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Chamakh - No Arsenal Contact Yet

Arsenal target, Marouane Chamakh, says he would love to move to the Premier League, but despite offers from a number of clubs (of course Spurs are one of them), Arsenal are yet to make contact ..... despite Arsene Wenger claiming to be keeping tabs on the Moroccan centre forward.

The Arsenal gaffer had previously made out of character comments about bringing the striker to the club should Emmanuel Adebayor depart for pastures new.

With Adebayor signing for Manchester City of the weekend, the transfer seemingly paved the way for this latest rumour to come to pass.

However the target says no offer from the Gunners has been forthcoming.

'I want a new challenge, I have a weakness for the English league,' Chamakh told L'Equipe.

'My dearest wish is to leave Bordeaux. I have repeated it for several months and I hope my officials will listen to my wish. With my agent, we have agreed terms with several English clubs that are keen to sign me. They are just waiting for my decision.'

'They are notably Sunderland, Blackburn, Tottenham and Fulham. Arsenal? I don't really believe in it anymore. My officials have not received any offer so far.'

I was quite surprised when Le Boss mentioned Chamakh by name, it was quite out of character, so either Wenger has decided that what's good for the goose is good for the gander and joined in the tapping up party, or he might be trying to throw other clubs off his true scent.

Only time will tell.

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The Journalist

Writer: Rocky7 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 20 2009

Time: 10:49AM

Your Comments

And Toure is going according the Myles.
If you're going to spend it Arsene, do it on a midfield general!
I would imagine thaty once the John Terry business is laid to rest then City will come calling for Kolo. If they offer 12m - 15m they are welcome to him. For me, he doesn't have the brain to defend properly.
Cockney Rich
Hmmm. That would be an interesting one. It would be a big shift in the dynamic of the squad if he left IMO.
Tend to agree with Cockney that he lacks defensive nous.
I wouldn't sell Toure... what he needs is a partner with a style different to his own! He looked good for ages with Swiss Tony beside him!
Don't get me wrong, I like Kolo. My problem is that he needs a defensive partner to talk him through the game. For a player with his number of appearances,and all the experience it brings,that shouldn't be the case.
Cockney Rich
If we sell Toure and swap Senderos with Hangeland, nobody would be bothered.
I would prefer Gallas as a senior partner to bring on Vermaleen/Djourou for those reasons re defensive nous.
hughies, if we let Kilo go, I hope we sign Gallas up to an extended contract as this season is his last the way things stand.
Agree completely Andy. He seems to have a good relationship w Wenger (despite losing captaincy), I don't think he feels badly about the club (despite losing captaincy), he may not get the biggest contract here, but I reckon he may view the next few years as good times to be at Arsenal. Only maybe Madrid or Milan would tempt perhaps.
How much would we have to spend to get Hangelaand, Inler and Huntelaar? Do you reckon 25 mil plus Toure money would be enough? With Sendo going to Fulham?
12 (+ bonuses) for Inler; 5 plus Senderos for Hangeland; 17 for Huntelaar. Toure covers Inler. Ade covers Hang and Huntelaar. Club covers Vermaleen. I think Wenger sells Toure and uses our existing CBs - no replacement. Djourou's half an inch shorter than Hangeland with youth on his side. Senderos may be prepared to be a squad player. Not sure about CM and strikers.
Where we have to be careful is that Toure, Gallas and Senderos are all out of contract next summer. We could end up with another Vieira and Edu style situation if we start selling players willy nilly now.
Little Dutch
Nice point hughied about Hangeland. He is the perfect dominating centre half we need. I would offer Fulham 7m plus their choice of Senderos or Djourou, just to get the deal done asap. Djourou doesn't fill me with confidence. He is quick but shows his nerves. At times, he has all the poise and balance of a giraffe on roller skates !
Cockney Rich
LD, if we don't sell them willy nilly now, we will have that situation next summer, so why not sell two of them, with money coming in. Instead of keeping them and letting them go for free.
I too thought it strange for AW to come out publicly and say he'd go for Chamakh if Ade left. Interesting quotes from Chamakh. Guess AW's being a bit wily. Apparently the redtops reported over the weekend that Ade went to AW to try and see if he could stay at Arsenal but AW was adamant that he had to go. Don't know the truth about that but it would reinforce my belief that this deal was more AW's decision than it was Ade's. Right now the Ade defenders are all blaming the fans for "forcing out" Ade. I don't think AW makes his football decisions based on fan sentiment.
Nice post jaelle, as usual. Not sure Chamakh has enough quality, or if indeed,we actually need him. IMO we need to concentrate on the players at the back with regards to new signings or extending contracts. We have enough at the moment to score in EVERY game. My lack of confidence is in our ability to keep clean sheets, or at the very least, hang on to a lead.
Cockney Rich
Why Chamakh, Huntelaar etc when we can pick up Luis Fabiano for marginally more? All Milan offered was 14million, which obviously was rejected, but we can get him for less than we got for Ade. Fabiano rocks!! I hope that's AW's secret summer wet dream... And of course a good midfielder
Chamakh strikes me as being something of a slightly more developed version of Bendtner, and I'd rather see Nicky grow into his own this season than sign someone similar. I would like to see one of Huntelaar and Fabiano, maybe Huntelaar and RvP could form a lethal Dutch understanding up front. But this I'm only fantasizing of course - with Arsene in charge, transfer speculation is futile.
I agree jaelle, the decision to let Ade go was made by Wenger when he made that statement that Ade could leave if he wanted to. I've never heard Wenger say that about a player of his in my short time as an arsenal fan, so the writing was on the wall for Ade. Thats why I was a bit surprised when he said, after the Barnet game, that Ade didnt get all the support implying that the fans could have made life easier for him. I thought that was a bit unnecessary and unfair. As for Chamakh, I think its a smokescreen, coz Wenger almost never talks about his targets, and he hinted that he wouldnt replace Ade. That would be my bet. We'll probably see a DM come in IF Wenger gets the right player and right deal. Otherwise, our transfer business is done.
Sorry ArsenalRob, think Huntelaar has agreed eventually, to join Stuttgart. You will have to dream of someone else !!
Cockney Rich
I agree the priority is strengthen in the DM dept. I was watching a repeat of our league game v. MUtd last fall at the Grove. That game is often used by the rose-tinted gooner brigade against us more critical gooners. But re-watching that game reminded me how MUtd cut thru our midfield repeatedly, it was a joke. We did not outplay Utd on that day (nor did they outplay us). They ran riot thru our midfield and created several good chances, they just couldn't convert. As for Chamakh, I do like him in his attitude on and off the pitch (very different from Ade), he's not a bad player, but I think ARob's description of him -- a "more developed version of Bendtner" -- is spot-on.
Rich I don't think the Huntelaar move is sealed yet. I've heard he's agreed terms for a potential deal, but is still waiting on the possibility of other offers such as from Sp*rs.
The highly reliable source that is the Daily Mail has also linked us with Andre-Pierre Gignac of Toulouse. I confess that all I've seen of him are his stats and a substitute appearence for France vs Lituania, when he was making his national debut, but both of those look very impressive, especially the latter. As always I'm not taking the speculation too seriously, but I'll confess when I saw him I did fleetingly imagine Arsene picturing him in an Arsenal shirt.
Gignac is much better than Chamakh (far more clinical), Ligue 1's best striker last season (he won the league's footballer of the year prize). He singlehandedly put Toulouse within a good shout of winning the league or finishing very close to it. The rest of the Toulouse squad isn't worth mentioning. BUT -- he comes with a lot of awful personal baggage and Toulouse are asking money that AW simply won't spend (18m I think). I'm not just talking about spats with teammates like Nasri had at Marseille and the French NT. It's his refusal to stay fit (his teammates had to recommend some slimming down pills to him), his off-pitch conduct that AW would never tolerate and his nutty temperament.
With the African cup of nations this season, i wouldnt be too upset to seeing a declining toure leave for 12m as long as we spend that and the Adebayor money on strengthening the team/squad. He has not been the same player since the last ACN and been poor for most of last season minus the last 2 months or so. And as i said above, the ACN is a pain in the A*** where you lose a player for up to 7 weeks in the busiest part of the football season. I think a solid partnership of Vermalen & Gallas with Djorou & Senderos as back up be would be quite good. Use the money to buy CM, Striker & experienced(not sylvester) CB and i will be happy.
Yeah Jaelle I think his price tag might be a bit steep, and he'd have to be prepared to work very hard if he was to thrive in the EPL. He looks slightly on the chubby side, and he isn't exactly brimming with pace. From the little I've seen of him he seems an intelligent player and, having watched some of his goals, he clearly has extremely good technique. If he's not willing to work, though, I'd stay clear.
am I the only one that thinks Gallas is the week link? i really don't rate him at all - he was brilliant for Chelsea, he is still to convince me in an arsenal shirt - it should be Toure and someone else for me all day long
I'm actually in favour of a Djourou-Gallas partnership - that's taking Vermaelen out of the equation; I'll need to see more of him - but no defensive combination I can think of really convinces me. If Vermaelen turns out to be the player that Arsene was so willing to break his transfer record for a defender on, and Senderos has returned a more confident player, the idea of a Senderos-Vermaelen partnership is actually very appealing. Those are, of course, two massive 'ifs', and Senderos may not even stay.
Dan, you are an idiot.
*By the way the Senderos-Vermaelen idea was for when Gallas leaves. (Probably next year)
I think we have a chance of getting Hangeland if Toure leaves.
To be honest I'm not exactly itching to see Hangeland in an Arsenal shirt. I think he was enthused to find that he could cope in the Premiership, and turned in some good performances in recognition of that, but I'm not convinced he'd be up for the high-pressure enviroment at a club like Arsenal, and could be exposed as being very average. That said, if Arsene does go for him I'd be very willing to give him a chance.
Yes you are the only one dan. If you go to the games you would realise last year he was by far the best defender especially after christmas. Infact i would probably say that since january he was amongst the top 3 players at Arsenal before injury sidelined him. Its no coincidence that when Gallas got injured we started losing & shipping in goals (3 vs man u, 4 vs Chelsea & Liverpool. Preivously with him in the team we had conceded 6 in 15 games. I wish our fans didnt buy in to all the Media cr**
ARob, completely agree re Hangeland. He may be the real deal but my feeling is that he's more hype than substance. Can't understand how some gooners still aren't convinced by Gallas. When focused and in form, he's one of the best defenders in the league. He's a fantastic organizer of our backline. I love Kolo but I don't see him organizing our defense the way Gallas does. It was amazing to watch how our solid defense collapsed instantly as soon as he got injured. Re Senderos -- anyone see those really interesting comments last week by Martin Keown about him? One of the things he said was that Senderos was at first too arrogant about himself -- and then when he had those poor displays his confidence went to pieces. Keown praises his abilities highly, he just needs to find that equilibrium between low confidence and too much of it. He also made the point I have made about Senderos: he's highly intelligent, esp. off the pitch -- and he may be TOO intelligent, too much of a thinker.
I'm a season ticket holder thanks paul, and its my opinion, but i don't think he is yet to show his form he did for chelsea - i think he is too slow
Gallas is "too slow"?! He's probably in the 6-7 fastest CBs in the league!
ah yes jaelle, I can sympathize with big Phil there. I had a trial with Arsenal a few years back. They told me I was the best they'd ever seen but I wouldn't make it because I was too intelligent. It's a problem. In all seriousness though, that sounds like a good analysis with Keown there, and I see the same problem developing with Bendtner. Too confident at first, then some bad performances and he looks shattered. He also strikes me as being reasonably bright. I hope he can pull through it with more ease than Senderos. One hypothetical question - I know he's in a class of his own, but if TH14's first few performances were poor, and the fans got behind his back, how do you think he would have responded?
Rob, looks like you were right earlier about Huntelaar. Is he dragging his heels in the hope of a call from AW ? He must be big mates with RVP, and surely he would be responsive to a call from us. AW has once again mentioned Chamakh being a possible target. It is very unlike him to speak about a player if nothing is in the pipe-line. Let's be honest about AW, he is the first to come out and complain about other clubs talking openly to the press about players they want to sign, and unsettling that particular player.
Cockney Rich
True Rich, I was very surprised, but judging from the quotes in this article it seems as though Chamakh was already pretty unsettled. He also took care not to directly suggest he was looking to make a bid, though, so I'm starting to think he could be bluffing to a point. Maybe Chamakh is second choice? If that is the case it puts Chamakh in a very difficult position he's already had other offers in, but would rather move here.
Senderos i hope is not going anywhere,people going on like he is crap all of a sudden,he got taken apart by drogba in a couple of games(how many defenders got took apart by Henry)who,like him or not,is world class,the fans got his back "poom"confidence gone"and his not the same.Was one of the makeshift back4 who got us to the final and never conceaded a goal for ten successive games.Him and johan the only defensive partnership Ever not to concead a goal in the world has come back from a season loan to AC Milan(witch ain`t exactly Norwich now)training and playing alongside Maldini,who old or not is and has been voted one of the greatest defenders of all time.and a host of other world class players,I think experience has been gained and will come back a stronger person.
Hangeland would get caught out playing in a defence that holds such a high line as we do. I don't know why so many people want him anyway, I can't see how he offers more than Senderos.
I think i'm one of the only ones, but i'd be glad to leave Gallas in CD with Vermealan, Sell Toure (sorry but he's a fkn average defender) and I'd also be looking for a new right back. I feel like a lot of people were blinded by Sagna 2 seasons ago. Last season he was very poor. He likes to play as an attacking wing back but his crossing is well below par, and he doesn't have the defensive skills to make up for that. If you watch when we played ManU at home and won 2-1, clichy was on Ronaldo, and Ronaldo was kept to as minimal as he can be kept. When Sagna had a roll on him in the CL Semi-Final at Emirates (the one we'd all like to forget) Sagna was run raggid. I'd definately sell Toure, Djourou is quick but just not defensive enough so he can go. Sagna can go join them at ManC and we can play Clichy, Gallas, Vermealan and aGoodRightBackAWjustBaught :)
Kolo played poorly last season but I think he is better than Djourou and Senderos. In midfield I also think Abu Diaby is very killful but he turns over the ball at the wrong time so often and these turnovers have sometime resulted in goals. Furthermore what to do with Song/Denilson? Can't wait for the season to start.
Song/Denilson/Diaby will all struggle to get games next season, especially if we do eventually buy a good DM. And if we do i'm afraid there days are over as first time starters. Especially Song as he likes to play as an attacking midfielder and i think thats where he is strongest, but he just doesn't have what the other boys do.
Fuikaka - You'd sell Sagna? Your in a class of one there fella.
FuiKaka - So every player that got crucified by Ronaldo is crap? Sagna was average last season buut still turned in some great displays. His natural game is actually very defensive minded, but Arsene loves his full backs to attacvk and you cannot expect Sagna to become the complete crosser of the ball within 18 months. That would be, frankly, rediculous.
saw this... laughed my backside off:
Boo hoo Alex Hleb. Although i was rewatching the Arsenal 2007/8 season and he was awesome. Not many goals & assists but he started lots of attacks by carrying the ball from deep on his own and linking up play. Shame him & Flamini broke up that midfield but che sara
LondonGooner - I do realise there are very little people who share this opinion ...BUT! Any player, playing at this level of football who WANTS to be an attacking wing-back SHOULD be able to cross ...hell, i can cross the ball? He is in one of the best teams in the world, he SHOULD be able to cross, at least semi-consitantly. And not every player that gets shredded by Ronaldo is crap no, but a smart and defender of calibre we should have at our class should be able to hold him off a LOT more then Sagna managed. He's an OK defender, we need better.
"smart and good defender"*
I think you are being harsh Fuikaka. You could then say that Vidic is is an OK defender and Man united could do better after Torres & co roasted him. I think he has had a good second season, just not as impressive as his first. This is also due to the fact he had walcott in front of him for a lot of games who adds no defensive cover.
Hello, jaelle. Just a correction. "Ade defenders" are not saying that the AW sold Adebayor because of "fan sentiment". The argument is that fan hostility got to Adebayor and made him want to leave. AW tends not to keep players who are really unhappy. That is the sense in which AW's hand could have been forced - the effect on the player. Last season, on more than one occasion, Arsene appealed to the fans to give Adebayor a break, so this argument has merit, although we will probably never know all the true reasons for the sale. I hope we do replace Adebayor, as he gave us another option, but if not, I'm sure the team will adapt.
Sorry Fuikaka, but did you just say that Song likes to play as an attacking midfielder?

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