Arsenal - Victory through harmony if we can get it right
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Victory through harmony if we can get it right

After the Bolton game early in the season a team meeting handout listing motivational points from Wenger was left for a hotel worker to collect and release to the press. It was relatively standard motivational stuff but its key theme was 'A team is as strong as the relationships within it.` Far too many of those relationships broke down last season.

After the inaugural Emirates Cup win against Inter two seasons back van Persie was in positive mood about the clubs prospects for the coming season:

"It was quite funny because during the game Cesc and I were smiling at each other because we liked the fact that we were playing so well. Everyone was smiling during the game. If we play the same way or even less, we will have a big chance at least to fight for the title" he said at the time.

It was a difficult period for the club following the departure of Henry and an acrimonious boardroom split resulting in Dein going. Yet the season confounded many with Arsenal challenging for a good two thirds of the season for a title they perhaps should have won. Curiously Henry`s departure seemed, in part, to help create a positive atmosphere and a team bond that they carried into that season.

By contrast it never really happened for us last season. A pre-season schedule that didn`t include Cesc, van Persie, Eduardo, Rosicky or Toure gave its own problems but psychologically the team wasn`t in the right place either. Wenger admitted as much later in the season as he reflected on what went wrong "I perhaps made the mistake of underestimating the ill-fated effects of last season and notably the loss of the title" he explained. In between, the fall out culminating in the removal of Gallas as club captain was both a cause and a consequence of the lack of positive atmosphere at the club at the time.

This theme of confidence was something that Wenger returned to at a shareholders meeting after the season`s end. "We have had negative vibes around the team. It is very hard work to keep the confidence and energy demands because we had to support the team against the odds."

That confidence plays a key role in any sporting triumph is not in any serious doubt but controlling or influencing that confidence is less straightforward. Some players are naturally confident. To the extent of arrogance in some but while self confidence is one thing confidence in those around you in a team game is another. It depends on someone or something reinforcing that confidence in your mind and of those of your team mates - especially the younger ones.

Speaking again more recently Robin van Persie gave some insight into how Wenger goes about the task on matchdays. "Wenger is interested in other sports, other leaders. In his team talk before a match he'll always quote someone new, Obama one time, basketball star Michael Jordan the next, then tennis player Justine Henin." It`s a cerebral approach to an event that more often has stereotypical images of flying tea cups and hairdryers associated with it. But it works if the audience is in the right frame of mind.

That frame of mind though is to a large extent affected by factors not solely to do with team itself. Part of the problem that Wenger has is in controlling the negative vibes he referred to which made his job so much harder this season. Undoubtedly the clubs failure to sign a player, having to some extent raised those expectations themselves, contributed to the negative atmosphere of last season which really took hold when early season results seemed to confirm fans worst fears. For Wenger to avoid the difficulties of dealing with the negativity that he has complained of next season the club needs to handle this summer better than last.

So far things do seem a little different this time around. There is more of an air of 'taking care of business' about the place than the perceived stumbling and prevarication of last season. An early signing, a positive indicator, has already been made following on from the capture of Arshavin a few months back. The boardroom seems in better shape with Gazidis and Kroenke adding a more professional air to the gentlemen`s club atmosphere of the past. A factor Wenger acknowledged a few days ago.

"We are starting to notice the differences he [Gazidis] is making at the club," said Wenger. "Everyone with a big responsibility like that has a different personality which they bring to the job, and he is making a few changes."

Controlling those negative vibes doesn`t sit solely on Wenger`s shoulders as it did last year.

Though another signing might still be anticipated, even if there aren`t any then provided there aren`t any high profile departures the club might expect to go into the next season with more positivity than last. If a senior player is to leave this summer then the club seems to be managing the process with less protracted angst and greater control than surrounded the departure of Flamini and the courting of Adebayor. The structure of the club around Wenger looks stronger and the team should benefit greatly from that. Maybe the club has come to realise that dispelling last season`s negative vibes does demand positive action.

Seeing a few more smiles on players` faces such as Robin and Cesc shared a couple of seasons back will tell us if we are going the right way.

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The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 2 2009

Time: 8:03AM

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'What they have done in a negative environment shows what they can do' That's very true, although that negative environment was fostered by both the manager, players and the club, aswell as the fans. You always get the undertone that Wenger and the board are happy to lay the blame for anything negative at the door of the supporters. it's not something that really grates me, but that is the feeling I get whenever there is a press conference or statement released.
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02/07/2009 08:14:00

This is something I have noticed this summer, Clichy, Sagna and Fabregas all got on the record of the official site within 24 hours of transfer rumours. I think the club have seen what happened with the likes of Adebayor and Gallas and decided to nip any lingering negativity in the bud early on. I too have noticed on this forum and others a little more positivity over the coming season despite the fact that, as it stands, the team has changed very little. GK made a point yesterday that Gallas denying he was moving was the first interview I think he's given since his injury and I can't think that's a coincidence either. The removal of the flag ban too was a step towards the supporters in a small way and I think the fact the club are making moves to prevent the negativity shows that it did effect them last year. It might seem trivial to some, but next season I want to see more players showing a bit of gratitude by applauding the fans rather than just trudging off. Even if it is just a token gesture, it comes down to manners and I think some players manners have let them down this season. The positivity might also emanate from the signing of Arshavin, whom many expect to make a big difference to the team. I just hope he can take some of the strain off Fabregas.
Little Dutch
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02/07/2009 08:37:00

LD he'll make a difference alright but I,m looking more to players like Sagna, Clicy and Rociky to take on some of the leadership role so to give Cesc some help. I,m not to worried if we don't get more player's in, only change I would do is to get rid of Adebayor as he does look like his heart isn't in it anymore wich is a shame because when fully committed he gives us something different.
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02/07/2009 08:51:00

LD he'll make a difference alright but I,m looking more to players like Sagna, Clicy and Rociky to take on some of the leadership role so to give Cesc some help. I,m not to worried if we don't get more player's in, only change I would do is to get rid of Adebayor as he does look like his heart isn't in it anymore wich is a shame because when fully committed he gives us something different.
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02/07/2009 08:51:00

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02/07/2009 08:53:00

It's also worth pointing out that, by contrast, it will be very interesting to see how United deal with their summer. I don't think they'll fall apart by any means, but by losing Ronaldo and Tevez and failing to land Benzema, Ferguson has to completely restructure his attack at the age of 67 when it looked as though he had built his last team. There's a chance United could face the same negativity if their summer carries on in this fashion.
Little Dutch
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02/07/2009 09:01:00

IF they land Ribery too, what an awesome attack that could be. Ribery & Ronaldo on either Wing, Benzema up front with Kaka sitting behind & possibly Alonso pulling the strings from CM. Also some of their players should be up for grabs. The likes of Van de Vaart, Sneijder, Van Nistelrooy, Huntelaar, Higuain, Gago, Robben could all be surplus to requirment. Dont know if any of those players could interest us>?
Report Abuse
02/07/2009 09:53:00

Possibly Mahamadou Diarra?
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02/07/2009 09:54:00

I heard that Lassana Diarra kid is pretty good.
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02/07/2009 10:09:00

I heard he has a dolphin shaped head
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02/07/2009 13:06:00

Great article, Amos. Have you all noticed that the big money boys in England can't get any big names to come to them? Cronaldo wanted to leave MUtd last summer and finally got his wish this year. Chelsea, MUtd, Man City have all failed to bag Kaka, Villa and Benzema -- and so far neither Ribery nor Eto'o seem interested in coming to England. Eto'o apparently wants to stay at Barca while the only club Ribery seems interested in is Madrid, tho Bayern are fighting to keep him. (And Milan can't pry Dzeko from Wolfsburg, he's just declared he'll stay there). Melo preferred to stay in Italy and I don't believe Luis Fabiano is interested in coming to England either. The only "big name" interested in England is Tevez, who's already settled there. I'm trying to absorb what Madrid will look like next season, it's too much to even think about. Cronaldo, Kaka, Benzema -- and possibly Ribery! *shakes head*
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02/07/2009 16:01:00

On paper it does look frightening Jaelle. But let us also look at the last bunch of galaticos who failed to win trophies in for 3 years. Zidane, Figo, Beckham, Carlos, Ronaldo
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02/07/2009 16:14:00

Yeah but they DID win those trophies initially, last one was in 2003. Too many people forget that initially the galacticos were absolutely brilliant, beautiful to watch. I personally loved them then, incredible football. I have dvds of some of the best galactico games with Zidane, Ronaldo, Beto Carlos, Figo in thei pomp. But then they sold Makelele and brought in Beckham. They fired del Bosque. Went downhill after that.
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02/07/2009 17:37:00

I simply fail to see how these signings address their biggest problems last year- the defence. How would any of those players have stopped Gerrard, Torres, Messi and Eto'o going loco on their defence last year? Put in the fact that Pellegrini can't choose the team and that Raul isliterally not allowed to be dropped, that means one of Benzema, Ronaldo or Kaka has to make way- that's a couple of big egos about to be destroyed. It will simply not work. Add in the fact that the chemistry between Xavi, Iniesta, Henry, Messi and Eto'o is well established, at best Madrid can only hope to equal it- and even that's far fetched.
Little Dutch
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02/07/2009 17:46:00

I've been waiting to see if Perez has learned anything from the first galactico experiment and will address the defensive issues. I'm just watching the whole thing with weird curiosity -- to see if he learned absolutely nothing. It's such a farcical spectacle. My thought has been about Pellegrini -- how the hell does he deal with such a team?
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02/07/2009 18:13:00

They did buy Raul Albiol who on their website is meant to be one of the best CBS in the world
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02/07/2009 18:42:00

And they sold Cannavaro, Pepe's banned for the first seven or eight matches.
Little Dutch
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02/07/2009 19:02:00

he should ba banned for longer
Report Abuse
02/07/2009 19:07:00

'we're gonna score one more than you' ?
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02/07/2009 19:59:00

jaelle is right, they were sublime for 2years. Barcas Rijkaard team were only sublime for 2 years, but Real will have to play at least 2 defensive midfielders every game if they are to compete, otherwise they wont win anything. Both Diarras should do the trick, already on their books too. But will Pelligrini play them both? Albiol is a fine player and Cannavaro wont be too much of a loss as hes lost all his speed after all he is 36. But they still need another defender or 2. I think they will sign Arbeloa, but they need another. And signing Ribery would be ridiculous, they still have Robben ffs. Why are they offering 60m for Ribery when someone like Alex, Lucio.. Vidic even would enhance their prospects of winning trophies double at half the cost. MADNESS!!!!!
Report Abuse
03/07/2009 04:58:00,17033,8750_5412975,00.html
Little Dutch
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03/07/2009 13:16:00

Pepe's banned for the first four matches (banned for six at the end of last season) and Cannavaro's very overrated so I don't think his departure will have any effect on their team. They've got one of the best defensive midfielders in Europe in Lassana Diarra and they've got Ezequiel Garay coming back to them as well, although he's had a poor season at Racing Santander. They won't have to play two defensive midfielders because Diarra's probably best left to do all the dirty work on his own (he played better with Sneijder than Gago). Perez did say recently that they may have to face the reality of not signing Ribery, which could be a blessing in disguise for them if they choose to spend that money on a defender or two (they're definitely gonna at least sign a left back).
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04/07/2009 21:36:00

so his departure will not have any effect on their team*
Report Abuse
04/07/2009 21:37:00


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