man Utd and finished 18pts behind them. if you spent the 15M on an attacking player (with what that can buy you in todays market), we'd be just as screwed as we were this season, and they would be up against all the attacking players we already have + rosicky and eduardo. Clearly the deficiency is in DM and central defence. I don't subscribe to Wenger's penchant of amassing huge numbers of attacking players whilst forsaking defenders and def midfielders.
As for them not being the same player, you may be right on Rosicky, but Eduardo will be the same brilliant player he was. Watch Dudu's three goals from this season again. One was simply orgasmic.
EiNY (cool nick name?) Arsenal may have scored nearly as many, but we create a lot of chances and scoring four against a crap team on more occasions than others proves nothing. Arsenal SHOULD score more than anyone because of the way we are set up. I don't agree that it is about haveing an Ian Wright, but we need our strikers to be 10% more clinical. As for DM, any sane mind can work out that Denilson had a fantastic season and will only get better, whereas Walcott was distinctly average, as were any player's who played in our full back four at times (except Sagna).
Actually atm I'm based in Pittsburgh (bleagh!) does the acronym EiPB sound better ? I agree scoring 4 against Cloggers United and Real HoofIt doesn't mean we are comparable to ManUtd going forward. The point (once again) was to illustrate the defensive deficiency was much more glaring than the offensive one. I see you are a Denilson fan - and he seems to have the supporters split down the middle (probably quite rightly). I can't, for example understand how supporters can be split over Ade or Eboue. Ultimately I fall on the other side of the fence with regards to Denilson. Not that he is awful, just not what (I think) we need. I've always had a thing about having a strong, dominant spine - think Adams/Keown + Vieira/Petit + Henry/Bergkamp, then add 'flair' players on the wings Cole/Silvinho Pires/Overmars/Ljungberg - and we won things. Now picture Gallas/Toure + Fabregas/Denilson + van Persie/Adebeyor. How many steps backwards? When did Gallas/Toure come out of a game (even when they've kept a clean sheet) and you think to yourself - they totally dominated the opposition forwards. When Keane/Scholes or Gerard/Alonso bombed forwards and saw Vieira or Petit coming in - what did they do? they were forced into the pass. When you see Fabregas or Denilson inc what would you do? shimmy? laugh? accelerate?
I am a long term admirer of Arsene Wenger and his eye for a good footballer. He has built clubs up by bringing in many young players who he has turned into a winning team. But next season could be his biggest test. I think you guys are right to worry about the central midfield holding position. As a Manchester City fan I can say how relieved we are that Hughes brought Barry in. I'd much rather City came into Fourth spot by supplanting Chelsea or Manyoo -- but that could largely be down to how well you gooners do next season
Adebayor's become much more clinical this season, unfortunately he still has problems with the offside law, can't chip at all and keeps getting injured and being stupid and he may be going to the ACN next year. I think we do need a new winger, Arshavin's more of a second striker, Rosicky we can't afford to rely on whereas Diaby, Walcott and Eboue aren't good enough (Eboue's probably the best out of them because he combines well with Sagna much better than Walcott). I also think we need a central defender and a central midfielder. At the moment Ramsey's starting ahead of Diaby in the centre which shows that Diaby doesn't really have a future in that position (or anywhere at Arsenal IMO) and the trio of Fabregas, Song and Denilson isn't enough. Mahamadou Diarra would be perfect IMO, even though I accept it's unlikely we'll get him. I'm sure Wenger will make some Sagna/Eduardo like signings (as I was sure he would last year...).
According to Wenger we should be aiming for the title, but even with Rosicky and Eduardo being fit for most of the season I still think we'd fall a little short of winning the Premier League, without any additions or departures that is.
Gallas/Toure + Fabregas/Denilson + van Persie/Adebeyor compared to Adams/Keown + Vieira/Petit + Henry/Bergkamp - I think the biggest step backwards is within the first and last block of players, not the middle, and our current "flair" players on the wings are hardly in the same bracket either. Denilson - Fabregas is closest in my view. @ Sindbad, you are in for a shock if you think Barry is a holding midfielder. he may do it in the defensive setup for England, but he is Aston Villa's Lampard/Fabregas in many ways.
We are after that Chamakh according to the French journo Phillipe whatsisface.
Phillipe Auclair, Tom. // Re Ade - "and he may be going to the ACN next year" -- not if this continues: . This is the 3rd time Ade has had a bust-up with the national team manager.
Perhaps next time they 'throw him out' they could try it in a chopper somewhere above the San Andreas fault, with a 500lb lead weight handcuffed to his leg... that ought to do it
Jesus and you call Spurs fans deluded. Its not "an offense who matches any other in Europe" not a single player there would make the Barcelona team, or Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, dont even get me started on Real Madrid and what their "offence" will look like next year. A good team indeed, but youre getting a little carried away me thinks, its not 2003 and youre nowhere near as good as you used to be.
HuddersfieldYiddo, I honestly don't understand why you take such a keen interest in Arsenal but considering we scored 68 goals last season, the same number as Man Utd, I wouldn't say our attack's a lot worse, especially 'cos they've lost Ronaldo and we've got Eduardo and Rosicky coming back. Yeah it's not as good as Barca's attack but still one of the best in Europe. Oh and Arshavin would make it into Barca's team ahead of Henry).
HY is one of the few Spurs on Vital that I enjoy hearing from, but that doesn't mean I don't disagree with him. Like AF01 said, we scored a lot of goals this year despite missing key players for portions of the season. I think Eduardo will have a big year next year. If he can play for most of the season, I would wager on him scoring over 30 goals. And as I said in the article, with some key defensive acquisitions I think we could surprise everyone.
I still say we didn't score enough goals. Yes, the defence was let down by injuries and wasn't good enough over the course of the season, and yes, I think we need a new defender, but we also won't win anything without doing better in attack than we did this season. 5 0-0 draws don't lie. Improving the defence would have done nothing to add back those 10 points we dropped there, but improving the attack would have done. Oh, and you don't get much in today's transfer market for 15 million - unless you're Wenger. Arshavin?
Sure, both Rosicky and Eduardo have been at the club for a while now but neither had any consistent run in the team for any of us to really evaluate their impact, hence Wenger stating they would be like new signings. I agree that they would. I firmly believe that our offensive options are on par with the best in Europe, provided everyone is fit. Certainly our goal-scoring record suggests that we are on par with the best in the EPL. Our problems lie in defence and Wenger (and most of us) recognise this. Many moons ago when I used to play as a winger, if my defence was struggling, I had to help out at the back and this distracted me from my attacking role. I’m fairly sure that this happened to Arsenal last season and yet we still scored as many goals as we did.
Sir Henry
Englishman, you have clearly drifted way off the reservation. Is it cool to hate Wenger in New York or something? You talk about getting a new Henry or Bergkamp like you could pick one up down the local market, such players do not come around very often and when they do Real Madrid tend to pay kazillions of euros for them. Torres should have come to us, but their is no way we could have paid that kind of money for him. Ribery is another 'Arsenal' player, but we have no chance, indeed Ronaldo (the dancing chipmonk as opposed to Buddha) was once a serious prospect until Sir Red Nose got out the silly money for him. I for one believe we are very close to something quite special and I don't get frustrated that we haven't won anything in 4 years, why should I? I support the best club in the world. A club that nurtures and developes young talent and looks good doing it. You know what Real Madrid are? Cuckoo's. They don't have the patience or the guile to build thei own nest, so they go out and raid others. Wenger go to Madrid???? *****ing madness. Manager of the Real is a one year deal, you can win the league and still get the sack. What the hell is that all about. Arsenal fans who don't appreciate what the professor has done should ***** off and support Chelsea or some other team that buys instant success. Arsenal are the greatest club in the world and they are because Arsene made it so, think on that for a while.
Brice as I said in the forums, if what you put nicely in the article happened, I'm afrfaid I'd cry in joy, seriously! I almost did when Eduardo came back and scored. A lot of Gooners have forgotten this guy called Tomas Rosicky. I'm one of the very few who still believe he could come back. Even I can't see him playing as he used to do but I do hope so.
GunnerBlood, I've been off the reservation for years mate. It's not cool to hate AW in NY - but I (personally) think he's been around too long, he's too comfortable and is unquestioned - which I happen to think is a bad thing. I won't go into a long monologue about why, but I think it's quite clear that he has his favourites and always plays them, he doesn't substitute early when things are going hideously wrong, his selections are erratic (e.g. FA Cup Semi), tactically he is naive and only knows how to play all-out-attack. Finally - he is neglectful in re-stocking defence and defensive midfield but happy-clappy when buying more attacking central midfielders that he will play on the wing. (whoops some of the monologue slipped out).
GunnerBlood, I agree with almost everything you say apart from the bit about Wenger making Arsenal the greatest club in the world. He has played a huge part in Arsenal’s history and how the are currently perceived in the world, but to say that he is responsible for making Arsenal great is very unfair on the visionaries of Arsenal past such as Herbert Chapman.
Sir Henry
I'm not condoning the Madrid approach (I work in Banking), but as in all things in life - there are no absolutes. There is something to be taken/learnt from all approaches in life, and much as though (being of Asian extraction) I hate the concept that the asian market is there to be rap*ed, I see all the other big teams in europe doing so. By comparison we have a small market share out there. The club bemoan a lack of money, but they aren't prepared to do what it takes to garner a larger fan base worldwide. Neither the board nor Arsene Wenger are beyond reproach, they don't want to sell up completely to a billionaire (but it will happen shortly) but conversely they are not doing *everything* possible to have the club support itself, and by doing so are holding the club back. It's hard enough having to compete with Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man Utd/City financially - and although a theoretically noble ideal to try and do so under one's own steam, it's ultimately not going to work until a team salary cap is introduced or there are some incredibly stringent (and likely legally unimposable) laws about how much a club can spend in relation to it's *generated* revenue. Think about it - If we suddenly get another 70M a year from marketing in the Far East, reworked sponsorship and a re-finance of the loans on the flats built at the old THOF - City/ManUtd/Chelsea's billionaires can just raise the bar again. Yes only 11 players can take the field (whether they are Chelsea's nouveau rich or Welling Town 3rd eleven), but in order to bring in the best (squad, not just team) and keep them - silly money will soon be required. If Madrid offer 28M for Clichy - he'll go. If Barca offer 60M for Fab - he'll go. sad but true. The rules have changed and football has changed my friend, it's now a "sports entertainment franchise" and you have to be "in it, to win it". We won't be dining at the top table for long unless we adjust to cope with the competition.
And finally - no Thierry's and Bergkamp's aren't a dime a dozen at the local LIDL, but if you recall the 11M for Henry 10 years ago, 7.5M for Bergkamp 14 years ago were not exactly chump change at the time (11M for Wiltord, 15M for Reyes, 10M for Jeffers were high-ish sums for sub-top-quality). Sometimes you can't afford to unearth a gem and spend 6 years polishing it. Sometimes you need to go out and buy quality for your unpolished gems to learn from.
Ah, but therein lies another problem. Due to the fact that Wenger is so widely respected, if Arsenal do go in with big dollars for someone, the likes of Man City will just double the off, which comes back to my cuckoo metaphor. I know what you are saying about "sports entertainment franchise", but what the hell is wrong with remaining true to your footballing principles? Wenger is not King Canute hopelessly trying to beat back the waves, he is highly successful and despite not winning he has achieved greater consistency than any of the other top teams in Europe.
Eduardo will not score more than 30 goals next season even if he does play the whole season. I think two of our strikers could reach 20 but no one will get 30. Oh and GunnerBlood, stop reminding me of all the players Wenger has missed out on (Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Torres, Ribery, Yaya Toure, the list goes on...). Also, Real Madrid do have the guile to build their own players, in fact their youth system's quite a lot better than ours, but they're too impatient to actually use their own players and most of them, while good enough for clubs like Sevilla and Villarreal, are not good enough for Real Madrid (at least they deem it so anyway).
Basically, we should buy a centre back and a central midfielder both who are good enough and approaching or near their peak. Wenger isn't perfect as shown by some of his team selection and tactics over the last three years but he's still the right man for the job and he's taking steps to signing new players as shown by Vermaelen's apparently imminent arrival.
Gunnerblood concur could not agree more with this article. As for Englishman-in-NY I suspect it could be QO returning to talk bull.hit. If not it must be his American cousin. Goonerlou with you on Tommy. Sir Henry of Spurs sorry but the Boss is the best, and that's not being disrespectful to the great Herbert Chapman.
I'm enjoying this. Shame we can't do it over a pint in a beer garden somewhere. GunnerBlood (and how I agree, we should have bought Torres when we let Henry go - same summer, can you honestly believe that Henry's 16M + 10M from the kitty wouldn't have been worth a bid?), Of course Man City can trump us, but lets be realistic - if *at the moment whilst we are still a top4 club and in the ECL*, we went for say.. Yaya Toure - offered a sum that was acceptable to Barca and Man City also offered a lump, Toure would probably still come to us -------- Lets say we went for Dzeko (lesser known at the moment) or Sakho (great semi unknown player) or Melo - I think Man City would have their eyes on more appealing high reknown targets to the Billionaire Boys club. We can still make moves in the market - although the window where we can rely on our status to make up a little for the shortfall in financial clout is closing. The top top targets (Benzema, David Villa, Zhirkov, Pato) are unlikely to move to a team that isn't in the ECL, as they have their pick of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea who will pay them almost as much as City could, but much more in terms of silverware and prestige (we don't have much chance of landing these targets anyway).
And actually I was going to say (good call) to Josh23 that getting Arshavin for 15M was a steal and unlikely to happen often - but I just remembered another player that moved this close season that fit that bill. Yoann Gourcuff (of Milan, now of Bordeaux) who is pure quality - and I could never understand why Wenger didn't go for. Ultimately though - if we had 15M to blow - would I buy another Arshavin or beef up the defence/midfield - no question I would go for the latter.
Well, it's lucky we don't only have 15 million to spend, innit?:) Hopefully we'll see both attacking and defensive reinforcement this summer, as well as having some luck with players staying uninjured next season. With the right supply from midfield, Ade can get his mojo back and get 30 goals and 15 assists, Eduardo can get 20+ goals, and other people can chip in for 10+ each.
Little Dutch
LD - I read that article and didn't think much of it really
Yeah, that f365 writer is completely bat*****. Apparently Arsenal are the only large English club with transfer stories about their players. Definitely no stories about 80 million pound transfer fees in his alternate reality...
To try and base an argument, let alone a whole article, on something the Sun claimed is a complete waste of time.
Damn it, I hate when work interferes with my football analysis :-) I watched the Brazil v USA at the pretend World Cup and that guy Melo looks quite useful. One person who is probably quite upset by all the talk of our midfield lacking steel is Denilson, I mean seriously, what did that boy do wrong all year? Don't get me wrong, I would love another Vieira in there beside the Fab, but you do have to have a degree of sympathy with our young Brazillian, he was very consistant.
GB, I would argue that Fabregas is supposed to be our Vieira figure. the box-to-box attacking threat who wins tackles but also goes forward. Vieira had Gilberto or Petit, and even Melo himself plays with Giberto for Brazil. I also agree that it is unfair on Denilson, i think he would be much more within his right to say "I think Arsenal need a new center back, a new right winger because I have to defend that side as well as my own, a partner who helps me to defend and a clinical striker" - but he doesn't.
I know what you mean about Fabregas being our 'Vieira figure', but you can't really compare them. Vieira had ten times the physical presence, but Fab is an infinitely better passer of the ball. I do agree though, I don't think the problem is really in te middle, particularly when we get the wing mix right. Centre half is a far more pressing concern. Let's hope the new Belgian boy works out and if I hear one more crack about him not being tall enough . . . . anyone want a look inside Steve Bruce's medal drawer?
I wonder what Denilson must think of Cesc' comments that we've been lame in the DM position. The lad has worked his socks off and done a better job than Flamini, but is gettng no respect/recognition from the club captain. For once, I think Cesc has said something inappropriate.
Cesc also said that Ronaldo was the ONLY reason Man utd won the league over the last three years, the rest was luck. he also sees Xabi Alonso as a better partner than Denilson, and I guess he would want him to do all the dirty ork. The same Cesc fabregas who statistically defended slightly LESS this season, whilst thinking that Denilson and Song are not protecting him well enough.
Chamakh scored 13 goals last season. Is that supposed to be impressive? Why are we looking at strikers? We scored as many goals as Man Utd. Its the defence and 'goals against column' that's the problem. Specifically the lack of protection our back line gets from midfield. Wenger still hasn't addressed the fundamental weakness.
Wyn Mills
Just like "New Signing"! No! No! They're just Players returning to the 1st Team after being out due to injuries!! And us fans deep down know this, but some of us choose to look at it as "New Signings" as it makes us feel better, if Real New Signings aren't forth-coming.
Wyn, he did win the League you know. The equal top scorer in a team that WON the league.
Tom, as I said, goals scored are not our problem. We were comparable with our competitors last season. The more telling statistic was goals conceeded - the 1-1, 4-4 draws that we should have won. defence was a shambles at times. Get that right and we are challenging for top spot next season.
Wyn Mills
You can say that goals scored were not our problem, but we are setup to score more goals than any other team in the league, that is how this team will win league, by scoring more than the opposition. If we conceded less, we would still have lost the league because of 0-0 draws and a lack of decisive goalscoring. We win games 4-0 against nothing opposition which skews the scoring stats, I would rather win ever game 1-0, or beat everybody 4-3 than score 4 one game, 0 the next.
Both Utd and Chelsea scored just as many as we did. Difference was they let in fewer. Its a double edged sword though isn't it? There's no use scoring 4 goals if your defence lets in 4 the other end. That ain't gonna win you trophies. Admirers perhaps. Too many times last season I watched us fall behind early or score one goal and then fail to put the game out of reach, either through taking a foot off the gas or letting our opponents back into the game with woeful marking. These are defensive issues and if Wenger doesn't tackle them it won't matter how many hatricks Arshavin scores.
Wyn Mills
No, we didn't score enough and we conceded too many. We can score 4 in one, 5 in another and 3 ina nother, but we don't get the 1 when we need it.

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Flamini 0%
Cazorla 50%
Sánchez 8%
Giroud 0%
Welbeck 0%
Sub:-Coquelin 0%
Sub:-Campbell 0%
Sub:-Monreal 0%