Arsenal - Tristan's Unwanted Opinions On Unwanted Players
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Tristan's Unwanted Opinions On Unwanted Players

Arsenal news recently had been about as existent as a coherent plotine in Transformers 2 but finally, after what seems like an age, we have some news: Emmanuel Adebayor is reportedly 'in talks' with Man City.

The big Togolese has been expressing interest in leaving for quite a while and it seems his leaving looks as inevitable as Michael Owen breaking both of his legs, shattering his pelvis and becoming injured for 4 years after getting blown over by a mild gust of wind within first few weeks of his signing for Man United.

He had been linked with AC Milan and I'm sure we'd all have rather him leave for a different league but it looks like City are more likely to match his wage demands. On the plus side, they are the side who paid £12.5 million for Wayne Bridge and actual money for Craig Bellamy thus they will probably value Ade at around £8 billion and half of Switzerland meaning good times for us.

Should he leave however, it will leave us with an incredibly flimsy strike force, with our forwards being more injury prone than a group of BMXing pensioners in a broken glass factory or Michael Owen on a particularly gusty day.

So here's hoping that Arséne brings in a new injury-immune wonder striker, preferably one who is covered in a large protective ball at all times a la Bubbleboy. However said bubble may hamper his footballing ability somewhat/completely but it's a price we may have to pay in order to field a fully fit front line each week.

That is all for now,


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The Journalist

Writer: Tristan's Unwanted Opinions Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 14 2009

Time: 12:49AM

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I disagree about the injury prone strike force comment. Yes Robin can still be injury prone, but Eduardo and Bendtner are not. Eduardo had one bad injury and then had trouble coming back from a year out, which is understandable. Nik has never had many injuries that I can think of. So I think we would be more than fine with van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner, Walcott, Vela, and Arshavin if needed.
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14/07/2009 01:21:00

I disagree GK, I think it would be foolish to rely on Eduardo (and Rosicky for that matter) to be healthy for most if not all of our games this year. Sure, there's a good chance he will be fine, but then again there's just as good a chance he'll be like Michael Owen. However, I thought that Wenger said that if we well a striker then we'll buy one (or something to that effect). In all honestly, I have a good feeling about RVP and the bunch this season, whether we add a striker or not.
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14/07/2009 01:39:00

I think you're oversimplifying it. The odds aren't 50/50. Take Eduardo and Rosicky for example. The chance of Eduardo staying fit after a proper preseason is much higher than Rosicky's chance. The fact is Eduardo was rushed back when he probably should have participated in training and reserve games for several more weeks. Time may prove me wrong, but I think Eduardo will take the league by surprise next season. His fitness may be off, but you can't take away his intelligence and technique. His volley against Cardiff is proof of that. Like Andy Gray famously said about a Bergkamp goal, 'Form is temporary, Class is permanent'.
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14/07/2009 02:58:00

undoubtedly that is true regarding skill and technique, i suppose my main point is that it would be detrimental to go into the next season assuming Eduardo will be healthy for all the season. He very well could be, but he is coming off a particularly brutal injury. That said, we would still have a good enough attack without him, so buying someone isn't that necessary
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14/07/2009 05:35:00

Would not be surprised if he ditched his Beyonce dream and settled for Venus Williams. Also, expecting a coherent plotline from a Michael Bay film is like expecting Adebayor to be onside, not gonna happen
Ozi Gooner
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14/07/2009 06:31:00

Think we are ok for strikers. RVP will do the bulk of the work up top with Nik and Eddy taking shifts with him. If push comes to shove, we can play Arshavin higher up to accomodate Tomas. Let's use the money from Ade to get a real CM who can tackle, pass and shoot. Bye bye Adebarndoor. Thanks for 4 seasons, 2 decent goals and 9,387 missed chances.
Cockney Rich
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14/07/2009 08:31:00

Can't see why City would want to buy him when they've already got Roque Santa Cruz. Anyway, if it does happen, hope we use the money to buy Eto...
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14/07/2009 09:22:00

City have Santa Cruz, AND Tevez, why the balls would they buy Ade? I can't see it happening. Although there were reports for him going for 70mil!! I mean, i be happy with 30 for him. But i have to agree with GunnerKid. We are fine in the forward the line. The most constructive thing we could do would be to buy a DM, as we all know. Think about Attacking Midfield/Forwards we have, Cesc, Arshavin, RVP, Wallcott, Eduardo, Rosicky, Vela, Nasri and too an extend Bedtner (yes i am one of those Bedtner haters) ....but thats 9 players to take up 5/6 posistions depending on what Wenger decides to play. I'd honestly like to see a new right back aswell, maybe one that can cross?
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14/07/2009 10:37:00

The £70m is inclusive of his ridiculous wages for 5 years apparently. We would still only get around £20-£25m if reports are to believed. How you can pay £17m for Santa Cruz and only £20m for Ade is rather perplexing... we should hold out for at least £30m.
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14/07/2009 10:55:00

A new RB? Walcott and Vela ahead of Bentner? You're dreaming FuiKaka
Ozi Gooner
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14/07/2009 11:04:00

Wenger's got a lot of work to do this summer - our squad is so bloated it's untrue, we'll be having reserves and subs for training matches ala WHam last year
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14/07/2009 11:06:00

Anybody up for replacing Ade with Crouch ? I would be alot more confident of doing without another striker if our midfield chipped in on the goal front. Crouch would score goals for fun with the service he would be given.
Cockney Rich
Report Abuse
14/07/2009 11:21:00

BBC Sport have confirmed that talks are ongoing so guess there's more substance to this story. I reckon he'll definitely go now...
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14/07/2009 12:03:00

Reports in Spain and Holland suggest that Arsenal have jumped to the front of the queue,and are now FAVOURITES , to land Huntelaar. Real Madrid have left him behind on their trip to Ireland in order for him to decide on his future. He has so far stalled on a move to Stuttgart, and has been in constant touch with his Dutch team-mate RVP. Fingers crossed.
Cockney Rich
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14/07/2009 13:21:00

if we sold Greedypaymemore we wold be "left" with Simpson, RVP, Eduardo, Theo, Vela, Bendtner, Arshavin. That isn't flimsy, that has goals and lots of goals written all over it.
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14/07/2009 13:25:00

nicky is a much better player than Ade, he has better technique, is better in the air, holds the ball up better and has better attitude and oh he understands the offside rule.
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14/07/2009 14:16:00

Armory - Bendtner a better player than Ade? That must be the reason why Wenger has started him in so many matches. You don't even need another striker, Arshavin has the goods to excel in a forward role.
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14/07/2009 18:29:00

Like i have said before, i would only want to sell him if we spend that money on the team and not do what we have done for the last 4 years and make a profit in the transfer window
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14/07/2009 18:38:00

Simpson is not, and never will be, Arsenal quality
Ozi Gooner
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15/07/2009 00:03:00

hi guys, first time reader, and this site is great, thnx to all of youse who are running it, i look forward for a great season and many more articles. cheers, from a fan or arsenal in oz. :)
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 03:20:00

Welcome punkindrublic. And actually FU, after Ade's terrible semi performances Wenger preferred Bendtner over Adebayor in a handful of matches.
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15/07/2009 03:33:00

Ade aside, are we all desperately hoping this PV4 to Spurs story just goes away. Would he get a standing ovation on return to the Emirates wearing a spurs kit. Can't sleep for worry that it might actually happen
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15/07/2009 04:04:00

he just passed medical at city woop woop, just the best news possible, he thought he is smarter than the fans, flirting with all the teams, claiming that he phone was off last summer and then kiss the badge the next friendly match, sod off you idiot! i trust nicky this season he is far much better at his age comparing to ade when he was 22, the fans got on his back but he kept going, while ade blamed the fans for his rubbish season. COM'N NICKY
Gooner SA
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 09:04:00

I feel like this at this stage of every season, but I am confident in the players we've got, and there was plenty of evidence he had a bit of an attitude problem. I think Bendtner will florish coming out of his shadow. I'm a big Bendtner fan, I really think he'll kick on now!
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15/07/2009 09:40:00

This money has to be reinvested, not just to line the director's pockets like it has done the last few seasons - if it's not, then that'll affirm to me that Arsenal is in fact a business above anything else.
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15/07/2009 09:56:00

I have to say I like Niclas too, he is not there yet, but I believe he will get there. I would like to see Chamakh come in too, but unlike most people I don't think we need anymore midfielders. As for Ade, good riddance, you could have been a legend if you didn't start believing your own hype, bye bye dickhead.
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15/07/2009 11:55:00

I think Bendtner can play a bigger role next year, but let's be honest, if Ade goes we need to buy another striker. Squad depth has been a big problem for us for some time now and with the amount of injuries we pick up, we really need good depth. I would like to see the money invested to really beef up the squad, I think with the funds we have, plus the money for Ade coming in, we could and should easily buy one striker, one more defender and one more midfielder. ********* to the players feelings or fantasy starting elevens, let's have a really strong squad for once. We haven't had one for a good few years now.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 12:09:00

"nicky is a much better player than Ade, he has better technique, is better in the air, holds the ball up better and has better attitude and oh he understands the offside rule" Armory - You cheeky git, that was my post on another site! :o) Liberty or what!
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 12:16:00

shewore - The money NEVER lines the directors pockets, they haven't taken dividends out of this club in decades and that is THE only way they can unless they post some BBC like extravagant expenses. The money this club makes always goes back into the entity.
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15/07/2009 12:23:00

As a City fan I can understand your delight at getting rid of Adebayor, and am not to certain about his signing for us to say the least! Many Arsenal fans have pointed to this as an example of Wenger's shrewd business sense, and until I see Adebayor banging in 20+ goals for us I can't disagree. One thing I don't understand is the rumours that have surfaced today regarding the collapse of a proposed deal for Chamakh because Bordeaux want Sylvestre in part ex. WTF?! From transfer genius to losing the plot in the space of two days, unless I'm wrong and you Gooners wouldn't be absolutely delighted to see the ex-rag disappear?
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 12:25:00

I'll be gutted now if this Adebayor move doesn't go through, can't wait to get rid of him. I'd love to get Felipe Melo and Edin Dzeko with the cash. I don't think we need many more players after that. Does anyone know what's happening with Senderos? Is he staying with Milan?
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 13:01:00

I think Arsenal fans are fairly neutral about Silvestre. If he stays, he's another old head in the squad. However we now have Vermerlan and Gibbs as cover for CB or LB. If Chamakh has fallen through it'll be down to money! Now it looks Melo will be a Juventus player (eventually) who do fellow gooners want with respect to a midfielder? I'm not sure!
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 13:03:00

I heard that Man City are just awaiting Adebye-bye work permit?Surely he's got a work permit already as he as been playing for us for a few years now?!
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 13:27:00

When you change employer, you always have to seek a new work permit. But I'd imagine that would be a formality.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 13:38:00

LG - Maybe not in the short term mate, but eventually, it does.
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 13:40:00

If it's a midfielder your after, I hear that Patrick Viera might be interested in a movve back to North London. I know he's getting on a bit, but wouldn't you just hate seeing him in a spuds shirt?
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 15:21:00

Not as much as I would hate to see him in preform poorly in an Arsenal shirt.
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 15:52:00

Adebayor to City, Etoo to Arsenal, Villa to Barcelona and Benjani to Valencia to finish the cycle. Everyones a winner.
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 16:12:00

Wow paul just Imagine that! An offensive force of RvP and Eto'o with Bendtner and Eduardo available too, with a midfield of Cesc, Arshavin, Rosicky/Nasri, and Gael and Bacary galloping down the flanks, (hopefully whoever plays right wing next season will track back more than Theo). Can't see Eto'o coming here though. No good reason, it just wouldn't be like us would it?
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 17:24:00

Adebayor is a good player when he can be bothered.I did love some of the goals he scored for us. The one against villereal was outstanding. Also that one against the spuds two seasons ago. I hope he plays ***** when he plays us . We should not sell him to a rival . But as we can see its all about the money from the club and the player.
King Kolo
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 17:40:00

i hope Henry gives Etoo some advice on going to Arsenal. thats the least titi can do for us if he isn't going to come back..
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 20:20:00

Not sure why we are buying Adebayor when we have RSC. If we'd bought Adebayor first I'm not sure we'd still need RSC. Not convinced I want either at City, or Eto'o for that matter. Not sure Eto'o is a Wenger player either.
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 20:26:00

Theres no way we would be prepared to give Eto'o the wages he wants, and since that's the main reason he's prepared to leave Barca there's no way he's coming to us. We don't need superstars with big egos anyway, I'd much rather get a hardworking team player.
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 20:38:00

if we get 25 million and its likely to be 30. we invest it in Etoo and his wages for 2-3 seasons. stats wise, he is the most lethal striker in europe. proven performer. scored in 2
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 20:49:00

scored in 2 cl finals. the kind of experience he will bring is just what we need. with that much money, we can get Etoo and a DM easily and still be left with a little bit of money. this is wishful thinking but i'd love to see Henry back. he has won everything there is to win in spain and he coming back could really ignite the dressing room for next season, he'd be my first choice, but that ain't likely so lets get Etoo please Arsene please. i dun care about the long term future, all i want is Arsenal to win 2 league titles and the cl in the next two seasons. lets bring in proven players instead of a hardworking player..
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 20:52:00

I'm not saying we can't afford his wages, but we simply won't pay one player so much more than the rest. We've always had a wage structure where there isn't a huge disparity between the highest and lowest earners. I think it's better for team spirit that way and I don't think AW is planning on changing our wage policy. Eto'o is a very talented striker but he has had few controversial incidents in his time (refusing to come on as a substitute in a game a few years ago for example when when Rijkaard asked him to) which suggests he could be a disruptive influence.
Report Abuse
15/07/2009 21:00:00

There's no way in hell we're siging Eto'o - that's absolute dreamland
Report Abuse
16/07/2009 08:42:00


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