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Ade-ByeBye-or Signs For Manchester City

Yes it's an obvious play on words, but as the original instigators of the Adebayor puns, we reserve the right to use them this one last time.

After a couple of summers of turbulence, Emmanuel Adebayor has finally left Arsenal (After much painstaking thought about whether or not he should accept all the money City offered, which of course he turned down) and joined for fellow Premier League team Manchester City.

There's not much else to say that hasn't already been said. At this point you'd usually wish the departing player the best of luck, but with Ade signing for a Premier League rival I'm hoping he continues being offside and missing sitters.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday July 18 2009

Time: 7:40PM

Your Comments

Ha. Tell us how you really feel Tom!
Good Riddance fellas. I'm glad you dumped this pile of *****e to Citeh!
I've just read about him wanting a loyalty bonus! He deserves that about the same as Hitler should deserves a nobel peace prize.
"should deserves" ?? My English is awesome!
Best piece of business you have done in years....25m!!!!!!!
What a saga! I bet we all hope that Adebyebye does continue to be caught offside and misses alot of sitters. Hope he enjoys spend his money! It will be interesting to see how things go when he returns to The Grove!
Val .... he got booed pretty bad when he played for us .... I can safely say he'll be in for a torrid time!
Adebayor is quite the annoying character
He could pull a Cashley and come up with convenient injuries when he's due to play at the Emirates.
300 fans gathered outside to greet him at City! What does it feel like to be loved Ade? lol
As an outsider looking in its a fantastic deal for Arsenal. In fact even at 15m it would be a great deal nevermind 25m. Well shot of that tosser.
Am i the only one who has this nagging feeling he will actually play well for city.. Also good luck to city getting 5 years out of adebaywhore
If City had the same class of player in midfield thatwe had in the 07/08 season, then yes, he would be a good signing.
Whether he plays well or not is by the by, I'd rather have a player of lesser ability in the team giving his all for the cause rather than some money driven work shy tosser who's gotten to big for his station.
Why on the Arsenal website does it say the deal is 90%. Also why is this guy still in the pic trying to rip cesc's shirt off his back so he can sell it and make more money.
I reckon he'll do well next season, as his ego has suffered a bit of a dent, and he'll want to restore it. After a while, though, he'll just get bored.
Strange that's headline has changed from 'Adebayor deal 90% done', to 'Adebayor deal could happen on Sat night'. Seems a bit pointless especially as the deal HAS just been done... Maybe City have got it wrong and there are still some formalities to sort out?
ArsenalRob workd on a 10 hour delay, remember...
in two years time, i think he'll join Chelsea...good riddance
Given his history, how long before he has a big blow-up with the stubborn Mark Hughes? I suspect Ade is going to be the new Nik Anelka and change clubs every other year or so, deliver some goals but never be as popular as he was at Arsenal, before attitude. One positive- it's easy to change the line of his song from 'give him the ball and he will score' to 'give him the money cuz he's a whore'
I will be shocked if he actually stays there for two years in that fine european city of manchester...
Another piece of marketting skill by Arsene, buys Ade @ 3mil then sells him @25mil in 25yrs. Once again Arsene Knows!
In a few years time Ade, when you have grown up, you will look back and realise that you have just left the BIGGEST and BEST club that you will ever play for. Ade will be out of the City first team by October, prompting his first clash with Mark Hughes. Come christmas, and still not a first team regular, Stephane Courbis will be on the phone to any interested parties looking for a January move. Gone by next summer.
Cockney Rich
That's it phreddy. For what it's worth, 3-4m purchase at 25 m resale represents a 600% profit - approx the same as the percentage gain on the Ronaldo sale - 12 m for 75 m resale.
600% Profit, That was about the amount of times he was offside!
Is no one else wondering why City have signed Ade, Tevez and Santa Cruz this season, after they signed Robinho last season? I find it bewildering that they haven't baught a a midfielder but have over stocked on forwards. Maybe they'll be playing a 4-2-4? or maybe even a 3-3-4?
Adebayor has said he turned down bigger offers from Barcelona and Milan to join City....... who does he think he is kidding.... city are the only club that wanted him! haha good riddance to bad rubbish!
From the bottom of my heart, Good F**king riddance. A no use brainless moneybag *****. NOw that 80K can be better used with a striker who has brains or knows how to use his physicality to score. Good to see the end of his brainless back passes. Hope City realizes their mistake very soon and his career goes downhill big time.
Greedybayor.....Greedybayooooooorrrr, paid him some more, and he still couldn't score....
My word wasnt he a popular boy then. I hope he doesnt make you pay for all this adoration.
25 mil for a guy who couldn't trap a wet bag of cement if it fell out of the sky and landed right in front of him...!!...great business !!
I don't know what to make of it. But bottomline is that Arsene has done another great piece of business money-wise and that he's now rid of a negative influence on the team. Makes you wonder how he's gonna use the money now eh?
Well according to the board we didn't need any money from Usmanov for transfers - we must be fckin flush now!
What is the point of Paul Mustchin being the site jounalist in charge if can only write about 50 words in every one of his articles? Deary me, surely you have the capability to write down something a bit more substantial, if not what's the point??!
Orange Quadrant
I think we should literally shoot him in the face.
Orange Quadrant, yu can ***** off along with Ade. no one wants yu here anyway. and whatever Rocky writes, whether it's 50 words or 500 words, it's always good to read his opinions which make sense all the time..
Tom10, thst's a bit strong about Paul don't you think?
Orange Quadrant's pointless, a 5 year old can write something more sustantial than what he does. He offers no insight into anything, he just write a few one liners from Sky Sports, totally pointless. At least "Doing My Best With What I'm Blessed With" tries to offer his own views.
Orange Quadrant
wt else do yu want him to write an article that is about Adebayor leaving us? what more shud he write here, Ade's life history or what he did on his vacation last month. none of the site editors here ever pick up stuff from other sites and write it as their own so stop bull*****ting. yu are just not worth our time. go find some place where idiots like yu can feel good about ur otherwise pathetic life by criticising & talking ***** about people..
Rock man is not a writer, he is just a sensible guy who is the editor of the site. LD is the main writer of course, and you can't argue with that, with helpful jibberish from others. You want to be a writer for the site, submit a piece.
luckys_10 ..what IS pathetic is people like you who are unable to hold a debate without swearing. Also your spelling is shocking which leads me to believe you are a bit backwards.
Orange Quadrant
Looking at the way he conducts himself I'd say lucky10 is black, 14 years old and lives in a council flat, am I right lucky?
Dorset Red
OQ, as stated in the article (aparently you didn't have the mental capacity to read over 5 lines), there's nothing left to be said about Ade that hasn't been already, so stop whinging and get back to Vital Sp*rs where you belong. Whether you actually support them or not, you'll fit in perfectly at a club whose crest is a cock.
It amazes me to read racist trash masquerading as opinions on any site, to read the gem of wisdom by Dorset Red on an Arsenal site is distressing in the extreme and whilst I, a brown skinned African would be expected to feel offended, I only feel pity at the ignorance that has allowed congenitally stupid swamp dwellers like him to thrive.
OQ and DR are probably the same, sad, and SERIOUSLY twisted spud. Seek help, mate.
I fail to see what being black has to do with anything, there are more than enough white idiots in this world, and not all of them are 14 year olds who live in council flats, hell, one of them was President of America
Ozi Gooner
whats with the racism dorset? if you find it annoying simply ignore it, theres no need for hurtful comments. anyway, i wouldnt be surprised if wenger doesnt make another signing.
I think this is a great bit of business for you guys. In my opinion he was over rated but i do hope that his move means he wont constantly score against spurs!! as he always managed to. lol. Regarding the racist comment and the abuse from OQ, i dont see anything that says both posters are spurs fans but if they are then apologies from vital spurs as those types of people are not wanted anywhere.
But that picture is funny! :D
DR - Any more and your account will be deleted. OQ - If you don't like it, don't read it, it's that simple. As I already said .... what more is there to write? He's left us and joined Man City ..... what do you want? A bio of Ade and his career at Arsenal? Sorry, but I see no point in publishing more than is needed.
I read a very decent point today regarding City's spending on strikers. They have shown appalling planning in their acquisitions this summer when you consider the international commitments. Robinho (Brazil), Santa Cruz (Paraguay), Adepaymemore (Togo), Tevez (Argentina) and if he doesn't go, Benjani (Zimbabwe) will all be unavilable in the game following international weeks. No foresight or thought whatsoever.
Little Dutch
Am I right in thinking that Adebyebye wants a bonus from The Arsenal has he didn't want a Transfer! WHAT he and his agent has been trying to pimp him since last summer!!!!!!!!!!
One reason less to hate Arsenal. :(
I used to enjoy reading the opinion of everybody's coments on vital Arsenal so much, infact it had become like a bed time story for me but now it has been spoilt by the rascist comment by DR above.
"One less reason to hate arsenal" Its okay, they still have eboue

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