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Adebayor - Here We Go Again

The summer of 2008 saw Arsenal favorite, Emmanuel Adebayor lose the support of many Gooners with his flirtatious off-season antics. It now appears that those broken bridges will disintegrate completely in the coming months as Adebayor's agent, Stephane Courbis, claims an 'important club' have made contact with intentions of signing the leggy striker.

Courbis spent his summer last year pimping his charge out to AC Milan, and now it appears his summer holiday's aren't going to be much different in 2009.

'As of today, I have not even got evidence to speak of presumed interest from Chelsea and Manchester United, it's a given fact that Carlo Ancelotti likes the player seeing that last year he tried to sign him for Milan, although Chelsea have not contacted us.' said Ade's agent

'We have not received any calls, not from Milan or Ancelotti. Another team has contacted us, but I cannot say anything, it's a very important team. There has not been any meeting with Milan for Adebayor and lately I have not received a call on their behalf.'

'This doesn't mean Ade is for sale to resolve Arsenal's economic problems. I spoke with Arsene Wenger this morning and he told me nothing of the kind.'

Let the games begin.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday June 24 2009

Time: 8:51AM

Your Comments

In fairness, most agents say the same about their players. Essien's agent said it yesterday, Eboue's agent's quotes were sickening, "WE have been offered a new deal." WE? We? I don't think YOU were offered anything mate. Then his agent goes on to say, "if someone good comes in, he'll go." Arshavin's agent has also been a bellend. It's just that time of year. I'd like to see all agents lined up and shot really.
Little Dutch
Wow, I'm surprised it's taken this long?! For Adebayor's agent to start trying to pimp out his player, as he knows Ade can't get another Pay rise out of The Arsenal after his client's poor goal return for the 08/09 season. So let just sit back and see how much we can get for Ade, and This time LET'S TAKE THE MONEY and jog to the bank with it!
To be fair it's not Adebayor talking here, so doesn't add anything to my hostility towards him - tha Man Utd things a bit far fetched though aint it? And he seems to speaking matter-of-factly that we ARE in financial difficulties.
Pimp my footballer! wow that would be fun, check out this Adebayor, weve added a left foot that works, workrate and some universal badge kissing. Remember all those missed chances with the old Adebayor? weve added full internet and 10 inch screen to the back off his shirt that shows nothing but his youtube clips to wipe away those nasty memories.
We've also added state of the art technology to his calves. Every time Adebayor strays offside, an electric charge will be sent through his body, causing him to jump back ten yards. Premiership linesmen have welcomed the move, claiming it should decrease their workload by about 30% next season.
Little Dutch
I could be Denilson's agent...
If he needs a lift to the airport........ I'm available!
Lined and up shot, yes, but only after spending some time in Gitmo. Miserable mofos. I've wondered when the Ade speculation would start, took longer than I expected. This transfer (if it happens) looks to be a sticky one. First there's Chelsea. Ancelotti was very impressed with Ade after we eliminated Milan from the CL and (supposedly) would like to bring him to Chelsea. But do Abramovich and the football staff at Chelsea share Ancelotti's admiration for Ade? I don't think they do. Have they put him off the idea? Don't think Chelsea fans want him. And Arsenal certainly don't want to sell him to a big club rival. Then there's the question of how many clubs are actually interested in him and if so, how much are they willing to pony up for him? There's less interest in him now. If the media stories are true (big assumption, yes), then AW's trying to sell Ade and bring in Bordeaux's Chamakh (who's a decent player with a great attitude but even less clinical than Ade--tho he does know the offside rule). It may be that AW won't be able to get rid of Ade and we'll be stuck paying his high wages next season.
Have you guys seen this latest piece from Martin Samuel about Cesc:
A good piece, as ever from Samuel, even if a little far fetched in my opinion
NavyDave: I'd fly back from the States to drive Ade to the Airport..
I really, really hope he goes. For the agent to say that selling Ade would be primarily to resolve Arsenal's economic problems is such bs Agent spin. The fans want him out, AW wants him out, Ade wants out. He is persona non grata, a lazy, offside, tosspot mercenary that has gotten too big for his boots. Chamakh isn't the answer, so I hope that there's no fire from that smoke. I'm sure that from the sale of Ade we could go and purchase a player like Huntelaar, Dzeko (who might come when negotiations with Milan break down) etc. With a little extra cash - we might even be able to go for Benzema (well worth it imho).
E-i-N..take is easy some of these fellows arnt actually as good as Adebayor and not much better than what we have already...its his fault he cant reign in his agent..i dont think Wenger would mind much if he goes but methinks a commited Ade is a good option especially when going for a Plan Dzeko/Huntelaar better than RVP/Edu/Bendtner..i dont think so. Good piece from Samuel? its the first time I have read him draw conclusion based on hearsay...the points he makes are valid tho.
check this out..Myle Palmer is a bit drunk today -,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=1306&cntnt01origid=30&cntnt01returnid=42
n14, whether or not Arsene is really considering selling Cesc, the more important point to me is something the Samuel points to, namely AW's experiment with Cesc last season. Just exactly what does AW plan for Cesc? Is Cesc now to be a support striker? Why did AW persist with this experiment? What is he trying to do with Cesc? Can Cesc succeed in that position? That’s the point Samuel brings out that supports any speculation about AW’s changing view of Cesc. I think that experiment hurt Cesc’s effectiveness and canceled out his talents. So if AW no longer sees him as our midfield general, and Cesc cannot perform effectively or consistently as a support striker, what does AW do with him? BTW, Cesc has been playing as a support striker at the Confed Cup in S. Africa. But in that team he’s surrounded by the likes of Xavi, Torres and Busquets.
n14, just read Pyles' piece: sounds like he's on crack.
Myles has always been on crack. "And that was when I dreamed up an ANR piece called The Titanium Man. I never put it on the website because I never got round to writing it, except in my head." Haha, tosser.
'Another team has contacted us, but I cannot say anything' - Then why are you releasing this press statement, you just did say it you pr*ck. Typical agent-speak.
Big flaw in Myles' piece. David Dein didn't want the stadium. Kind of common knowledge. Obviously common knowledge that hasn't reached his uber connected Arsene underworld. The****.
Little Dutch
IMO, we should stop slating Ade until we have sold him or bought a better striker. If we are stuck with him next season, hopefully he will perform better and score more goals to make up for the poor performances last season. I hope Bendtner will do very well, well enough to take over Ade's place.
Adebayor looks like a depressed Drogba lol.
"I'm a giant who can stand on the centre-spot at Highbury and slowly lean over backwards so that my hands and head are on the centre-spot at Ashburton Grove, and all of you, all you 150,000 Arsenal supporters, all you staff, all you directors ( especially those who inherited their season-tickets) can walk up my legs and over my body and climb down my upside-down arms into the promised land of a spectacular 21st century sports arena"
Here's what we'll do, we sell Ade and use the money to buy Huntelaar and that french fella, swap Toure for Ritchards and sell gallas to milan buy that other french fella for CB loan out Benthner to Pest Ham and borrow Owen from that championship team, then we swap Eboue for Kaka and sell Huntelaar to Barca take Iniesta on loan for next season and buy Gerrard to take over from Almunia and we'll be all sorted for next season
Armory, I thought you had a good idea until you recommended we swap Eboue for Kaka, how dare you belittle our God like that.
if ever there's one pre-season transfer rumours to be true, i hope it is this one. at least imo we can be sure that the average offside we concede per match would be lowered and the team's overall commitment level would be improved
'This doesn't mean Ade is for sale to resolve Arsenal's economic problems. I spoke with Arsene Wenger this morning and he told me nothing of the kind.' WHAT THIS MEANS IS THAT ADE IS FOR SALE TO RESOLVE ARSENAL'S FOOTBALLING PROBLEMS!
I would hope this crap from the sun is just that crap;; nevertheless some of the comments do seem to ring true. Notwithstanding he would hardly have been pleased with Spain's performance against the US. It seemed to be like our side on a few occasions plenty of the possession but no goals. I await for the denial.
They are chosen quotes from a longer interview he did with AS. They asked him the direct question, Would your family mind if your played for Madrid? To which he answered No, they would be happy with what ever move i made as long as i am happy. That does not mean he is on his way to Madrid. He used the word Impotent in spanish to talk of the lack of trophies in the last 4 years and not about the club as a whole. The whole story is boring
I saw Arshavin today and he told me he has a nasty cold and a blocked up nose. I took it to mean that Arsenal were like a big bogey and are trying to block a proposed move away from the emirates.
What a piece of ***** of a life it must be to be a sports journalist, all you've gotta do is paraphrase (with no real comeback) and you get to travel the world doing it - effin joke.
I read on another blog from a Spanish Arsenal fan that Cesc actually said the word "important" not "impotent." Who knows what's true. Also the guy at arsenalinsider contacted a source in Spain who reported "CESC FABREGAS WAS CONDUCTING A Q&A ON TUESDAY TO A SPANISH NEWS AGENCY - EFA(the equivalent of our Press Association) IN A WIDE RANGING SERIES OF QUESTIONS, HE MENTIONED THAT ONE DAY HE WOULD RETURN TO SPAIN. HE DID NOT ACCUSE THE CLUB OF THE THINGS ATTRIBUTED TO HIM IN THE SUN. HE IS CONSIDERING WHETHER OR NOT TO MAKE YET ANOTHER DENIAL ON BEHALF OF THE FANS. AS HE FINDS THIS RATHER ANNOYING TO HAVE TO REPEATEDLY CORRECT MISCHIEVOUS MISTRANSLATIONS." Again, who knows -- unless you were actually there at the Q&A. Sounds like more media *****-stirring.
The other thing is this ignorance of the subtleties of translation. "Impotente" in Spanish doesn't sound quite as brusque and insulting as it does in English. In English it sounds so much stronger and stark than it does in Spanish.
That reminds me of the Simpson episode when Homer says 'I am bald and important' when asked to promote an impotency product that also helps with hair loss
Also have heard that those quotes from Cesc came from two separate interviews spliced by Marca. And it's very interesting that the original Sun translation ommitted this part: Q: But you can live without Wenger? Do you bind your future to his for always? A: If he will not have to go, nor vice versa. He is a very important person, whom I consider a second father. He has helped and trained me. He has made me captain of Arsenal at 22 years. He has given me everything. As a person I rate him as a ten and I respect, appreciate and follow his advice because he transmits confidence. He is a coach is yet someone you can talk to if you have a family problem. I admire him, but each has his life and look for your interest.
I could cut and paste together bits of anyones forumn messages on here to make you look racist, sexist, raving homosexual or a trained chimp which is why i ignore any quotes published by the sun, marca, news of the world, ANR etc etc
Although none of us believed it Fabregas has now come out with an official announcement to say he is fully commited, wants to win things with this club blah blah blah. I am as bored typing this as he is having to rubbish the rumours. One day he will go back home no doubt but hopefully after 3 or 4 years at least playing his best football and winning stuff with The Arsenal.
Although none of us believed it Fabregas has now come out with an official announcement to say he is fully commited, wants to win things with this club blah blah blah. I am as bored typing this as he is having to rubbish the rumours. One day he will go back home no doubt but hopefully after 3 or 4 years at least playing his best football and winning stuff with The Arsenal.
I think we should cash in, Denilson's better than him anyway
forget Denilson, as long as we have Eboue the goal machine, we'll be fine.
The quotes were correct according to a genuine translation.
a couple years ago i though we should cash in on cesc and play gilberto/diaby in the middle...theres a reason im not the boss of Arsenal football be fair tho it was prior to diaby going completely gash
"Theres an important team" why the ***** would Spurs want your rejects.
I dunno, you didn't seem to mind giving David Bentley some shelter........
Little Dutch
clichy just signed for ac milan.... keiran gibbs ready?
YEah ok mate. Jog on
Hey, I am an idiot... GOD!
"Theres an important team" why the ***** would Spurs want your rejects. TeddyLyon - We were just discussing that, what he meant was "impotent team" In which case you are right it must of been Spurs.
Spurs are only important to beer company Carling.
An agent on Talky Sporty said that Ade will leave for around 20-25 mil to a Milan club.
And Galibaldi comes out and says they are in talks - great success!
If his agent said, "But I cannot say anything", then why did he mention another club in the first place? Hang on to him. Eventually he'll get broken into submission- just look at Drogba.
There's reports that Wenger as had talks regarding Adebayor's transfer! Let's hope that things go very quickly and we get a large wedge of money for him. Adebye Adebye Adebye!
You need to get rid of players who are going to destabilise the club every single summer no matter how good they are. We got rid of Ronaldo and Tevez and we finally now have players who all want to play for us. It's the best way to move forward imo.
Why don't you just sell him and get past this? Every window he is going. It really is quite boring now.

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