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Are You Happy With Adebayor Transfer?

Unconfirmed reports are littering the interweb that Emmanuel Adebayor has been granted a work permit paving the way for a transfer from Arsenal to Man City.

Rumours are gathering pace that a swift deal has been struck to enable Arsenal's leggy forward to make the switch from North London to Manchester, and the silence from Arsenal is deafening, especially when you consider the club have made a big point of getting other players to quash other rumours as swiftly as they materialise.

So with these new 'facts' (and I use that term in it's loosest possible sense) in mind, the latest poll at Vital Arsenal asks you if you'll be happy with the deal, distraught or just plain indifferent.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 15 2009

Time: 9:48PM

Your Comments

Only if we use the funds to bring in one or two new signings. I know it won't happen, but I'd love to get the Flamster back.
im the the type that is exited by him leaving. adebayor is the type of player that if our team is playing great then adebayor will score, if arsenal are not playing the free flowing game then he wont score. this coming season we will be playing great given that our whole squad is back, if adebayor stayed with arsenal then he would atleast score 20 goals of which i dont think that this guy chamakh will give us those 20+ goals. i will be fine if we sell adebayor and we some like huntelaar, higuain, or goran pandev guys that guaranteed they will score more that 15+ premiership goals on their first english season. all in all i think its a good thing that ade"paymemore"bayor is leaving but some one has to come in that will score those goals that adebayore would have scored.
personally, i think it is for the best, wouldn't you rather have a player who is committed to the club ? However, please correct me if im wrong, i believe adebayor gives us another dimension in attack and would be hard to replace. I have not seen much of huntelaar and chamakh, but will they be able to give us the same? i guess in the end, arsene knows!
Happy? No, not really but I do believe it is for the best. 07/08 Adebayor was a monster. The man ran his legs off and left his heart on the field week in and week out. For that I overlooked his less than stellar first touch and his affair with the linesmen. 08/09 Adebayor walked or at best trotted around the field with little more than a smirk to show for his work. He certainly had a decent scoring ratio but the effort just wasn't there anymore. Hopefully Wenger brings in a player or two who can genuinely give their all and improve the squad. In truth, I wasn't counting on much contribution from him this year even if he stayed so this is probably a good thing.
He had enormous potential and fulfilled that for one season. But you have to say that the mark of a true champion is never to think you're the big I am until you've done it consistently season after season. This guy started thinking he was a cross between Ronaldo/Henry/Robinho after having one good season. This will be a fantastic piece of business by Arsene - again. I'd be flabbergasted if he doesn't invest in 2 players once Ade goes.
He's a useful player, but has become arrogant and lazy. Whether or not I'm happy with the transfer will depend on what we end up doing with the money. I think it will work out well for us but time will tell.
I am quite unhappy about this Adebayor transfer story. He has been an important player for us but most fans have been unable to forgive his antics of last summer. I believe this lack of support had a very negative effect on his output all through last season. I wish he would stay and fight to regain the fans' support once more. But I doubt very much that will happen now. My only hope now is that we do not regret this sale down the road. I really hate to see Ade go.
Warri Gooner
I also hate to see him go but you can't blame it on the fans. RvP caught a lot of criticism for his effort and attitude before really buckling down and showing us all what he's about. Count him forgiven. Bendtner has been the target of brutal criticism for everything from effort to ability, even his ability to hold his liquor, but the boy buckled down and busted his ass to show he has the DESIRE to earn his place in the red and white. Most supporters seem to be behind him, at least so far as they WANT him to succeed. Eboue has quite rightfully been the target for a lot of abuse. He put his head down and worked for the team and has somehow come out of it, if not forgiven then certainly an amusingly acceptable squad player. Adebayor flat out showed no desire to be an Arsenal player in 08/09. buh-bye.
as a city fan I am somewhat concerned at this transfer, not from the arsenal point of view, but from the point of view that is "where the bloody ell is he gonna play with 9 other strikers on the books" i think this is purely a token signing from our arabs, we were after eto'o (african player of the year 3 years running in the early 2000's) and now were after the next best thing (current african footballer of the year) as I guess the arabs didnt see drogba as a viable option. anyways, good to see van persie signing a contract for you guys (would have preffered him in a city shirt) cos that guy is class and didnt want him to go abroad like some of the other european stars making their name in the prem. keep up the good work, and lets hope for a city arsenal 1-2 in the league this year cos I dont like chelski, I obviously hate man yooo and mancs hate scousers anyway sothat rules out liverpool
Ecstatic. If Wenger can get shot of Eboue and Silvestre too (even if no-one came in) we'd be in better shape overall. Obviously - I'd rather he brought in proven quality (as he promised) and tried to get Micah Richards +19M for Ade from City. I think if we'd be able to get Huntelaar and Mahamadou Diarra from Real Madrid with that cash and the balance of our remaining summer transfer fund (or by selling Eboue/Silvestre) - we'd be in very good shape for the season ahead.
I am ecstatic with this transfer. After watching this guy's laziness on the field and limitless offsides combined with his stinky attitude and elephant's first touch - I am so happy. Does anyone remember how this guy used to run around in his first and Arsenal's final season at Highbury? He came off the bench and ran like the wind. He was enthusiastic. Now he lopes because his first team place is not under threat since Thierry left us. Selling him for insane cash is great business. Just watch him run his a$$ off for City because he will have competition for places with Robinho, Santa Cruz, Tevez and Bellamy to name a few. Id rather see RVP Edu Bendtner and Vela get a run anyway.
I'd say I'm relieved. Between a slightly less talented but fully committed player and one who plays less than half-heartedly with a "I can't be bothered" attitude, it's a simple choice for me. Also, it appeared that this guy has been one of the major "destabilising" elements of our squad that threatened the unity of the team. Hopefully, Bendtner would be relieved of such negative force and he would grab the chance to show us the full potential he truly believes in himself. That said, Bendtner's ego appeared to be no less bigger, hopefully, he keeps his feet firmly on the ground and not follow the path of adebayor
Apparently Luis Fabiano is available for less than what we're getting for Adebayor. Now that's a great player!
I really hope Ade goes, but he does seem to be dragging his heels a bit. He is obviously as lazy in the transfer market as he is on the pitch. We NEED to get Huntelaar with the money. He will guarantee us goals, as opposed to Ade's input of lethargy, no interest, being caught offside and his famous profligacy in front of goal.
Cockney Rich
It's too late for him to do a turnaround now coz there's no way the fans will accept him back after knowing what's happening. He'll definitely join City but don't be surprised if a Spanish or Italian club come about last minute - I suspect he's waiting for Beyonce's booty call (i.e. Milan).
Exactly what's holding this up? Ade waiting for more 'interest' from MIlano or somehwere of the ilk. Whatever way we look at this, this was the man Wenger bought to replace Henry, i'm slightly scepticle - but I think it's absolutely for the best.
What do we do if Milan do come in for him but offer us less money ? If they know Ade is desperate to join them, does that mean they have the bargaining power ? I am living with the hope that 1. They don't want him and 2. They will be unable to match the terms of contract that City are offering him.
Cockney Rich
Milan have been sitting on god knows how much now for all of the summer - if they'd have made a bid, surely they would've done it by now.
You are right shewore. The truth of the matter is that Leornado doesn't rate him. That might be a blessing in disguise for Ade, an the Milan fans are alot less tolerant than us. If he turns in his usual performances for them, they will riot and demand he be transferred. Hopefully, not back yo us !
Cockney Rich
Haha - well all i can say is if this transfer somehow doesn't go through, and he has to end up pulling on our shirt again - last season would've been a cake walk for him. Even though he made it look that way most of the time.
I read he is worried about the perception of his move in Togo. Laughable really... he has no qualms personally with dropping down a level for cash, but has second thoughts about what others think about it.
Im happy. I think bendtner is already better, Chamakh will be a good squad player, van persie and Eduardo rape him all day and we can invest some money.
Adebayor & Eboue for Pato?
If by small chance he turns around and says, "i want to stay at Arsenal for a long time, win things here and repay the faith given in me", do you think the fans will change their mind on him and get behind him once again? Or is it just too late, past the point of no return?
It's never too late to shut up and work your arse off. Look at Bendtner and Eboue for examples, if for some godforsaken reason he ends up staying all he needs to do is put the work in and keep his head down.
For me, paul_ownz he is past the point of no return. If he stays, it's due to some delusional and paranoid ideas that AC Milan want him,and he is prepared to wait for their ' call '. It's not due to any love, faith or loyalty to the fans and the club.
Cockney Rich
I can't say I'm happy because I find it sad that he didn't turn out to be what AW and we all hoped for. But I'm satisfied and incredibly annoyed at his stalling. I want this deal done and dusted asap. Officially Man City control his work status in England now because he was granted a work permit in Manchester yesterday to work for City. He can no longer work for Arsenal unless Arsenal go thru the process of getting him another work permit to play for us. The permit he had with Arsenal is now null and void. The permit actually belongs to the club, not the player. The Guardian says Ade's stalling because he's worried about the reaction back home in Togo since he's leaving a club that's very popular in Africa to a club of smaller stature that will give him a bigger salary. His fans in Africa will see him going to a smaller club just for money. It just shows you how disappointed he is that he couldn't get a big club to sign him, esp. with his ridiculous wage demands. It shows you how incredibly stupid he's been to listen to his representatives who've convinced him he's a world class striker that all the top clubs want. It doesn't surprise me in the least that his agents have peddled him to Man Utd and Utd haven't shown an ounce of interest, even with that 80m gift from Madrid in Ferguson's pocket. This is a story of a striker who's been publicly campaigning to be sold to a big club outside England -- Milan or Barca automatic target for those two world class clubs to break the bank for him. He really believed he would easily get a deal with them because his massive ego told him he was that level of quality. If either one of those clubs had bid for him, Ade would not be hesitating and worrying about what they think in Togo because those are big name clubs. But Man City -- regardless of the money they're offering him -- is not a big name club. And that doesn't look good to his fans in Africa. This just proves what Ade thinks of Arsenal -- as a stepping stone to what he believes to be the "really prestigious" clubs in Europe. He's been publicly campaigning for the move for 2 seasons now. He even admitted in the Italian press (before our CL qf with Roma) that he was in constant contact with Galliani at Milan. Now that he finds himself as a target for only one club, a lowly one with lots of money, his massive, greedy ego is confused as to what to do. He did provide some qualities we need but mentally he left Arsenal some time ago. And unlike RVP, Eboue and Bendtner, he's done nothing to win back fan support. A player of character would bust his a-s-s to win back the fans. Fans are not rigid in their thinking, they can forgive quite easily if a player shows he's really trying. But Ade thought all he had to do was kiss the badge in an insincere gesture, making us even more disgusted.
CORRECTION: "This is a story of a striker who's been publicly campaigning to be sold to a big club outside England -- Milan or Barca -- believing he was an automatic choice for those two world class clubs to break the bank for him."
Personally, I think he's passed the point of no return. If it is true he is worried about public perception (and that really is a very big 'if' where any media outlet is concerned) then he's more deluded than I thought. The damage is already done, we all already know of his character. Let's have it right, most footballers and most people are greedy, but there are boundaries of taste and Adebayor is so far gone now that he has lost all touch with reality. Greed has blinded him to the point that he is incapable of even the slightest etiquette or diplomacy. His attempts to whore himself have been given short shrift, I believe he started to negotiate with City believing Milan would intervene in desperation. He's dug himself a hole now, we're about to witness what could have been an excellent career nosedive. This time next year he will be looking for another club again. Anelka mk II.
Little Dutch
I cant wait to see him Kiss the Man City badge....
A lot of the blame on Ade ' engineering ' a move must be placed on his agent, Stephane Courbis. He is probably the only person who wants Ade to go to City more than I do.
Cockney Rich
I agree really. Too much negativity surrounds him. My only problem with him moving, is we wont replace him with anyone proven or spend anywhere near the money we make on strengthening the team/squad. Huntelaar, Etoo, Dzeko, Fabiano, Villa etc wont be coming to Arsenal and overall we will spend less cash on new players than what we make going out.
So if this deal falls through, are we left with some expensive dead wood? If he was to stay at Arsenal then a period of serious retrospection is required by him and a show of maturity (and intelligence) to recover his reputation. From what has been suggested earlier, I fear that this is beyond him. I would rather he didn’t go to another Premiership club but I think we must hope that the City deal goes through, however we stand. If his ego won’t accept Manchester City then his performances next season will be as disappointing as the last.
Sir Henry
Great point LD. His career has 'Anelka' written all over it...
Great post Jaelle - his performances are inversely related to his pay anyway, he'll be god awful with more money! Ownz - no question, he is well beyond the point of return.
I read an interview with him in the official magazine two months ago and he pinpoints the loss of Cesc as the reason for his less impressive goal haul. Funny, I didn't hear him mention Cesc last summer as the reason he'd scored so many goals. Perhaps we should have put a good wedge of that wage increase Fabregas' way that being the case? I can't stand players happy to take the credit and acclaim when things are going well, but to blame everyone else when they don't. If he's so reliant on Cesc, we have to ask ourselves why we're paying him £80k a week?
Little Dutch
I had secretly hoped for a miracle this summer - that Ade would a random moment of enlightenment, realise his errors, dump his agent as Arsh did, and start working his ass off for us again. Now, I can't wait for him to be off. Every other Arsenal player has shown nothing but commitment this summer, and there is a really positive vibe coming from the club. We may only have spent a relatively modest amount of money thus far on transfers, but everyone at the club, except for Ade, seems happy to be there. The nation is writing us off as challengers for silverware, and are questioning our ability to even stay in the top 4 - just the way we like it. Our squad seems commited, and I for one don't doubt their quality, we can enjoy our football without too much preassure, and, as happened 2 seasons ago, we may find ourselves in with a shout for success. I really believe we could do something special this coming season, and the last thing our squad needs is an uncommitted, unhappy and unpopular player emitting negativity around the place, let's just be rid of him and have our squad as fully assembled as possible before we leave for Austria.
I feel the same as you AR, but then I always look at things posatively this time of year. We seem to be the only big club this year without any major drama behind the scenes (to be fair United haven't, but I'd say losing Tevez and Ronaldo makes up for it). When/(if) he goes I bet we'll see a big amount of fan posativity getting behind Nicky. I think we'll also see the best of him. I'm happy with the squad now, but I bet we add at least 1 maybe 2 more (not sure who though).
Let's also not forget that we are the 3rd team where Ade has had personality issues. At Monaco he was repeatedly benched due to conflicts with the manager and teammates. In the Togo national team, he's had constant conflicts with the manager and teammates as well -- there was the famous incident where the manager had to be physically restrained from assaulting him on the team bus.
IMO things first started to go downhill in that incident with Bendtner in the Carling Cup at White Hart Lane. He crossed the line and show just how big his ego was. I will also never forgive him for the game against Birmingham when we were going for the title (the game when Eduardo suffered his terrible injury). Late on in that game he was put through on goal and had a simple pass on to Bendtner for a tap-in and instead he took it on himself and didn't score. I am absolutely certain that if that was someone like Henry, he would have passed the ball.
To clarify: if that was Henry running through on goal, he would have passed the ball rather than go for himself.
The man shot him self in the foot and lost the fans backing really, and i think the boss knows it to, once we sell Adebayor we can start looking to the future, no one player is bigger then the club, once they start thinking they are, there shipped off, This is the Henry saga all over again. Arsenal FC will not crash and burn due to the loss of a greedy man, we will fight on with the loyal players we have and fight on, as we always do. Ok it's not always easy but it works.
***** him, he can ***** off to city for all I care, my granny would have put in more effort for us than he did last season.
Good bit of business for you, Show me the Money only thing he was interested in
Tiny T
Navydave, I think you’re right about Bendtner, if Ade goes then he might feel more able to express himself and that could mean a really good season from him coming up. By the way, a couple of great posts from you jaelle!
Sir Henry
Thanks Sir Henry, :-). I just got back from Brazil and Ecuador (I'm from Brazil) where I attended a few football games, incl. the Recopa (equivalent of the European supercup) and the first leg of the Libertadores final. Also attended an incredible Fluminense-Corinthians game billed as the battle between Ronaldo and Fred. It was great to reimerse myself in South American football again and forget all about European football for awhile. So I come back and discover this Ade story, and had to check in with all the best Arsenal blogs of course. // Vin, you bring up an incident that was a big sore point for me, Ade's refusal to pass the ball at crucial moments in the 07-08 season. The Birmingham game was one. I also vividly remember the Portsmouth game (ended in 0-0 draw) in which Eduardo was in a perfect position in the box ready to strike standing there looking at Ade waiting for him to pass the ball and Ade refused. I remember the look on Eduardo's face. I also remember in that game (I think), Rosicky was leading a promising attack and then Ade immediately broke it down by moving offside, at which point Rosicky visibly showed anger and frustration at Ade (something unusual for Rosicky to do), berating him, and Ade instead berated Rosicky angrily. Ade never takes the blame for anything. But the one thing I will never forgive Ade for is what he did in the CC semi at WHL. We're being humiliated by our traditional N. London rivals at their home ground with all our haters watching at home loving every minute of it. AW puts on Ade -- does he try to rouse his teammates to FIGHT for whatever they could get for the remaining minutes of the game? No. Full of himself, he instead chooses to verbally insult a teammate. I don't recall any Arsenal player ever doing anything like that in such a situation.
whats the point of Ade leaving if Wenger does not bring in a PROPER replacement eg Huntelaar,Fabiano etc,We missed out on Melo so who is the next target. am not a great fan of the Real Madrid,Man City or Chelsea mode of transfer but there is something to be said for quickly getting players in and proceed on pre season. Some may say its early but am not happy with our usual lethargy/or just plain absence in the Market. If we continue on this self destructive path am sorry.Does anybody really believe Wenger will splash 20m on Huntelaar? Transfer window is always so traumatic for the fans.
Adebayor, our third/fourth choice striker, will be replaced by another striker. Simple. He did not play well enough to be classed as a top striker last season. I am guessing you have never seen Chamakh play, therefore base your opinion on youtube like anybody else, but if Wenger wants him, he will have seen him dozens of times. He is apparently very very good. And hpw can you say we have dpne little in the market, we just signed Vermaelen, and we are waiting for Ade to go before we can sign Chamakh and maybe a DM. It is nonsense.
Wow, Ade isnt gettin much love on here! I wouldnt want to see Ade go. All I can say is that I hope the stories are not true, if they are I guess he can bounce.
Chamakh is being looked at by Wenger because we shop at lidls & Asda while Chelsea, Liverpool, United & City shopt at harrods.
Whoever said Leonardo may not want Adebayor at Milan, that is a non-issue, at Milan Galliani makes the signings. We know he was interested last summer, maybe this year he's not as impressed (same as us really) or they just don't want to pay what we're asking.
Ozi Gooner
Taking 25m for Ade right now would be the best thing to do, he no longer functions well at Arsenal and his heart looks far from in it. We're stocked up with forwards and attacking players right now, the money is greatly needed and we could get someone a lot more constructive to the team.
I keep getting visions of Ade kissing his Man City badge. He is just scored his first goal for City. It is January, and he has just scored a last minute equaliser in a 3rd round FA Cup tie at home to Wisbech Town. Eboue is on-loan at Wisbech, bit unfortunately it was his mistake which lead to the City goal.
Cockney Rich
paul_ownz are u telling me that sagna, clichy, gallas, fabregas, rocisky, nasri, RVP, dudu, are from "asda" ? the question is how define them "asda" stuff ? i presume it is the media or the amount of money we bought them for, defo not their ability.
Gooner SA
how = who
Gooner SA
Brum last year away - were we effed up the league, Ade had to square it (as has been mentioned) but he wanted to score to equal (or break?) Smudger's record - shot and *****ed it up. Same with a 1 on 1 at Wigan that year, just fk off Barndoor.
The sooner this walking pooh stain is away from our great club, the better.
In fairness Paul, the signings from the clubs you mention so far are Barry, Santa Cruz, Tevez (over rated trouble maker), Johnson, Owen, Valencia, Turnbull and Sturridge. I think Vermaelen could be considered more of a harrods signing than all of them. Anyone going to Barnet might hear this chant tomorrow, "Greedybayor, Greedybayoooor, if you ***** off to City, I'll show you the door." Would rather this transfer was settled quickly so we can spend the money and minimise the disruption. Ade is a busted flush at this club, he needs to be flushed quickly.
Little Dutch
Adebarndooooor,Adebarndooooor,cost 25 million,and he can't score.
Cockney Rich
I meant on proven quality GoonerSA. When you buy at Harrods you know what your buying is likely to be good. It was a loose jovial comparison. My point was more that we are never really going to buy the Torre's, Berbatovs', Essiens, Robinho's of this world who are proven with a large price tag. GoonerSA, out of all the ones you mentioned we got Fabregas & Clichy very young, Gallas on a swap, RVP for less than 3m. And for this reason we are more likely to buy Chamakh someone with potential rather than Etoo or Fabiano who are proven but will cost 20m+
Arshavin is, in my personal opinion, the third best player in the world. We signed him.
I think you'll probably see one "marquee" signing (I hate that phrase) per window from us right now. Arshavin, Rosicky, Vermaelen, Gallas etc can all be considered that, surrounded by potential signings. You're right, I don't think AW would really go for the Torres', Berbatovs or Essiens. But Torres was potential when Liverpool signed him having played at a small Spanish club, Essien had only proved himself in France- his price tag was so large because it was Chelsea involved. Eto'o is a player I'd steer well clear of, you have to ask yourself why Barca are so desperate to get rid of a player with a goalscoring ratio like his, this is the second consecutive season he's scored a hatful, yet Barca have tried to desperately offload him with little to no interest from other clubs. If Adebayor's attitude is the source of our ire, I don't see how signing Eto'o to replace him would solve that particular problem.
Little Dutch
Why do they want him gone? Ibrahomovic and maybe David Villa will be signed pretty soon. LD have you seen Eto'o's "Missed Chances" video? It is hilarius. I think he had 150 shots for his 30 goals.
Roma are ready to listen to offers for Aquilani. Is he any good, cant say i have seen to much of him except he has a good long range shot. I remember being linked with him befoe. Also notice how all the Italian teams except Juve seem to be selling this year. Milan and Kaka, Inter possibly Ibra, Fiorentina Melo, Roma possibly Aquilani. Finances in italy must be bad.
No more defensive than Denilson, but he is a superb player.
I'm quite happy with this transfer. We need to get rid of the players who dont care. I actually thought Ade was mentally tough, but in that interview with the BBC when he was cowardly enough to blame Arsenal fans for his issues it showed us all a side of him that was *****ed up. Wenger will sign a replacement, Chamakh or someone else. I still trust the man. This transfer will go through, in fact, Ade's fate was sealed the day Wenger said he was free to go if he wanted to. I dont think Wenger really bought into Ade' excuses last summer (phone was off, blah blah) but gave him a season to prove him wrong. We're fortunate to be getting 25M for him. Its a bit sad, coz Ade has the potential to be a world class sriker, but his career is going to nosedive like Anelka, Bentley and all those players who listened to their agents more.
to paul, where you shop doesnt matter, because in the end, its how you present yourself, a 500 dollar suit can look as good as a 5000 dollar suit, plus just because its harrods, doesnt mean they always sell proper presentable stuff. but my point is, a player worth 1/10th of CR7's price tag can just still play as well. Exhibit A: Dani alves costed barca around what, 20m? and how much did sagna costed us? out of the 2, im sure sagna is just as talented, if not better.
I don't bear the guy any massive grudge but the Ade story leaves a slightly sad & bitter taste in my mouth. Even allowing for media manipulation, it looks like he got too big for his boots. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt - especially after the first few games of last season when he celebrated a couple of goals with the military salute (I read that as him saying he was acknowledging and listening to our fans!) Maybe he bought into his own publicity too much - he wont be the first and wont be the last. I really struggle to understand what can have possibly gone on in his mind... I mean he's playing in one of the best teams in the country, he is a regular starter, he's got a manager who gives him leeway, some colleagues who get along with him great... from that platform he can put his head down, enjoy it and try to become a world-beater, but instead he gets restless and starts thinking about other adventures... it's incomprehensible to me and unless there's something we don't know, it says that he's a fool. I just hope this is finalised this week so we can move on.
Time to do something about your nick then, eh Andy?
It`s Adebay-bye then?
Ah, go with Andysharvin. lol
Just wanted to point something out re Ade and AW that gets little recognition: AW took a trouble-making nobody spending his career on the bench at Monaco and made him into 25m striker, a player that many clubs in Europe would love to have. It's really quite amazing to have witnessed what AW did with Ade. We've seen it before with other players of course but AW's gifts as a molder and developer of raw players never cease to amaze me.
Exactly jaelle, and it wasn't "just" a case of signing up a promising youngster. Not many managers at top clubs would take a chance on a 23 year old bench-warmer at a French club. He couldn't knock Prso or Koller out of the starting line up, and now look how Arsene's transformed his career. You'd think he'd at least pay Arsene back on the pitch before he leaves. If he wants a new challenge then fine (although clearly the challenge isn't all he wants... he hasn't completed this one yet) - we gave Henry a big pay packet and then let him leave, because he had earned our respect - he didn't just sulk around looking like a spoiled child who wan't being allowed a new gameboy. Infuriating. What a tosser.
At least we wont get as stung with this transfer as the Henry one. Last year it was quoted he would be sold for 30m and now looks like he will be sold for 25. With Henry we turned down two 50m bids and sold him for a modest 16m after a season plagued with injury.
tvnz reports the deal is done
punkindrublic, isn't that New Zealand TV? Surely not the most reliable source ever... But the deal looks almost certain to go ahead anyway, so they'll claim the title of 'first to break the news'.
Yep, I very happy with the transfer, I only wish it would happen quickly as we need to use the money to bring in at least one more player.
YES, YES, YES, YES! Who says wishes don't come True! AdeBye Bye has just Signed for Man City on a 5 year deal!!!!!
lol, serious LD? Atletico a 'small Spanish club'? They're hardly small, they're just not that succesful. They're the Tottenham to our Real Madrid, very well supported, rich, but chronically unsuccesful.
Ozi Gooner
Now that Adebayor has left arsenal, we stand less of a chance of winning the Premier League. Adeabyor was the only person who can hold the ball upfront, Van Persie can not hold the ball, he's clumsy and slow when put under pressure, and You arsenal fans, Van Persie's you blue eyed boy, But you fail to realise that he's not as good as you see him too be, if you're thick enough to think that Van Persie will lead you to succes, then it's a joke, Chelsea FC are coming back strong, I saw them completely tear apart Inter Milan, Drogba and Anelka are twice more deadly than Van Persie, Now that Adebayor is gone, you lack a punch upfront, Arsenal FC has weakend, Manchester city has strenthened. It's sad actually, you arsenal fans treated him poorly, but deep down in your heart regret the way you treated him and know that you're attack is weak. Van Persie, Arshavin Upfront? compare that strike force to Drogba Anelka Upfront, Owen Rooney Upfront, come on guys, this is just going to be another trophiless season where we battle for 4th place.

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