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Thomas Vermaelen Signs For Arsenal

Thomas Vermaelen has signed for Arsenal from Dutch side Ajax in what must be one of the quickest Gooner signings in living memory.

This transfer story has only rumbled on for a couple of weeks, seemingly gathering credible pace almost every day as opposed to the usual random bollocks we are accustomed to.

The Belgian defender had claimed only a couple of days ago that he was due to have a medical with The Arsenal today, and he didn't disappoint. The 23 year old signed on a long term contract for the usual undisclosed fee.

Arsene Wenger was delighted with his latest acquisition 'Thomas is a great signing for Arsenal Football Club, and we are all delighted that he is joining us. Thomas is a solid performer with good experience of Champions League and UEFA Cup football and is also a regular with the Belgium national team.'

An Arsenal signing in June? Somebody pinch me.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday June 19 2009

Time: 4:43PM

Your Comments

That was pretty weird, I was on the Arsenal website looking at another article and the signing hadn't been announced on NewsNow, then when I looked at their list of articles it showed "Vermaelen signs for Arsenal".
hopefully, he'll be our vidic and forge a solid partnership with gallas (yes, he must stay with us)
I'm sure everyone will be glad to know he's one centimeter shorter than Gallas and Toure (unless took the half-arsed approach of averaging 5 ft 11 and 6 ft 1).
Good signing. As usual Wenger brings in talent tidily and without fuss.
Hopefully Silvestre will be the one making way, not Gallas or Toure. Senderos will probably go some way to funding this purchase, considering he's said he doesn't want to stay.
Tom14 So much for that one.
Oh and in my earlier post I should've written 'centimetre' (not centimeter), I knew I shouldn't have trusted the American spell-checker.
Just glad we've got a signing under our belt but have always been confident that Arsene was going to move quickly with this one and others. I think Toure could be leaving because I don't see Gallas leaving unless he's gonna be on the sort of wages he's getting at Arsenal - and where else can he get that at this stage of his career?
Wenger said Vermaelen can play at left back, possible indication of Gibbs going on loan?
af1 what rot Gibbs going on loan, you have got to be joking.
Some people try and think out of the box without realising how utterly stupid it sounds.
For once he's bought early, giving the player time to sort out accommodation and get somewhat settled before his summer holiday and before pre-season (imho this is SO vital, and previous last-minute deals have meant it took months longer to acclimatize for those players) - so good on Wenger for doing that. Without wanting to pour cold water on what will potentially (and I hope) be a great coup, I've been checking to see what the Ajax fans think of their captain departing for Arsenal - and most seem to think Ajax got the better of the deal (I'd be interested to know the opinion from any VitalArsenal readers that live in Holland or follow the Dutch leagues). I must say - I had always thought he would have snapped up Vincent Kompany if he was going to go for a young Belgian defender (and a steal at 6M from Hamburg). Of the other rumoured defenders (Bassong, Sakho and Hangeland) - I would happily take Sakho or Hangeland, and think that Bassong could probably do a pretty good job too. I hope there is some mileage in the Melo rumours (as I don't think Mahamadou Diarra or Yaya Toure will be available on our resources). He seems a tall, elegant competitor - a bit like a more slender Gilberto but with a bit more of a player in him. Finally - I'd like to see Adebeyor out asap and a new goalscoring onside forward come in. Chances of 3 signings before July ? I can hope eh ?
You should know eh Tom! ;)
ill take it Senderos is not returning, what does this mean for Kolo, Johan, Billy and Silvestre - hopefully Silvestre will be put down, but i dont want to see Billy or Kolo go
good signing he will prove that hieght is not everything as long as he is willing to put his head in EiNY, rosicky signed for us in early june, and melo is much more expensive he went to viola for about 15 M euro while i think diarra would be around 10 Million, i would be happy if we buy DM and start the season right away
Gooner SA
I know full well Rocky, but I am more right than wrong... :D
Is it me, or is he Heterochromatic (from the pics on the AFC website) ? I wonder if the press will leap upon this (if true) as a reason why he might be a substandard defender...
eh, I am not sure pigmentation issues have ever been cited as a reason for poor defending. Can you just hear Alan Hansen "look at this, this is appalling, the defender has completely lost his man and the distribution of his melanin is very poor"
The press can leap on whetever they like, they are wrong 90% of the time anyway. If you read the press every day, you would think that Michale Owen was actually a decent player.
Watching Michael Owen is like watching a once proud greyhound hobble around on 3 legs. If pace is all you got . . .
To be fair, I have heard of Gibbs talking about being open to a loan spell next year. I don't think he will, but it's not a ridiculous suggestion. I hope this sets the tone, I think we need all signings in by the time we go to Austria, we've made the same mistakes for the last few years by waiting to get our squad in. This year we need it in and settled by the time we goto Goodison. Frankly, I'd be happy if I felt transfer deadline day had little or nothing to do with us come the morning of August 31st.
Little Dutch
Well that would appear to be a very clear message to one of your own-- Toure. he wasn't too keen about the situation and fall out with Gallas, but now that you've brought in a replacement I expect he'll be a City player before long. Pity, I wanted us to buy Gallas, but that's football.
"Is it me, or is he Heterochromatic (from the pics on the AFC website) ? I wonder if the press will leap upon this (if true) as a reason why he might be a substandard defender..." This is quite possibly the most retarded post I have ever read, on any forum, on any topic.
Ld would have agreed with you before he started to settle into the team with Gael going out injured, but are you telling me someone who wants to play for arsenal and having now shown real promise is going to say okay I'll go out on loan; that my friend is bloody ridiculous. The aim of all players is to play for the first team go out on loan and nine times out of ten bye bye. Out of interest how many players have willingly gone out on loan and how many players have come back in the first team? Ask Nick etc all he could moan about was to be in the first team. The suggestion of Gibbs going out on loan, or even asking to go out on loan now is bizarre to say the least. What benefit would he get, or us get; none.
alwaysgunner Like I say, I don't think he will and I think he could enable Clichy to have a breather every now and then. We know we can trust him in the big games, so I see no reason why he shouldn't step in for Gael and Wenger can stop burning Clichy out as he did last season.
Little Dutch
Clichy hardly needs a breather next season, esp with him missing the last few months of the campaig. He will be relaxed and raring to go. I doubt Gibbs will get any chance, except for the Carling Cup, and if Wenger has Silvestre (if he decides to retain him) and Vermaelen to back up Clichy, it opens the door for Gibbs to go out on loan. I would like to see that for the 1st half of next season and I'd like Gibbs back for the closing stages, coz numbers are always useful given the injuries we have.
and what of young Armand Traore? Apart from his positioning, he looked more than capable of giving Clichy a breather. I'd be gutted if he'd leave without being given another look.
Traore has been poo at Pompey, he is a left midfielder.
Clichy was carrying his back injury for 12 months, the injury that ended his season was a result of wear and tear and constant football for the last three years. Same with Cesc, he picked up three knee injuries this season and that's not a coincidence. Wenger needs to learn to rotate on occasion as Ferguson does with such great success. It shows me he doesn't trust his squad players.
Little Dutch
Its quite disheartening to see some posters calling for toure to be sold. toure has been a very good & loyal servant of the club. Granted his form dropped at some point last season but he later picked up. How many yrs of top flight football does gallas have left in him. Arsenal cannot afford to lose more players at more especially at the back
It'd be better if both Toure and Gallas stayed but it'd be hard to refuse an offer of 12m+ for Toure.
Gallas has two years of top world class football, we can get four years of decent defending from Toure imo.
I don't think he would, or should go out on loan, but it's not impossible at all. Last pre-season, I would have thought Traore would have made for an able, although not perfect, deputy for Clichy - more so than Silvestre anyhow. However, Wenger loaned out Traore, and bought in Silvestre, saying, similarly to here, that 'he can also operate at left back'. I would prefer Gibbs to stay and progress here while giving Clichy the option of a break and maintaining Arsenal's ability to let full-backs go forward, but if Wenger would rather give Gibbs a more stern test at another club and let Vermaelen or Traore (if he stays) deputise for Clichy I wouldn't be overly shocked.
Selling Toure for Vermaelen? Yea you sell a proven premier league CB and your BEST CB. That'd be real helpful. But then again, Song and Djourou will provide excellent cover! Especially during those tough CL away matches.
I hope we don't lose Toure, we need to keep hold of our experienced players. I don't understand why we need to sell to finance this transfer, we're in the champions league again and it's not like we've been profligate with our spending in recent years. Obviously we can't spend like Chelsea or MU with our stadium repayments but we should be able to buy a couple of decent players without selling any of our better players.
Also I would much prefer to keep Gibbs as Clichy's deputy than Traore, he seems a lot better defensively.
I'd prefer Gibbs to stay as he's a good left winger as well (even though Wenger won't play him in that position) as being an able deputy for Clichy (I think he's performed slightly better than Clichy actually) and Toure is not our best CB (easily Gallas), but he's still pretty good and has certainly improved since the turn of the year. We'd need to buy another CB if we sold Toure IMO.
mahamadou diarra or Thomas Hitelspurger for you DM position?
Yeah, Now we can Talk about a "New Signing"! Brilliant to see that we've brought someone in nice a early, i hope that this could mean bye bye to Silvestre as suggest by ArsenalFan01. I also agree with Little Dutch regarding Arsene using more of a rotation system to stop all these "stress and strain" injuries. So Welcome to The Arsenal, Thomas.
Arsene Knows... :)
Way to start Thomas: :-P
We are top of the league!!!!
I am sorry Forever Untied, did you make some remark about us selling our best players? Mind you don't hit Ronaldo and Tevez with flying glass in that greenhouse.
GunnerBlood Do you think Arsene had a chat with him?
I imagine he realised himself that his performances are not consistant enough hence him not securing a regular spot. Both Song & Denilson were prefered to him in the central position. That and us being linked with central MF players i would assume this was his last year to prove himself or be shipped out.
I don't think Arsene needed to have a chat with him. Diaby probably already knew the importance of next season for himself. It's good to hear that he is looking to make those couple of needed steps forward.
LD: "Clichy was carrying his back injury for 12 months, the injury that ended his season was a result of wear and tear and constant football for the last three years. Same with Cesc, he picked up three knee injuries this season and that's not a coincidence. Wenger needs to learn to rotate on occasion as Ferguson does with such great success. It shows me he doesn't trust his squad players." Sorry to repeat LD's entire post but I just wanted to emphasize how much I feel this is such an important point re AW's management -- he consistently runs players into the ground until they looked thoroughly jaded and ineffective. They look like pale shadows. We have one of the sport's finest, most visionary, creative midfielders and last season he looked invisible -- all due to AW's refusal to rest him. Even in the last 10-15 mins. of games we'd already won, AW refused to substitute him.
Welcome to Vermaelen, glad to see him at the club. ForverU, I certainly don't want to see Kolo or Gallas go but the simple fact is it may not be AW's choice. I don't think he wants to see either one of them go but they may be forcing his hand due to their own stated desires. The transfer speculation that has me jumping up and down is Felipe Melo. I've been watching Dunga use him more and more in our national team to the extent that he is now a regular starter, and I watched him at Fiorentina all last season. One of my biggest complaints about this Arsenal team is that they're too damned nice -- well, if we get Melo, be prepared for the hate Arsenal meme to be ratcheted up by the media and rival fans. The guy is very mean and he's made attackers in Serie A reluctant to face him. The one hope I see re his discipline is that Dunga has seriously reined him in -- in fact, Dunga's worked hard on the discipline of his entire team. Felipe doesn't get booked in the national team as much as he does at his club. So it's possible to make him curb his worst instincts. With that in mind, I'd love to see him at Arsenal. He's a fantastic DM, Fiorentina's best player all season long (they finished 4th in Serie A largely due to him).
I actually think Mutu was their best player for most of the season before he got injured.
Mutu shouldn`t even be playing. Damn junkie.
If thats the case then neither should another 10 percent of all players.
I only care about the ones who us millons. ;p
owe +
k_chelski,17033,8746_5395347,00.html I read this with "Flamini v Denilson" in my head.
Little Dutch
Great article, and I agree with the Man Utd point made within it.
To GunnerBlood, Tom14 & Elbondo - 'just to clarify' - the eye pigmentation comment was (I thought, clearly) a joke. It was a tongue-in-cheek jibe at the newspapers trying to find some way to diminish the worthyness of our new signing by claiming 5'11" is too short (despite a plethora of evidence readily to hand exemplifying sub 6' great defenders). And he's 6'1" anyway. Sadly - the inference was lost on you, I should have perhaps made it more obvious.
A little ";-)" would have gone a long way :D
fair point ;-P

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